Welcome .4Program Information .41. Program Overview .42. School Accreditation .43. School Calendar .44. School Holidays .55. School hours.56. Enrollment .57. Withdrawal and refund .58. Add/drop a course .69. Course extension policy.6Curriculum Overview .61. UC Academy Online Pathway Classes .72. Class Features.73. Assessment and Testing .84. Class Length .95. Communication Expectations . .96. Student with Learning Disabilities or Physical Disabilities . .107. English as a Second Language Students (ELL/ESL) .10Student Policies .101. Course Length .102. Course Content .103. Attendance .104. Academic Honesty .115. Biblical, Christian Perspective .11Earning Credit and Grading Policy .111. Grading Scale .122. Transfer Students.133. Transfer Credits.134. Graduation Requirements .135. Transcripts .14

Right to Privacy Policy .14UC Academy Online Pathway- Student Code of Conduct.151. Academic Dishonesty .152. Defiance of Authority/Insubordination .153. Computer Misuse .154. Anti-Bullying Policy .165. Internet Acceptable Use Policy .166. Internet–Terms and Conditions of Use .177. Academic Integrity Contract.17Who to Contact .18Student Code of Conduct (to be signed and returned) .191. Academic Misconduct: .192. Defiance of Authority/Insubordination: .193. Computer Misuse: .194. Anti-Bullying Policy: .205. Internet–Terms and Conditions of Use .206. Academic Integrity Contract.217. Required Signature Page .22

WELCOMEWelcome to UC Academy Online Pathway. Our mission is Educating, inspiring, and empoweringtomorrow’s leaders to have an impact on the global community for the Glory of God. We are committedto revolutionizing the use of technology to meet student needs, deliver a rigorous curriculum,reinvent the role of the educator, and make quality Christian education available to morefamilies.PROGRAM INFORMATION1. PROGRAM OVERVIEWUC Academy Online Pathway, the premier virtual school solution for grades K–12, offers acomprehensive online learning environment for today's students. Partnering with Parents,schools, and districts, UC Academy Online Pathway provides a rigorous, proven curriculumand certified online teachers for students who need flexible learning options.UC Academy Online Pathway’s highly qualified teachers and are credentialed in the subjectarea in which they teach. When students enroll in a UC Academy Online Pathway class, theyare assigned a teacher of record. This teacher is responsible for answering students' questions,helping students understand the class material, offering instructional videos and live classes,and supporting students so that they stay on track to achieve their academic goals.2. SCHOOL ACCREDITATIONUC Academy Online Pathway’s partner, Pathway Academy, is a member school of Cognia,which coordinates AdvancED and the Southern Accreditation Commission of Schools (SACS)accreditation. These accreditation models meet rigorous and comprehensive standards forstudent learning, with a focus on continuous improvement leading to greater studentachievement. United Christian Academy is also accredited with ACSI and WASC.3. SCHOOL CALENDARUC Academy Online Pathway operates year-round, allowing students to register anytime. UCAcademy Online Pathway observes all federal holidays. School administration and teachersare not available on the holidays noted below.

4. SCHOOL HOLIDAYS New Year’s Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day President’s Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day after Thanksgiving Christmas Day through New Year’s Day5. SCHOOL HOURSUC Academy Online Pathway administration is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Online teachers are available at various times throughout theday and evening.6. ENROLLMENTUC Academy Online Pathway follows a rolling admissions process, and semester classes areavailable year-round. Some benefits to the courses, such as live instruction are paced and maynot be available to individual students enrolling in the middle of a semester. Class sessionsare Fall, Spring, and Summer.7. WITHDRAWAL AND REFUNDWe understand that, as parents/guardians, we may withdraw our student from UC AcademyOnline Pathway at any time without due cause; however, we understand that a 60-day writtennotice is required stating the last date of attendance and reason for withdrawal. Financialobligations to UC Academy Online Pathway will remain in effect until 60 days after writtennotice is received and shall be considered liquidated damages. We understand that a refundof tuition will be calculated 60 days after the date the 60-day written withdrawal notice is

