CorporateProfile 2021

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 2021Simply greatmachines,that’s BucherOur success is built on strong market positions,innovation and flexible, efficient structures.The consistent, long-term orientation of ourcorporate strategy, coupled with decentralisedresponsibility for management and performance,ensures sustainable corporate development.2

3Philip Mosimann, Chairman of the Board, and Jacques Sanche, Chief Executive OfficerOur missionWe develop and manufacture economical, state-of-the-artand environmentally sustainable machinery and systems.We systematically align our activities with customer needs.Our machines combine durability with great efficiency andare wide-ranging in their application: harvesting, producingand packaging foods, keeping roads and public spacesclean and safe, or providing hydraulic drive systems forhigh-performance equipment. Our customers benefitfrom effective, innovative products, with high qualitystandards underpinned by outstanding service. Ourcommitted, highly skilled employees enjoy attractive jobsand training opportunities adapted to individual needs. Weuse resources with care and protect our environment.Our goalsWe seek to achieve superior profitability and a soundbalance sheet through technological leadership, a strongmarket position and strict cost management. We willcontinue to build the Group through organic growth andinnovation, as well as by acquiring and integrating selected,complementary businesses. We invest to reduce ourecological footprint.

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 20212020 in figuresAlthough 2020 was a difficult year, neverthelessour business developed overall robustly. Demanddeclined notably in the first half of 2020 as aconsequence of the spread of COVID-19. A recoveryset in at mid-year and gained momentum towardsthe end of the reporting period.Salesin CHF millionEmployeesOperatingprofit marginProductionsites2ʹ70012ʹ6007.4%around 504

5Sales by regionOtherSales in CHF million 160 AsiaSales in CHF million 270 10%Employees 1ʹ6006%Employees 400EuropeSales in CHF million1ʹ700AmericasSales in CHF million 610 (Switzerland: 130) 22%Employees 2ʹ40062%Employees8ʹ200(Switzerland: 1ʹ000)Sales by divisionBucher SpecialsSales in CHF million Bucher Emhart GlassSales in CHF million 420 15%Employees 1ʹ600270 Employees 900Kuhn GroupSales in CHF million 1ʹ090 540 Employees 2ʹ50039%Employees 5ʹ200Bucher HydraulicsSales in CHF million 9%20%Bucher MunicipalSales in CHF million 460 Employees 2ʹ30017%

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 2021From blacksmith’sshop to global groupWhat started over 200 years ago as a small blacksmith’s shop has been built over several generationsinto a modern and globally active technology groupfor machinery and vehicle construction.1807Heinrich Bucher(-Weiss) (1784–1850) ran the Murzelnblacksmith’s shop in Niederweningen.1890Bucher was also selling foreign-made agriculturalmachinery.19011807First hydraulic fruit press with a 600-bar, high-pressurepump.1921The “Luna” centrifugal slurry pump found a readymarket in Switzerland and abroad.1923“Maschinenfabrik Johann Bucher” established in Griessen,Southern Baden, Germany.19341901Walter Hauser(-Bucher) (1904–1967) gradually tookover the running of the business. 215 employees inNiederweningen, 40 in Griessen. A horse-drawn mowerwith an auxiliary engine was Bucher’s first motorisedagricultural machine.6

71946Bucher-Guyer acquired a stake in Kuhn, a Frenchagricultural machinery manufacturer in Saverne.1950The KT 10 walking tractor went into production.19541954Production of the Bucher tractor started up. By 1964,a total of 5’000 had been delivered.1986Bucher Holding went public, with bearer shares listedon the stock exchange. Group sales of CHF 430 million,2’730 employees.1991Entry into municipal vehicle sector through acquisitionof Rolba sweeper and snow-blower business.19981998Entry into glass-forming machinery through acquisitionof Emhart Glass.2005UK-based Johnston Sweepers business acquired.2013Takeover of a majority of Jetter, a specialist for controlsystems for automation technology.2016Jacques Sanche appointed Chief Executive Officer,Philip Mosimann chairman of the board.20162016Bucher Municipal acquired J. Hvidtved Larsen (JHL), theDanish manufacturer of truck-mounted sewer-cleaning,as well as the operational business of PakMor WasteEquipment, Australia.2019Bucher Municipal acquired the Chinese sewage tankermanufacturer Zynkon, thereby strengthening itspresence in Asia.20212021Acquisition of Lenze Mobiles Drives in Romanshorn,a pioneer in power electronics.

