The Lansing DifferenceFor more than 50 years, Lansing Building Products has set the standardfor exceptional customer service and the finest exterior building materialsin the industry. Our windows and sliding doors are recognized for theirhigh-quality craftsmanship, innovative engineering and close attentionto detail. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you chooseLansing, you’re choosing a long-lasting, energy-efficient productthat never compromises on style, performance or value. That’s theLansing difference.Our High-Performance VinylWhen it comes to low-maintenance, affordable windows, you can’t beatvinyl. Lansing vinyl windows and doors never rust, rot or corrode. Theynever need painting, and they’re easy to clean and maintain. You can alsoforget about scraping away paint that has chipped or peeled, or spendinghours repairing rotted wood. With vinyl products from Lansing Windowsand Doors, you enjoy beautiful windows that are practically maintenancefree and customizable to almost any style.Vary Your Options, Vary Your StyleLansing also provides a complete array of replacement windows inslider, bay and bow, casement and garden styles, as well as specialtyshapes to give you the precise look you want. We also offer slidingpatio doors in 5', 6', 6'4", 8', 9', and 12' models.Scan this QR code tosee our manufacturingfacility in actionERIES

Go Green, Save GreenEco-sustainability is something we take veryseriously at Lansing. Our environmentally friendlyproducts are built with the earth’s limited resourcesin mind while offering you the energy efficiency andcost savings you’re looking for in your replacementwindows. First, we start with premium vinyl. Thenwe engineer a window with fusion-welded framesand sashes, security latches and locks, and optimalthermal performance. And because our vinylis blended and extruded in-house, we overseecomplete quality control and are able to pass onsignificant cost savings to you.Leave the Weather OutsideBecause windows are mostly glass, it’s importantthat they be made with the highest-quality glassavailable. Our Series 80 windows and doors deliversuperior thermal performance by combining ourwarm-edge sealant system with the insulatingpower of Low-E glass and argon gas.Series 80 WarrantyWe’re so confident about the quality of our windowsthat we back them with a limited lifetime warrantyon vinyl, glass and all working parts. Each product isindividually registered with a product identificationnumber, making ordering replacement parts easyand efficient. Plus, the Series 80 windows include astandard 25-year warranty on glass breakage, withthe option of a lifetime glass breakage warranty.DO NOT REMOVEMAKE DATE: 1/15/2017 WARRANTY: 02589514SALES ORDER: 07602056Proud Supporterof ENERGY STAR By helping to maintain your home’s indoortemperature, your windows help reduce powerconsumption and contribute to our country’sconservation efforts. To help you select theoptimum window or door for your home, theDepartment of Energy outlines specific thermalproperties a window or door must have toachieve the ENERGY STAR rating. LansingWindows and Doors enthusiastically supportsthe ENERGY STAR program and is committedto helping you select the appropriate glassoption for your needs. Please consult yourhome improvement or new constructionprofessional for specific thermal propertiesand requirements to ensure yourhome achieves the maximumenergy savings possible.

The Ultimate in Style and EfficiencyOur Series 80 is the top-of-the-line in vinyl replacement windows, offeringsuperior energy efficiency and durability, as well as our widest range of styleoptions. When you choose a Series 80 window, you’ll enjoy all the hasslefree, cost-saving benefits of vinyl plus unsurpassed elegance and style.Standard Series 80 FeaturesSeries 80 2- and 3-lite sliders available.Q Beveled mainframe offers a classic exterior appearance.Q Aluminum-reinforced, multi-cavity construction providesadditional thermal performance and structural integrity.Q Warm-Edge Spacer System creates insulated glass panelswith a maximum thermal performance and unsurpassedcondensation resistance.Q Fusion-welded sashes and frame add strength andboost thermal performance.Q Low-profile positive-action deluxe cam lock.Two locks are standard on any window 27 1 4" and wider.Q Constant force coil balance permits easysash movement.Q Sloped sill reduces air infiltration and allows forwater runoff.Q Rounded sashes create additional interior beauty.Q Interlocking sashes keep out drafts.Q Rubber bulb seal helps block outside air.Q Dual push-button night latches provide optimum ventilation.Q Half screen is supported by a strong extruded aluminum frame.*(Full screen optional)Q Dual-fin weather stripping further reduces air infiltration.Q Integrated, slim line lift rail allows for smooth sash operation.Q Jamb depth is 3.25".Q Low-E glass with argon gas keeps indoor temperatures comfortableand consistent.Q 25-year glass breakage warranty ensures the longevity of your windows.Q DP 35 rating (DP 50 optional) (window size tested 44" x 75").*Screens are not meant to restrain a child from falling through an open window.Series 80 2-Lite SlidereasySeries 80 3-Lite Slider

Optional FeaturesQ Factory mullingQ Q Bronze exterior laminate(White interior only)Window Opening Control Device(WOCD) for fall preventionQ Double-strength glassQ 5 8" or 4" flat or diamond gridQ Lifetime glass breakage warrantyQ 5 8" or 1" contoured gridQ Ultra Low-E glass with argon gasQ 1 8" simulated divided lite grid311" Contoured Grid 8" Flat Grid51 1 8" SDL GridColor ** Printing process may affect color shown. Please refer to actualwindow sample when selecting colors.Scan this QR code towatch a video aboutour Series 80

