VINYL CUTTERUser Manual & Assembly Instructions

Save big on bundlesTable of ContentsThe fastest and most economical way to get started.Greenstar Outdoor Starter Pack1Intro2Where to use and store your vinylcutter3What’s in the box4Assembling the stand8Getting to know your vinyl cutter10Connecting to a computer11Setting up media14Blade set up15Control Panel16Making your first test cut18Troubleshooting20Maintenance21Cut and place vinyl like a proOracal 631 Starter KitThe ORACAL 631 24 x 5 Sample Packcontains 12 of the most popularcolors in the ORACAL 631 line.ORACAL 631 vinyl is a removablecalendared vinyl that is ideal formost indoor applications. It featuresa lower-tack adhesive that won’tdamage interior walls during removal. Also has amatte surface which matches interior paintGreenStar 12-Color Starter KitGreen Star IPV vinyl is great for generalpurpose interior/exterior graphics of all types.An excellent vinyl to cut, weed and transfer,Green Star IPV vinyl has an outdoor lifespan ofup to 5 years (3 years for metallic vinyl) and ismade in USA. Includes twelve 24” x 5 yard rolls.Go to and search keyword:“Greenstar outdoor bundle” for pricing.Go to and search keyword:“Oracal 631” bundle for pricing.Siser Start BundleEtched Glass KitOracal 8510 gives the professional appearanceof etched glass for a fraction of the price andlabor associated with sandblasting. This vinyl ismeant for long-term indoor and outdoor windowapplication to provide business names, logos andother graphics on entrance doors, street-facingwindows, and corporate environments. This starterkit includes a 24” x 10 yard roll of coarse silverstructure vinyl, clear high-tack application tape foraccurate registration and ease of use, a squeegee,and application fluid for wet application.The Siser EasyWeed Starter Kitconsists of twelve 15” by 12”sheets of Siser EasyWeed heattransfer vinyl in the 12 mostpopular colors. A great way to getacquainted with this versatile product!Go to and search keyword:“Siser starter bundle” bundle for pricing.Go to and search keyword:“etched glass kit” for pricing.SAME DAY SHIPPINGTake Your Craft Cutting to theNEXT LEVELOrder by 4:30PM ESTGET EVERYTHING FOR YOURVINYL CUTTING NEEDS425.481.3555Thank you for purchasing this Titan vinyl cutter.Please read this manual completely and keep it ina safe place for future reference.For Accessories, Supplies, and replacement parts please visitour website at www.uscutter.comPlease read and heed theseimportant safety messages: 2www.uscutter.comwww.uscutter.com425.481.3555This device uses sharp blades to cut vinyl. Take care not to touch the blades or gears during operation!Make sure this device is not connected to power during assembly, service, and maintenance. Also bewareof static build- up. We recommend using mats and anti-static vinyl systems.Vinyl cutting is not recommended for young

Locations for use and storageWhat’s in the boxWhere to use and store your vinyl CutterBefore starting work, please check whether thefollowing items are all present.Location, Location, Location! It’s not just important for real estate. Where your vinylcutter “lives” in your home or business is a vitally important element of your success.123456CAYou need access to a 110 volt grounded electrical outlet. That’s the standardhousehold kind with three holes, not two. Be safe. don’t plug your cutter intoan already over-crowded powerstrip or system of extension cords.EBDFDust and dirt will limit the useful life of your cutter. If you use it in a dusty ordirty environment the cooling fans will suck in the dust and it will get insidethe machine and gum up the works.GHOperate on a stable surface. A solid flat surface is needed for your vinyl cutterto do its best work. If it wobbles or vibrates during operation your cut is notgoing to be as sharp and clean as it could be.Access is important. This is a large machine, but it doesn’t belong in the cornerduring use. You’ll need to access the front and back of the cutter to operate itand change the vinyl rolls.IThere will be some noise when the cutter is in use. Take that into accountwhen you locate your vinyl cutting headquarters.Position the Titan near enough to your computer to be able to attach it via USB cableor 9-pin serial cable. Internet access will be necessary for downloading drivers andsoftware.KJNLItems:A: TitanCutterB: CrosspiecesC: Bolts,Washers, NutsD: Media Roller BracketsE: FeetF:LegsG:Catch Roller BracketsH: Media RollersI: Media Catch BasketJ: Power CordK: USB CableL: 9 Pin AdapterM: VinylSoftwareSoftware RegistrationN:CardMIf any parts seem to be missing from your packageplease contact support

