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DEMENTIA CARE SPECIALISTSDear Dementia Care Professional,Thank you for your interest in helpingindividuals living with Alzheimer’s/dementia thrive, rather than justsurvive. The tools and resourcesin this catalog will help you and your team deliverthe highest standard of person-centered dementiacare. We’re excited to announce the new updates inour CPI Dementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition trainingprogram. You can find more information and productdetails on pages 12 and 13.DCSWatch for This IconExclusiveSome of our resources are exclusive to DementiaCare Specialists, and available only through CPI. Allthe resources in this catalog can be ordered onlineat, by faxing ormailing the order form on page 15, or by calling844.830.1146.Thank you for joining us in our mission to create aDementia Capable Society built on the knowledgethat persons living with dementia can feel joy,fulfillment, and love.Table of Contents2021 CATALOGAssessment Toolsand Guides4Dementia-Focused Tools7Dementia CapableCare, 2nd EditionNEWTraining12Consulting Services14Order Form15Kim Warchol, OTR/L, DCCTPresident and FounderDementia Care SpecialistsAbout UsCPI’s Dementia Care Specialists Team is dedicated to advancing personcentered care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitivechallenges, and to creating a Dementia Capable Society. The totalsolutions we offer can help transform staff capabilities and quality of care.Visit to learn more about our evidence-basedtotal solutions including staff development training opportunities, memorycare programming, consulting services, and more.2Order Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146

DEMENTIA THERAPY RESOURCE KITDementia Therapy Resource KitThis kit contains 10 resources designed to help you get startedproviding dementia therapy services. Each resource is also soldseparately (see pages 4–11), but when you purchase them as akit, you can save over 66.Each kit includes: Activity Planning BookDCSExclusive Dementia Capable Care – A Best Abilities Approach DVD Allen Battery Training DVDDCSExclusiveDCSExclusive Cognitive Assessment Tool GuideDCSExclusive Occupational Therapy Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled Book Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes Book Allen Diagnostic Module Canvas Placemat Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen Tool Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 Manual Allen Trifold Scoring CardRESOURCE KIT CODE: PKGS0586 614.99RESOURCE KIT WITH ADM MANUAL (SEE PAGE 6) CODE: PKGS0691 794.99Free standard shipping within the continental US and Canada.3

ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND GUIDESAllen Cognitive Level Screen-5 ManualThis is an updated and revised version of the manual foradministering both ACLS and LACLS. New sections include ahistory of the Cognitive Disabilities Model, setup of the tools withphotos, color-coded administration instructions, revised scoringtables, review of published research, and four appendices withreferences and resources for practitioners. Also available as partof the Dementia Therapy Resource Kit (see page 3).ALLEN COGNITIVE LEVEL SCREEN-5 MANUALCODE: ASTL0010 93.00SPECIAL OFFER:ACLS-5 MANUAL WITH ACLS CODE:PKGS0581 182.00ACLS-5 MANUAL WITH LACLS CODE:PKGS0580 199.00ACLS-5 MANUAL WITH ACLS AND LACLS CODE: PKGS0582 248.00Allen Diagnostic Module (ADM) Canvas PlacematThis is one of the Allen Battery Assessment toolsrecommended to assess working memory and othercognitive skills. It is able to score within the range ofLevel 3.0 to 4.6. This assessment is to be administeredby those who have had training in the CognitiveDisabilities Model. Scoring sheets and other necessaryinformation about the assessment are found within theADM manual. This package includes canvas placematsand pre-cut hearts and circles to create up to sixplacemats. Also available as part of the DementiaTherapy Resource Kit (see page 3).ADM CANVAS PLACEMAT CODE: ASTL0009 52.00CANVAS PLACEMAT WITH ADM MANUAL (see page 6)CODE: PKGS0692 233.00Allen Diagnostic Module Ribbon CardsThis tool is a weaving task on a precut 5” x 7” greetingcard. The assessment allows the administrator to evaluatecognitive skills, such as attention and problem solving, inindividual or group settings. 10 ribbon combinations allowfor individual preferences. Packages include slit cards,envelopes, and pre-cut ribbon. Patterns may vary. Gluenot included. Assesses levels 4.0 to 5.0 when using thestandardized instructions, scoring, and rating criteria fromthe Allen Diagnostic Module.CODE: ASTL0019 47.50 (Pack of 10)4Order Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146

ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND GUIDESAllen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS/LACLS)The Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) is also referredto as the leather lacing tool. The screen is used toobtain a quick measure of global cognitive processingcapacities, learning potential, performance abilities, andto detect unrecognized or suspected problems relatedto functional cognition. The screen is available in astandard 3.75” x 4.75” size (ACLS) and a larger 5.75”x 7.00” size (LACLS) for persons with vision or handfunction problems. The larger version (LACLS) is alsoavailable as part of the Dementia Therapy Resource Kit(see page 3).ACLS CODE: PKGS0649 89.00LACLS (LARGE) CODE: PKGS0650 105.00TBESERSELLdACLS an teeommitLACLS Cd.approveOne Trifold Scoring Card is shipped witheach ACLS/LACLS. Details on page 6.Allen Cognitive Level Screen (LACLS) – Disposable, Size LScores on this screening assessment are verifiedthrough further assessment and interpreted withinthe framework of the cognitive disabilities model.NEWNote: This fully disposable tool has been developedfor use where strict infection control procedures mustbe observed. It is designed for single use, or multipleuses with one individual, after which it should bediscarded. Each pack contains materials to set upfour screening tools.CODE: ASTL0028 39.99 (4-Pack)ACLS REPLACEMENT NEEDLEThis Jumbo Perma Lok Needle is the replacement needle for theAllen Cognitive Level Screening Test (leather lacing tool).CODE: ASTL0025 5.69ACLS REPLACEMENT PACKAGEThis replacement package is for the “ACLS and LACLS Committeeapproved” Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 (ACLS). Includes 72 waxedlinen threads to replace the running stitch task and a 60” lace to replacethe whipstitch and/or single cordovan stitch tasks a total of four times.CODE: ASTL0023 13.25LACLS REPLACEMENT PACKAGEThis replacement package is for the “ACLS and LACLS Committeeapproved” Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen-5 (LACLS). Includes oneshoelace to replace the running stitch task and a 60” lace to replacewhipstitch and/or the single cordovan stitch tasks a total of four times.CODE: ASTL0022 15.255

ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND GUIDESA perfecteion to thcompan LACLSdnaSLACtools.Trifold Scoring CardThis useful resource is a pocket-sizedcompanion to the Allen Cognitive LevelScreen (ACLS) and Large Allen Cognitive LevelScreen (LACLS) tools. Portable and reusable, theTrifold Scoring Card features the scoring tablesfrom the Allen Cognitive Level Screen–5 Manual.Folds to 4.75” x 8.50”.CODE: TRTL0021QTY.1–910 PRICE 10.50 Each 9.50 EachGet this product FREE! One Trifold ScoringCard is shipped with each ACLS/LACLS orACLS/LACLS package page 5.Allen Diagnostic Module InstructionManual, 2nd EditionTherapists will be able to appraise the usefulnessof each of the 35 activities by reading theinstruction manual. The manual describesstandardized procedures for making samples,setting up group and individual sessions, givinginstructions, giving prompts or cues, and ratingbehavior. Also includes score sheets and ratingcriteria, all contained in a loose-leaf binder thatallows you to add pages. Craft materials for eachof the 35 activities to be ordered separately.CODE: ASTL0020 180.00Allen Battery Training DVDDCSExclusiveThis DVD contains a brief overview of the AllenCognitive Levels and the abilities associatedwith each, an introduction to the Allen BatteryAssessment Tools, demonstrations of how toadminister and interpret the Allen DiagnosticModule (ADM) Canvas Placemat and ACLS(leather lacing tool), and a review of how toadminister the RTI (Routine Task Inventory).70 minutes. Also available as part of theDementia Therapy Resource Kit (see page 3).CODE: DVOS0064 86.996Order Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146

DEMENTIA-FOCUSED TOOLSUnderstanding Cognitive Performance ModesThis book can be used to validate scoring of the AllenCognitive Level Screen (ACLS), the Routine Task Inventory(RTI), and/or the ADM placemat test, and it is used to assistwith functional maintenance program design for caregivers.The book organizes the cognitive performance modes from1.0 through 6.0, with the names and descriptions of theperformance modes and the amount of assistance requiredfor the individual to engage in various tasks. Also available aspart of the Dementia Therapy Resource Kit (see page 3).CODE: PBOK0029 55.00Structures of the CognitivePerformance ModesIn this clinical resource, author Claudia Allen, OTR, presentsbehaviors in the form of actions, activities, treatmentmethods, and safety precautions. Designed to help youget to the essence of the underlying mental operationsthat guide performance, the book describes the cognitivestructures that are used to guide those operations orbehaviors. Organized by mode, the book is easy to use andwas written as a companion to Understanding CognitivePerformance Modes (above).CODE: PBOK0030 50.50TBESERSELLForms are also available electronically.Call 844.830.1136 for details.Cognitive Assessment Tool GuideDCSExclusiveThis tool is designed to help identify a person’s cognitivestatus when using the Allen Cognitive AssessmentBattery or the Adapted FAST. The clinician is guidedthrough the process of extracting key observationsfrom activity performance in order to identify indicatorsof a person’s dementia stage/Allen level. Further AllenAssessments can confirm the score. Scoring is simple,as the client may be functioning at the highest stage inwhich the majority of boxes (representing a functionalability observed) are checked. Also available as part ofthe Dementia Therapy Resource Kit (see page 3).PAD OF 50 SHEETS CODE: ASTL0001 15.49SPECIAL OFFER: Five or more pads 14.49 eachFree standard shipping within the continental US and Canada.7

