Feasibility Report: The Best Pizza in DentonFeasibility Study By:John RobertsMatilyn CrowderJohn CameronTyler ThornburgJade Burnam

Table of Contents3ContentsContents . 3Introduction . 5Methods. 7Criteria . 8Taste . 8Value . 8Distance form UNT. 8Restaurant Environment. 8Delivery Options . 8Available Discounts . 8Crooked Crust . 13Tasting Results . 13Mellow Mushroom. 17Tasting Results . 17TJ’s Pizza . 21Tasting Results . 21Pie Five . 25Tasting Results . 25Conclusions . 27Recommendations . 29The Best Pizza. 29

Introduction5IntroductionThis feasibility report studies the best pizza in Denton, Texas. This report is intended forUniversity of North Texas students looking for an appetizing pizza restaurant nearby. The pizzarestaurants were specifically chosen for the needs of an average college student. The studyassumes the consumer owns a car and enjoys pizza. Pizza is an ideal college meal because it canbe purchased with the intent to share or in single serving portions. It can also be delivered orpicked up at the convenience of a busy college student. To find the best pizza options forstudents, we asked the following questions: How did the pizza taste? This included the crust, sauce, and toppings.How much did the pizza cost compared to the size?How far away is the restaurant from UNT?How was the environment of the restaurant?Did the restaurant offer delivery or any discounts?

MethodsEach team member suggested a pizza restaurant and four were chosen based on the needs ofcollege students. The restaurants chosen were Mellow Mushroom, Crooked crust, Pie Five, andTJ’s Pizza and Wings. Each group member bought a small pepperoni pizza. This excludes TJ’spizza because they only delivered pizza over 10.00, so we purchased a medium.Team members met at a mutual location and recorded their own results for each pizza. Wejudged the pizza on the criteria of taste, value, discounts offered, restaurant environment,delivery options, and distance from UNT.To gather information, we used a scale of one-five to judge each pizza. We used five as thehighest score a pizza could earn in each category, per reviewer. The lowest score could be one.We determined the value by the average of points awarded by each reviewer.

Criteria8CriteriaOur group used the following criteria: TasteValueDistance form UNTRestaurant EnvironmentDelivery OptionsAvailable DiscountsTasteThe criteria of taste received a general score and a score for the crust and sauce. Our groupdeducted points if the sauce tasted bitter or bland. The crust received points for its flavor andtexture.ValueThe value of the pizzas depended on their cost, size, and amount of toppings given. The pizzathat had the most toppings for the cheapest price scored the highest.Distance form UNTWe determined the distance by using GPS. We based the points on the starting and end locationscalculated in miles.Restaurant EnvironmentHow the restaurant looked inside looked on the inside determined the environment. We judgedthe sitting area based on amount of tables and space provided. The number of stalls available andcleanliness in the restrooms scored the highest.Delivery OptionsCrooked Crust and Pie Five did not offer any delivery options. The customer could either sitdown and eat or order take out. The Mellow Mushroom and TJ’s offered delivery with aminimum purchase.Available DiscountsWhile ordering pizzas, each team member asked for available student, military, and seniordiscounts. Scores are based on how many discounts the restaurant offered.


Results13Crooked Crust101 Avenue ADenton, TX auceToppingsDiscounts24222518161519255Overall 6.00 / 2 slices of pizza and a drink100 ft from campusSmall sitting area, fills up quicklyNo crust to speak ofNeeds moreUnlimitedNone* All ratings are based off of 25 maximum points per category. 5 points from each reviewer.Comments:“The sauce is delicious, just kind of thinly spread”“There’s not much of a crust”“The pepperoni tastes fresh”“I like the seasonings on the dough”


Results17Mellow Mushroom217 E Hickory StDenton, TX auceToppingsDiscounts191714211821161816Overall 10.00 / 10” Personal Pan Pizza2 miles from campusSmall sitting area, fills up quicklyLight and crispyVery little saucePizza was well coveredMilitary* All ratings are based off of 25 maximum points per category. 5 points from each reviewer.Comments:“The crust is great, not too thick or chewy”“The sauce is good, but there’s barely any on it”“Lots of pepperoni”“My favorite is the crust”


