Meritage Homes Works Closely withHyphen Solutions’ Customer Success Teamto Optimize BuildPro For Their ProcessAs my job is to monitorproduction, having all the infoin one place allows me to seethe trends in all the divisions.- James TNational Production ManagerMeritage Homes1 877.508.2547

Hyphen Solutions Meritage Homes Case Study - Customer ExperienceOptimizing the customer experience is paramount at Hyphen Solutions. This led the top cloud-basedconstruction management software company to develop a unique three-team customer service approach.Joining the Customer Care and Professional Services team in 2018, the Hyphen Customer Success teamwas the first of its kind in the home building industry.“Hyphen’s entire business is focused on increasing the performance of our customers, sowe want to ensure that they are getting the maximum benefit from our integratedsolutions: BuildPro, SupplyPro and BRIX. This team was created to make the process oftraining, adoption and daily engagement with our products as easy as possible.”— Aaron Gray, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Hyphen SolutionsMeritage Homes Wanted to KnowWhat More They Could Do to ManageTheir Large Workload BetterWith17divisions,600employeesand9,000homes per year, inefficiency can be very costlyfor major home builders like Meritage Homes. Theyhad been using Hyphen scheduling modules foryears when James T assumed his current role asNational Production Manager.James started with Meritage in the field nine yearsago, as an end-user of the scheduling software.When he took his new job, he looked for ways tomake monitoring and managing the production ofTogether, Meritage and Hyphen’s Customer Success9,000 homes across the country easier and moreTeam were able to identify pieces that Meritage hadeffective. He contacted Hyphen’s Customer Successon their system but didn’t use or need, as well as newteam for help.enhancements that could help the home builder.“We reached out to Hyphen to kind of say, ‘Hey, let’sthem for us, looking for things that would work with“We went through our entire system,shutting some modules off to simplifyand clear the noise out from what ourbuilders see on a day-to-day basis,and turning modules on that couldbenefit us.”how Meritage is set up. Then we spent two days just- James Tsit down and let’s take a look at what we don’tknow,’” explained James. “Because the saying is youdon’t know what you don’t know. And the CustomerSuccess Team was so responsive. They took a coupleof weeks to go through the modules and prescreengoing line by line on every module.”2 877.508.2547

Finding the Right Products and Making Them Easierto Use Was a Win-WinMeritage implemented multi-job scheduling, calendar drag-and-drop, multi-drop scheduling, mobile JME, anew various purchase order process and lien waivers as part of their restructuring. They turned on some newfeatures right after the meeting while others, such as lien waivers, became part of a longer-term plan.James knew that he and his workers would need training immediately on the new processes. “Chris and Jakewere not only quick to get us PDF instructions but for the next 12 months or so, Chris would meet me atour divisions around the country and perform in-person training with the staff.” Meritage also worked, withHyphen’s support, on making processes easier for the people in the field.“We realized that our people in the field didn’t really understand how templates are built, and when you clickon one task, what effect it has on the other tasks. So, we simplified their work by structuring our templates sothat each stage has a master task. If you recalculate the end date in the master task, it automatically adjustsand waterfalls all the templates in that stage. They can update one date, with just a click of a button, instead of60. Now all 17 of our divisions use the same template format, so somebody in Charlotte could literally pick upa template in California and have no issues.”When Meritage wanted to make adjustments to make things easier for their team, they asked for andvalued the input of Hyphen’s Customer Success team. James said, “I mean, they can either explain to mewhy we can and what the benefit will be, or they can tell me why we shouldn’t and what it will harm."They’re veryknowledgeableabout the systemand how itinteracts with E1,which is ourmain platform.- James T3 877.508.2547

Day-to-Day Problem Solving Is Also Part of Customer SuccessJames also appreciates the day-to-day help he can access from the Customer Success Team. He is aknowledgeable user himself, but things come up and it helps to have access to the people who know thesoftware in depth. For example, Meritage was having problems deleting tasks after performing a restarton a home. Chris, Jake and James worked together and discovered that the problem was that the contracthad expired when they ran the restart. The issue turned out to be the purchasing team not updating theircontract bid information.“It’s generally a user error, not generally something that’s set up on the Hyphen side.I can often find it, but if I need assistance, I contact Chris or Jake, and they're boththere to assist. He responds in minutes, either by calling me or texting me to say whenhe can call. So, the communication is always there, even during the pandemic when itwas all virtual.”— James T4 877.508.2547