received. (Example: Withdrawal notice received September 8 – refund will be calculated fromNovember 8).8. ADD/DROP A COURSEA student has 4 calendar weeks (semester course). Within this time frame, the course(s) willbe removed from his or her transcript. After this date and through the student’s enrollmentend date, the course(s) will not be removed and a ‘W’ will be listed on their transcript. Thecourse must be dropped before the end date to receive a “W.” If an enrollment end date haspassed, a student may not drop a course and an Incomplete (I) grade will be entered on thestudent’s transcript. The student will have one calendar year from the course end date,including extensions, to re-enroll in and complete the course successfully, or the “I” gradewill be replaced with a “WF” grade.9. COURSE EXTENSION POLICYIf a student is unable to complete a course by their designated enrollment end date, anextension on the enrollment period may be purchased if the student has completed a sufficientnumber of lessons to qualify.Extensions are granted based on the discretion of the Instructional Team and must bepurchased within one month of the enrollment end date. When a request for an extension issubmitted, the Instructional Team will examine the student’s progress in all courses todetermine if a one or two-month extension is required. Additionally, if work is submitted inbulk towards the end of enrollment, an extension may be required in order to accommodategrading time.CURRICULUM OVERVIEWUC Academy Online Pathway’s courseware incorporates an engaging, age-appropriatelearning experience that emphasizes real-world applications. It has been Biblically-integratedto support the development of a Biblical worldview. The curriculum was developed to giveteachers a variety of ways to engage different learning modalities and to allow students toexperience a range of standards and objectives that ensure academic success.UC Academy Online Pathway’s courseware integrates online curriculum, live instruction,electronic learning activities, and supporting interactive activities. An array of assessmenttools allow teachers to correctly place students at the appropriate learning level, to evaluate

their strengths and needs, to create individualized learning goals, and to determineproficiency. Reports assist students in understanding where they need to focus on beingacademically successful as measured against objectives. Guidelines and tools are provided totrack student progress and to determine a final class grade.1. UC ACADEMY ONLINE PATHWAY CLASSESUC Academy Online Pathway has a variety of courses available in all subject areas, rangingfrom Advance Placement to Credit Recovery.2. CLASS FEATURESTutorialsTutorials provide direct instruction and practice interactions. Instruction is made engagingthrough the use of videos, animations, interactive timelines, and hotspot graphics. Practiceinteractions—including drag-and-drops, ordered problem solvers, multiple-choice questions,and fill-in-the blank questions—all help students check their progress on mastering newconcepts. Some tutorials also include Web links to informational sites, games, and videos,which are designed to broaden students' access to information on the topic.Lesson ActivitiesThese written assignments allow students to develop new learning in a constructivist way orapply learning from the tutorial in a significant way. In either case, lesson activities aredesigned to be an authentic learning and assessment tool: doing something real to developnew understanding, while at the same time providing a subjective measure of thatunderstanding. Lesson activities are embedded in the tutorials and supply a document foroffline use by students to write a response or record results.Online DiscussionsOnline discussion with teachers and other students is a key twenty-first-century skills-basedactivity that allows for higher-order thinking about terminal objectives. An online threadeddiscussion mirrors the educational experience of a classroom discussion.Teachers can initiate a discussion by asking a complex, open-ended question. Students canrespond to the question as well as to the responses of other students. Each unit in a class hasone predefined discussion topic along with a rubric for grading responses. Teachers caninclude additional discussion topics.

Unit ActivitiesThe culminating activity at the end of each unit aims to deepen understanding of some keyunit objectives and tie them together, or tie them to other class concepts. This activity alsoincludes authentic performance and supports twenty-first-century skills development. Thestudent version includes a simple rubric, if appropriate, while teacher versions can containmore complex rubrics, answer keys, and modeled sample answers. Unit activities supply adocument for offline use by students to write a response or record results.Live InstructionLive instructional times are posted weekly for students to logon and enjoy. These are recordedand posted for students who could not arrange to be part of the instructional session.Although not required, this is a great opportunity for students to learn and interact with xtlevel.On Demand Recorded Instructional VideoInstructors will record and post videos relevant to student’s learning on a weekly basis. Theseare additional tools created for the student to enhance learning and make sure they are gettingthe scaffolding and support necessary to learn.Biblical IntegrationCourses are Biblically-integrated to help develop a Biblical worldview. It is UC AcademyOnline Pathway’s conviction that the learning environment should not have sacred andsecular components, but rather, students should utilize the word of God as the understandand consider how to assimilate information into their personal worldview. Biblical integrationmakes this possible.3. ASSESSMENT AND TESTINGBest practices in assessment and testing call for a variety of activities to evaluate studentlearning. Multiple data points more accurately present an evaluation of student strengths andneeds. Some learning activities also serve as assessment activities to provide authenticlearning and assessment opportunities. These activities are designed to encourage higherorder cognitive thinking, and most focus on real-world applications and/or twenty-firstcentury skills. Note that assessment items are available for each lesson.