Results21TJ’s Pizza420 Carroll Blvd #102Denton, TX auceToppingsDiscounts191712100516152320Overall 10.00 / Medium Pizza4 miles from campusOutdoor, very little space insideNoneStudent, Military 15%* All ratings are based off of 25 maximum points per category. 5 points from each reviewer.Comments:“Good size pizza for the price”“Slow delivery”“The sauce is pretty good”“Toppings are good, pizza is well covered”


Results25Pie Five1120 W. HickoryDenton TX auceToppingsDiscounts092023201715132105Overall 7.00 / 8” personal pizza200 ft from campusSmall, but tables are arranged well. Doesn’t feel crampedCleanTasted store boughtCovered almost entire pizzaNone* All ratings are based off of 25 maximum points per category. 5 points from each reviewer.Comments:“The sauce tastes like it came out of a can”“The cheese tastes like processed, government cheese”“They must be having an off night, because it’s not usually like this”“Anyone wants the last slice nope”

Conclusion27ConclusionsMellow Mushroom: 29Crooked Crust: 27Pie Five: 26.2TJ’s: 23.4The best Pizza in Denton Texas was Crooked Crust. The taste of the pizza was good although thesauce was thin. The good thing about Crooked Crust is that you can get unlimited toppings for afixed price. The restaurant environment was crowded but its location the closest to UNT.Coming in second was Mellow Mushroom. The taste of the pizza was almost twice as good asTJ’s. While the topping proportions as well as the crust made it a top choice with us. In terms ofdistance it’s farthest from campus, but it is located on the Square. Due to the regularly scheduledDCTA bus transportation it’s still a convenient choice for students. Seeing as it’s on the squarethe sitting is very open and large with patio seats available.Pie Five pizzas was a close third and like Crooked Crust is less than a mile from campus and anystudent can easily walk there. The restaurant is very open and they make good use of the spacingthe have with bar style type tables. The pizza is an individual 8” and price is fixed with unlimitedtoppings to choose from. It’s located a little bit further up Fry St. They don’t have discounts, butthey do have coupons which you can bring in for 25% off on your next visit.TJ’s pizza came in last place. The restaurant has no sitting area for you to dine-in and doesn’thave a restroom. They do deliver with a minimum purchase of ten dollars. The good thing aboutTJ’s is that they offer a 15% to students and military. The taste of the pizza wasn’t so great, butthe crust was very delicious.So in conclusion if you’re looking for a quality, delicious pizza close to UNT go to CrookedCrust. If you can spare the drive then go to Mellow Mushroom on the square.

Recommendation29RecommendationsWe tested four pizzerias around town and compared the taste and cost of those places. Thefollowing is our recommendation for eating at these places.The Best PizzaThe best Pizza is Crooked Crust. The sauce was very good and was distributed properly. Thecrust was thin and was perfect for the pizza. Crooked Crust is very close to the school and doesnot require a vehicle for students without one. The inside is a nice and relaxing place. The priceis fantastic, you can get as many toppings as you want for a flat rate.The second best pizza we tested was from Mellow Mushroom. It was hard to put this underCrooked Crust but it was the right choice. The cost was what placed it in second. The taste wasgreat, the crust was alright, however the sauce was amazing. The inside was a cool environment,very relaxed. The distance is also what set it back. It is on the square of Denton so it is quite adistance from school.The third best pizza was from Tj’s Pizza and Wings. This place was good, it delivers so that is aplus, but the delivery was very long. The price is the best, a personal pizza is 4 dollars. Howeverto get delivery you will need to spend 10. The pizza was good, the crust was great and the saucetasted good. The toppings were distributed evenly.The last pizza we tried was not good. We asked a few people around school and they say thetaste of the pizza depends on the day. The day we got the pizza was not that great. The price for apersonal pizza is a flat 7 for everything. The crust was the better part of the pizza. The toppingswere okay and the sauce could have been better but not that time.

The third best pizza was from Tj's Pizza and Wings. This place was good, it delivers so that is a plus, but the delivery was very long. The price is the best, a personal pizza is 4 dollars. However to get delivery you will need to spend 10. The pizza was good, the crust was great and the sauce tasted good. The toppings were distributed evenly.