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CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE WHATIS THESHE WAY?The SHE Way is our Safety,Health and Environmentalmanagement system.It brings to life our values andour principles of Zero Mindset,No Repeats and SimpleNon-negotiable Standards andis essential to achieving thegoals our FutureSmartMiningTM programme.This SHE Way Standard explainswhat Anglo American businessesand operations must include in theirSHE management system. It is partof a suite of documents including theSHE Policy, SHE Way Specifications andSHE Way Toolkit, Technical Standards(AA TS) and Safety and SustainableDevelopment Standards (SSD) andSpecifications, External Standardsand Certifications adopted byAnglo American.SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTSSHE POLICYPRINCIPLES AND WHY?The SHE Way policy describes how the managementof SHE applies to everyone in Anglo American andthe Big 3 SHE principles of Zero Mindset, No Repeatsand Simple Non-negotiable Standards. To view thefull policy document, click here.SHE WAY STANDARDREQUIREMENTS & WHAT?The SHE Way standard aligned to ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015, sets outthe requirements of 7 core elements ofour SHE management systems.SSD DETAILED STANDARDS& SPECIFICATIONSFurther detailed process requirementsin specific SHE areas to be deliveredwithin SHE management system.EXTERNAL STANDARDS& CERTIFICATIONSCertifications and requirements to beachieved using the SHE managementsystem, drives needs and scope ofSHE management system.SHE WAY SPECIFICATIONDETAILED REQUIREMENTS & WHAT TO DOThe SHE Way Specification sets out what is needed perelement to meet the SHE Way Standard including deliverables,documented evidence and mapping to other Standards (internaland external). To access the full Specifications click here.SHE WAY TOOLKITTOOLS, TEMPLATES & EXAMPLE DOCUMENTSThe SHE Way toolkit provides tools and templates that can beused to meet the requirements. To access the toolkit click here.GROUP TECHNICALSTANDARDS & SPECIFICATIONSTechnical outputs to be achievedusing the SHE managementsystem, drives needs and scopeof SHE management system.INTERNAL AND EXTERNALSHE WAY MAPPING TOOL

SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTSCLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE THE 7 SHE WAY ELEMENTSLEADERSHIPWe apply leadership so thatSHE priorities are central andintegrated into our activities,performance targetsand objectives.CONTEXTPLANWe want to create an environment where we are allempowered to make the correct decisions on SHEaccountable for our actions, ready to learn and share newideas; and where together we can keep improving health,safety and environmental conditions for everyone.We want everyone to feel support to havethe courage to speak up and stop workif conditions are felt unsafe or unhealthyto continue, or if they risk harm to theenvironment, communities or society.We set the boundaries for a fit for purpose SHE managementsystem by understanding where, how, with and for whomwe operate and their SHE needs and CE EVALUATIONIMPROVEMENTWe set clear plans and objectives and deliverour commitment to SHE through continuousimprovement. We plan effective servicestrategies that allow us to meet our SHEcompliance obligations, manage SHE risksand opportunities, prepare for and respondto emergency situations and take learningsfrom real and simulated events.We integrate SHE requirementsinto all operational activitiesincluding those undertaken bycontractors. We managechanges proactively. We planand initiate effective responsesto emergencies.We measure and evaluate our performancecontinuously and proactively. Our operationsmust continually measure and assess their SHEperformance against the requirements of the SHEWay, SHE objectives and the SHE related risks andopportunities. This includes understanding theperformance of our value chain where these arewithin the scope of our SHE management system.We learn from what goes right,what goes wrong and what can bebetter. We investigate, plan andintroduce improvements to deliverour FutureSmart MiningTM plan.SUPPORTWe support the SHE Way with theright people at the right place doingthe right work in the right way todrive SHE excellence.We engage with and includeeveryone in our SHE journey,expecting everyone to activelyparticipate and contribute.

