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Main Panel Manual12INSTRUMENT PANEL. 41.1OVERVIEW OF INSTRUMENT PANEL. 41.2SAMPLE LIBRARY SWITCH. 41.3SAVE/LOAD PRESET. 51.4ALTERNATE TUNER.5MAIN PANEL. 62.1OVERVIEW OF MAIN PANEL. 62.2ARTICULATIONS & POLY LEGATO.72.2.1Articulation List.72.2.2Sustain. 72.2.3Natural Harmonic.72.2.4Palm Mute. 82.2.5Slide In from below & Slide Out downwards. 82.2.6Legato Slide (Poly Legato). 92.2.7Hammer-On & Pull-Off (Poly Legato). 122.2.8Slide Guitar.142.2.9Doubled Keyswitches. 142.3SOUND MODE. 142.4DOUBLED GUITARS. 142.5RICH FINGERING SOUND.142.6CAPO.152.7CAPO LOGIC MODE.152

Main Panel Manual2.8OPEN STRING FIRST. 152.9PLAY MODE SWITCH. 152.10AUTO LEGATO MODE SWITCH.162.11STROKE NOISE. 162.12VIBRATO WHEEL. 162.13STRING FORCE & CAPO FORCE.172.13.1String Force. 172.13.2Capo Force. 172.14FX SOUND GROUP.172.15POLY REPEATER. 182.16HOLD PEDAL TOGGLE.183

Main Panel Manual1 Instrument Panel1.1 Overview of Instrument Panel1. Sample Library Switch2. Save/Load Preset3. Alternate Tuner4. Capo Force Display5. String Force Display1.2 Sample Library SwitchAGLP has three distinct sample libraries: Neck、Both、Bridge. Strum library includes real strumsamples customizable for any chord and rhythm without loss of quality.* Sample Library cannot be switched during play.4

Main Panel Manual1.3 Save/Load PresetPreset button displays current preset in use. The “Default” preset is loaded automatically whenthe plugin starts. Preset name is shown as “Preset” if the “Default” preset is not found. Toload a preset, click preset name to open the file chooser window. Left and right arrow can also beused to quickly change preset. To save current preset, click the down arrow to open the presetsave window.Each preset features a riff that you can turn to Riffer panel and have a preview.1.4 Alternate TunerYou can tune every string by turning its corresponding tuner, 2 semitones down at most. Tuningis fully compatible with strummer, tab and all articulations.5

Main Panel Manual2 Main Panel2.1 Overview of Main Panel1.Articulations & Poly Legato Keyswitches2.Accentuate Mode Switch3.Sound Mode4.DI Volume5.Stereo Volume6.Master Volume7.Pan8.Doubling Toggle & Width9.Capo10. Capo Logic Mode11. Release Sound Gain12. FX Sound Gain13. Fingering Sound Toggle & Gain14. Playing Mode Switch15. Open String First16. Auto Legato Mode Switch17. Stroke Noise Toggle18. Bend19. Vibrato Wheel20. String Force & Capo Force21. FX Sound Group22. Strum Mode Keyswitch23. Auto Legato Mode Keyswitch6

Main Panel Manual24. Poly Repeater25. FX Sound Group 226. Open String First Keyswitch27. Tab Play Keyswitch28. Riff Play Keyswitch29. Capo Logic Mode Toggle30. Hold Pedal Toggle2.2 Articulations & Poly Legato2.2.1 Articulation ListAbbr.Full NameKeyswitchRangeSusSustain & Pinch Harmonic, PopC0E1-D5NHNatural Harmonic, Pinch HarmonicC#0E1-B4PMPalm MuteD0E1-D5SIOSlide In from below & Slide Out downwardsD#0F#1-D5LSLegato Slide (Poly Legato)E0F1-D5HPHammer-On & Pull-OffF0E1-D5SGSlide GuitarF#0F#1-D52.2.2 SustainKeyswitch is C0. Notes of velocity less than 127 will be Sustain. Notes of velocity 127 triggers Popor Pinch Harmonic.2.2.3 Natural HarmonicKeyswitch is C#0. Notes of velocity 127 will be Pinch Harmonic.7

Main Panel Manual2.2.4 Palm MuteKeyswitch is D0,includes Half Mute, Full Mute 2 types. Lower the velocity, greater the mute depth.If you press C0 and D0 at the same time, subsequent notes of high velocity will be Sustain andnotes of low velocity will be Palm Mute.2.2.5 Slide In from below & Slide Out downwardsKeyswitch is D#0. When D#0 is before a note, subsequent note will be Slide In. When D#0 isduring a note, Slide Out is triggered whose velocity is determined by D#0. Articulation will revertto Sustain when note ends.8