Lansing Sliding Patio DoorsBlinds Between the Glass332 Sliding Patio Doors332 shown above in Clay332OPTIONSDualPointLock Available in 8' height DP 50 rating, great for coastal applications(on 5068, 6068, & 8068) Easy installation in new construction applicationswith built-in 4 9 16" jamb Field reversible (6'8" height only),(custom sizes andBBG doors not reversible) Available in 6'8" height up to 12' wide Additional security available with multi-point lock Deluxe color match hardware (White, Almond or Clay vinylcolors; brass standard on paint and laminate) Brushed nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze handles (optional) Tremendous options selection, including snap-in brick mouldand foot bolt lock Available in Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon Gas Custom sizes available for a more comfortable fit 11 8" SDL, a traditional simulated divided lite raised style grid Available in White, Almond or Clay vinyl colors, exteriorpainted colors (not available on 4 panels), interior woodlaminates and Bronze exterior laminate(not available on 3 or 4 panel doors). Pet resistant screen availableAvailable with the 312 and332 patio doors in all colorsincluding laminates and paint.*Advantages of a Sliding Patio Door withBlinds Between the Glass:Never needs dustingand is safe for petsand children!Model 332Offered in range of sizes: 5', 6', 6'4",8', 9', even 12'Controls lightand privacyEasy to raise, lowerand tilt blinds*Blinds, operators and glass panels available in white only.Vinyl Color Options**standardon 332Foot Bolt LockBrick MouldJ-ChannelWhite 312 shown above in Almond Field reversible (custom sizes and BBG doors not reversible)Available in 6’8” height up to 12’ wideAluminum track for moving panelEasy installation in new construction applicationsScreen comes standardDeluxe color match hardware (White, Almond or Clay vinylcolors; brass standard on paint and laminate)Brushed nickel, brass and oil rubbed bronze handles (optional)Available in Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon GasCustom sizes available for a more comfortable fit11 8" SDL, a traditional simulated divided lite raised style gridAvailable in White, Almond or Clay vinyl colors, exteriorpainted colors (not available on 4 panels), interior woodlaminates and Bronze exterior laminate(not available on 3 or 4 panel doors).Pet resistant screen availableModel 312Offered in range of sizes: 5', 6', 6'4",8', 9', even 12'(available with 5/8" contoured grid only, not available on 4 panel rBrick iorInteriorClayExteriorInteriorTanHunter GreenExteriorInteriorTerratoneLaminate Color Options**ExteriorExteriorInteriorLaminate311 Sliding Patio DoorsAvailable in White only, screen optionalField reversibleWhite handle with lockExceptional valueExteriorExteriorLight Oak ClayPainted Color Options**312 Sliding Patio Doors AlmondModel 311Offered only in 5', 6' and 6'4" sizesExteriorLaminateExteriorInteriorLaminateDark OakInteriorLaminateCherryInteriorBronzeColor options only available for Models 312 & 332 Patio Doors.Model 311 only available in White.** Printing process may affect color shown. Please refer to actual windowsample when selecting colors. Only use mild, water based household cleaneron painted product and rinse immediately with water. See full cleaninginstructions for details.InteriorDarkChocolate

Multiple Glass Options for Series 80 Replacement WindowsWith multiple glass options to increase energy efficiency, there is a glass package to fit any climate need and budget.Standard Low-E Glass with Argon GasLow-E glass and argon gas come standard with every Lansing Series 80 window.With Low-E glass, two layers of silver coating reflect heat back to its source.So in the summer, the heat stays outside, while in the cold winter months, youreatar HSolVisible Lighthome stays warm and comfortable. As an extra benefit, your furnishings, carpetIn the summer, Low-Eglass reduces heat gainfrom the sun to helpkeep homes cooler.and drapes are protected from damaging UV rays. Argon—a clear, odorless gasthat’s heavier than air—is added between the double panes of glass for evenUVhtLiggreater insulation and noise buffering.Ultra Low-E Glass with Argon GasWindows with this optional glass treatment offer superior thermal performanceby combining three layers of silver coating with the insulating power of argon.This glass option is designed to meet stringent energy code criteria anywherethmWarlow thermal numbers are desired.Visible LightIn the winter, Low-Eglass lets the warm,solar rays in whileblocking the heat in thehome from getting out.

ENERGY STARCLIMATE ZONE MAPNorthern Climate ZoneNorth/Central Climate ZoneSouth/Central Climate ZoneSouthern Climate ZoneCRITERIA FOR WINDOWSCRITERIA FOR PATIO DOORSThe ENERGY STAR program for windows divides the country into four distinctclimate zones to recognize the varying heating and cooling months among thestates. For patio doors, there is only one U-Factor and one Solar Heat GainCoefficient (SHGC) requirement for ENERGY STAR compliance.Please consult your home improvement or new construction professionalfor specific thermal properties that vary based on glass options and gridchoices, and verify your window’s actual performance to ensure ENERGYSTAR rating in your specific climate* Printing process may affect color shown. Pleaserefer to actual window sample when selecting colors.8501 Sanford Road Richmond, VA 23228 lansingbp.comDistributed By:Scan andexperienceour websiteENERGY STAR complianceavailable in all series. Verifyproduct specifics before ordering.06/19 supersedes 02/17Manufacturer reserves the right to substitute components as necessary.

Our Series 80 is the top-of-the-line in vinyl replacement windows, offering superior energy efficiency and durability, as well as our widest range of style options. When you choose a Series 80 window, you'll enjoy all the hassle-free, cost-saving benefits of vinyl plus unsurpassed elegance and style. Standard Series 80 Features