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTSLEADERSHIPWe apply leadershipso that SHE priorities arecentral and integrated intoour activities, performancetargets and objectives.We want to create anenvironment where we areall empowered to make thecorrect decisions on SHEaccountable for our actions,ready to learn and share newideas; and where togetherwe can keep improvinghealth, safety andenvironmental conditionsfor everyone. We wanteveryone to feel supportto have the courage tospeak up and stop work ifconditions are felt unsafeor unhealthy to continue,or if they risk harm to theenvironment, communitiesor society.Leadership andCommitmentWe must all commit tobecoming the best possibleSHE leader we can be in linewith the Anglo American valuesand behaviours and create thespace to speak up. We mustconduct all activities in line withour principles of Zero Mindset,No Repeats and SimpleNon-negotiable standards.All managers must takeoverall SHE accountability.Managers must set highstandards, lead by example,communicate openly, confrontrisk and involve our peopleand stakeholders in SHEmanagement. Supervisorsmust ensure compliance,encourage the team, promoterisk awareness and involvethe team.Anglo Americanmanagement businesses andoperations must implement,operate, maintain andcontinually improve a SHEmanagement system compliantwith the SHE Way and GroupSHE Policy.SHE PolicyTo demonstrate ourcommitment and meet legaland other requirements towhich we subscribe, AngloAmerican managed businessesand operations must establisha formal SHE Policy thatconforms with the GroupSHE Policy and includes anyadditions needed for local legaland regulatory requirements.The policy must be available,displayed and communicatedacross the organisation and tostakeholders as appropriate.Where Anglo Americandoes not manage a project, butit is associated with a projectthrough a business relationship(such as a joint venture or otherbusiness partnership), AngloAmerican responsible persons/ designated person must seekto influence the relevant projectto adopt a SHE managementsystem and policy in line withthe requirements of the GroupSHE Policy and SHE Way and toadopt such a policy formally.Roles, Responsibilitiesand AuthoritiesThe responsibilitiesand accountabilities forimplementation, operation,maintenance, monitoringand reporting of the SHEmanagement system must beassigned by managers includingclear communication anddocumentation.Managers retainaccountability for thefunctioning of the SHEmanagement system.Responsibilities, approvalsand other authorities forroles in the SHE managementsystem must be assigned,communicated and documented.Consultation andParticipation ofWorkersWe must providemechanisms, time, trainingand resources for our peopleto be involved and heard inthe development, planning,implementation, performanceevaluation and improvementof the SHE managementsystem at Anglo Americanbusinesses and organisations.We must establish andmaintain participation forumsand opportunities.

SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTSCLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE CONTEXTWe set the boundaries for a fitfor purpose SHE managementsystem by understandingwhere, how, with and forwhom we operate and theirSHE needs and expectations.OTHERMANAGEMENTSYSTEMS,EXISTING ANDPLANNINGCERTIFICATIONSAnglo American businessesand operations must considerthe specific context within whichthey operate, incorporatingtheir Resource DevelopmentPlans (RDP’s), Life of AssetPlans (LoAP’s) / Life of MinePlans (LoMP’s), and includingunderstanding the internaland external issues thatdetermine the key needs of theSHE management system.SOCIAL WAY2. REVIEW& PLANNINGANGLO AMERICANOPERATING MODEL(AAOM) STRATEGYSWOT– INTERNALISSUESThe context for theSHE management system mustinclude environmental conditionsand people being affected byor capable of affecting thebusiness or operation that havealready been identified in theAnglo American Social Way(Social Way).Stakeholders and workers,their relevant needs andexpectations and which of theseneeds and expectations are,or could become, complianceobligations must be identifiedand documented.ANGLO AMERICAN INTEGRATED PLANNING PROCESS (IPP)STRATEGYOTHERCONTEXTANALYSISE.G. ESIASTEEPLE– EXTERNALISSUESBusiness and operationalplans must inform and beinformed by the key needs ofthe SHE management system.The status and plans ofimplementation and activitiesrelated to the Anglo AmericanOperating Model (OperatingModel), Operational RiskManagement (ORM) and otherinternal frameworks will alsoinform and be informed by theSHE management SHE MANAGEMENTSYSTEM CONTEXTSHE MANAGEMENTSYSTEM SCOPEEXECUTEPORTFOLIOLIFE OFASSETPLANSFUNCTIONALPLANS &INITIATIVES5-YEARPLANLoAPRefreshBUDGETMEASUREThe scope of the SHEmanagement system appliedat each Anglo Americanbusiness and operation mustbe documented so thatthe specific performancerequirements expected andboundaries and interfaces tothis are clear. These interfacesand boundaries include theintended integration pointswith the Operating Model, ORMand other existing or plannedinternal frameworks.