A mastery test at the end of each module or lesson provides the teacher and the studentwith clear indicators of areas of strength and weakness. These multiple-choice tests aretaken online. A unit posttest helps a teacher track how well students have mastered a unit’s content. An end-of-semester test assesses the major objectives covered in a class. By combining theunit posttest information with the end-of-semester test results, teachers will get a pictureof student progress. See the Student Proctoring section below for proctoring requirementsfor end-of-semester tests.4. CLASS LENGTHFall/Spring classes are designed to be one semester in length, which is equal to 18 weeks.Students are able to complete classes anytime within the 18 weeks.Student PacingFor Fall/Winter/Spring classes, students are expected to spend 50 minutes per day on eachclass, 5 days a week.UC Academy Online Pathway Coordinator will monitor student participation and success tohelp ensure that students meet the requirements of their online classes.Responsibilities of Pathway Christian Prep Academy Online TeachersPathway Christian Prep Academy teachers communicate regularly with students using onlinecommunication tools. Teachers also use a secure Web-based system to manage studentgrades, assignments, and assessments. Students can contact teachers through email or byphone when they have questions or need extra tutoring. Communication will occur utilizingthe tools and functions of UC Academy Online Pathway ‘s LMS and/or SIS.5. COMMUNICATION EXPECTATIONSTeachers are required to answer questions, grade assignments, and provide feedback tostudents within a timely manner. Almost all questions will be answered within a few hours,but 24-48 hours is the maximum response time. Additionally, teachers are required to checkemail from students once over the weekend. Teachers will also make phone calls or send textmessages to students to help facilitate successful completion of the course.

6. STUDENTS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES OR PHYSICALDISABILITIESIt is the responsibility of the school district or agency to provide UC Academy OnlinePathway with a valid copy of a student’s IEP in order for the student to be granted the requiredaccommodations. UC Academy Online Pathway will work with all students to performnecessary accommodations to support students with an IEP. All related documentation forreview should be e-mailed to [email protected]. ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL) STUDENTSPlease note that all UC Academy Online Pathway courses are written in English. Studentswho do not have at least a working knowledge of English will have difficulty in these classes.For ESL support, UC Academy Online Pathway has testing and support software to improvelanguage and enable students to complete standardized courses.STUDENT POLICIES1. COURSE LENGTHStudents are given a maximum of 18 weeks to complete a 5 credit course during fall and springsemesters. Courses can be completed prior to the 18 weeks.Students must be in a 5 credit course for a minimum of 2 weeks to be eligible for credit.2. COURSE CONTENTAll semester-based courses are 5 credits. Courses consist of a blend of self-paced and guidedinstruction that includes tutorials, mastery tests, activities, live instruction and discussionposts for completion for course credit. Each course has a required final exam, which must beproctored by the site coordinator or our virtual proctoring service.3. ATTENDANCEStudents are required to work consistently and to follow the pacing provided in the UCAcademy Online Pathway Student Information System (SIS). Students may complete morethan what the pacing suggests each week and are encouraged to do so. Another importantpart of attendance is regular communication with UC Academy Online Pathway online