BuildPro’s Biggest Benefits for MeritageMONITORING CONVENIENCEJames reports that he is on the Hyphen Solutions system for about two hours every day, on his computer,phone and touchpad. “Without BuildPro, it would be hard for me to track all of the 9,000 homes that we’regoing to close this year. As my job is to monitor production, having all the info in one place allows me tosee the trends in all the divisions. I can also see trends in the performance of specific builders. Without this,I’d have to travel and stay for weeks on end at each division just to evaluate their performance. But I cando that sitting in my chair, in my office with this software.”CONVENIENT AND TIME-SAVING RESCHEDULINGIn addition to restructuring templates to include a master task — which greatly simplifies rescheduling withina single job, Meritage is now leveraging multi-job scheduling to make changes to multiple jobs with asingle change.ACCURATE EVALUATION OF PRODUCTION ISSUESMeritage uses EPO spends, VPO spends and template duration times, to judge how specific trades areperforming against their template and what changes may be needed in the process — in resource allocation,compensation or the templates themselves.James is enthusiastic about the information he gets from the software. "We can see, for example, if we’regiving a drywaller 15 days to drywall a 1,500 square foot house, and he’s doing it on average in 20 days.So, is he sending enough workers to the job site? Should we realistically be allocating 20 days to completethe work? And since he’s regularly dragging our schedule down five days, how do we adjust for this? Howdo we solve this problem?”The informationthat can be pulledout of Hyphentouches everything.- James TOptimize BuildPro To Fit Your ProcessesHyphen Solutions provides over 76,000 builders, installers, and manufacturers with industry-leading supplychain scheduling, procurement and collaboration solutions. Hyphen’s online solutions deliver greateroperational control, better communications and increased productivity and profitability for home buildersand their building partners.Interested in learning more about Hyphen’s BuildPro solution? Schedule a demo to talk to a HyphenSolutions expert about how adopting BuildPro as your scheduling and supply chain management softwarewill transform the way your business manages bids, purchasing, accounting, scheduling and more.5 877.508.2547

About Hyphen SolutionsAbout Meritage21 of the top 26 North American home builderstrust Hyphen Solutions as a reliable resource inthe construction management industry. Hyphen’ssoftware-as-a-service delivers greater operationalcontrol, better communications, lower costsand increased productivity for home builders,subcontractors and suppliers. More than 13,000companies across the United States and Canadasubscribe to Hyphen’s comprehensive home builderand supply chain solutions, making the companythe leading cloud-based construction managementsoftware provider. The Hyphen Network serves550 builder divisions. In 2020, the system helpedmanage more than 350,000 new home constructionprojects. Visit to learnmore about the collaborative platform.Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Meritage Homesis a real estate development company that has beenbuilding homes across nine different states since1985. Meritage is nationally recognized as an industryleader in building energy-efficient homes. They aredetermined to create overall smarter and healthierhomes through higher quality construction, improvedhome energy efficiency and distinctive home designs.Meritage is committed to providing an incrediblehome building experience for their customers. Theyhave a strong focus on first-time home buyers byproviding an easy-to-follow, detailed outline of theirhomebuilding process timeline.Learn more at www.meritagehomes.comQUICK FACTS 7th largest homebuilder in the U.S. Energy-efficient oriented, all houses areenergy star compliant Emphasis on building modern homesCopyright 2021 Hyphen Solutions Inc., All Rights Reserved Meritage logos and the company name mentioned herein are registeredtrademarks or trademarks of the respective firm. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.6 877.508.2547

Meritage implemented multi-job scheduling, calendar drag-and-drop, multi-drop scheduling, mobile JME, a new various purchase order process and lien waivers as part of their restructuring. They turned on some new features right after the meeting while others, such as lien waivers, became part of a longer-term plan.