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 2021We’re Bucher,we’re all one team8

9We actively develop our employees so that we asa company can grow and surpass ourselves. We seeourselves as a company with a long-term commitment to our industry and as a fair partner for ourstakeholders. We offer our committed and highlyskilled employees attractive jobs and training opportunities adapted to their individual needs. Their knowledge and experience are a key to our success.Some 12’600 employees worldwide contribute throughtheir expertise, commitment and experience to thecontinuing success of Bucher Industries. These includeyoung people getting their training from us, university andcollege graduates and highly skilled specialists andmanagers, along with experienced professionals who insome cases have worked at Bucher Industries for manyyears, some even their entire career.A valued employerIn the competitive labour market environment in whichBucher Industries operates, it is important for the companyto be perceived as an attractive employer, not only toattract new employees, but also to keep fluctuation low.The divisions are striving to achieve this through a widerange of measures: career prospects and developmentopportunities within the company, targeted furthertraining, promotion of diversity and ensuring equalopportunities, as well as flexible working hours andlocations. Bucher Industries also collaborates with schoolsand universities to attract young professionals andgraduates.As an employer operating around the world, diversity is amatter of course. We have employees in many countries.They have varied cultural backgrounds and have gonethrough different kinds of training and education program.They also vary a great deal in terms of age and workexperience.The Bucher cultureOur culture of appreciation, mutual respect and expertiseprevails at all our locations. One important element of thisculture is the focus on employees’ health and safety, whichis consistent throughout the world. Attention is paid toergonomics, daylight and air quality also in production.

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 202110Close to customers,all over the worldKuhn GroupBucher MunicipalBucher HydraulicsBucher Emhart GlassBucher Specialsfive locations in Switzerland

11Bucher Industriesoperates more than50 manufacturing anddevelopment siteson five continents andalso has numerousdistribution companies.Kuhn Group–––––––––––Saverne, FranceMonswiller, FranceChâteaubriant, FranceLa Copechagnière, FranceChaumes-en Retz, FranceCorpe, FranceGeldrop, NetherlandsBrodhead, WI, USAHutchinson, KS, USAPasso Fundo, BrazilSão José dos Pinhais, BrazilBucher rweningen, SwitzerlandVentspils, LatviaDorking, UKSilkeborg, DenmarkRevello, ItalyWernberg-Köblitz, GermanyKaluga, RussiaMelbourne, AustraliaSydney, AustraliaBendigo, AustraliaWuhan, ChinaSeoul, South KoreaBucher Klettgau, GermanyErding, GermanyRemscheid, GermanyDachau, GermanyNeuheim, SwitzerlandFrutigen, SwitzerlandReggio Emilia, ItalyGrand Rapids, MI, USANewaygo, MI, USAElgin, IL, USAGurgaon, IndiaSuzhou, ChinaWuxi, ChinaCanoas, Porto Alegre, BrazilBucher Emhart Glass–––––––––Steinhausen, SwitzerlandSundsvall, SwedenÖrebro, SwedenJohor Bahru, MalaysiaHorseheads, NY, USAWindsor, CT, USASt. Petersburg, FL, USAMunich, GermanyZibo, ChinaBucher Specials–B ucher Vaslin,Chalonnes-sur-Loire, France– Bucher Unipektin,Niederweningen, Switzerland– Bucher Landtechnik,Niederweningen, Switzerland– Jetter, Ludwigsburg, GermanyBucher Industries– Niederweningen, Switzerland– Zurich, Switzerland

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 2021Five divisions,decentralised andflexible12

13Bucher Industries is a global technologygroup with leading market positions inspeciality areas of mechanical and vehicleengineering.