Assembling the standAssembling the standBefore you begin:Step 2.Read the assembly instructions frombeginning to end. Give yourself plentyof time. Gather the tools you’ll need thataren’t inluded in the box:Attach the lower crossbrace to the leg (F)using 2 bolt sets. Next, attach the uppercrosspiece(B) andmediarollerFDbracket(D) tothe innerand outerportion ofthe leg using these three bolts here.The open hole is where wewill attach the catch rollerbracket in a later step.Notice: Thelonger endof the footoffsets fromthe side ofthe leg thathas the twohighestholes.1. 6mm Allen Wrench2. Pliers, or a Crescent WrenchHere’s how to assemble the stand:FStep 1.This is the leg:Attach the feet (E) to the legs (F).This is the foot:Attach the feet to the legs with 4 bolt sets(2 sets per leg). If they aren’t alreadyinstalled, screw in the rubber spacersto the bottom of each ends of the feet.ELongeRubber Spacers:The middle indentation of the leg should befacing in. The two outside indentations arewhere we will attatch the crosspieces.Lower CrosspieceBDr EndFace inFDo not attach yet.Float against legNow, let’s mount the other leg assemblyby connecting the bottom crosspiece to theadjascent holes and “floating” the uppercrossbrace in the adjascent slot. Do notattach the other side of the upper crosspieceyet as we will need access to this portion forthe next step.Face out425.481.355546www.uscutter.comUpper CrosspieceNote: The bottom crosspiece only attacheswith two bolt sets on each end despitehaving four holes. The extra holes are notused.Step 3.Bolt Here:F425.481.355557www.uscutter.comB

Assembling the standAssembling the standStep 4.Step 6.Carefully set the media roller bars (H) insidethe previously installed media roller bracket,and the uninstalled media roller bracketwhile holding it next to the leg. Run boltsets through the same holes of the mediaroller bracket, leg, and top crosspiece as wedid on the other side with step 2 here.Place the Titan Cutting module (A) on top ofthe stand running the bolt threads, rubberspacers,andAwasherson thebottomof themodulethroughthe holes on top of the leg mounts. Makesure the media rollers are on the same sideas the back of the module. Connect usingthe remaining four nuts.HPosition back of the pinch rollers over media rollers.Step 7.Step 5.Install the Media Catch Roller Brackets so that the sidewith the most distance from the holes is directly abovethe Media Roller Brackets with the lip at the top andfacing out.Use two boltsets per sidethreadingone setthrough theMedia RollerBrackets,Leg, and TopCrosspiece.Then set themedia catcherpoles andbasket into the rounded slots on each side.425.481.3555Longer side over media bars68www.uscutter.comLocate the grounding wire coming outfrom behind the bottom of the left end cap.Loosen thebolt on theoutside ofthe leg andconnectthe otherend of thegroundingwire bytightenningthe boltback intothe

Get to know your cutterGet to know your cutterBefore you start cutting, you should familiarize yourself with thecutter along with its basic parts and functions.RIGHT SIDE VIEWCONTROL PANELPINCH ROLLERSCARRIAGE ARMUSB CABLE PORTUsed to connect a USB cablefrom the cutter to a computer.SERIAL (COM) CABLEPORTUsed to connect a serial cablefrom the cutter to a computer.USB CABLE PORTSERIAL (COM) CABLE PORTLEFT SIDE VIEWLASERFEED ROLLERSRIGHT SIDE COVERLEFT SIDE COVERCONTROL PANELUsed to provide input directly to the cutter. Covered in detail in the“Control Panel” section of this manual.CARRIAGE ARMHolds the blade (or pen) carriage.PINCH ROLLERSHolds the media tightly to the feed roller below.FEED ROLLERSLASERLEFT SIDE COVERRIGHT SIDE COVERPOWER CABLE PORTPOWER CABLE PORTUsed to connect a power cablefrom the cutter to a wall outletor surge protector.POWER SWITCHMain power switch for turningthe power of the cutter on (1)or off (0).FUSE CARTRIDGEAllows access to the fuse insideof the cutter.CARRIAGE SLOTHolds the blade carriage inplace.LOCKING KNOBAllows access to the blade/pencarriage slots for exchanging/replacing carriages.FUSE CARTRIDGE POWER SWITCHPositions the cutting material during operation.Used by the cutter to determine the location of cut contours.Contains the power cable port, power switch, and fuse cartridge for thecutter.Contains the USB and serial cable ports for the cutter.LOCKING KNOB CARRIAGE