DEMENTIA-FOCUSED TOOLSQuick Tips Yellow Laminated CardDCSExclusiveThis handy reference guide helps dementia carestaff remember the six Allen levels and modesand the translation into level of assist. Laminatedfor durability, this valuableassessment tool includestips for documentation.CODE: TRTL0015 8.49A Cognitive Link: Managing ProblematicBodily BehaviorThis spiral-bound book is for health care professionalsand caregivers who need to fully understand how bodilybehavior can be cognitively restricted by brain pathologyand what needs to be done to allow people to functionto the best of their ability. CPI advises this book be readin conjunction with Allen’s Cognitive Levels: Meeting theChallenges of Client Focused Services (see below). Bothbooks are for health care professionals working in thetertiary, primary, and community care sectors.CODE: PBOK0033 86.99Allen’s Cognitive Levels: Meeting the Challenges of ClientFocused Services (2nd Edition)This guide makes it easy to scan informationconcerning each Allen Cognitive Level andMode of Function. It provides information onthe primary concepts and terminology thatintermesh the Allen Cognitive Levels with theDynamic Complex Theory, giving a broaderperspective and interaction between the OT,PT, and the client’s changing experiences. Theguide is particularly useful when documentingofficial chart information in hospitals,residential care facilities, and other healthcare environments.CODE: PBOK0034 86.998Order Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146

DEMENTIA-FOCUSED TOOLSThe Garden Book: Stage-SpecificTherapeutic Gardening Activitiesfor Older Adults and PersonsDCSWith DementiaExclusiveThis collection is designed for therapistswho serve the elderly. Each gardeningactivity includes a complete description,a list of needed supplies, and directionson how to adapt the activity foreach stage of dementia. It includesrecommendations for gardening tools,equipment, and vendors who arehelpful when working with personswith disabilities. An ideal tool fortherapists or activity professionals.CODE: PBOK0032 59.99TBESERSELLActivity Planning BookDCSExclusiveThis manual is a tremendous resource for anactivity director, therapist, or any team memberwho engages individuals with dementia in activities.With more than 75 activities adapted for Early,Middle, Late, and End Stage dementia, this is anecessary tool for any long-term care, dementiafocused living environment. Also available as partof the Dementia Therapy Resource Kit (see page 3).CODE: PBOK0027 59.99Free standard shipping within the continental US and Canada.9

DEMENTIA-FOCUSED TOOLSForms are also available electronically. Call 844.830.1146 for details.Therapy Screening FormDCSExclusiveThis two-part carbonless form aids thetherapist when screening to pick up newclients on their caseload. Allen trainingelements and current reimbursementguidelines are incorporated in thisscreening tool.PACK OF 50 CODE: ASTL0011 24.99SPECIAL OFFER: Five or more packsof 50 22.49 eachNursing Care PartnerScreening Form DCSExclusiveThis two-part carbonless form helpsnursing care partners identify a residentwho could benefit from therapy services.It is designed to bridge the knowledgegap to increase referrals.Maintenance Program FormDesigning a maintenance program has neverbeen easier. This form enables a therapistto create a quality maintenance program toshare with team members and/or families.The three-part carbonless form is pre-loadedwith common caregiver approaches andenvironmental recommendations to matcha specific Allen level. Some customization isallowed. Available for Allen levels 1–4.LEVEL 1 PACK OF 50 CODE: ASTL0003LEVEL 2 PACK OF 50 CODE: ASTL0004LEVEL 3 PACK OF 50 CODE: ASTL0005LEVEL 4 PACK OF 50 CODE: ASTL0006SPECIAL OFFER: Five or more packsof any Maintenance Program Form 36.99 eachPACK OF 50 CODE: ASTL0002 24.99SPECIAL OFFER: Five or more packsof 50 22.49 each10DCSExclusiveOrder Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146 39.99 39.99 39.99 39.99

