Portable Air ConditionerOWNER’S MANUALRead these instructions before use8Model: MN12CES / MN10CESWWVoltage rating: 120V 60HzPower rating : 1100W (MN12CES)Power rating : 900W (MN10CESWW)Customer Support : 1-800-474-2147For product inquiries or support : www.honeywellportableac.comMade in China

INDEXRead all instructions carefully before setting up and operating the unit. Keep thisinstruction manual for future reference. This manual is designed to provide importantinformation needed to setup, operate, maintain and troubleshoot your portable airconditioner. Failure to follow these instructions may void the warranty.SECTIONPAGE1. INDEX .12. THANK YOU.23. USER TIPS. 34. SAFETY . 45. PARTS DESCRIPTION. 66. INSTALLATION. 77. USE & OPERATION. 108. CLEANING & MAINTENANCE. 139. WATER CONDENSATION DRAINAGE. 1410. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE. 1511. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. 1612. SERVICE AND WARRANTY . 171

THANK YOUCongratulations on your purchase of this versatile Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner.r.Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners are ideal for spot cooling. The compressor, condenserand evaporator are housed in a compact unit. The air is filtered, dehumidified and cooled whilea flexible air outlet hose sends heat outside. The air conditioner includes a window venting kit.No permanent installation is needed. The unit is easy to move from room to room and offers atruly flexible air conditioning solution.Auto Evaporation System - The unit automatically evaporates the condensate through the airoutlet hose. There is no need to empty the drainage tank except in very high humidity conditions.Read and follow the instructions carefully.2

USER TIPSTo ensure optimal efficiency of the product, keep doors and windows closed when itis used as an air conditioner or dehumidifier.If the product is being used with the fan function only, an open window could improveair circulation.Cooling and Dehumidifying OperationFan OperationImportant : Before installing the unit, place it UPRIGHT for 20 minutesbefore use to allow the refrigerant to stabilize. Follow installation instructions to set up the unit. Plug the unit into a properly grounded circuit.3

SAFETYREAD AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSImproper handling can cause serious damage to the appliance.WARNING1. DO NOT operate the unit with a damaged plug or loose wall outlet. If the powercord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or an authorized service agent.2. DO NOT cover the air intake and exhaust when in use.3. This appliance is not intended for use by children. Children should be supervisedand should not play on or around the appliance.4. DO NOT place objects on or sit on the unit.5. Always turn off and unplug the unit when cleaning or servicing.6. If service is needed contact an authorized service agent.7. Unplug the unit when stored or not in use.4

SAFETY8. DO NOT run the power cord under carpeting and rugs.9. Use caution to prevent tripping on cord.10. DO NOT use in areas where gasoline, paint or other flammable goods are stored.11. Basic safety precautions should always be followed when using electrical appliances.5

PARTS DESCRIPTION678213510118941. Panel (Incl. Signal Receptor)Air OutletHandleCastersUpper Drain PlugAir Filter7. Kit :1. Window Bracket Kit. 1 Set2. Window Bracket Panel Adapter. 1 Piece3. Plastic Pin. 2 Pieces4. Hose Connector. 1 Piece5. Plastic Hose. 1 PieceBack GrillLower Drain PlugPower Supply CordExhaust Hose ConnectorRemote Control1243x15x1x2x16

INSTALLATION1Install the plastic hose with window bracket adapter and hose connector on both sides.Ensure proper fit on both ends. 2Adjust the window bracket as per width or height of your window and insert the plasticpins to fix at the desired position.Plastic PinNote : Do not install the windowbracket to your window. This step isrequired only to adjust it to thesize of your window. The bracketshould be removed from the windowafter the size is adjusted.Plastic Pin37Connect the plastic hose to the hose connector on back of the unit. Push-in then rotateclockwise.

INSTALLATION4 Connect the window bracket to the opposite end of the plastic hose. Ensure thatall connections are tight and installed properly.85 Connect the window bracket to the window.86 The Portable Air Conditioner is now ready to use.8

INSTALLATIONNote:1. The supplied exhaust hose can be extended from 12 inches (1 foot) to 47 inches(3.9 feet).2. Do not bend (to the extent shown below) the exhaust hose.A bent hose will block exhaust air and cause the unit to malfunction or shut-off.NOT RECOMMENDEDMIN. 14”MAX. 40”20”RECOMMENDEDWarning: The length of the exhaust hose is determined by the product specifications. Do notreplace or lengthen it as this could cause the unit to malfunction. Make sure the back of the unit is at least 20 inches away from a wall.Do not place the unit in front of curtains or drapes as this could obstruct theairflow.9

