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destinationvision of tehalehNewland is pursuing a 20-year vision for Tehalehthat sustains values important to the residents asdistinguished by four pillars:C o nse r vancyTehaleh commits to preserving 40 percent of its landas dedicated open space, parks, and trails.Wellnes sTehaleh strives to support wellness through convenientaccess to health care and through parks and trails thatpromote an active lifestyle.Ed ucat i o nTehaleh supports lifetime learning opportunities thatchallenge both the mind and body of the young andyoung at heart.Farm- to - Tabl eTehaleh encourages the availability of locally producedproducts for the community’s restaurants, homes, andgatherings.

specificsrustic meets refined in tehalehTehaleh has established itselfas a place to live, work and playwith nearly 2,400 homes soldsince 2012. Over 6,000 peoplecurrently call Tehaleh home.The Canyon View Village Centeris located centrally to the growingMixed Use Community of PierceCounty including single family andsenior living.Next to The Post, the communityVisitor Headquarters and CafféD’arte.Just South of Bonney Lake and 43minutes to Seattle.Community planned to feature upto 9,700 homes and 475 acreszoned for commercial use.

demographicsat home in natureThere is already a lot in Tehalehand so much more on the horizon. The “live in theforest” ethos has created a community whereneighbors hike together, dine together, and meetfor coffee dates. As Tehaleh grows, the communitywill become even more like a city in the forest, whereresidents can find everything they want andneed—from doctor appointments to makeovers togroceries—without leaving the neighborhood.4,000 households by 2024 113kmedian household income88%2 people in household /37kpopulation trade areaestimate by 2024Regis - 2020active adult living & totalpopulation expected to doubleby 2024

site planf ut ure p lans f or teha le hPro p os e d S i t e Pl a n - Can b e altered to f i t t enant needs

resident profilem eet your n ei g h b o r39averageage89%employedfull time3avg size ofhouseholdRegis - 202062% h avec h i l dre n6 ye ars ol dor you n g e r95% h ave as i g n i f i c an t ot h e rm ore t h an1/ 3 oc c as i on al l yw ork f rom h om e62% dri ve t h e i rc ars to w ork54% ofh ou s e h ol dsh ave 4 f am i l ym e m be rsove r 1/ 2 areyou n g f am i l i e s

t raffic repor ttucked away yet connectedaverage dailytraffic count8, 2 04cars per day37%increase sincefall ‘16New Rhodes Lake Road East (RLR)Hill Climb CRP5731Bridge CRP 5843Falling Water CRP 5841198th Avenue EastRegis - 2020Widening last section 2020CRP 5731 (RLR Hill Climb)In design/permittingConstruction 2020-2024SR 162 Improvements 31 million mitigation commitmentRegional lobbying for projects

businessi n good com panywhy you should bring your business tocanyon view village center retail at tehaleh:Imag in e h avi n g a h u g ecusto m e r b a s e r i g h t n ex td o o r. Te h a l e h w i l l b eho m e to 9 , 7 0 0ho use h o l d s a t b ui l d ou t!We’re open to a r ichra nge of ser vices,i nluding dining,sh op ping, medical, andp rofessional of f ices.Approved f or 3 m i l l i on SFof commercial s pac e w i t h65, 000 SF desig n at e d f orCanyon View Village Center.Overall, Tehaleh h as 475acres designat e d f oremployment u s e s .Te h al e h i s t h ebe s t -s e l l i n g n e w -h om ec om m u n i t y i nWas h i n g ton ! You re m pl oye e s w i l l l ove ou rh e al t h y, f re s h -ai rl i fe s t yl e - w i t h am pl epark s an d t rai l s !

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Tehaleh Village Center Retail Now Leasing Built to Suit Retail in the Desirable Tehaleh Community East Pierce County I 2020 Delivery Kyle Prosser, Broker 253-284-3633 [email protected] 65,000 SF of Retail/Office AVAILABLE Call for Details Canyon View Village Center