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2PLANNINGWe set clear plans andobjectives and deliver ourcommitment to SHE throughcontinuous improvement.We plan effective servicestrategies that allow us tomeet our SHE complianceobligations, manage SHErisks and opportunities,prepare for and respondto emergency situationsand take learnings fromreal and simulated events.PlanningCompliance obligations including legal requirementsPlanning results in servicestrategies that actively manageSHE risks and opportunities,meet SHE complianceobligations, prepare forand respond to emergencysituations and take learningsfrom real and simulated events.Compliance ObligationsCompliance ActivitiesAnglo American businessesand operations must maintaina formal register (or registers)of compliance obligationsincluding Anglo AmericanGroup compliance, stakeholderrequirements and legalrequirements relating to SHE.Anglo American businessesand operations must establish,document, and maintain an auditand assurance programme, ona combined assurance basis,to ensure conformance withthe requirements of theircompliance obligations andof the SHE Way, with thefocus on achievement of theobjectives of the organisation.Service strategies includingservice actions and triggerevents must be documentedand communicated.SHE managementsystem processes identifiedthrough planning must beintegrated into Isometrix.Processes must be eitherintegrated or aligned, ifintegration is not practical,to existing processesestablished under theOperating Model, IntegratedRisk Management (IRM)framework and the SocialWay to prevent duplicationof activities.This register must bemonitored and updated toreflect any changes and mustbe integrated with complianceobligations as determinedby the Social Way, ICMMperformance targets and otherrelevant external stakeholderreporting requirements towhich businesses andoperations subscribe.The programme mustbe based on clearly definedmethods; be documented; andlead to appropriate activities.The audit and assuranceprogramme must includeinternal reviews against theSHE Way and self-assessmentsagainst relevant SSD Standards.The internal reviews andself-assessments must becompleted as per definedbusiness expectations orrequirements of the relevantstandard, or more frequently ifrequired to respond to specificissues such as incidents orrequests from Group.The audit and assuranceprogramme must defineaudit and assurance criteria,scope, auditor requirements,methods, frequency ofactivities, reporting of resultsto management and themanagement of documentedinformation pertaining tothe programme.1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2PLANNINGEnvironmentalAspects and Impacts,Safety and HealthHazardsAnglo American businessesand operations mustdetermine and document theenvironmental aspects oftheir activities, products andservices and their associatedenvironmental impacts.For safety and health, eachAnglo American businessor operation must establish,implement, and maintainhazard identification processesthat are ongoing and proactive.Risks andopportunitiesAnglo American businessesand operations must determineand assess their SHE-relatedrisks and opportunities inconsideration of impactsand consequences, existingcontrols and planned andexpected changes.All safety, healthand environmental riskmanagement processesmust be completed inaccordance with AngloAmerican’s Integrated RiskManagement Policy andORM Standard.Objectives settingAnglo American businessesand operations must establish,implement, maintain, anddocument SHE performanceobjectives at relevant levelsand functions throughout theoperation. These should informand be informed by the overallobjectives identified throughbusiness and operationsplanning, including 5-year plansin line with our in line with ourFutureSmart MiningTM goals.A plan to achieve SHEobjectives must be preparedand monitored including targetsand indicators mandatedthrough the Chief ExecutiveBalance Scorecard Framework.Anglo American management systems including theAnglo American Operating Model, Social Way and SHE Wayare all based on a PDCA cycle enabling key integrationpoints and common processes to be identified.Click the boxes to below to enlargeANGLO AMERICAN OPERATING MODELSHE WAYSOCIAL WAY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2OPERATIONSWe integrate SHErequirements into alloperational activitiesincluding those undertakenby contractors. We managechanges proactively. Weplan and initiate effectiveresponses to emergencies.Operational planning and controlContractor managementWork must be planned,approved, scheduled andproperly resourced ahead ofexecution. Planning processesincluding work planningmust be co-ordinated withthe relevant parts of the SHEmanagement system of