USE & OPERATIONTouch Screen Control PanelTimer ControlFan Speed ControlWarning Light (when flashing)Timer / TemperatureSet ControlsPower ControlMode ControlPower ControlThe Power Control turns the unit on and off.Fan Speed Control3 settings: High, Medium and Low.Mode Control3 settings: Cool, Dehumidify and FanA light will indicate which setting is currently being used.Timer ControlAuto turn off:With machine in running mode, press timer button to select thenumber of hours you want the unit to run in air conditioning mode.Auto turn on:With machine in stand by mode, press the timer button to selectthe number of hours until you want the unit to automatically startrunning.Temperature / Timer Set Controls Used for adjusting the timer and thermostat. The default display is room temperature. In cooling mode, when “ “ or “ “ button is pressed, the settemperature is displayed and may be adjusted.After 10 seconds the display will revert back to room temperature.Temperature is only adjustable in cool mode.The time is adjustable between 1 24 hours.Note : By pressing both “ “ / “ “ set buttons at the sametime, the display will toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Cooling ModeThe unit works as an air conditioner. Adjust fan speed and airtemperature to suit your desired comfort level. Temperaturesetting range is 61 F 89 F Dehumidifying ModeAir is dehumidified as it passes through the unit, without being infull cooling mode. If room temperature is higher than 77 Ffan speed can be adjusted; otherwise fan speed is preset "LOW".Note : If the unit will be used mainly as a dehumidifier, do notconnect the exhaust hose and let the warm air return in theroom. Continuous drainage is then necessary and moreefficient (refer page 14, Continuous Draining). Fan ModeFor air circulation without cooling.Warning LightCondensed water may accumulate in the unit. If the internal tankbecomes full, the Power Light will flash and the unit will notoperate until the unit has been drained (refer page 14, WaterCondensation Drainage).After switching the air conditioner off, you must wait 3 minutes before switching it back on again.10

USE & OPERATIONRemote ControlThe functions work the same as the portable air conditioner’s touchcontrols. All key functions can be accessed from the remote control.Power ControlON / OFFFan Speed Control HIGH MEDIUM LOWTimer ControlIn running mode:Auto switch offIn stand-by mode:Auto switch onPress “ “ or “ “ buttonto adjust the timesetting for 1 hour intervals.Temperature / Timer SetControl Used for adjusting the timerand temperature. The default display is roomtemperature. When “ “ or “ “ key ispressed in cool mode, the settemperature is displayed andmay be adjusted. After 10seconds the display will revertback to room temperature. Timer setting is available from1-24 hours by pressing thekey “ “ or “ “Mode ControlPress this button to change theoperation mode in the order of:DehumidifyCoolFanNote :Do not place the remote control in direct sunlight.11

USE & OPERATIONBattery Installation: Remove the cover on the back of the remote control and insert two AAAbatteries with ‘‘ ’’ and ‘‘-’’ pointing in the proper direction.Caution Use only two AAA or IEC R03 1.5V batteries. Remove the batteries if the remote control is not in use for a month or longer. All batteries should be replaced at the same time, do not mix with old batteries. Properly dispose of used batteries.12

CLEANING & MAINTENANCEAppliance Maintenance:1. Turn off the appliance before disconnecting the power supply.2. Always clean the appliance with a soft dry cloth.Air Filter Maintenance:The air filter should be cleaned every two weeks.Clean it as follows:1. Turn off the appliance and remove the air filter. (refer to page 5, #6)2. Rinse it in lukewarm water. After cleaning, dry in a shaded and cool place, thenreinstall.Maintenance After Use:1. If the appliance will not be used for a long time, be sure to drain the left-overwater condensation.2. Remove the lower drain plug (refer to page 14) and use a shallow pan to collect thewater.3. To dry excess moisture, run the unit in fan mode for 30 minutes before storing.4. Clean and reinstall air filter.5. Remove air hose and window bracket and store with the portable air conditioner.13

WATER CONDENSATION DRAINAGEWater Condensation DrainageWhen there is excess water condensation inside the unit, the air conditioner stops running andshows a warning light (refer to page 10). This warning light indicates that the water condensationneeds to be drained using the following procedures:Manual DrainingWater may need to be drained in high humidity areas1. Unplug the unit from power source.2. Place a shallow pan under the lower drain plug. See diagram.3. Remove the lower drain plug.4. Water will drain out and collect in the shallow pan.5. After the water is drained, replace the lower drain plug firmly.6. You can now turn on the unit.Continuous DrainingWhile using the unit in dehumidifier mode, continuous drainage isrecommended.1. Unplug the unit from the power source.2. Remove the upper drain plug. While doing this operation someresidual water may spill so please have a pan to collect the water.3. Connect the drain connector to a ¾” hose (not included).See diagram.4. The water can be continuously drained through the hose into afloor drain or bucket.5. You can now turn on the unit.LowerDrain PlugShallow Pan(Not included)UpperDrain PlugWater Drain Pipe14

TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDEThe following troubleshooting guide addresses the most common problems. If problemspersist, call customer service. Unplug and disconnect the appliance from the powersource before attempting to troubleshoot.ProblemThe air conditioningunit does not startRuns a short whileonlyPossible Cause No electricity. Batteries in the remote control needto be replaced. The power cord is not properlyplugged in. The safety GFI plug has tripped. The thermostat temperature settingis too close to room temperature. Air outlet is blocked. There are tight bends in the airexhaust hose. A door or window is open.Runs but no cooling15 Check for power. Change remote control batteries. Remove and reconnect the powercord. Reset the safety GFI plug, ifproblem persists contact ourcustomer support. Lower the set temperature. Make sure the exhaust hose isproperly connected. Connect exhaust hose as perinstructions on page 9. Air outlet or intake is blocked. Make sure the window or dooris closed. Clean the air filter Reinstall exhaust hose properly(refer to page 9, Installation) Reduce temperature setting oncontrol panel. Remove blockage. Excess water condensation insidethe tank. Drain the water. (refer to page 14,Water Condensation Drainage). The air filter is dirty. The exhaust hose is detached. Temperature setting is too high.Will not run andwater full indicatorlight is ONSolution

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSDescription of ProductPortable Air ConditionerPortable Air 20 V 60 Hz120 V 60 HzPower Consumption1100W900WCooling capacity12000 BTU10000 BTUDehumidifying capacity70 pints/24 hours68 pints/24 hoursRefrigerant TypeR-410AR-410ATimer24 hour (ON / OFF)24 hour (ON / OFF)Dimensions (W) x (D) x (H) (inches)15.2 X 18.1 X 29.3 inches15.2 X 18.1 X 29.3 inchesWeight (Kg)68.3 lbs (31 Kg)63.9 lbs (29 Kg)Electrical products should be properly disposed.Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your local authorityor retailer for recycling.16

SERVICE AND WARRANTY5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY1st year parts and labor.5 years on all parts of the sealed system, consisting of the compressor,evaporator, condenser and factory connected refrigerant tubing.A. This warranty does not apply to any damage resulting from abusive, unreasonable use ordamage. Defects that are the result of normal wear and tear will not be consideredmanufacturing defects under this warranty.JMA NORTH AMERICA LLC IS NOT LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES OF ANY NATURE. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY ORFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON THIS PRODUCT IS LIMITED IN DURATIONTO THE DURATION OF THIS WARRANTY.Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequentialdamages or limitations on how long an applied warranty lasts, so the above limitations orexclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and youalso may have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This warrantyapplies only to the original purchaser of this product from the original date of purchase.B. At its option, JMA NORTH AMERICA LLC will repair or replace this product if it is found to bedetective in material or workmanship.C. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from any unauthorized attempts to repair orfrom any use not in accordance with the instruction manual.17

SERVICE AND WARRANTYD. Please read the Instruction Manual carefully before setting up or using this product. If youbelieve this product to be suffering from a manufacturing fault, or if you have inquiries aboutthis product, please contact our Customer Support:CUSTOMER SUPPORTJMA North America LLCRamsey, New Jersey 07446Phone: 800-474-2147Email: [email protected] contacting our Customer Support, please have the information below along with theproof of purchase. All warranty requests must be accompanied by a proof of purchase, whichis a copy of the original receipt.Model: .Date of purchase : .Purchased from : .18

JMA North America LLCRamsey, New Jersey 07446Customer Support: 800-474-2147E-mail: 10CESWW IM Eng USA 10January 2013 2013 AirTek Int’l Corp. Ltd.(JMATEK Int’l Group of Companies)The Honeywell Trademark is used under license fromHoneywell International Inc.Honeywell International Inc. makes no representation orwarranties with respect to this product.This product is Manufactured by Airtek InternationalCorporation Limited.

To ensure optimal efficiency of the product, keep doors and windows closed when it is used as an air conditioner or dehumidifier. If the product is being used with the fan function only, an open window could improve air circulation. Important : Before installing the unit, place it UPRIGHT for 20 minutes before use to allow the refrigerant to .