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Best ebook reader app for android reddit. Top 5 ebook reader apps for android. Best ebook reader app for android 2022. Best ebook reader app for android 2021. Best android ebook reader app with dictionary. Best free ebook reader apps for android. Best paid ebook reader app for android.We all know that Kindle and Kobo have made it really easy to have any book, when you need one. But sometimes they become useless, especially If you fail to charge these or there is no Wi Fi connection. What will you do in such case? Just don’t think too much, as we have an easy solution for you. Your smartphone is the way out to avoid suchsituations. Just download any of the listed eBook reader app and you are all set to go. Say thanks to your smartphone and to the cool reading apps. Here in this post, we have lined up a list of the finest eBook reader apps for Android, so that you don’t just get to increase your book collection but also carry your books everywhere you go. Best EBookReader Apps for Android 2017 1. Aldiko Book Reader The first in our list for you is the Aldiko Book Reader. It has over 30 million users, it not only provides a great reading platform but also have a vast collection of thousands of free and paid books. It is a well-designed app with many attractive features like text highlighter, global translate,bookmark, font adjustment, and brightness. Plus, it has an easy to use which makes the app even more attractive. Aldiko support mostly all the formats like EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM books, you can import your own books to it and read. Download Now from Play Store Must Read: The Finest Android Apps: Going Social 2. Kobo Book Reader Kobo isa renowned name in the ebook world so is Kobo Book Reader app for Android users. It features over 5 million titles. It has an intuitive interface with the bright and clear text. The page transition effects are worth mentioning they make reading almost life-like. You can add your own customization to the book like notes, highlights. The in-builtdictionary makes it even more interesting, using it you can search for meanings in a flash. Download Now from Play Store 3. Moon Reader Moon Reader is a new age Android app which has tons of features and customization methods. Moon is a reader app with no built-in stores. It supports formats, including EPUB, PDF, mobi, ZIP, TXT, HTMLand others. It gives many customization options. Download Now from Play Store 4. Universal Book Reader You will find Universal Book Reader in every bookworms’ list of essentials, it is appreciated for its rich features and format support. It supports around 50 different formats and lets you import your favorite EPUB and PDF files from your device.You can even categorize books. If your phone lacks a built-in reading mode, the app will take care of it with its multiple view modes for easier reading. Download Now from Play Store Must Read: 5 Best Android Apps For Business 2017 5. Bookari Ebook Reader Bookari is the perfect ebook reader app which also lets you buy books from differentstores. You can even sync your bookshelves across a number of devices. Bookari can even fetch a book stored in your Dropbox. It lets you highlight text snippets and organize your book collection, among others. But there is a downside, it only supports EPUB2 and PDF file formats. Download Now from Play Store 6. Lithium: EPUB Reader The Lithium:EPUB Reader is a new addition to the section of ebook apps. It is a very simple app with no added embellishments, but it fulfills the purpose. Being simple it still have all the features like the highlighting text, changing themes, organizing books and note taking are built-in to the app. The only drawback of this app is that it supports only EPUB files.Lithium EPUB Reader is your best bet to bury yourself in the book with no interference. Download Now from Play Store Must Read: 6 Best Caller Name Announcer Apps For Android Users 7. eReader Prestigio: Book Reader Last, but not the least, is the eReader Prestigio app. This is one of the handiest app with all the essential features. It haseverything for you from sorting your books, adjusting the brightness, selecting themes for the shelf or switching on the built-in night reading mode, it has everything for you. Its impressive design and interface makes the app stand out. Download Now from Play Store 8. AlReader AlReader is another app with ample functionality, it supports the mostcommon eBook formats, including EPUB (no DRM), RTF, MOBI, PRC, and others. It has all the reading features, including customizations for scrolling, alignment, page turning animations, viewing modes, and various color profiles. It’s surprisingly good and worth a shot. Download Now from Play Store 9. Cool Reader This one has been around for along time and it supports a ton of different formats, including EPUB, FB2, Doc, Txt, RTF, HTML, MOBI, and PML, along with OPDS and LitRes support. Apart from supporting broad range of file types, it also has a decent interface with a charming antique look with some cool animations to give it a bit of practicality. Download Now from Play StoreMust Read: 5 Best Rooting Apps For Android 2017 10. Kindle Like Kobo, Kindle is a standalone book store system where you can buy and read eBooks. It has the most vast collections of e books. It has a built-in dictionary and you can easily sync your bookmarks and library. You can see sample books before buying them also if you are a Amazon Primesubscriber you can “borrow” books from their library. But it doesn’t read eBooks that are already on your device. Download Now from Play Store 11. Google Play Books Google Play Books is slowly picking the pace with the e book apps. It gets most of its collections from Play Store. You can upload PDF and EPUB files to your library and can sync it tovarious devices. It is a great eBook platform instead of just an eBook reader. Download Now from Play Store 12. Nook Nook is the direct competitor of Amazon Kindle’s for