Connecting the cutter to a computerSetting up mediaAttach the power cord to the cutter and then plug in theunit and turn on the power.If using the Serial Cable to connectyour cutter to a computer:If you are using a Serial Cable to connect your cutter to a computer then no furthersetup is necessary. Simply connect one end of the cable to the cutter and the other endto a computer and setup is complete. If you have more than one serial connection onyour computer or you are experiencing communication issues between your cutter andcomputer then you may wish to verify that the correct COM port is being used in yoursoftware setup, but for most users the COM port will be COM1.If you are going to cut from a scrap or single sheet instead of a roll, then skip the next step onplacing a vinyl roll. All other steps will be the same.1Place the roll on top of the stand rollers.For heat press vinyl, please flip the roll.If using the USB Cable to connectyour cutter to a computer:You will need to download and install drivers for the USB connection to work properly.Go to and select the driver that supportsyour Windows version.INSTALLING VINYL MASTER SOFTWAREYour Titan Vinyl Cutter comes bundled with VinylMaster Cutsoftware, an easy to use software with the tools to help you takeyour projects from concept to a ready to cut computer image file.2You can download and install the VinylMaster Cut software, and you will need the key codepackaged with this cutter to activate the software. You may needto download drivers to support your operating system. Drivers areavailable at http://support.uscutter.comRelease the pinch rollers release levers.Training for VinylMaster is all done via short videos accessedthrough the software. To access the videos, click on the SUPPORTlink, then HELP

Setting up MediaSetting up Media35Feed the vinyl underneath the pinch rollers (ifworking from a single sheet instead of a roll, thevinyl can also be feed from the front).Leave a gap of between 1/2”-1 1/2” from the edge ofthe roller and the edge of the vinyl on both sides.46Adjust the pinch rollers so there is one roller located on each side of the vinyl (and, onmodels with 3 or more rollers, one roller near the center). Avoid lowering a pinch rollerto the gap between the two feed rollers.Engage the Pinch Rollers by pushing down on thePinch Roller Release Levers.If the cutter is not already on, turn it on

Blade Set UpControl Panel12Unscrew the cap from theBlade Carriage.Set Brass Ring on BladeCarriage to the fully downposition.5Screw the cap back ontothe Blade Carriage.34Remove the protective coverfrom a new blade.Insert the blade into thetop of the Blade Carriage.67Adjust the carriage cap until the bladeis protruding approximately 1/64th of aninch.Adjust the Brass Ring until it fits snugagainst the Cap. This will help keepthe cap in place during operation.Setting the Origin for yourTitan cutterChanging your Titan’s Speedand cut ForceTo set the Origin of where the Titan cutter will begincutting from press the “Offline” button then press thearrows. Left and right will move the carriage, and up anddown will move the feed rollers in and out. When thecarriage is located where you whant it to start, press the“Enter” button on your control panel and the origin is set.Pressing the “Reset” button simply brings the carriageback to it’s home origin.To set speed and force of the Titan, use the up and downarrows to adjust the speed and the left and right arrowsto adjust the cutting force. A typical cutting speed is500mm/s, and a typical cutting force is 100g.RESETCancel current processes and jobs.OPTION Scrolls through OptionsBlades should be replaced every 6 months. Your blade may need to be replacedmore often if you are cutting thicker material such as flock, glitter, or ows scrolling through further configurations menus/settings for calibrating.TESTPerforms cutting test to ensure that settings are adjusted correctly.LASERTurns on laser located under cutting carriage.ENTERSelects displayed option/sets the origin.SPEEDOnline: Adjusts cutting speed. Offline: Adjusts media feed rollers back and forth.FORCEOnline: Adjusts cutting depth. Offline: Adjusts cutting carriage back and forth.ON/OFFLINESwitch between online and offline mode. Use the offline mode to configure yoursettings and set your origin. Use the online mode for cutting

