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Equip your life.BlackBerry Authentic Accessories

ContentsBlackBerry PresenterBlackBerry Visor MountSpeakerphone VM-605BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700BlackBerry Smart Card ReaderBlackBerry Music GatewayBlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphoneBlackBerry Style 9670 smartphoneBlackBerry Curve 9300 smartphoneBlackBerry Bold smartphoneBlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphoneBlackBerry Bold 9650 smartphoneBlackBerry Storm2 9550 smartphoneBlackBerry Curve 8500/8520 smartphoneBlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphoneBlackBerry Authentic AccessoriesHeadsets and Headset 45667899101112131314151617Proximity Sensor CompatibleCases marked with this symbol include intuitivetechnology that helps preserve battery power,while also recognizing your in-holster notificationsettings and preferences. Patent Pending Technology.Removable StrapCases marked with this symbol have a removableleather strap that can be attached onto a purseor held in your hands for added convenienceand security.Swivel HolsterThis symbol indicates a case outfitted with aswivel belt clip that lets you choose whether towear the case in a vertical or horizontal positionfor maximum comfort.Clip AttachmentCases marked with this symbol feature aleather-wrapped metal clip to attach onto a belt,waistband or briefcase for added convenienceand security.Protective GroovesThis symbol indicates BlackBerry cases thatinclude special grooves inside the case to protectthe trackball.3.5mm Stereo JackAccessories marked with this icon are suitablefor BlackBerry smartphones that have a 3.5mmstereo jack, including the BlackBerry Pearl Series,BlackBerry Curve Series, BlackBerry Bold Series,BlackBerry Storm Series, BlackBerry Tour Series, BlackBerry Pearl Flip Series andBlackBerry Torch Series.2.5mm Stereo JackAccessories marked with this icon are suitablefor BlackBerry smartphones that have a 2.5mmstereo jack, including the BlackBerry Pearl 8100smartphone, BlackBerry 8800 series andBlackBerry 8350i smartphone.MaterialsLeatherFrom high-quality, full-grain leather that is richand supple (reserved for our premium cases)to the soft touch of lambskin or the traditionallook of nappa leather. Our cases not onlyoffer maximum protection for your BlackBerrysmartphone but are stylish, too, and designedto fit your device like a glove.SyntheticA man-made alternative to genuine leather isused in our standard lines and all of our casescome in a wide variety of colors and designsto suit particular preference and personality.

IntroductionBlackBerry Authentic Accessories complete the BlackBerry story for retailers and their customers.They combine proprietary technology, quality engineering, security and functionality.With a full selection of products, BlackBerry Authentic Accessories allow users to optimally chargetheir BlackBerry smartphones, maximize battery life, personalize their smartphone as well as workand play hands-free.CasesBlackBerry carrying solutions bring together comfort, functionality, quality andstyle, allowing users to keep their BlackBerry smartphone safe and looking greatin every situation.AudioUsers can unleash the multimedia functionality of their BlackBerry smartphonewith audio and music accessories.ChargersA full range of chargers allows users to power their BlackBerry smartphonein the car, at the office, at home and on the road.BluetoothBluetooth accessories allow users to expand the functionality of their BlackBerrysmartphone, offering the flexibility and convenience of talking hands-free andstreaming music at home or on the go.Batteries and DoorsA range of colored battery doors allow users to customize their BlackBerrysmartphone to match their personality and style. Authentic BlackBerry ExtraBatteries keep users powered while on the go and protect the BlackBerry smartphone.2

Advanced AccessoriesBlackBerry PresenterBlackBerry Presenter with Carrying CaseACC-26975-001You want to be able to deliver your presentations with ease. So leave yourlaptop behind and use BlackBerry Presenter to deliver your presentations.Designed for professionals who are on the go, you simply plug it into aprojector or monitor and present Microsoft PowerPoint wirelessly fromyour BlackBerry smartphone. While presenting, view speaker notes orloop slides when you’re at that big convention. And, if you need to referenceinformation on a different slide to answer that critical question, you caneasily freeze your presentation on the overhead display while you searchthrough your deck on your BlackBerry smartphone. Discover an easierway to present and impress your audience with BlackBerry Presenter.Key Benefits Now supports PDF Plug BlackBerry Presenter intoa monitor and select the wizardfrom a BlackBerry smartphone Bandwidth optimization VGA and S-Video Connectorsare provided Wireless Bluetooth connection Multiple resolution support NTSC/PAL switchBlackBerry Visor Mount Speakerphone VM-605Includes BlackBerry Micro-USB Vehicle Power AdapterACC-23438-001Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road using the BlackBerryVisor Mount Speakerphone to stream your calls and your favorite musicfrom your BlackBerry smartphone through your car’s FM stereo system.Key Benefits Verbal call notification and visual caller ID through vehicle audio system LCD “One-touch calling” – voice-activated dialing through BlackBerry smartphone T urn-by-turn directions heard easily over vehicle stereo speakers Onboard speaker and microphone FM transmission with station scanning feature Echo and noise reduction DSPs 13 hr talk time/24 hr standby 1 3 languages/variants supported: UK English, US English, French, Italian,German, Spanish, LatAm Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese3

