Call for Candidates for AMA Nomination forthe American Board of Family Medicine, Inc.The AMA is soliciting AMA member candidates for nomination by the AMA Board of Trustees to serveas an At-Large member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Family Medicine, Inc.(ABFM).TERMThe term of this position is 5 years, from April 2021 to April 2026. The ABFM will elect the newdirector at its ABFM Annual Board Meeting, and the newly elected director will take officeimmediately following adjournment of the meeting.TIME REQUIREMENTThe ABFM Board of Directors holds three official meetings per year: a Winter Meeting in thebeginning of each year; an Annual Meeting in the spring; and an Interim Meeting in the fall. Boardmembers are appointed by the ABFM Chair to serve on specific committees. Meetings of thesecommittees are conducted in conjunction with each Board meeting. Additional meetings will be calledas needed, utilizing webinars and conference calls when possible.CRITERIA FOR NOMINATIONS TO ABFMABFM Requirements1. Candidate must be a family physician certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, Inc.2. Directors must be certified by the ABFM for the duration of their term of office.3. In addition to a track record of leadership and ability to work with a group, the ABFM welcomescandidates who are women, minorities underrepresented in medicine, early in career, or workwithin rural communities.4. With respect to skills, the work of ABFM is multifaceted. To provide context to candidates, theABFM has provided the attached executive summary of its strategic plan.AMA RequirementsEach nominee recommended by the AMA must be a member of the AMA at the time of nomination. Ifappointed, he/she must maintain AMA member status throughout the term of appointment. AMAmembership does not guarantee a position. Non-members may activate their membership online or call AMA Member Relations at 800.262.3211.TO APPLY FOR NOMINATIONTo apply for nomination, complete and email the following documents to Mary Grandau [email protected] The documentation must be received no later than Wednesday,December 16, 2020.

Call for Candidates for Nomination forthe American Board of Family Medicine, Inc.Page 21. Completed electronic Application for AMA Nomination for External Leadership Position –ABFM (MS Word document preferred). This document is included on the AMA MedicalEducation Leadership Opportunities Web page as part of the position posting.2. Current abbreviated curriculum vitae [not to exceed three (3) pages].3. Current full curriculum vitae.4. Statement from the applicant (not to exceed 2 pages) addressing his/her interest in serving onthe ABFM Board and his/her philosophy of family medicine.5. Optional: Up to two letters of recommendation, addressed to the AMA.Note that, if nominated, letters of recommendation may be included as part of the nomineematerials sent to the requesting organization.Please direct questions to:Mary GrandauProgram AdministratorAMA Council on Medical EducationPh: [email protected] 111920

Health care is in the midst of dramatic transformation, with the amplitude and pace of changeunlike any in the history of our specialty. The process is still in its beginning, as health systemconsolidation accelerates, more and more physicians become employed, advances in AI andgenomics reshape care, and new business combinations such as CVS/Aetna and Amazon/Berkshire Hathaway try to claim their part of the health care market.Against this backdrop of dramatic change and uncertainty, the American Board of FamilyMedicine anchored its recent strategic planning process on four core principles:1. As family physicians, our most fundamental responsibility is to improve health andhealth care. This is an expression of the professionalism that is the foundation of our role asfamily physicians.2. We are committed to the reform of American health care and improvement of health. Nomatter how we adapt to local challenges and opportunities, our long-term goal is constant:implementing the triple aim. We work to improve health, achieve better patient experienceand reduce cost. We also believe that this goal cannot be accomplished without improvingthe wellbeing of all who deliver care.3. Family physicians are essential for meaningful improvement in health and health care.Family physicians are the most widely distributed personal physicians and are leaders indeveloping the wrap-around systems critical to robust primary care. We are aware ofchallenges faced by personal physicians and those who try to improve population health, butwe are optimistic that new technology and new organizational structures will provide greatopportunities to support family physicians and improve the care they deliver.4. In an age of bitter partisanship, long term progress will only be made with the developmentof common ground, across specialties, across professions and within communities andgeographies. ABFM will pursue a course of engagement and collaboration.We are dedicated to improving Family Medicine Certification by engaging our Diplomates andserving our specialty, the profession, and the public. As we realize the components of thisstrategic plan, we commit to being a learning organization that is focused on continuousevaluation and improvement to support a certificate that is valued and trusted by allstakeholders.As you review our new Strategic Plan for ABFM: 2019–2025, I encourage youto find what you are most passionate about. And I ask you to engage—withyour time, talent and collaborative spirit—with ABFM as we seek tostrengthen the discipline of Family Medicine and improve the health of thosewho seek a trusting relationship with a personal physician for their care.Sincerely,Warren P. Newton, MD, MPHPresident and CEO, ABFM