a number of years. It is a genuine source of eBooks here you can sync your bookmarks and library across devices. The app has a simple interface and also has over 1000 magazinesand newspapers which adds a lot of extra stuff for the reader. Download Now from Play Store 13. Universal Book Reader Universal Book Reader provides a solid experience and supports mainly EPUB and PDF files. It also comprises of a built-in browser which helps in shopping of eBooks from other stores. The app has a modern design which attractsthe users. Download Now from Play Store Must Read: Best Medical Apps For Android 2017 Wrap Up: These app will surely heighten your love for books, you will now no longer have to look for a book. All you need is a smartphone with any of these apps installed and you are all set. Try using any of the apps mentioned, you will surely love them. TheGoogle Play Store plays host to hundreds and thousands of app. While that is great, zeroing in on the app that suits you best can be a huge chore. Add to that the different eBook types out there based on the file format they support. That complicates the whole process even further.However, with the right app installed, any device can serve as aneBook reader. Mentioned here are some of the best eBook reader apps that can make reading your favorite eBook a truly pleasurable experience.It’s a lightweight eBook reading app that comes free, with no annoying ads popping up either. It offers a lot of customization options too and supports almost all known eBook formats out there. Specify oncewhich formats to include and the folders it should scan, and you will have a self-maintaining library at your disposal. There is a thumbnail cover for each document along with a detailed description to help you get started easily.There is support for annotations as well as bookmarks, both of the fixed and movable types. Then there are day and nightmodes too that are also user-configurable. What’s more, it supports several online translators as well, which means language won’t be a barrier in your quest for reading. There is a percentage bar that shows your progress, besides offering other commands and menu options as well.The list of features is almost unending, and you will be surprised justhow good yet simple the Librera eBook reader app is.The Aldiko Book Reader has been there for a while and it shows its age. That said, there is no denying the popularity it enjoys and has gone for tens of millions of downloads in over 200 hundred countries worldwide. It supports EPUB and PDF formats along with Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks aswell. Besides, it supports eBooks from public libraries too.There are lots of customization options available to allow for the most optimum reading experience. The free version can be great to get started with the app but there are ads shown. With the premium version, you not only get an ad-free experience, but there are also more features availabletoo. Prime among those include the ability to import or export annotation features while you also have the ability to host unlimited audiobooks on your personal bookshelf.All of this should be reason enough for you to give the Aldiko Book Reader a try, maybe even the paid version as well that costs 4.99.The Amazon Kindle app shouldn’t require anyintroduction. It’s sort of a one-app solution for all of your e-reading requirements. So, whether you need to read digital copies of books, magazines, newspapers, comics, magna, or whatever, the Kindle can do it all, any time and anywhere. Backing up the app is the Amazon bookstore that plays hosts to over 6 million eBooks. That makes it the largestand most diverse eBook store online.Another huge positive with the Kindle app is the cross-device syncing it supports. Also, there are various customization options available as well. In fact, the list of features goes on and on, making it the most comprehensive and feature-rich reading app out there. And the best thing is, it comes free.The AIReader isa relatively new reading app but is unique in that it supports the Android version as far back as Android 1.6. That makes it the best choice for those who might have stopped upgrading their device but can still have the best digital reading experience. The app supports almost all major eBook formats, which include PDF, Kindle azw3, fb2, ePub, toname a few. Besides, it also supports other formats such as comic books, RTF, doc, HTML, and plain text.The app comes with a browser or downloader to download content from different stores. For instance, several of the more popular libraries in various international languages such as English, French, Russian, Polish, and Chinese are included.Plus, there are custom OPDS available too. Besides, the app also offers a host of customization options as well.It’s a basic no-frills digital reading app that promises to take your passion for reading to another level altogether. Also, with the Kobo app, you will have access to over five million titles, including audiobooks, which makes it one of the mostexpansive eBook store in the world. Plus, there are graphic novels and children’s books available too.The app is highly customizable and will let you change the font size and style as well, among other options, to suit your preferences. Mention must also be made of the Night Mode that makes reading at night truly enjoyable. The audiobook player issimple and easy to use. It shows how much time is left with a particular title and can even set a time for it to turn off on its own.The Moon Reader Pro makes for a comprehensive eBook reading solution, capable of deciphering almost all known digital formats. It is fast and stable too, while also supporting a whole host of features. For instance, thereis the shake-the-phone-to-speak feature where simply shaking your phone will initiate the Read (text-to-speak) feature. Shaking it again will stop the same.There are a ton of other features available too, which include multipoint touch controls, headset, and Bluetooth key