Advanced AccessoriesBlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-300Includes 12V Vehicle Power AdapterACC-25937-001With one-touch calling, noise cancelation, automatic volume control,mute and turn-by-turn announcements,1 this headset does it simplyand easily without needing to touch your handset while on the go.2,3Key Benefits Automatically managed volume control Announced GPS mapping turn-by-turn directions A nswer, place, mute and swap between calls all at the touch of a single button Dual microphones and noise cancelation Can be paired with two Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time Compatible with third-party Bluetooth enabled devices1 C ompatible with select third-party GPS mapping applications. Check with your service provider for supportedfeatures and services.2 Not all features are guaranteed to be compatible as some are handset-dependent.3 It is your responsibility to check your local laws and regulations regarding restrictions on use while driving.BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-700The headset that puts your voice in command.English/French Version: ACC-23688-001English/Spanish Version: ACC-23688-002Simply turn on the headset and it talks to you, guiding you through setup.When the headset announces the name of an incoming caller, you can say“answer” or “ignore” to manage your call. To make a call, swap betweentwo conversations, mute and more, use voice commands to say what youwant to do. Working with specific BlackBerry smartphone applications,the headset uses your Contacts list to announce the name of your caller,1plays audio files, and announces GPS mapping turn-by-turn directions.2Do more and get the ultimate hands-free calling experience with the sleekheadset that’s designed for your voice.1 Requires BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 or later.2 Requires compatible third-party location based services application on smartphone.BlackBerry Smart Card ReaderPRD-09695-004The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader allows mobile personnel to meetoperational requirements for using two-factor authentication withBluetooth enabled Microsoft Windows computers, BlackBerry smartphones,PKI applications and for secure web browsing – without negatively impactingthe user experience. The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader can replace serialor USB-based card readers, even if your organization has not deployed aBlackBerry solution. This enables you to benefit from un-tethered accessto your smart card credentials from your desktop or laptop computer.4

Advanced AccessoriesBlackBerry Music GatewayIncludes BlackBerry Mini-USB Folding Blade ChargerASY-16130-001Compatible with all BlackBerry smartphones with BlackBerry DeviceSoftware with v4.2.2 or later. Also compatible with other Bluetooth enableddevices A2DP stereo Bluetooth profile. At last, a music experience thatlets you wirelessly play your music on your BlackBerry smartphonethrough your home stereo, car stereo or portable stereo system usingthe BlackBerry Music Gateway. It’s simple: all you have to do is plugthe BlackBerry Music Gateway into your stereo system and pair yourBlackBerry smartphone, and it’s ready to fill any room with your music.So go ahead and throw a party – you’re the DJ and your BlackBerrysmartphone is the remote control.Key Benefits Control your music: change tracks, adjust the volume, play or pauseyour music with your BlackBerry smartphone as the remote control. Wirelessly streams the music stored on your BlackBerry smartphoneto your home stereo system, car stereo or personal stereo. Need to take a call? Go ahead. Your music automatically fadeswhen a call is received, so you can stay in touch when you need to.Bluetoothconnectionup to 10 meters5Connectvia suppliedcables

BlackBerry Torch9800 smartphone Exclusive Features: All-in-one design New BlackBerry 6 Fully loadedBlackBerry Leather Swivel HolsterBlackHDW-31012-001BlackBerry Leather FolioBlackw/ Pink AccentWhitew/ Pink AccentASY-31014-001ASY-31014-002BlackBerry Leather PocketBlackWhitew/ Pink AccentBlackw/ Pink Berry Style9670 smartphone Exclusive Features: 5 MP camera with flash Flip smartphone with full QWERTY keyboard Real-time chats with BBM BlackBerry Leather Swivel HolsterHDW-31435-001BlackBerry Leather PocketHDW-31436-0016