Main Panel Manual2.2.6 Legato Slide (Poly Legato)Keyswitch is E0. You can do any speed and pitch slides, the articulation will revert to previous onewhen destination note ends. Slide triggered by E0 of high velocity will change fret position. Lowvelocity will not.* The two notes must overlap in time.* E0 must be ahead of the start note.* The two notes must be on the same string.9

Main Panel ManualPoly Legato: Press the highest note of destination to slide upwards; Press the lowest note ofdestination to slide downwards.10

Main Panel ManualSlide Smoother: The speed of long legato slide (slide more than 2 frets) is determined by thevelocity of destination note. Higher the velocity, faster the speed.11

Main Panel ManualAuto Slide requires:1. Auto legato mode is Auto Legato Slide.2. The two notes must overlap in time.3. The two notes must be on the same string.4. Instrument Mode.2.2.7 Hammer-On & Pull-Off (Poly Legato)Keyswitch is F0. Articulation will return to previous one when destination note ends. HP triggeredby F0 of high velocity will change fret position if it goes beyond current position. Low velocity willnot.* The two notes must overlap in time.* F0 must be ahead of the start note.12

Main Panel Manual* The two notes must be on the same string.Poly Legato: Press the highest note of destination to Hammer On; Press the lowest note ofdestination to Pull Off.Auto HP requires:1. Auto legato mode is Auto Legato HP.2. The two notes must overlap in time.3. The two notes must be on the same string.4. Instrument Mode13

Main Panel Manual2.2.8 Slide GuitarKeyswitch is F# Doubled KeyswitchesPress 2 Keyswitches at the same time to get two articulations to switch via velocity layer.2.3 Sound ModeMono and Stereo modes are available. You can adjust the volume of different microphones toget more sound.1.Stereo2.DI2.4 Doubled GuitarsToggle on to achieve an authentic doubling effect with only one Ample Guitar.The Double knob adjusts the time difference between the notes on the left and right channels.2.5 Rich Fingering SoundIn real performance, a lot of playing noises are generated. Virtual instrument would soundunnatural without those noises. Ample Sound Engine can generate rich Fret Noise automatically.14

Main Panel ManualFR:Fingering Release Sound Gain2.6 CapoIt simulates the real guitar capo. It can transpose the pitch without changing the fingering.2.7 Capo Logic Mode2 kind of Capo Logic modes:1.Melody Mode: Melody Mode, the range is 3 octaves.2.Chord Mode: the range is 5 frets.2.8 Open String FirstE1 A1 D2 G2 B2 and E3 6 notes will be played on open strings.It can be toggled on with note G#6, High velocity toggles on, Low velocity toggles off.2.9 Play Mode SwitchInstrument Mode:It is limited by the real playing rules of the instrument, such as twonotes on the same string cannot ring simultaneously.15

Main Panel ManualKeyboard Mode:When Keyboard Mode is on, multiple notes can be played on same stringsimultaneously.Solo Mode :Only a single note can be played simultaneously.* Both Keyboard Mode and Solo Mode will disable Automatic Legato.2.10 Auto Legato Mode SwitchThere are 3 modes: Automatic Slide; Automatic Hammer On and Pull Off; Off.Note D#6 with high velocity sets the mode to Automatic Slide, and low velocity sets the mode toAutomatic Hammer On and Pull Off.2.11 Stroke NoiseA strummed noise will be generated automatically for polyphonic notes.2.12 Vibrato WheelPlay the mod wheel back and forth to manually control vibrato. It triggers a vibrato noise whenthe value 0.75.To vibrate automatically, open Settings Panel and toggle on Auto Mod.16

Main Panel Manual2.13 String Force & Capo Force2.13.1String ForceSpecify a string to be played. G0-C1 correspond to 6th string-1st string. High velocity StringForce will affect fret position,while low velocity will not.2.13.2Capo ForceSwitch to a fret position manually. A yellow line will be displayed after pressing C#1, Press E1-A#2to switch to position 0-18 respectively.2.14 FX Sound GroupNoteFX SoundF5ScratchF#5Slap17

Main Panel ManualG5PressG#5Stroke MutingA5Downstroke 1A#5Upstroke 1B5Downstroke 2C6Upstroke 2F6Pick Scrape2.15 Poly RepeaterPress D6 and E6 to repeat notes being played. Polyphonic notes are supported.2.16 Hold Pedal Toggle18

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Main Panel Manual 17 2.13 String Force & Capo Force 2.13.1 String Force Specify a string to be played. G0-C1 correspond to 6th string-1st string. High velocity String Force will affect fret position,while low velocity will not. 2.13.2 Capo Force Switch to a fret position manually. A yello