controls, auto-scrolling, to name just a few. The interface too is customizable toensure you have the best reading experience. Read statistics will keep you apprised of how much reading is left and so on. However, while the Pro version comes for a price, there is a free version available too which can also be worth trying even if there are ads in between.It is another reading app that has sort of a retro feel to it. That however doesnot make the app any less capable though. The app supports the AZW3, EPUB (up to EPUB3), fb2, RTF, and HTML formats along with comic books, MS Word, and plain text formats as well. You can also sync your reading material across devices thanks to the Google Drive cloud service that it relies on.The user interface may look dated and maybeeven confusing at times though once you have got a hang of it, you will love using it. Another cool feature of the FBReader app is Google Translate that it comes integrated with. This will help you read texts in foreign languages as well. Further aiding in that is the built-in dictionary that will let you look up unknown words and phrases. Then there is alot of customization options too. On the whole, the FBReader Premium is a thoroughly capable eBook reader application.This comes across as the standard eBook reading application from Google, and a comprehensive one at that. Not only is it capable of reading almost all known formats, including those for books, magazines, newspapers, comics, andso on, you also have the option to upload your own books and read them anywhere you wish to. That way, it serves as a nice storage option as well.With Google cloud integration, the app allows for cross-device syncing too. The app also supports several advanced features, such as Quick Bookmark and Rapid Skim Mode. Then there is the book rentalfeature too where you can rent a book for reading instead of buying it outright. Also, you will have no dearth of content to read or listen to, given the millions of eBooks, textbooks, audiobooks, and comics that Google has on offer. You also get to sample the audiobooks for free before actually buying it.The ReadEra is unique in that it comes for free butwon’t pester you with unwanted ads. There are no in-app purchases required too. However, that isn’t the only reason the app has made it to this list. Rather, ReadEra also impresses with its features and performance. It supports a host of eBook formats, which includes PDF, EPUB, WORD, MOBI, FB2, DJVU, and TXT. Also, unlike most eBook readersout there, the ReadEra supports the CHM format as well.The app also offers a split-screen mode wherein you can have multiple documents open at the same time. However, this is recommended to be done on large screen phones or better still, on tablets. Also, while this might not be suitable for reading books, it is great for research purposes. Theinterface, otherwise, is fresh and modern. Supporting the app is a huge collection of classic literature.It’s another free eBook reader that can be great for reading digital content, be it books, magazines, textbooks, comics, and so on. It supports audiobooks too. In all, the application supports 26 eBook and audiobook formats, making it the perfect

companion to indulge in some binge reading.The app provides you free access to PocketBook Cloud service that will let you sync your reading material across all devices. You can also connect your books or other reading stuff from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Google Books to create a single large library all accessible via the PocketBook Reader appitself. Besides, it supports OPDS catalogs too, ensuring access to network libraries. The app itself is backed by a huge eBookstore so that you never run out of books to read.With a keen interest in tech, I make it a point to keep myself updated on the latest developments in the world of technology and gadgets. That includes smartphones or tabletdevices but stretches to even AI and self-driven automobiles as well, the latter being my latest fad. Besides writing, I like watching videos, reading, listening to music, or experimenting with different recipes. Motion picture is another aspect that interests me a lot and maybe I’ll make a film sometime in the future.Additionally, Palmbookreader reads some formats (such as PDB and TXT) on Palm OS and Android devices. The Readmill app, introduced in February 2011, reads numerous formats on Android and iOS devices but shut down July 1, 2014. Another popular app Bluefire Reader was removed from Google Play Store in 2019. See also 12.04.2022 · 3.eReader Prestigio: Book Reader. eReader Prestigio is an ebook reader with text-to-speech support for Android operating systems. Developed in a multi-lingual, multi-format user interface, this app allows you to organize and read your ebooks or audiobooks in over 25 languages, and load a number of file formats including epub, pdf, mobi, Adobe DRMand etc. 11.12.2018 · FBReader (Favourite Book Reader) app is a cross-platform eBook reader available for iOS, iPhone and Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. It allows you to read your eBooks on a desktop as well as handheld reading devices. This application supports most of the eBook formats, such as ePUB, Mobi, FB2, RTF and more. TheBible app by Life Church is probably the best of all the Bible apps. It comes with a whole bunch of features. . The best PDF readers for Android; The best eBook reader apps for Android; Apps . 01.08.2017 ·'s Ebook Reader is one of the popular apps for reading ebooks on a phone or tablet. First releasee in 2007, the app has over 5million users.

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Aldiko support mostly all the formats like EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM books, you can import your own books to it and read. Download Now from Play Store Must Read: The Finest Android Apps: Going Social 2. Kobo Book Reader Kobo is a renowned name in the ebook world so is Kobo Book Reader app for Android users. It features over 5 million titles.