BlackBerry Curve9300 smartphone Exclusive Features: Trackpad media keys Wi-Fi 3GBlackBerry Leather Swivel HolsterBlackHDW-31350-001BlackBerry Leather PocketBlackBlackw/ TurquoiseBlackw/WhiteWhitew/ 2835-002BlackBerry 3HDW-24211-006HDW-24211-008Premium BlackBerry SkinTurquoisew/ WhiteGreenw/ WhitePinkw/ WhiteYelloww/ SY-32772-004ASY-32772-005Embossed BlackBerry SkinTub 53w/ LavenderKandor FrostButterflyw/ Coral7HDW-24539-001HDW-24540-001HDW-24541-001

BlackBerry Bold9780/9700 Series Exclusive Features: High-resolution display Trackpad navigation Enhanced multimedia playbackBlackBerry Leather ToteBlackMerlotIndigoPink (synthetic)SandstoneBlackBerry Leather 961-004HDW-18961-005BlackBerry Leather Swivel 02HDW-18960-003BlackBerry Leather PocketBlackWhiteBlackw/ TurquoiseBlackw/WhiteWhitew/ -18966-004HDW-18966-005ASY-31345-001BlackBerry Leather Horizontal kBerry -002BlackBerry Pocket (Gusseted otPink (synthetic)Whitew/ Pink Berry SkinBlackWhiteDark RedDark -27288-004HDW-27288-0058

BlackBerry Tour9630 smartphone Exclusive Features: W orld phone capabilities on 3G networks Enhanced multimedia features 3.2 MP cameraBlackBerry Bold9650 smartphone Exclusive Features: E xceptional battery life Wi-Fi and 3G High-resolution screenBlackBerry Leather Swivel HolsterBlackHDW-23467-001BlackBerry Swivel HolsterBlackHDW-23466-001BlackBerry Pocket (Gusseted 003HDW-23469-004BlackBerry Leather 2HDW-23470-004BlackBerry Leather Horizontal HolsterBlackHDW-23468-001BlackBerry SkinBlackDark RedDark 03HDW-23471-004HDW-23471-005

BlackBerry Storm29550 smartphone Exclusive Features: Enhanced touch screen Wi-Fi support 2 GB embedded multimedia cardBlackBerry Leather ToteBlackIndigoMerlotSandstonePink (synthetic)BlackBerry Leather 970-004HDW-18970-005BlackBerry Leather Swivel 02HDW-18969-003BlackBerry Swivel tPink HDW-18966-004HDW-18966-005BlackBerry Leather Horizontal 02HDW-18975-003BlackBerry SkinBlackWhiteDark RedDark -27287-004HDW-27287-005BlackBerry Leather 8972-002HDW-18972-003HDW-18972-004BlackBerry PocketBlackHDW-19815-00110

BlackBerry Curve8500/8520 series Exclusive Features: GPS and BlackBerry Maps Camera and video recording Multimedia and mobile streamingBlackBerry Leather ToteBlackMerlotIndigoPink (synthetic)SandstoneBlackBerry Leather 961-004HDW-18961-005BlackBerry Leather Swivel 02HDW-18960-003BlackBerry Swivel HolsterBlackHDW-19869-001BlackBerry Swivel Holster (Gusseted Sides)BlackHDW-24208-001BlackBerry Leather 18966-004HDW-18966-005BlackBerry Leather Horizontal kBerry 3HDW-24211-006HDW-24211-008Premium BlackBerry SkinTurquoisew/ WhiteGreen w/ WhitePink w/ WhiteYellow w/ SY-32772-004ASY-32772-005Embossed BlackBerry W-24541-001BlackBerry Pocket (Gusseted Sides)BlackBerry PocketBlackBlackSandstoneIndigoMerlotPink 206-001HDW-24206-002HDW-24206-003

BlackBerry Pearl 3Gsmartphone Exclusive Features: Wi-Fi and 3G Trackpad and SureType technology Long-lasting batteryBlackBerry Swivel Leather HolsterBlackHDW-29557-001HDW-29891-001BlackBerry PocketBlackBlackw/ TurquoiseWhitew/ PinkASY-29559-001ASY-29559-002BlackTranslucentDark BlueDark 1-004Premium BlackBerry SkinHDW-29556-001HDW-29560-001HDW-29560-002Blackw/ black skinWhitew/ turquoise skinWhitew/ green skinWhitew/ orange skinWhitew/ pink 50-004ASY-29750-005Embossed BlackBerry SkinBlackBerry Hard ShellsBlack w/ BlackWhite w/TurquoiseWhite w/ YellowWhite w/pinkBlackw/ Pink accentWhitew/ Pink accentBlackBerry SkinBlackBerry Leather PocketBlackBlackBerry Leather 001HDW-29842-002HDW-29843-001HDW-29843-00212

