ACVATIX 2-port and 3-port valves, externally threaded, PN16VVG44., VXG44.In small and medium-sized heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems asa control valve for mixing and diverting functions or as a shutoff valve. Forclosed circuits only. A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23Housing made of bronze CC499KDN 15.40kvs 0.25.25 m3/hFlat sealing, externally threaded connections G.B, as per ISO 228-1Siemens can deliver fitting sets ALG. with threaded connection and ALS. withwelded connectionManual adjustment by means of mounted knobCan be equipped with motorized SAS. actuatorsSmart Infrastructure

Technical designDesignValve cross-section:VVG44.Guided parabolic plug, integrated in the valve stem.The seat is pressed to the valve body with the aid ofspecial gland material.Caution: The 2-port seat valve does not become a three-port valve by removing the cover plate!VXG44.Guided parabolic plug (as of DN25) which is integratedin the valve stem.The seat is fitted in the through-port and attacheddirectly to the valve body in the bypass.From DN25, the seat in the through-port is attacheddirectly to the valve body and fitted to the ring in thebypass.2SiemensSmart InfrastructureA6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

SizingFlow diagram:Δpmax Maximum permissible differential pressure across the valve(VXG44.: mixing port: Ports A-AB, B-AB, diverting: Ports AB-A, AB-B),valid for the entire actuating range valve-actuator unitΔpv100 Differential pressure across the fully open valve and the valve’s controlpath(VXG44.: A - AB, B - AB) at a volume flow V100100SiemensSmart Infrastructure Volume flow through the fully open valve (H100)100 kPa 1 bar 10 mWS1 m3/h 0.278 l/s water at 20 C3A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Valve flow characteristicVVG44.Valve flow characteristic:Through-port: 0 100% linear as per VDI / VDE 2173VXG44.Valve flow characteristic:Through-port: Linear as per VDI /VDE2173Bypass: Linear as per VDI /VDE2173Mixing:Flow from port A and B to port ABDiverting:Flow from port AB to port A and BPort A Variable flowPort B Bypass (variable flow)Port AB Constant flowUse the three-port valve primarily as a mixing valve.4SiemensSmart InfrastructureA6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

CavitationCavitation increases wear and tear on the parabolic plug and seat and results in unwantednoise. Cavitation can be prevented by not exceeding the differential pressures as per theflow diagram and maintaining the static pressures depicted below.250025200020 80 1C0161500 C C0 C14 0 C12 0 C10 80151000105005000100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1100 1200 1300Δpmax Differential pressure at a nearly closed valveto largely avoid cavitationp1 Static pressure and the valve inletP3 Static pressure and the valve outletMPumpJWater temperatureExample with hot water:Pressure p1 at valve inlet: 500 kPa (5 bar)Water temperature: 120 CThe above diagram clearly indicates that the maximum permissible differential pressure isΔpmax 200 kPa (2 bar) at a nearly closed valve.Note on chilled water applicationsTo prevent cavitation in chilled water circuits, sufficient counter pressure must be supplied tothe valve output, e.g. using an additional butterfly valve downstream of the valve. Maximumpermissible differential pressure over the valve: See 80 C curve in the above diagram.SiemensSmart Infrastructure5A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Operating pressure and operating temperatureLiquids:Operatingpressure [bar]Operating temperature [ C]Operating pressure and medium temperature per IS0 7005(Observe all local and applicable laws).Type summaryTypeDNkvsSv3[m /h]VVG44.15-0.25150.25 5-1.61.6 G44.40-25VXG44.40-256SiemensSmart InfrastructureDN Nominal sizekvs Flow nominal value for cold water (5 30 C) through a fully opened valve (H100), at adifferential pressure of 100 kPa (1 bar)Sv Rangeability kvs / kvrkvr Smallest kv value at which the characteristic curve tolerance is still maintained, at adifferential pressure of 100 kPa (1 bar)A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

AccessoriesFittingsTypeStock numberDescriptionALG.2BPZ:ALG.2ALG.2BS55846-Z1.2 piece fittings set for 2-port valves, existing of 2 cap nuts, 2 insert nuts,and 2 flat LG.2B are fittings made of brass for media temperatures up to 100 C3 piece fittings set for 3-port valves, existing of 3 cap nuts, 3 insert nuts,and 3 flat seals.ALG.3B are fittings made of brass for media temperatures up to 100 C2 piece on pipe fittings set with welded connection for 2-port valves, existingof 2 cap nuts, 2 insert nuts, and 2 flat sealsFilterInstalled upstream of the valve:SiemensSmart InfrastructureTypeStock numberDescriptionDNMesh width [mm]ALX15S55845-Z174Filter with internal threading150.5ALX20S55845-Z175Filter with internal threading200.8ALX25S55845-Z176Filter with internal threading250.8ALX32S55845-Z177Filter with internal threading320.8ALX40S55845-Z178Filter with internal threading400.8ALX50S55845-Z179Filter with internal threading500.87A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Equipment combinationsValvesSAS. actuatorsDpmax MixingVVG44.15-0.251)Dps 0-25125351)8SiemensSmart Infrastructure75 Three-port valves only: If noise is permitted, the same values apply as for a mixing valveA6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