Making Your First Test CutA Basic Guide To Vinyl CuttingNow that you’ve got your system fullyassembled let’s take a moment to test it andalso take moment to learn a bit about howto “fine tune” the machine so that it will doquality cuts on the different materials you’ll becutting. To do this we’ll do a standard test cut,which when competed will a simple triangleinside of a square. Load the material roll andadjust the pinch rollers. Remember to makesure the top roller is placed so that there is abottom roller (called the “grit roller”) beneathit. Remember to line the material up so that itis moving straight through the feed area, andresist the temptation to run the material closeto the edge of the cutter feed area or youincrease the risk of a mis-feed that will wrinkleyour vinyl. (See the graphic on the top of pg.21 for an example.)Assuming you’re cutting standard signagevinyl, you’ll want to use your 45 blade. Ifyou received vinyl along with your cutterpackage, chances are very good it’s a standardGreenStar or Oracal signage vinyl. Now, findthe TEST button on the cutter control pad andpress it. It should cut a pattern that looks likethis:This Test Cut will help you to calibrate themachine for this material. Examine this cutand use a weeding tool or exacto knife toweed the square out while keeping thetriangle on the paper. (“Weeding” is the wordfor removing the cut vinyl in the design.)Use this simple diagram to make adjustments.There’s a certain amount of trial and error to itat first, but you’ll quickly get a feel for it.CUT SPEEDMEDIACARRIERBLADEMEDIAFor thicker materials, such as Siser60 StripFlock, Siser Glitter, and HexisCutFlex 600 Reflective,a 60o blade is needed.thick.small intricatedesignsMEDIAMEDIACARRIERCARRIERThis setting determines how fast the design is cut outand is usually measured in centimeters per second.Load the blade sothat the length of theblade shown isnot60 60MEDIA the media islonger thanBLADEMEDIACARRIERBLADEBLADEBLADEFor thin and regular sized media,use a 45o blade.BLADECHOOSE CE/PRESSURELOAD MATERIALThis setting determines how hard the blade comes down onto the material.outer squarewon’t weedMost vinyl products areloaded from over the top.blade digging too farinto carrierTest Cut425.481.3555INCREASECUT SPEEDlarge simpler designsMEDIACARRIERDECREASE CUTSPEED1816www.uscutter.comweeds easily with a lightly scored carrier425.481.3555INCREASEFORCEDECREASE FORCEPERFECT!

Common Cutting IssuesTroubleshootingPROBLEMSOLUTIONThe cutter performs erraticallyduring cuts, stops cuttingbefore the cut is finished, orcuts lines that do not appear inthe design.Some computers do not work well when connected via the USB port of thecutters. If you are having problems while cutting and are using the USB cableto connect from your cutter to computer, you may wish to try the serial cableconnection to avoid further problems. If a serial cable connection is not availableon your computer, you can try a third party USB to serial connector or a PCI cardserial adapter for your computer.After the first cut is made,subsequent cuts are made overthe top of the original, or vinylis fed backwards until it losescontact with the rollers.After a cut is made, you will need to reset the origin of the cutter. If the origin isnot set again, the first origin will remain in the cutter and the cutter will return tothis position before making any further cuts. To reset the origin; from the mainscreen of the cutter, press the Offline/Pause button on and then press the Originbutton.The Blade may be dulled or damaged. Replace with a new blade and try again.Make sure that the blade can turn freely (by attempting to turn it with yourfingers while the release button of the Blade Carriage is pressed).Cuts are jagged or inconsistent.Adjust the blade depth of the Blade Carriage (page 17) and Force setting on thecutter (page 8) until you are getting solid, uniform cuts. Start with a blade depthof around 1/64th of an inch and a pressure setting of 100g and try an increasedpressure setting before attempting to increase the blade depth.Slashes are made across thevinyl from the blade movementduring cutting.If the blade is protruding too far from the Blade Carriage then it can score andcut material during normal operations. If this is occurring, the blade needs to beadjusted so that it is protruding a minimal distance from the carriage.Vinyl not feeding straight andthe rightmost Pinch Roller willnot move.Sometimes, during shipping or movement of the machine, the right pinch rollerwill become stuck on a screw located on the back of the machine. If this occursand is affecting your cutting, press forcefully against the pinch roller until itbecomes dislodged from its position. If needed, remove the screw to repositionthe pinch roller in the desired position.Cuts are warped andinconsistent.Sometimes, during shipping or movement of the machine, the Carriage Armcan be dislodged from its track. Make sure that the 2 white wheels behind thecarriage arm are both resting securely on top of (not in front) of the track. If thewheels are not on the track, gently lift the carriage arm and press back until bothwheels are resting on the t has dashes or looks perforated.Cut line tapers and not cuttingtowards the end.EXAMPLEEXAMPLECAUSECAUSEDamaged cutting strip (groove instrip) or too much blade is exposed(friction build up).Dull blade or blade holder isn’tsecured properly in slot.SOLUTIONSOLUTIONReplace the cutting strip ordecrease the blade depth.Replace blade, check theblade force, and secure theblade holder.ISSUEISSUEBlade is skipping turns and corners.Corners are not cutting correctly.EXAMPLEEXAMPLEROUNDED CORNERSCORNERS WITH FLAGSCAUSECAUSEPart of the blade is dragging on itsside during turns.Offset setting is incorrect.SOLUTIONSOLUTIONClean the inside of the blade holder bycoating the blade with WD40 and movingit in and out of the blade holder. Clean offany debris that comes out. Replacementblade holder may be needed.Change the offset setting.425.481.3555RAISE OFFSET2119www.uscutter.comLOWER OFFSET