MissionTo serve the public and the profession through certification, research,educational standards and support for the improvement of health care.Our goal is to help achieve better care, better patient experience and lower cost for all. To accomplish this goal: We certify family physicians who demonstrate professionalism, lifelong learning andself-assessment, cognitive expertise, and commitment to improving the care they provide. We engage, support, and partner with our Diplomates over their entire professional careers in thevaried communities and capacities in which they serve. We collaborate with organizations, specialties and other partners who share our commitment tohigh standards and improvement in health and health care. We set rigorous standards for residency training and continuing professional development andsupport ongoing innovation in education. We conduct research that advances the science of certification, monitors how family physiciansand their practices change over time, and advances the scientific basis of family medicine. We support development of future leaders for the specialty, the profession and health care.VisionOptimal health and health care for all people andcommunities family physicians serve.

GOAL 1:ENHANCECONTINUOUSCERTIFICATIONStrategic Need:As practice models change, asphysician roles grow more complex,and as new technical means formeasuring the quality of care andcompetence evolve, ABFM will adopta dynamic, forward-looking approachfor evaluating the knowledge,attitudes and skills essential for familyphysicians. Our goal is to adaptcontinuouslythemethodsofcontinuous certification to improvethe health of the public, to meet theneeds of family physicians and theirvaried practices, and to anticipate thedemands imposed by changes inpatients’ needs and in the health careenvironment.ABFM will:1. Prioritize continual improvement of the certification portfoliowith regular input from Diplomates, our partners, and thepublic.2. Implement and evaluate Family Medicine CertificationLongitudinal Assessment with intention to spread to allDiplomates. We will explore development of further optionsfor assessment of cognitive expertise.3. Launch a major update of our Lifelong Learning andSelf-Assessment portfolio including new KSAs, access toselected external products, and a journal article-based activity.4. Update our quality improvement portfolio through review andrevising our change packages and by enhancing theopportunity for Diplomates to select options that are mostrelevant and useful to their practice setting.5. Explore the development of a limited number of additionalcertificates to support Diplomates’ unique practice needs andfocus.6. Develop and begin to implement a “next generation” approachfor the assessment of professionalism including more robustmeasures, better transparency, and identification of positivecomponents of professionalism.7. Continually monitor the effectiveness of the overallcertification program and its individual components utilizingDiplomate engagement and feedback, data analytics andqualitative input from Board Members and staff.

GOAL 2:SUPPORT DIPLOMATESAND THEIR PRACTICESACROSS THEIR CAREERSStrategic Need:The need for ABFM to work morecollaboratively with Diplomates iscritical to all other strategic initiatives.This requires fundamentally changingthe nature of our relationship withDiplomates to one defined bypartnership and support for lifelongprofessional development relevant totheir practice and career whilecontinuing to assess the competencenecessary for all board-certifiedfamily physicians.ABFM will:1. Establish the role of an ABFM Ombudsperson for Diplomateexperience.2. Reorganize its communications strategy and operations. Thevalue of board certification, as well as ABFM’s uniquecontributions and programs, needs to be easily identified anduniversally known. We will ascertain the needs of keyaudiences and stakeholders and will use consistent and clearcommunication to create recognized value across stakeholdersand the profession of medicine.3. Implement a new website and Physician Portfolio. We willsimplify our message, change our voice, and put moreemphasis on engagement through social media and othercommunications channels.4. Develop a virtual network of Diplomates who will provideongoing input on current activities and future initiatives as weevolve certification.5. Improve service provided by the ABFM Support Center througha comprehensive strategy aimed at providing greaterresponsiveness and a better experience for Diplomates.6. Continue to monitor changes in family physicians, theirpractices, and the organization of care. We will develop closelinkages between what we learn and what we communicatewith Diplomates and other stakeholders who impact the futureof the discipline.