otherrelevant organisations (insideand outside of Anglo American)and incorporated intooperational scheduling.Anglo American businessesand operations must ensure thatcontractors and business partnersoperate in accordance with theGroup SHE Policy and develop acontractor management systemembedded with the requirementsof the SHE Way.Planning processesthat manage SHE risks andopportunities must integratewith ORM Issue Based RiskManagement, Task Based RiskManagement and ContinuousRisk Management.Controls must be activelyand proactively monitored.Where appropriate, controlsshould make use of realtime mechanisms.SHE-related processes,risks and controls must bedocumented to demonstrateand measure implementationof controls and planned SHEactions. Existing Anglo Americantemplates and systems mustbe leveraged where possibleincluding ORM guidelines andtemplates and Isometrix.A hierarchy of control forthe elimination of hazardsand reduction of SHE risksmust be applied.SHE requirements forcontractors shall be addressed withparties in an integrated manner asmandated in the Group ContractorPerformance ManagementPolicy and in accordance with theGroup Contractor PerformanceManagement Procedure topromote effective communicationand monitoring with third parties.1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2OPERATIONSManagementof changeAnglo American businessesand operations must develop,implement, and maintainmanagement of changeprocesses in line with theManagement of Change ControlStandard for planned andunplanned changes that couldimpact SHE performance.In the case of plannedchanges or unplanned changes,permanent or temporary, theidentification of SHE-relatedrisks and additional controlsand actions required must beundertaken before the changeis implemented.Emergency preparedness and responseIn line with the EmergencyManagement Standard, AngloAmerican businesses andoperations must establish,develop, document, implementand test plans to prepare forand respond to the reasonablyforeseeable emergencysituations identified throughORM and the SHE riskassessment process includedin Planning. The processshould be defined to ensurebusiness continuity.Emergency preparednessassessments mustbe undertaken usingmethodologies appropriateto the nature and scale of therisk and the potential identifiedemergency and crisis situations.These must include potentialrisks to neighbours and thepossible impact of externalemergencies on the businessor operation.Emergency Plans mustinclude appropriate processesand arrangements for postincident medical care, ensuringmedical treatment is availablefor work-related injury or illnessand, where necessary,a rehabilitation programbased on medical advice.All operations must ensurethat all relevant personnelare trained, competent andfamiliar with the requirementsof the emergency andcrisis arrangements andof their respective rolesand responsibilities. 1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONWe measure and evaluate ourperformance continuously andproactively. Our operationsmust continually measure andassess their SHE performanceagainst the requirementsof the SHE Way, SHE objectivesand the SHE-related risksand opportunities.This includes understandingthe performance of ourvalue chain where theseare within the scope of ourSHE management system.Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluationDemonstration of ComplianceAnglo American businessesand operations must prepareand implement a detailed SHEmonitoring plan that will enableit to monitor, measure, analyse,evaluate and report on itsSHE performance against itsdefined objectives, complianceobligations, Anglo AmericanGroup requirements and theSHE Way. These activitiesenable the Anglo Americanbusinesses and operationsto determine their SHEperformance and determinethe effectiveness of the SHEmanagement system.The SHE monitoring planmust clarify the scope,method, equipmentrequirements, criteria andfrequency of monitoringand measurement, as wellas analysis, performanceevaluation and reporting onthe SHE management system.This plan must be respectfulof privacy and data protectionconsiderations includingappropriate safeguards.SHE performance andmonitor compliance. The resultsof the performance evaluationprocess must be retained asdocumented information andcommunicated to internal andexternal stakeholders in linewith the defined stakeholderengagement and communicationprocesses and as required bycompliance obligations. Whererelevant Isometrix must beused for these purposes.Verification and monitoringof all SHE controls includingtheir implementation,effectiveness and operationmust be conducted to identifyopportunities to improveAnglo American businessesand operations must establish,implement, and maintaina process to evaluate