BlackBerryAuthenticAccessories2.5mmBlackBerry Stereo HeadsetHDW-13019-001PREMIUMSTANDARDBlackBerry Premium Stereo HeadsetBlackBerry Stereo HeadsetHDW-15766-005BlackBerry Premium Mono BlackWhiteHDW-13019-001HDW-13019-003BlackBerry Mono 001BlackBerry Multimedia HeadsetBlackBerry Stereo Headset Adapter3.5mmWired HeadsetHDW-24529-0013.5mm - 2.5mmHDW-15306-0012.5mm - 3.5mmHDW-15306-002

BlackBerryAuthenticAccessoriesBlackBerry Extra Battery ChargerBlackBerry C-S2/C-H2BlackBerry International Charger ClipsBlackBerry International ChargersASY-03746-001 – UKASY-03746-002 – EUASY-03746-003 – NAASY-03746-005 – AUASY-03746-007 – ARBlackBerry Mini-USB International Charger Kit(removable cable, travel pouch and NA/UK/EU/AU clips)ASY-06338-003BlackBerry Mini-USB International Travel Charger(no clips)ASY-07965-013BlackBerry International Travel Charger(no cable, NA/UK/EU/AU clips)ASY-06338-007BlackBerry Folding Blade ChargersBlackBerry Extra Battery ChargerBlackBerry Mini-USB North American ChargerASY-08332-004BlackBerry C-S2/C-H2/C-X2 Extra Battery ChargerASY-07643-004BlackBerry Micro-USB North American ChargerASY-18078-003Mini-USB Version(compatible with C-Series batteries)ASY-12738-001Mini-USB Version(compatible with M-Series batteries)ASY-16223-001BlackBerry D-SeriesASY-18976-002BlackBerry Polishing ClothHDW-19757-00114

BlackBerryAuthenticAccessoriesBlackBerry USB Power PlugASY-24479-002BlackBerry Vehicle Power AdaptersBlackBerry Mini-USB Vehicle Power Adapter - 12VASY-09824-001BlackBerry Mini-USB 12 24V VPABlackASY-06340-002BlackBerry Mini-USB Vehicle Power Adapter - 12V/24VASY-06340-002BlackBerry Micro-USB VehicleASY-04195-002BlackBerry Micro to Mini-USB Flex 10-002BlackBerry Charging PodBlackBerry Sync PodBlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphoneASY-14396-011BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphoneASY-14396-013BlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphoneASY-14396-010BlackBerry Storm 9550 smartphoneASY-14396-012BlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphoneASY-14396-003BlackBerry Style 9760 smartphoneASY-14396-01415BlackBerry Mini-USB Cable (1.5 m)

BlackBerryAuthenticAccessoriesBlackBerry CS-2 Standard BatterySecure, 1150 mAhBAT-06860-004BlackBerry D-X1 BatteryBlackBerry M-S1 Battery1400 mAhBAT-17720-0021530 mAhBAT-14392-001BlackBerry Curve 9550 smartphoneBlackBerry Storm 9500 smartphoneBlackBerry Tour 9630 smartphoneBlackBerry Bold 9000 smartphoneBlackBerry CS-2 Standard BatteryBlackBerry FS-1 Standard BatterySecure, 1150 mAhBAT-06860-004BAT-26483-003BlackBerry Torch 9000 smartphoneBlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphoneBlackBerry FM-1 BatteryBAT-24387-003BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone16

BlackBerryAuthenticAccessoriesBlackBerry 9000 Battery rry 9700 Battery DoorBlackWhiteASY-24673-001ASY-24673-002BlackBerry 9630 Battery DoorSilverBlue PearlRed 006ASY-24729-009ASY-24729-003BlackBerry 9550 Battery 03-003ASY-23803-004ASY-23803-001BlackBerry 9100 Battery DoorBlackBlack to 26400-003ASY-26400-004ASY-26400-005BlackBerry 9000 Battery DoorBlackDark RedDark BlueTitaniumDark 43-006BlackBerry 8900 Battery Y-17143-008ASY-17143-011BlackBerry 8500 Series Battery ASY-24251-014ASY-24251-020


1 Requires BlackBerry Device Software 6.0 or later. 2 Requires compatible third-party location based services application on smartphone. BlackBerry Smart Card Reader PRD-09695-004 The BlackBerry Smart Card Reader allows mobile personnel to meet operational requirements for using two-factor authentication with