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PAGE 2MEET THE PRESENTERThroughout high school and college, Robert Hackenson practiced the art of magic and received hiscertification as a hypnotist. Upon graduation, he decided to be a professional entertainer full time.He quickly acquired many clients through schools, colleges, and corporate businesses. However,Robert then saw a unique opportunity to use his dynamic skills to engage audiences while conveyingimportant messages. It is his belief that lecturing to students results in glazed eyes and that messages are much more memorable when they are entertaining.Since 2004, Robert has created and delivered multiple presentations on a number of importanttopics that he has personal knowledge and experience with. These include: Bullying Prevention,Cyber/Social Media Safety for Teens, Substance Awareness (Sober Thoughts), and Moving Up ToHigh School presentations for both teachers and students at the Middle Schools and High Schools.Other presentations are directed toward college students, companies, and professionals with topicslike Team-Building, Leadership, and Breaking Through Mental Obstacles.Time line:2004 Robert created Dynamic Influence focusing on delivering educational entertainment that bothengages and delivers important messages and lessons to the audience.2004 Robert joined the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA)’s Partners InPrevention (PIP) group, promoting student wellness at schools throughout Massachusetts.2005 Robert teamed up with the MIAA to create the presentation/conference material for their schoolleadership outreach program You Lead. Robert is currently a facilitator for this program.Due to Robert’s unique presentation style, in 2005 the Massachusetts Council on Problem Gamblingcontracted Robert to create and present a “Gambling is NOT Magic” presentation for MiddleSchools, High Schools and Colleges.2006 Robert received his certification as an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Facilitator2006 Robert received top billing at the MIAA Wellness Summit2011 Robert received a Certification in Advanced OrganizationalLeadership from Nichols Collegewww.DynamicInfluence.comp. 508.963.5555

PAGE 3PRESENTATION OUTLINETypes of Bullying on Campusa. Physical abuseb. Verbal abusec. Emotional abused. Cyber Bullying/Threats/Hazing**Shrink and Grow Head Illusion**Cyber-Bullyinga. Types of Cyber-Bullying**Creepy Mind Magic Effect**b. Why Cyber-BullyPossible Bullying Consequences**Video Clips of Consequences**So What Can You Do?**Banana Revolution**The Bullya. Bully behaviorb. How to stop**Empathy Hypnosis Skit**Think Target Not Victim:**Straight Jacket Escape**a. Target behaviorb. How to help self**Target Hypnosis Skit**The Bystandera. Bystander behaviorb. The difference between snitching & reporting**Bystander Hypnosis Skit**Summing It Up**Mind Magic Effect**a. Making A Differencewww.DynamicInfluence.comp. 508.963.5555

PAGE 4THE ISSUE & UNIQUENESS:The IssueOver recent years bullying has come to the attention of colleges as there students are not onlyexperiencing face-to-face bullying, but also cyber-bullying, hazing, hate crimes, and threats. Thisresults in students feeling trapped and lashing out by harming themselves or others. This also hasresulted in serious legal actions. This is why it’s important for college students need to be educatedon the negative affects of all types of bullying and to encourage them to take a leadership role oncampus to promote healthy and positive social involvement.UniquenessRob speaks “with the students” instead of “at them.” while he combines dynamic entertainment withthe lessons and education to engage your students while conveying the important messages. Afterall, messages are much more memorable when the audience is actually participating and engaged.This presentation uses tools/techniques including:Skit HypnosisHumorMind MagicIllusionsVideoAudience participationTrue heart wrenching storieswww.DynamicInfluence.comp. 508.963.5555

PAGE 5ACCOMPLISHMENTS / CLIENTS:Robert was the Keynote speaker for the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office Teen Conference in 2011, and is expected to keynote for the Northwestern Massachusetts District Attorney’sOffice Teen Conference 2012. He received Top Billing for the 2006 MIAA Wellness Summit and hasdelivered presentations to Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout NewEngland. In the corporate world, Robert has been hired to speak for many companies including NewYork Life, Frito-Lay, First Data, and Rivera Health Care. His unique ability to relate to students andprofessionals alike, while engaging them with magic and illusions to convey important messages hasearned him numerous appearances on the FOX25 Morning show, as well as featured articles in theWorcester Telegram & Gazette and Boston Herald.Some of the schools/organization that have experienced Robert’s presentations or . Annual ConferenceThe South Coast Wellness ConferenceYou Lead ConferencesMIAA Wellness SummitNichols CollegeMarian Court CollegeDean CollegeSpringfield CollegeAlbertus Magnus CollegeOttawa UniversityWestern New England UniversityAmerican International CollegeUniversity of North DakotaUniversity of New HavenUniversity of VermontAnna Maria CollegeWorcester State UniversitySilverlake High SchoolBlack Stone Voc High SchoolNashoba Valley Regional Technical . High SchoolFranklin High SchoolRC Mahar High SchoolUxbridge High SchoolKing Philip High SchoolDavid Prouty High SchoolMillbury High SchoolOxford High SchoolShepherd Hill Regional High SchoolWestwood High SchoolDouglas High SchoolBartlett High SchoolBillerica High SchoolBristol Central High SchoolMarlborough High SchoolAyer High SchoolBlackstone Millville Reg. HighPomfrett High SchoolNorth Reading High SchoolMilton High SchoolAS SEEN IN / ON:www.DynamicInfluence.comp. 508.963.5555

PAGE 6PRESENTATION TIMING:Date: TBDStart Time: TBDPresentation Duration: Approximately 75 minutesREQUIREMENTS:- Wireless Lapel Mic AND Wireless Hand-held Mic- Stage Area & Lighting- Projector & projector screen & sound (ppt has video clips w/ sound)- 20 ChairsPRICING:The pricing for this College level Bullying and Cyber Bullying Prevention Edutainment presentationvaries depending on the travel costs and number of performances.***We are always willing to work with schools and offer special package deals to reduce the cost ofthe presentation and travel costs (when applicable). To discuss pricing for your school and to learnmore about the special deals: call: 508-963-5555 or email: ***www.DynamicInfluence.comp. 508.963.5555

The pricing for this College level Bullying and Cyber Bullying Prevention Edutainment presentation varies depending on the travel costs and number of performances. ***We are always willing to work with schools and offer special package deals to reduce the cost of the presentation and travel costs (when applicable).