thefulfilment of its complianceobligations and maintainknowledge and understandingof its compliance status.SHE performance anddetermine the effectiveness ofthe SHE management system.This assists the businessor operation in timeouslyidentifying and addressingnoncompliance ensuringthe achievement of SHEObjectives as required;including shortcomingsidentified through the auditand assurance activitiesas well as shortcomings inadherence to the audit andassurance programme.The evaluation of compliancestatus must be completedas per compliance planningand the audit and assuranceprogramme; be based onclearly defined methods;be documented; and leadto appropriate actions.1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTSPERFORMANCE EVALUATIONSHE Way AssuranceAssurance activitiesmust follow the Three LinesAssurance Model, taking manyforms, to provide informationon the degree to which the SHEmanagement system conformsto the Anglo American andInternational Standardsrequirements.Assurance activities,including internal reviews andself-assessment activities, mustbe completed as per complianceplanning and the establishedassurance programme andhave documented informationretained as evidence ofprogramme implementation.1 2Management reviewThe businesses andoperations managementsystems will be subject toregular third party audits,such as ISO certification andGroup level assurance toensure alignment with theSHE Way.Note: Outputs from third partyaudit activities (ISO, IRMAetc) should become inputsinto the management systemimprovement activities.Managers at Anglo Americanbusinesses and operationsmust periodically (on an annualbasis at a minimum) review theSHE management system toensure its continuing suitability,adequacy, and effectiveness.All the elements of the SHEManagement System serveas inputs into the ManagementReview process and throughtheir analysis and evaluation,management is able tomake decisions relating toresourcing, required actions,strategic direction, andimprovement opportunities.The outputs of themanagement review must bedocumented and retained and,where relevant, communicatedto stakeholders in line withthe defined communicationprocesses and as required bycompliance obligations. Theseactivities include evaluatingand realigning business andoperational five year plans. 1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTSIMPROVEMENTWe learn from what goes right,what goes wrong and what canbe better. We investigate, planand introduce improvementsto deliver our FutureSmartMiningTM plan.IncidentsNon-conformitiesContinual ImprovementAnglo American businessesand operation must establish,implement, and maintain formalsystems, in line with legal,regulatory and internal Grouprequirements, that includereporting, investigating andtaking action, to determine andmanage incidents, the aim ofsuch systems being to preventrecurrence. When events occur,there must be a timely reaction.Similarly, nonconformitiesmust be pro-activelymanaged to ensurereporting, investigating, andcorrective action processesare implemented andmaintained, and that correctiveactions are appropriateto the significance of thenonconformities encountered.In line with theAnglo American Purposeand Burning Ambition,businesses and operationsmust incorporate continualimprovement activities intoannual objectives setting and5 year planning processesthat drive value in SHE andoverall performance.For Anglo American, incidentmanagement must be supportedby the Learning from Incidents(LFI) process. The process mustensure that SHE incidents arereported, recorded, analysed,investigated, contributing factorsare identified, risk profiles andcontrol strategies are updated,learnings are shared andcorrective and improvementactions are implementedacross the Group. This enablesthe creation of a sustainablecorporate memory and effectiveknowledge management.Corrective andImprovement actionsAction managementprocesses must ensure qualityactions that have longevityand are effective beyond thecurrent concern.Actions managementprocesses must include theassignment, approval andverification of actions ina timely manner.Actions must beproactively managedand closed appropriately.Anglo American businessesand operations shall establish,implement, and maintainprocesses to determineopportunities for continuallyimproving the suitability,adequacy, and effectiveness ofthe SHE management system,implementing necessary actionsto achieve these intendedoutcomes and enhanceSHE performance.Promotion of workerparticipation in continualimprovement and promotinga culture that supports theSHE management systemis supported by the SHEPolicy and Anglo Americanleadership. All activities mustbe documented to evidenceimprovements and resultsmust be communicatedwhere appropriate.