Kuhn GroupKuhn Group is the world’s leading manufacturer ofspecialised agricultural machinery for tillage, plantingand seeding, nutrient management and crop p rotection, hay and forage harvesting, livestock bedding andfeeding as well as landscape maintenance. The exceptionally broad range of products is geared to the needsof large farms and contractors and all other types ofagricultural operations across the world.Salesin CHF

Arable farmingFor crop producers, soil health is crucial for production.Producers can get the most out of their fields by usingagricultural machinery from Kuhn Group, from ploughs totillage tools to planters and seed drills. In addition, KuhnGroup offers a broad range of crop nutrient managementand crop protection equipment. Thanks to the state-of-theart control systems equipping the Kuhn machines, plantscan be fed and protected with precision and in an efficientand sustainable way.Hay and forageKuhn Group is historically recognised as a global leaderin the field of hay and forage harvesting machinery. Inthis segment, Kuhn Group offers the industry’s widestrange of mowers, mower-conditioners, tedders, rakes andmergers, as well as a wide range of balers and wrappersmeeting varied operational requirements.LivestockKuhn Group offers a comprehensive range of total mixedration feed mixers and bale processing equipment. Thesemachines and their associated services assist livestockproducers in their efforts to provide optimum animalcomfort and health to their herds.Landscape maintenanceKuhn Group’s range of machines for landscape maintenancefeatures boom and road-side mowers, shredders, sprayersand salt and sand spreaders.“With strong roots, a richhistory, and the world’slargest range of specialised farm implements,Kuhn Group holds leadingmarket positions and isrecognised in more than100 countries.”Thierry KrierKuhn Group division president

Bucher MunicipalBucher Municipal is a leading supplier of vehicles andequipment for cleaning and clearing operations onpublic and private roads and other traffic areas. Itsmachinery range encompasses sweepers and sewercleaning, winter maintenance and refuse collectionvehicles and equipment. The product portfolio issupplemented by digital services.Salesin CHF

Compact sweepersThe narrow and agile vehicles clean roads, pavements andpedestrian areas efficiently and safely and are ideal forurban environments. The latest product generation is fullyelectric and can be used around the clock due to its verylow noise level. The Bucher Municipal compact sweepersare industry leading especially in safety and comfort, easeof use, sustainability and performance.Truck-mounted sweepersPowerful truck-mounted and special truck-mountedsweepers are designed for the most demanding road,airport, industrial and construction tasks. Bucher Municipalcombines the highest performance with the lowest costof ownership and environmental impact. Features suchas 100% electric vehicles, smooth air flow technology anda complete range of product services ensure the sweepersremain at the forefront of vacuum, mechanical and airregenerative technology.Sewer cleaning equipmentSewer cleaning units from Bucher Municipal play a centralrole in ensuring a sustainable approach to the use of waterand a profitable business for the customers. Today, BucherMunicipal offers a full range of sewer cleaning equipmentfor municipal, contracting, and construction applications,using only high-quality components and advancedtechnology.Winter maintenance equipmentBucher Municipal has been committed for decades to keeproads, streets and airports free of snow and ice. The rangeof high-quality spreaders, including a fully electric version,snowploughs and airport equipment offers municipalities,road authorities, contractors and airports all around theworld solutions for all areas of winter maintenance.Refuse equipmentBucher Municipal is the leading provider of equipment tothe Australian and New Zealand waste industry. Poweredby features such as electric refuse vehicles and state-ofthe-art safety systems, the refuse range includes truckmounted side, rear and front loader equipment, as well asstatic compactor and bin-lifting equipment to suit all wastestreams from general waste to recycling and commercialapplications.“We are aware of ourresponsibility to society andthe environment for ensuring roads and public spacesare kept clean and safe,and we live up to it by focusingon functional engineering,environmental integrity anddriving comfort.”Aurelio LemosBucher Municipal division president

Bucher HydraulicsBucher Hydraulics offers a comprehensive portfolio ofelectronic and hydraulic components and is a leadinginternational manufacturer of advanced electrohydraulicsystems. In-depth application expertise and closecollaboration with customers enable Bucher Hydraulicsto develop premium solutions tailored to customers’particular requirements. These solutions are used in manymachines worldwide and fulfil the highest standards ofengineering, safety and quality.Salesin CHF