ValvesFittings setThreaded connectionMalleable cast ironBrassWelded connection1)SteelType / Item NO.TypeItem NO.Type / Item .15-2.5VXG44.15-4SiemensSmart Infrastructure1) Medium temperature: Maximal 100 CΔpmax Maximum permissible differential pressure over the valve control path, valid for the entirepositioning range of the valve-actuator unit; if low noise operation is desired, we recommend adifferential pressure of 200 kPaΔps Maximum permissible differential pressure (closing pressure) at which the valve-actuator unitsecurely closes against the pressure9A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Actuators: OverviewTyp3Stock numberOperatingvoltageSignalTime3-position120 sSAS31.00S55158-A106SAS31.03S55158-A10730 sSAS31.50S55158-A108SAS31.53S55158-A109SAS61.03 1)S55158-A100SAS61.03U AC 230 VPositioningAC/DC 24 VDC 0 10 VSpring returnData sheetSignal--N4581120 sja 28 s30 sja 14 s30 s--ja 14 s--ja 14 sDC 4 20 mA0 1000 ΩModbus RTUS55158-A101DC 0 10 VDC 4 20 mASAS61.33U 2)S55158-A101-A100SAS61.33U/MOS55158-A122Modbus RTUSAS61.53 1)S55158-A102DC 4 20 mASAS81.00 1)S55158-A1030 1000 ΩDC 0 10 V0 1000 -A104-A100SAS81.33 1)S55158-A1052)120 sS55158-A103-A100SAS81.03U 2)SAS81.33UAC/DC 24 V30 sS55158-A1105-A1001)Approbation CE UL2)Approbation CE UL, cable gland: ½" (UL514C)OrderingPlease indicate material, article type, order text, and quantity; example:MaterialArticle typeOrder 5846-Z104Fitting sets3DeliveryValves, rotary actuators, and mounting kits are not assembled and are delivered in individualpackaging and without a minimum order size.Product documentationRelated documents such as environmental declarations, CE declarations, etc., can bedownloaded at the following Internet rt InfrastructureA6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

NotesSafetyDANGERThere is a risk to operating personnel and device when working on the unitFailure to comply with these safety notes can result in personal injury and damage toproperty from pipe pressure, electrical voltage, or device in operation. Note the following when servicing a valve/actuator: Switch off both pump and operating voltage.Close shutoff valves.Release pressure in the pipes and allow them to cool down completely.Disconnect electrical connections from the terminals as needed.The actuator must be properly installed or manually adjusted prior to recommissioningthe valve.CAUTIONNational safety regulationsFailure to comply with national safety regulations may result in personal injury and propertydamage. Observe national provisions and comply with the appropriate safety regulations.EngineeringWe recommend installing the valve with spring return since temperatures are lower onheating plants which increases the lifespan of the sealing gland on the stem.A filter must be installed upstream of the valve to increase functional safety.MountingIt is easy to assemble the valve and actuator; it can be done at the construction site. Nospecial tools or settings required.Valve VVG44. / VXG44. is supplied with Mounting instructions M4364 (4 319 9564 0).Mounting positionVVG44.SiemensSmart InfrastructureVXG44.11A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Pipe connectionAvoid leakage: Install fittings as per ISO 7-1. Do not use too much hemp or PTFE tape. Do not tighten pipe threading to "the very end".Flow directionMake sure that the valve is mounted in the proper flow direction. A symbol is applied to thevalve body:VVG44. :Flow direction:VXG44. :MixingDivertingA / B to AB:AB to A / B:CommissioningThe actuator must be properly mounted or manually adjusted before commissioning thevalve.VVG44.Turn the manual adjuster clockwise:Valve opening Increasing flowTurn the manual adjuster counter clockwise:Valve closing Decreasing flowVXG44.Turn the manual adjuster clockwise:Through-put A – AB opens, bypass B closesTurn the manual adjuster counter clockwise:Through-put A – AB closes, bypass B opensMaintenanceValves VVG44. and VXG44. are maintenance free.Stem sealing glandThe stem sealing gland cannot be exchanged. The entire valve must be replaced in theevent of leakage. Contact your local Siemens office or branch for information.DisposalWARNINGTensioned return springOpening the valve housing can release the tensioned return spring resulting inflying parts that may cause injury. Do not open the valve body.The valve is considered electrical and electronic equipment for disposal interms of the applicable European Directive and may not be disposed of asdomestic garbage. Dispose of the valve through channels provided for this purpose. Comply with all local and currently applicable laws and regulations.12SiemensSmart InfrastructureA6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