DEMENTIA-FOCUSED TOOLSCPI’s Guides for FamiliesDCSand FriendsExclusiveThese guides help families and friendsimprove their use of proactive, respectful,and person-centered strategies to supportand interact with people who havedementia. Use these within your place ofemployment, church, community group, orcivic organization.Topics include: Changing Our Perceptions ofPeople Who Have Dementia Some Realities of SupportingLoved Ones Who Have Dementia Improving Our CommunicationWith People Who Have DementiaThese guides are now freedownloadable resources availableto Dementia Capable CareCertified InstructorsDementia Capable Care –A Best Abilities ApproachDCSExclusiveThis inspiring DVD provides education about Alzheimer’sdisease and related dementias and demonstrates the abilitiesand deficits associated with each stage of dementia. Watch andlearn as Kim Warchol, OTR/L, and Caroline Copeland, OTR/L,lead ADL and leisure activities at an adapted level to promotesuccessful participation and maximum functional levels. This is ahelpful staff training tool. 107 minutes. Also available as part ofthe Dementia Therapy Resource Kit (see page 3).CODE: DVDS0063 113.99Occupational Therapy Treatment Goals for thePhysically and Cognitively DisabledThis essential resources book contains the RTI assessment,theory research, in-depth information on levels and modes,original Cognitive Performance Test, cognitive activity analysis,and much more. Also available as part of the DementiaTherapy Resource Kit (see page 3).CODE: PBOK0028 99.99Free standard shipping within the continental US and Canada.11

STAFF DEVELOPMENT TRAININGIntroducing CPI Dementia CapableCare, 2nd Edition TrainingDelivered 100% virtually, Dementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition training reduces the timeit takes to become certified as an instructor from three days to only three hours of onlinework, and one day of live virtual training. This new edition has been designed to giveall those who work in healthcare the knowledge and skills needed to be the best carepartners to those living with dementia while decreasing pharmacological interventionsfor distress behaviors.Benefits of Dementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition Training Our innovative model: The Dementia Capable Care model combines ClaudiaAllen Cognitive Disabilities Model and Kitwood’s model of person-centered carewith CPI de-escalation and behavior management training. New Virtual Delivery: Virtual training is safe and efficient, reducing the time it takes tolearn this valuable information. Industry leaders you can trust: You’ll benefit from the 30 years of industry-leadingexperience that Kim Warchol and her team of memory care experts bring to the table.12Order Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146

STAFF DEVELOPMENT TRAININGCPI Dementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition Training MaterialsNEWDementia Capable Care, 2nd Edition Blended LearningPackage (Online Course Participant Workbook)Designed for blended program delivery,the Blended Learning Package includesan online course seat and a printedparticipant workbook with DementiaCapable Care Specialist Credential card.NEWVolumeDiscountsCODE: PBLEN20DCC 44.99QTY.PRICE1–99 44.99 ea.100-249 42.99 ea.250 40.99 ea.QTY.PRICE1–99 23.49 ea.100-249 22.49 ea.250 21.49 ea.Dementia Capable Care, 2nd EditionParticipant WorkbookThe participant workbook with aDementia Capable Care SpecialistCredential card helps to keepparticipants focused andengaged during training (eitherin-person or virtual) and servesas a reliable post-training resource.VolumeDiscountsCODE: PWKB20DCC 23.49Dementia Capable Care Foundation & Behavior Course Training MaterialsDementia Capable Care Foundation& Behaviors Workbooks BundleBuild and implement a personcentered care plan with your team.As both workbooks are requiredfor every team member attendingthese courses and serves as areliable post-training resource.VolumeDiscountsCODE: PKGS0710 23.49QTY.PRICE1–99 23.49 ea.100-249 22.49 ea.250 21.49 ea.Free standard shipping within the continental US and Canada.13

We Are Your Go-To Partner for Evidence-Based,Person-Centered, Dementia Capable SolutionsTMSoftware SolutionConsultation Floor plan and interiordesign review Program andenvironmental audits Memory care businessdevelopmentImplementationICanSM Software SolutionsWorkshops covering: Activities Behaviors ADLsDeliver person-centered care:Warchol Best AbilitiesCare ModelSMSet Your Organization Apart WithDementia Care SpecialistsVisit 844.830.1146Email [email protected] Online: Order Toll-Free 844.830.1146 Gather life stories Tailor activities to residents Generate actionable reports

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Allen Diagnostic Module Ribbon Cards . ACLS-5 MANUAL WITH ACLS AND LACLS CODE: PKGS0582 248.00 ASSESSMENT TOOLS AND GUIDES. Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS/LACLS) . This useful resource is a pocket-sized companion to the Allen Cognitive Level Screen (ACLS) and Large Allen Cognitive Level .