Pumps and motorsBucher Hydraulics offers a wide range of hydraulic pumpsand motors, including external and internal gear units andspecial axial piston units. They are durable, have a longservice life and are used in almost all mobile applications,including construction equipment, agricultural machineryand special-purpose vehicles, and in stationary applicationsin the industry.Valves and manifold block solutionsThe valves offered by Bucher Hydraulics cover the entirespectrum of hydraulic functions: pressure and flowregulation, flow prevention and check functions, anddirectional spool and directional seat functions. Valveapplications are found everywhere where large forces haveto be positioned dynamically and with millimetre precisionusing hydraulics, as is the case with heavy duty cranes, coldmilling machines and sweepers, for example.CylindersBucher Hydraulics is specialised in cylinders designedfor use under the toughest of operating conditions inconstruction and special-purpose machinery. Cylinders areused for stabilisation, axle blocking, suspension andlevelling purposes, wherever maximum safety is required.They are also used in stationary industrial applications forcounterbalancing robotics equipment and machine tools.Power unitsPower units are compact assemblies comprising an electricmotor, pump, valve technology and oil tank. The widevariety of configurations, quick availability and simplicityof installation have made them highly popular worldwide,particularly in the automotive engineering and materialshandling segments. They are predominantly used forlifting, lowering and drive functions, as required for logisticslift trucks, aerial platforms and tow winches.Power ElectronicsBucher Hydraulics offers a modular line of power electronicsdesigned for mobile applications. The compact productplatform consists of single- and multi-inverters and DC/DCconverters. With these products, new and extensiveopportunities for future-oriented, ecological and economicalconcepts for electric and hybrid vehicles open up.System solutionsSystem solutions are coordinated combinations of components incorporating hydraulics, electronics and electricdrive technology. They have their own drive electronicsand electronic control systems as well as the required valvetechnology and actuators in the form of a hydraulic cylinderor hydraulic motor and can therefore be integrated as selfcontained units in machinery. They are commonly used inhydraulic lifts, electrohydraulic systems for electric-powered,mobile machinery, electrohydraulic linear axes, ergonomicwork tables and high-voltage switch gear systems.“We achieve our objective onlyif our customers achievesuccess with their products andour electrohydraulic solutions.The basis for our success is anintensive working relationshipwith customers, from development to production.”Daniel WallerBucher Hydraulics division president

Bucher Emhart GlassBucher Emhart Glass is the world’s leading supplierof advanced technologies for the manufacturing andinspection of glass containers. The equipment andautomation technology offerings are supplementedby a broad range of advice and support services –care, empower and academy – to help customersoperate and optimise their equipment.Salesin CHF

EquipmentContainer forming is the heart of the production process,where the gob is formed and pressed and blown into itsfinal form. Here at the hot end, Bucher Emhart Glass is theworld’s leading supplier. At the cold end, the inspectionequipment verifies container quality and integrity at thehighest levels. And now Bucher Emhart Glass continues tolead the industry by bringing both processes across thehot and the cold end together.AutomationThrough the innovative automation systems and associatedtechnology of Bucher Emhart Glass, glass plants will beable to read, analyse and automatically react to glasscontainer inspection data, enabling them to achievegreater performance, reliability and profitability. Withfull traceability through the entire production process, allproduction information and inspection results can beattached to an individual glass container.“End to End” supportBucher Emhart Glass’s support consists of three pillars:care, empower and academy. Care is what keeps themachines running: original parts, a comprehensive packageof service programs and repair. To empower the customer,experienced glass production personnel provide specificoperational support for the production teams andhelp them to optimise the machines. With the academy,Bucher Emhart Glass lives up to its mission to shareknowledge in glass production and inspection, so thatthe next generation takes the experience and expertiseand adds to it.“In terms of quality, healthand environmental compatibility,glass containers are the idealpackaging. For over 100 years, wehave been equipping productionlines for customers who makeglass bottles – more than 40%of total world output.”Matthias KümmerleBucher Emhart Glass division president

Bucher SpecialsBucher Specials comprises four business units.One focus is on equipment for the production ofwine, fruit juice, beer and instant products. Thedivision also includes the Swiss distributorship fortractors and specialised agricultural machineryas well as automation solutions.Salesin CHF .de

