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Inflatable Buoyancy Units Flexible, Multi-Purpose FlotationReliable and ControllableOptimised for Horizontal DeploymentSeaflex enclosed IBUs are the system of choice where reliable,controllable buoyancy is required. They are particularly suitedfor installation buoyancy on pipeline float-outs, beach pulls andriver crossings. Our IBUs have also been used in applicationssuch as vessel and platform draught reduction in limited waterdepths, and as pontoons for temporary bridges and docks.IBUs are not designed to find their own level on inflation; theymust be held approximately horizontal to prevent tearing of thestrop pockets. Within this context, and unlike versions of IBUsoffered by others, the unique Seaflex end-strop system forces airthrough the IBU as it is inflated - to prevent bulging and resultingfailure. Circumferential strops built into the IBU itself deal withshallow angles, enabling the IBU to cater to load angles of up to10 or 15 degrees (where greater working angles are expected,Seaflex Mono Buoyancy Units are the perfect answer).Constructed from High Tensile Trevira Polyester 3/3 base clothcoated with heavy duty UV stabilised PVC coating, our IBUs comefitted with stainless steel camlock terminated inflation pointsand 38 mm diameter pressure relief valves each capable ofreleasing 80 cubic feet (2.3 cubic metres) of air per minute. TheIBU operates at 2 psi over ambient to ensure maximum volume,and therefore full displacement, during operation.Our IBUs offer significant advantages over ALBs where staticas opposed to dynamically-ascending buoyancy is required,especially in relatively shallow water. They are also very stableunder way and can be towed, dependent on load and sea state,at up to 2 knots.Designed for Ease of HandlingThe multiple attachment points of our IBUs assist in spreadingthe lift points across the load. Their relatively low verticalheights and short strop configurations are a key advantagewhere water depth is limited or a load needs to be supportednear to, or on the surface. We have designed-into all our IBUs anintuitive system of ensuring accurate strop spacing; a spacinglink strap joins the fixed ring strop terminations together. And,just like our range of ALBs, our IBU’s have integral ladders tofacilitate handling.Typical 5 tonne capability IBUs weigh just 46 kg, making them aneasily handled item for two rigging crew.Extremely Cost-Effective: Hire Options Available,Transport Costs MinimisedSeaflex has over 25 years’ worth of experience of themanufacture, rental and maintenance of the world’s largest stockof certified, best in class, IBUs. Our fleet of IBUs have worked inevery ocean and sea, and on every populated continent.With a shipping weight of approximately 1% of inflated liftingcapacity, Seaflex IBU’s are first choice for contractors requiringsignificant, compact lift; a single 20 foot shipping container canhold a massive 500 tonnes of buoyancy.User-controlled Buoyancy VariationDuring the mobilisation phase, and particularly importantduring demobilisation, the air can be introduced and releasedin a controlled manner into single or multiple units to allow theload to settle gently into the correct position, or to repositionit if required, before the IBUs are vented and then released in acompletely safe manner with no uplift force remaining.www.uniquegroup.com1

Key Features and Benefitsat a GlanceFor Your Peace of MindFor Your Ease of Operation 5:1 design WLL factor (strops 7:1). Ideally suited to extreme shallow waters. Fitted with multiple pressure relief valves to ensure safetyduring use. Buoyancy of individual or multiple units can beincreased or decreased as required from the surface. High performance structural fabric canopy. RF welded seams.Webbing harness includes multiple fixed steel liftingrings fitted with spacing straps. Unique end-strop design prevents stress and bulging on theextremities of the IBU. Integral end strops to prevent rotation. Integral handling ladders. 2 x 3/4 inch BSP standard inflation/deflation valves with 316stainless steel male Camlock adapter as standard. Leafield Marine high flow pressure relief valves (PRVs). Delivered ready for immediate use with universallycompliant documentation: IBU specific log book containingcertification, service records and operating manual. Rental units inspected and tested between every single job.Inflated (Kgs & Mtrs)SEAFLEXPacked (Kgs & Mtrs)Model NoLiftLHØWtLWDNo/Pallet250 IBU2501.10.70.650.400.2001040500 IBU5001.11.00.890.500.250.15300.600.250.20201t IBU1,0001.61.21.0122t IBU2,0001.61.41.3190.700.350.25113t IBU3,0002.02.01.5340.800.400.3565t IBU5,0003.52.01.5460.900.500.35510t IBU10,0003.52.52.0681.100.800.30320t IBU20,0005.03.42.31201.200.900.35235t com2