teachers and UC Academy Online PathwaySite Coordinator as needed. Students are expectedto respond within 24 hours to any emails they receive. In addition to submitting workaccording to the suggested pace, students will also have at least one synchronous contact withtheir virtual instructor. This contact can be a weekly/monthly phone call, attendance at a LiveLesson or Webinar, or an Instant Message.4. ACADEMIC HONESTYStudents are required to work and adhere to UC Academy Online Pathway academic honestyguidelines which require students always create their own work, unless specifically told notto within the assignment. Any form of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated, includingplagiarism. If it is found that a student has copied work, plagiarized or committed anotherform of academic dishonesty, disciplinary action will occur.5. BIBLICAL, CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVEUC Academy Online Pathway is a Christian institution that teaches and mentors studentsfrom a Biblical perspective. Although UC Academy Online Pathway does not require studentsto profess Christianity, nor do we require students to agree with all Biblical perspectives,however instruction, discipline, moral values, perspectives on humanity, gender, sex,relationships and many other concepts are taught based on Biblical teaching. It is understoodand accepted by families that certain Biblical truths will be taught as such and that certainmoral standards that may be commonplace within non-Christian schooling environments willnot be taught or displayed at UC Academy Online Pathway.As an example, it should be understood that the Bible teaches that people are created as maleand female (Gen 1:27-28). Additionally, it teaches that Biblical marriage occurs between aman and a woman. Pathway also believes in loving all people, regardless of their viewpointand graciously accepts the right of others’ to disagree, while strongly adhering to its convictionof Biblical truth (Gen 2:18-27). These two issues are specifically identified in our policy dueto today’s current political environment and desire by UCA for constituents to have clarity onhow UCOA will educate students on these issues. By enrolling in United Christian OnlineAcademy and signing the policies and guidelines, families are acknowledging this viewpointand agreeing to enroll their student in UCOA’s educational environment.EARNING CREDIT AND GRADING POLICYIn order to receive credit in a course, students must earn at least a 60% overall passing gradefor the course. The Final grade will be comprised of all Mastery Tests, Discussions, Unit Tests,

Unit Activities, and the End of Semester Test. The End of Semester Test will be weighted at20% of the Final Grade. The remaining 80% will divided among the other course activities.Students may resubmit course work to improve their mastery up to the end of theirenrollment time in the course.1. GRADING SCALEGrading ScaleKindergarten4 90% – 100% (met grade level)3 80% – 89% (approaching grade level)21 70% – 79% (beginning grade level) 60% – 69% (below grade level)Grades 1 and 2:OS SSNI 90% – 100% (outstanding)80% – 89% (above average)70% – 79% (average)60% – 69% (below average – needs improvement)59 % and below (below grade level – needs improvement)Grades 3-12:A 100%A 92% – 99%A- 90% – 91%B 88% – 89%B 82% – 87%B- 80% – 81%C 78% – 79%C 72% – 77%C- 70% – 71%D 68% – 69%D 62% – 67%D- 60% – 61%F 59% or below

2. TRANSFER STUDENTSStudents transferring into UC Academy Online Pathway must earn a minimum prescribedamount of credits to be eligible for a UC Academy diploma. Students must earn a minimumof 6 credits toward graduation from UC Academy Online Pathway and have adequate transfercredits to fulfill all graduation requirements to be eligible for a United Christian AcademyDiploma.Students transferring into UC Academy Online Pathway as a Full Time student must requesta minimum course load of 5 courses per semester.Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by UC Academy Online Pathway’sInstructional Team.3. TRANSFER CREDITSStudents may transfer in credits from other accredited schools by submitting transcripts forreview by UC Academy Online Pathway staff. Academy administration will determinewhether the credits qualify for transfer. Courses that have different titles than those listedabove in the Graduation Requirements section must be submitted to Academy administrationwith accompanying course descriptions for review. Academy administration will determinewhether those courses will meet graduation requirements.4. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTSIn order to receive a diploma, students must earn the following credits English/Language Arts (20 credits)English I or ESL Course (5credits)English II (5 credits)English III (5 credits)English IV (5 credits) Mathematics (15 credits)Algebra I & II (10 credit)Geometry (5 credits)-lower maths can be substituted with higher course completions and mastery scores within the subject Science (15 credits)Biology (5 credits)Chemistry (5 credits)Additional Science (5 credits)

Social Studies (15 credits)World History (5 credits)American History (5 credits)American Government (2.5 credits)Economics (2.5 credits) Art/CTE (10 credits) PE (10 Credits) Foreign Language (10 Credits) College Electives (20 credits) Biblical Studies (20 credits) students enroll and pass in a Bible course, each semester they are enrolled in UCA Global Citizenship/Community Service (5 credits) Total: 205 credits5. TRANSCRIPTSStudents and parents may access a student’s unofficial transcript in the UC Academy OnlinePathway Student Information System (SIS). Official transcripts, with the UC Academy seal,are available upon request. To request an Official Transcript, a student or parent shouldcomplete a transcript request form from the United Christian Online Academy. Students mustbe in good financial standing to receive an official transcript.RIGHT TO PRIVACY POLICYUC Academy Online Pathway respects a student’s right to privacy by following the guidelinesset forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This law protects theprivacy of a student’s education records. UC Academy Online Pathway must have writtenpermission from the student/legal guardian in order to release information from thatstudent’s education record.