Bucher VaslinBucher Vaslin develops and produces equipment destinedexclusively for winemaking, from grape processing throughto the most excellent quality wines. Thanks to gentlehandling of the fruit, versatile adaptation to different grapevarieties and specialised filtration systems, the winesdevelop optimum aroma, colour and tannins.Bucher UnipektinBucher Unipektin is a trusted partner, manufacturer andsupplier of machines and systems for the beverage andfood industry. The fruit and vegetable juices, dried instantproducts and filtered beers produced in the machinery areof the highest quality, flavour and aroma.Bucher LandtechnikBucher Landtechnik distributes machines geared to thespecific requirements of Swiss farmers: tractors, harvestingtechnology, machinery and equipment from the Group’sproducts as well as from leading international suppliers.JetterJetter develops and manufactures control systems formachinery and systems engineering and processtechnology. They are used in the industrial and mobileautomation segments.“With more than 100 years ofexperience in fruit and grapepresses, we are the preferredpartner of our customers.”Stefan DüringBucher Specials division president

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 2021Future-oriented,for generations24

25Our long-term view has been integral to ourcorporate strategy and our success for more than200 years. Our sustainability strategy restson four thematic pillars and is an expression andextension of Bucher Industries’ long-term viewin its core business.CustomersEmployeesWe systematically align our activities with our customers’needs. Our customers benefit from high-performanceand innovative products and solutions of the highestquality, along with outstanding service. We prioritiseprotecting customer health and safety, right from productdevelopment through to product manufacture, use andfinal disposal.To be successful in mechanical and vehicle engineering,you need highly qualified and dedicated employees. Weoffer attractive working conditions and developmentopportunities with individualised further training. Ourculture is characterised by appreciation, mutual respectand expertise.EnvironmentComplianceWe develop and manufacture economical, state-of-the-artand environmentally sustainable machinery and systemsthat enable our customers to reduce their environmentalfootprint. We also seek to continually decrease resourceconsumption and emissions within our manufacturing.Our compliance with all applicable laws and regulations isthe foundation of our business success. Our employees areduty bound to adhere to every aspect of the relevant lawsand conduct business in accordance with the practices offair competition.

Bucher IndustriesCorporate Profile 2021Group managementJacques SancheCEOManuela SuterCFOThierry KrierKuhn GroupAurelio LemosBucher MunicipalDaniel WallerBucher HydraulicsMatthias KümmerleBucher Emhart GlassStefan DüringBucher SpecialsBoard of directorsPhilip Mosimann, chairmanAnita Hauser, deputy chairmanMichael HauserMartin HirzelHeinrich SpoerryValentin VogtOrganisationBucher Industries: a stock-listed companyBucher Industries shares are registered on the main boardof the SIX Swiss Exchange. Descendants of the founding family,organised under a shareholders’ agreement, hold a total of35.2% of the voting rights.26

PublisherBucher Industries AGBucher Management AGFlughafenstrasse 908058 Zurich, SwitzerlandT 41 58 750 15 ductionNeidhartSchön AG, Zurich, SwitzerlandPrinting and finishingNeidhart Schön Print AG, Zurich, SwitzerlandMay 2021

Corporate Profile 2021Bucher IndustriesMurzlenstrasse 808166 Niederweningen, SwitzerlandT 41 58 750 15 her VaslinRue Gaston Bernier49290 Chalonnes-sur-Loire, FranceT 33 241 74 50 [email protected]rvaslin.comKuhn Group4, Impasse des Fabriques67700 Saverne, FranceT 33 388 01 81 00kuhn.comBucher UnipektinMurzlenstrasse 808166 Niederweningen, SwitzerlandT 41 44 857 23 r MunicipalMurzlenstrasse 808166 Niederweningen, SwitzerlandT 41 44 857 22 r HydraulicsIndustriestrasse 179771 Klettgau, GermanyT 49 7742 85 her Emhart GlassHinterbergstrasse 226312 Steinhausen, SwitzerlandT 41 41 749 42 cher LandtechnikMurzlenstrasse 808166 Niederweningen, SwitzerlandT 41 44 857 26 terGräterstrasse 271642 Ludwigsburg, GermanyT 49 7141 2550 [email protected]

Bucher Hydraulics Sales in CHF million 540 20% Employees 2ʹ500 Bucher Emhart Glass Sales in CHF million 420 15% Employees 1ʹ600 Bucher Specials . - Grand Rapids, MI, USA - Newaygo, MI, USA - Elgin, IL, USA - Gurgaon, India - Suzhou, China - Wuxi, China - Canoas, Porto Alegre, Brazil