Maintenance For Your CutterCut & Place Vinyl Like A ProCutting Strips for your vinyl cutter will need Cutting Blades wear out with use and theto be replaced periodically - we recommend itbe done every six months if you use your vinylcutter continuously.You might need to change out your CuttingStrips sooner if you start experiencing an unevendepth of cut, or your material is peeling up evenon slow speeds.To replace your Cutting Strip: USCutter stocks replacementcutting strips. Go and search usingthe keyword: Cutting Strip. Use a weeding tool or other pointedtool to pry up the existing strip.(For best results, start at either endof the strip.)tips of the blades can snap just like the point ofa sharp pencil. (This is particularly true of the60 degree blade.) You should also periodicallyvisibly inspect your blades and if you see visiblechips in the edge it’s best to replace the bladewith a new one. (This is also a good time to wipeaway any vinyl debris that has built up inside theblade holder.)You might also consider the replacement of yourblade if you develop problems weeding or otherwise experience problems with cut quality.Oracal 3951 & 3651HP Gloss & MatteA good VINYL CUTTERis just the start.Oracal 631 orGreenStar Wall VinylMain TapeGFX-34145 BladeGlass Application45 BladeDigital PrintedGraphicsMain Tape45 GXP750 or BladeOratape HT55Indoor WallVinylRefer to the manual section on BladeSet-up for instructions on how to install replacement blades and remember to dispose ofyour old blade safely by putting it in an aluminum can or other closed hard container.EasyWeed(standard fabrics)EasyWeed Extra(nylons/water resistant)You also need the rightmedia, blade, andapplication tape toensure a professional job. Lay replacement into the channeland use a heat gun or hair dryer toheat the strip up as you squeeegee itinto place. Oracal 8300, 8500, Main Tape8510, & 8800GXF-775 orR-Tape AT6530 Blade(general)60 Blade(glitter/flock)Heat PressOracal 651 or GreenStar45 BladeIntermediate (calendered) GreenStar(general)for short termLayflat Classic or60 BladeMainTape(reflective)Oracal 751 or 951 (cast)GXF-775for long termUse a knife to trim the ends of thestrip so that it fits in the channel.Anchor BlastLiteOramaskOutdoorSignageR-Tape60 Blade4076RLAStencils &Masks60MEDIAMEDIAMEDIACARRIERCARRIER30 45 60 6060MEDIA MEDIAMEDIAMEDIACARRIER CARRIERCARRIERCARRIERMEDIAGET EVERYTHING FOR YOURVINYL CUTTING NEEDSBest for thin materialssuch as heat press vinyl.CARRIERblade” goodThe “workhorsefor most vinyl .comMEDIACARRIERFor use on thicker materialsand for highly detailed cuts.Use sparingly to ARRIERYour blade depth should be setCARRIERsothat the tip of the blade protrudesabout the distance of the width ofa credit card from the opening ofthe blade holder. Test for the properdepth setting by holding the bladeMEDIAholder and manually tryingto cutMEDIAthrough two sheets of paper. YouCARRIERshould only be able to cutwww.uscutter.comthrough the top

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windows, and corporate environments. This starter kit includes a 24" x 10 yard roll of coarse silver structure vinyl, clear high-tack application tape for accurate registration and ease of use, a squeegee, and application fluid for wet application. The ORACAL 631 24 x 5 Sample Pack contains 12 of the most popular colors in the ORACAL 631 line.