Our CredentialsOver 25 years later, our biggest standardbag is 200 times larger than that atan industry-leading 100,000kg andwe employ around 30 skilled staff atour custom-built 30,000 square footmanufacturing facility in Cowes onthe Isle of Wight.In 2011 Seaflex was acquired by the Unique Maritime Group,a global provider of integrated support services for theoffshore sector. Unique Maritime Group’s expanding networkof companies are specialists in ROV, diving, survey, NDTand engineering services. With the benefit of UMG’s globalfootprint and support structure, Seaflex is these days evenbetter placed than ever to meet the needs of its customers– no matter where in the world they are working, nor howchallenging or urgent their requirement may be.As you would expect of a company working in an industrywhere the concepts of quality and safety are paramount,all our work is carried out within a system which complieswith the ISO 9001- 2008 Quality Management Standard forfull traceability – and we now have also gained ISO 14001Environmental accreditation and ISO 18001 Health and Safetyaccreditation for our manufacturing operation. We havealso had independent verification of the compliance of ourSeaflex WaterLoad bags with LEEA 051 guidelines and ofour Buoyancy bags with the requirements of IMCA D-016. ABShave also issued us with full Product Design Assessment (PDA)certification for our main products.But any company can talk about the vast amounts of testing,certification and accreditation which have been carried ontheir products – fewer companies can substantiate suchclaims. Seaflex is one of those which can back up their claims– however, our credibility does not come from bits of paper: itcomes from our customers, from the work we have being doingwith them for over 25 years, and from the fact that they keepcoming back to us time and time again.YQUALIERTSTSURANCEASD ’S REGOYILLSeaflex manufactured our very firstrange of lift bags for rental and sale toservice the diving industry in 1987, insizes up to 500kg.IS O9001 IS O140 01OH SAS 1 800 1UKASMANAGEMENTSYSTEMS001www.uniquegroup.com3

Technology, Service and SupportMANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGYCERTIFICATIONAll Seaflex products are designed and manufactured in the UK.All our work is carried out within a system which complies withthe ISO 9001-2009 Quality Management Standard as auditedby Lloyds Register Quality Assurance for full traceability – andwe have now gained ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 accreditation.Our bag canopies are constructed from High Tensile Trevira Polyester base cloth (either 2 /2 or 3 /3 fibre panama patternweave) coated with heavy duty UV stabilised PVC coating or, forspecial applications, polyurethane. Trevira is incredibly strong;a 50 mm wide 3/3 strip has a break load of approximately 1tonne.The panels for our bags are precision cut on our 15 metrelong, 3 metre wide advanced automated table for perfectrepeatability. Once inspected and approved panels areassembled by skilled personnel to using Radio Frequencywelding to strict quality control standards.3 Fibre Panama WeaveSERVICEWhether for hire or sale, all Seaflex products are sent outfully tested and inspected against their build criteria. And wedo also offer on-site support to our clients in the use of ourproducts – this most often happens within the more complexbuoyancy applications for our products.In the event that your Seaflex product should suffer minordamage in service, we can supply an approved, boxed fieldservice kit comprising of patches, a professional quality heatgun and instruction manual to make good minor leaks prior toproduct refurbishment.We can also advise on the viability of carrying out moreextensive repairs, which would typically be undertaken eitherat our factory or at one of our approved service centres.PVC CoatingSUPPORTBase ClothUp to 1 TonneOur support philosophy is “Wherever, Whenever”. Thisunderlines the Seaflex commitment to not just sending outtested, proven products in proper shipping crates and withthe most comprehensive documentation package in thebusiness – but to assisting our customers in every way possiblethroughout their time using our products, whether the job is ahire project or an equipment sale.We offer worldwide support to our customers via either emailor phone from head office in the UK and via our ever-growingnetwork of offices and partners around the world.You can put your trust in Seaflex – we won’t let you down.www.uniquegroup.com4

Our PhilosophyWhenever, WhereverWe have a simple philosophy hereat Seaflex: we will do everything withinour power to deliver what our customersneed from us, whenever they need it andwherever they need it.We are not complacent: we are only where we are due to ourability to keep our band of loyal customers happy, whilstadding to them by demonstrating to others the value whichwe can bring to their businesses. If we let that slip then we arenowhere. And that is why we keep investing in our business:to better serve your business. Hence the brand new factorycapable of producing 3,500 tons of lift and water load testingcapacity each and every month. And hence us holding andmanaging the largest global rental fleet of buoyancy andballast bags.That simple philosophy is born of several different levels ofunderstanding:As you continue to invest in us, we’ll continue to invest in you.We are always happy to hear from customers new and old alikeas to how we may better serve you. We will travel the worldto meet with you at your convenience, and the doors of ourfactory are always open and the kettle is always on for visitsfrom those who would like to see what we do, and how we doit, for themselves. An expert understanding of how to design, manufacture,prove, deliver and support best-in-class bags for ballast orbuoyancy. An in-depth understanding of the regulatoryenvironments in which we and our clients operate– both onshore and offshore. The desire to understand our clients’ businesses, and towork with them to achieve the best possible technicaland financial outcome for them.www.uniquegroup.com5

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2 x 3/4 inch BSP standard inflation/deflation valves with 316 stainless steel male Camlock adapter as standard. Leafield Marine high flow pressure relief valves (PRVs). Delivered ready for immediate use with universally compliant documentation: IBU specific log book containing certification, service records and operating manual.