UNITEDCHRISTIANONLINESTUDENT CODE OF CONDUCTACADEMYUC Academy Online Pathway adheres to set policies to maintain the academic integrity of itscurriculum, students, and staff. The policies address the consequences for noncompliance, asnoted below. All students must read and sign the Student Code of Conduct below in order toproceed with the enrollment process.1. ACADEMIC DISHONESTYAcademic Dishonesty, in any form, is not tolerated. Academic dishonesty includes, but is notlimited to, cheating, plagiarism, copying another student’s work or allowing another studentto copy your work.If academic dishonesty is found, the following consequences will result: First offense: zero on the assignment, a written warning, and a note added to the records ofthe students involved Second offense: zero on the assignment and a referral to the administration for possiblewithdrawal.2. DEFIANCE OF AUTHORITY/INSUBORDINATIONDisobedience or noncompliance toward any staff member of the UC Academy Online Pathwayis considered insubordination. That includes refusal to maintain communication withAcademy staff. An act of insubordination may occur in any situation or communication,including, but not limited to, in an e- mail, during a phone conversation, or in person.If defiance of authority or insubordination is found, the following consequences will result: First offense: referral to Site Coordinator or Academy Administration. Second offense: Withdrawal from program.3. COMPUTER MISUSEAny student who attempts to access the secure information of UC Academy Online Pathwayor Edmentum or its affiliates in an improper manner, uses another student’s or staff member’slog-in information to gain access to information, intentionally attempts to obtain access to

areas or information not open to normal access, or engages in any act similar to the above,has committed a computer misuse.If computer misuse is found, the following consequences will result: First offense: Depending on the nature of the offense, the consequences can include awritten warning, referral to a guidance counselor, suspended access to Academy courseware,or administrative referral and possible withdrawal. Second offense: Referral to the administration for possible withdrawalDeviation from the above consequences: Notwithstanding anything in this Policy to thecontrary, the UC Academy Online Pathway reserves the right to modify the consequences oraction taken against a student violating this Policy in the UC Academy Online Pathway solediscretion for reasons including, but not limited to, the severity of or damages caused by theviolation or to ensure compliance with applicable law.4. ANTI-BULLYING POLICYCyber bullying, or bullying in any form, is not acceptable behavior for any student enrolled inclasses at UC Academy Online Pathway. Any student found to be involved in these activitieswill immediately be withdrawn from the Academy.UC Academy Online Pathway uses this definition of cyber bullying: Cyber bullying is the useof the Internet and related technologies (cell phones, smart phones, etc.) to harass, hurt,embarrass, or humiliate other people. Using these technologies to act or speak in a deliberate,repeated, and hostile manner with the intent to harm others is also cyber bullying or cyberstalking.5. INTERNET ACCEPTABLE USE POLICYThe internet is a compilation of many networks that supports the open exchange ofinformation for research and educational purposes. The internet can be accessible to anyone,anywhere, anytime. Students must understand that by using the network, their actions canbe monitored at any time by a teacher or administrator.

6. INTERNET–TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE Users will not be abusive in UC Academy Online Pathway messages to others. They will notuse offensive, obscene, or harassing language when using any UC Academy Online Pathwayits affiliates’ systems or software. Users will not reveal personal addresses or phone numbers of other users. Users will not post information if it violates the policy of others, jeopardizes the health andsafety of students, plagiarizes the work of others, is a commercial advertisement, or is notapproved by the teacher or school administrator. Users will accept responsibility for allmaterials they link to or upload. Users shall promptly report any inappropriate material they receive. Users will not attempt to log in to the network using any other user’s name and password. Users accept and acknowledge that additional documents and paperwork may be required,including but not limited to documents requiring agreement and signature upon the requestof UC Academy Online Pathway administration

UC Academy Online Pathway administration is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Online teachers are available at various times throughout the day and evening. 6. ENROLLMENT UC Academy Online Pathway follows a rolling admissions process, and semester classes are available year-round.