ABFM will:GOAL 3:SERVE FAMILY MEDICINE,THE PROFESSION ANDPUBLICStrategic Need:A fast changing, dynamic health careenvironment requires rapid andongoing adaptation of the specialty inorder to maintain relevance. This willrequire closer working relationshipsand better coordination with otherfamily medicine organizations. ABFMwill advance the specialty of familymedicine, the profession of medicine,and the health of the public throughleadershipandbroad-basedcollaboration within family medicineorganizations and other relevantpartners.1. Improve our working relationship with the AAFP and its statechapters through multi-level communication and partnershipstrategies with executive leadership, specific commissions andcollaboration on projects designed to complement ABFMefforts to evolve certification activities. We will work with statechapters, the Robert Graham Center, and The Center forHealth Equity and will support specific initiatives such as25 x 2030.2. Seek the involvement of family medicine academicorganizations in our strategic initiatives. We will supportselected collaborative projects that advance the discipline witheach of these organizations through the ABFM Foundation.3. Help the specialty act strategically in response to a rapidlychanging environment. This will necessitate a new level ofcollaboration among the family medicine organizations tobetter identify and address emerging strategic issues, plan forbroader impact, and sustain action over years.4. Help ABMS develop into a stronger voice for transforminghealth care. We will support the ABMS governance change andimplementation of the Vision Commission recommendationswhile pushing the profession to address the Quadruple Aimand championing the vital contribution of generalist physiciansin improving the health of the public.5. Engage new partners in helping to transform health care andhealth professions education. We will identify and prioritizenew partners interested in working together to transform careand improve population health in a manner that optimizes thefunction of primary care and the role of family physicians.6. Use data to drive dialogue among the family medicineorganizations and across the ABMS Member Boards.7. Help re-establish the social contract and the role ofprofessional self-regulation. Through the Center forProfessionalism & Value in Health Care, ABFM will partner withpatients, employers, and the ABMS community to betterunderstand the public’s expectations for professionalism andhow physician organizations and employers can meet thoseexpectations.

ABFM will:GOAL 4:LEVERAGE CHANGE INMEDICAL EDUCATIONStrategic Need:The importance of ongoing and rapidevolution of the education ofphysicians throughout their careers iscritical given the changes in healthcare. Working with traditional andnew partners and building on ourresearch of the ecology of familymedicine, we will define standards forknowledge and scope of practice forachievement of clinical mastery byfamily physicians. In doing so, we willhelp drive innovation, evaluation, andevolutionineducationforphysicians in residencies and acrosstheir careers.1. Ground its work in supporting the development of clinicalmastery and comprehensive care across the lifetime of a familyphysician, from residency to retirement.2. Support the maintenance and expansion of a broad scope ofpractice and comprehensive care. Family physicians willexpand the populations they care for and lead caretransformation in many ways. Working with partners, we willsupport competency and mastery in these areas amongDiplomates by building these topics into ongoing certificationactivities.3. Drive continued evolution of family medicine residencytraining. We will provide outcome data to support residencyprogram improvement, influence changes in trainingrequirements necessary to meet the health needs of thepublic, and support an increase in the numbers, quality, anddistribution of Family Medicine residency programs.4. Support the development of a more robust pipeline of USmedical students interested in family medicine. Working withpartners, we will focus on improving precepting quality andretention as well as support the 25 x 2030 Initiative and theimportance of generalist physicians.5. Continue to invest in the future leaders of the disciplinethrough the Pisacano Scholars, the Puffer Fellows, and ABFM’sScholars program. With partners, we will explore ways tosupport the ascension of family physicians to leadership rolesin health systems.6. Use robust data resources and evolving access to external dataoptions to support Diplomate efforts to improve care and tocreate feedback loops for training programs. We will pursuefunding to support this research and partner with otherspecialties to maximize the potential.