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2SUPPORTWe support the SHE Waywith the right people at theright place doing the rightwork in the right way todrive SHE excellence. Weengage with and includeeveryone in our SHE journey,expecting everyone to activelyparticipate and contribute.ResourcesCompetenceAnglo American businessesand operations must identifyand provide the resourcesneeded for the establishment,implementation, maintenance,and continual improvement ofthe SHE management system.Anglo American businessesand operations must haveformal systems in place toensure that their personneland Contractors and businesspartners are competent andcapable to perform theiractivities in alignment withthe SHE Way, the CapabilityFramework, the AccountabilityFramework, and complianceobligations to meetAnglo American’s SHEintended outcomes.This includes confirmingand communicatingthe responsibilities andaccountabilities forimplementation, operation,maintenance and monitoringof the SHE managementsystem to employees,contractors, and anyother relevant parties.Required competencies andcapabilities must be determined,clearly defined, included as partof recruitment, and be based onappropriate education, trainingand experience.Programmes mustbe founded on continualimprovement and building thedesired workplace and workingcultures, whilst developing the5 elements of capability (MentalProcessing Ability, Knowledge,Technical skills, Social ProcessSkills & Application) to the levelsof work.All personnel and contractorsand business partners mustunderstand ethical, dataprotection and businessintegrity considerationsof their activities and theirresponsibilities in this regard.Training and developmentprogrammes must be deliveredeffectively and appropriately, bereviewed for effectiveness, andhave the requisite documentedinformation retained todemonstrate competence.1 2

CLICK BETWEEN SECTIONS HERE SHE WAY OVERVIEW THE 7 ELEMENTS1 2SUPPORTInternalcommunicationand awarenessDefined processes must bedeveloped and implementedto ensure the effectivecommunication and awarenessof matters relating to SHEacross all levels and functionsof the organisation. Internalcommunication processes mustenable workers to contributeto the overall managementsystem performance as wellas continual improvement.Everyone must know whatthe SHE Policy, SHE Wayand SHE Objectives are;their obligation and right toparticipate in and contributeeffectively to the SHEmanagement system; therepercussions for failingto conform to SHErequirements; and theirrights and protections underthe SHE management system.ExternalcommunicationDefined processesmust be developed andimplemented to communicateexternally with stakeholderson information relevant tothe SHE management systemand the fulfilment of itscompliance obligations, aswell as to respond to relevantcommunications on itsSHE management system.This must be aligned toAnglo American’s process forstakeholder engagement andintegrated into the project’sStakeholder Engagement Planas per the Social Wayrequirements. All externalcommunication must alsocomply with Anglo American’sDisclosure & Media Policy,particularly in relation toincidents that may have amaterial impact on the business.Documented InformationIn line with Groupdocument managementguidance, Anglo Americanbusinesses and operationsmust establish, document,implement and maintainsystems to control thedocumented informationnecessary to support theeffectiveness of the SHEmanagement system andfulfilment of complianceobligations.Documented evidence mustbe available to demonstrateSHE management systemimplementation and adequacy.This may include bothinternal and externallysourced information.The SHE managementsystem must align and integratewith the operation’s documentmanagement approach andensure that documentedinformation is created, updated,protected, controlled, stored,and archived appropriatelyand in accordance with theSHE Way Specification and theGroup document managementguidance. Isometrix andsimilar platforms support therequirements of documentedinformation.Engagementand ParticipationAnglo American businessesand operations must establish,implement, and maintainprocesses for internal andexternal communicationsand awareness programmesrelevant to the SHEmanagement system.The document managementsystem must ensure workerparticipation, stakeholderengagement and managementof change processes throughall stages of document approval.It must respect workers rightsto view personal information. 1 2

WHAT IS THE SHE WAY? The SHE Way is our Safety, Health and Environmental management system. It brings to life our values and our principles of Zero Mindset,