WarrantyTechnical data on specific applications are valid only together with Siemens products listedunder "Equipment combinations". Siemens rejects any and all warranties in the event thatthird-party products are used.Technical dataFunctional dataVVG44.VXG44.PN classPN 16 per ISO 7268Operating pressurePer ISO 7005 within the permissible media temperature as per SectionTechnical design [ 2]Characteristic curve 0 100 %linear as per VDI / VDE 2173Leakage rate0 0.02 % of kvs value perDIN EN 1349Permissible mediaChilled water, hot water, water with frost temperature.0 0.02 % of kvs value perDIN EN 1349 (through-put andbypass)Recommendation: Water treatment per VDI 2035Medium temperature1)Rangeability Sv1 120 CDN 15: 50 or 100, see Section Type overview [ 6]DN 20: 100Nominal stroke5.5 mmRotational angle90 MaterialsHousingBronze CC499KSeat in through-putCrNi steel, bronze (worked directly into housing) or MessingSeat in bypass (VXG44. only)Bronze (worked directly into housing) or brassPlugCrNi steel or brassStemCrNi steelSealing glandBrassGland materialsEPDM-O ringsDimensions / WeightSee Dimensions [ 14]Connections with external threadingG.B per ISO 228-1Actuator fixingG ¾’’Standards, directives and approvalsPressure Equipment DirectiveDGR 2014/68/EUPressure accessoriesRange: Article 1, para. 1Definition: Article 2, para. 5Without CE certification as per article 3, para. 3(generally applicable engineering practice) 2)Fluid group 2EAC complianceEurasian complianceEnvironmental compatibilityEnvironmental Declaration CE1E4364en 3) contains data on environmentalcompatible product design and assessment (RoHS compliance,compositions, packaging, environmental benefits and disposal).1)SiemensSmart InfrastructureWith ALG.B fitting up to 100 C2)Fittings for a product where PS x DN 1000, do not require special testing and cannot have CE labeling3)See Section Product documentation [ 10]13A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

DimensionsVVG44.VXG44.14SiemensSmart InfrastructureDN Nominal sizeH Total height of actuator plus minimum mounting distance to wall or ceiling, formounting, connection, operation, maintenance, etc.H1 Dimension from the pipe to the center to install actuator (upper edge)H2 Pipe center to the upper edge of the manual adjustment button, valve is in the"closed" positionA6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Valve mmmmmmSAS.kg8,5G 1B10050584555 20-6.3209G 1¼BVVG44.25-102511G .5G 2B596878 3961.062.57181 3991.4863.577.587.5 4061.95G 2¼B130657680.590.5 4092.75G 1B10050504555 3810.549590.5953630.676878 3960.907181 3991.3077.587.5 4061.7480.590.5 .15-1.6VXG44.15-2.5VXG44.15-4VXG44.20-6.3209G 1¼BVXG44.25-102511G 1½BVXG44.32-1632G 2BVXG44.40-2540G LG252BALG322BPZ:ALG322ALG402For valvetypeGRp[inch][inch]VVG44.15.G1Rp ½S55846-Z102VVG44.20G 1¼Rp ¾S55846-Z104VVG44.25G 1½Rp 1ALG322BS55846-Z106VVG44.32G2Rp 1¼BPZ:ALG402ALG402BS55846-Z108VVG44.40G 2¼Rp 1½ALG153BPZ:ALG153ALG153BS55846-Z101VXG44.15.G1Rp ½ALG203BPZ:ALG203ALG203BS55846-Z103VXG44.20G 1¼Rp ¾ALG253BPZ:ALG253ALG253BS55846-Z105VXG44.25G 1½Rp 1ALG323BPZ:ALG323ALG323BS55846-Z107VXG44.32G2Rp 1¼ALG403BPZ:ALG403ALG403BS55846-Z109VXG44.40G 2¼Rp 1½- Valve side with cyclindrical threading per ISO 228-1- Pipe side with cyclindrical threading per ISO 7-1- ALG.B fittings up to 100 C medium temperatureSiemensSmart Infrastructure15A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

TypeArticle numberFor valve ALS252BPZ:ALS252VVG44.20G 5251653G179419.10.410ALX32311764G 1¼9851190.680ALX40401870G 1½10657240.874ALX50502085G212269361.428ISO 228-1Replacement partsTypeItem NO.DesignationQuantity74 676 0273 074 676 0273 0Rotary knob for small-stroke valves10Revision numbersTypeValid from rev. no.VVG44. 2-portValid from rev. no.VXG44. 25.AIssued bySiemens Switzerland LtdSmart InfrastructureGlobal HeadquartersTheilerstrasse 1a6300 ZugSwitzerland16Tel. 41 58-724 24 InfrastructureDocument IDA6V10960349 en-- cEditionType2021-02-23 Siemens Switzerland Ltd, 2016Technical specifications and availability subject to change without notice.A6V10960349 en-- c2021-02-23

Sizing Flow diagram: Δpmax Maximum permissible differential pressure across the valve (VXG44.: mixing port: Ports A-AB, B-AB, diverting: Ports AB-A, AB-B), . Note on chilled water applications . ALS. 2 piece on pipe fittings set with welded connection for 2-port valves, existing of 2 cap nuts, 2 insert nuts, and 2 flat seals .