ABFM will:GOAL 5:INVEST IN DATA, RESEARCHAND TECHNOLOGY THATWILL SUPPORT DIPLOMATES,CHART THE COURSE OF THEDISCIPLINE AND HELP THEPROFESSION IMPROVE THEHEALTH OF THE PUBLICStrategic Need:With the dramatic changes takingplace in health care, new data andtools will transform the practice ofDiplomates. ABFM’s research will benecessary to anticipate, detect, andrespond to new trends and willprovide opportunities to improve theABFM’s operations and approach toassessment. We will invest in researchand embrace new technology andartificial intelligence tools.1. Hire a new Senior Vice President for Research and Policy whowill identify themes and priorities for the next phase of ourresearch enterprise, develop new data resources and methodsfor outcomes studies, and develop a nationally distributedresearch network to answer questions that matter for thespecialty, the profession, and the public. We will continue tobuild research relationships with key academic partners andagencies that extend our capacities and the value of our dataplatform.2. Use the PRIME Registry as a platform for developing andadvocating for Measures that Matter and for studyingrelationships between family medicine and meaningfuloutcomes. We will continue to develop partnerships withresearchers and organizations with similar interests totransform the measures used to assess and pay for primarycare.3. Use the Population Health Assessment Engine (PHATE),underpinning research, and evolving relationships to improveclinic, community, and policy responses to social determinantsof health.4. Continue to invest in technology and expansion of dataresources and capabilities in order to deliver and assessknowledge.5. Continue to develop research collaborations aimed at definingwhat professionalism and value mean in 21st centurymedicine by enhancing the metrics and accountability ofprofessionalism, realigning how clinicians are valued and paid,supporting the intrinsic values of providing care, and reducingthe risk of burnout.6. Support the development of research within the discipline offamily medicine. We will continue to provide students,residents, fellows, and faculty hands-on research experienceand policy exposure while providing appropriate access of ourdata to partners supportive of our overall agenda.

GOAL 6:PROMOTE PROFESSIONALISMAND THE SOCIAL CONTRACTStrategic Need:Commercial pressures, depersonalizationthrough technology, commoditization ofhealthcare,andwideningsocialinequities will erode the public’s trust inhealth care. In an environment in whichhealth care is increasingly seen as abusiness, and professionalism is called intoquestion, our commitment to patients’needs, to the doctor-patient relationship,and to health equity needs to be a partof all we do. ABFM will promoteprofessionalismandthesocialcontract in all its activities, functions, andprograms.ABFM will:1. Develop the Center for Professionalism & Value in Health Carewith a goal of changing the public dialogue about the role ofprofessionalism in health care. We will conduct research thatwill explore the meaning of professionalism for patients,employers, and the public through partnerships with them andall other interested parties.2. Incorporate professionalism, the social contract, and healthequity into all plans for evolving certification andcommunications.3. Include health equity into its program of lifelong learning andquality improvement. We will support organizations andpeople developing innovative curricula in professionalism, thesocial contract, advocacy, health equity, and social drivers ofhealth at all levels of education.4. Develop new approaches to the assessment of professionalismthat support greater transparency and robustness whilesimultaneously exploring the measurement of positive aspectsof professionalism.5. Support the development and evaluation of new approachesto teach professionalism, the social contract, and healthequity.

ValuesStrategic ActionIn a complex and rapidly changing health care environment, we act strategically on behalf of the public to shape the future of healthcare. Our decisions will be open, evidence-based or informed, and we will be publicly accountable for them.CollaborationWe work with Diplomates and all who share our commitment to improve health and health care.Continuous ImprovementWe are committed to ongoing quality improvement in all that we do. We regularly review the effectiveness of our programs andpolicies and work to improve our performance.Learning as an OrganizationWe will learn from Diplomates, other specialties and professions and the public, and change what we do as theresult of what we learn.EquityWe will recognize the voice of the public, the plight of those most vulnerable, and the complex demands of the careers ofDiplomates. We strive for justice and fairness in all that we do.DiversityIn order to optimize the directions and decisions we make, we are committed to diversity in our organization and our specialty.

the American Board of Family Medicine, Inc. The AMA is soliciting AMA member candidates for nomination by the AMA Board of Trustees to serve as an At-Large member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Family Medicine, Inc. (ABFM). TERM . The term of this position is 5 years, from April 2021 to April 2026. The ABFM will elect the new