WhitepaperMOVING BEYONDMOBILEIRONBuild Your Business with BlackBerryExecutive SummaryBlackBerry is a leader in secure productivity and collaboration across all the devicesyour employees use today, and is continuously innovating to enable the devices oftomorrow. BlackBerry is trusted by the world’s most secure organizations to delivertrue productivity that supports any device. If you want to move beyond MDM, andtruly enable your users, then it’s time to move from managing devices withMobileIron, and build your business with BlackBerry.The future is BlackBerry UEM, not MobileIron MDM. Managing devices is notenough, you need a modern unified platform that truly enables your employees tobe productive on any device. BlackBerry UEM is a modern approach designed to be extensible withdemonstrated management and enablement for the Enterprise of Thingsand the future devices in your enterprise. MobileIron’s portfolio is focused on mobility management, while this isimportant, it falls short of BlackBerry’s leading secure productivity tools for allthe users inside and outside your enterprise. MobileIron does not provide consistent productivity applications acrossplatforms. Whereas BlackBerry Dynamics apps are cross-platform, withover 4,000 apps built on the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.1

WhitepaperBlackBerry works better with Microsoft . With growing interest in using Office365 apps, BlackBerry is well ahead of MobileIron, particularly in regulatedenvironments. While MobileIron focuses on competing against Microsoft, BlackBerrycontinues to expand its support for Microsoft. Seamlessly use native Microsoft Office mobile apps from withinBlackBerry Work, our leading secure mobile email client. BlackBerry has supported the Intune Graph API since June of 2017 enabling BlackBerry UEM to apply App Protection to Office mobile apps.BlackBerry security is more flexible than MobileIron. BlackBerryprovides more choices for supporting your users, whether native apps,Android, Samsung Knox , or our own BlackBerry Dynamics apps. BlackBerry provides you with a high degree of choice when it comes tosupporting your users. BlackBerry can support native and morecontainer-based approaches. With BlackBerry, you have the flexibility to deploy a Common Criteria-certifiedapp to any device you choose. BlackBerry Dynamics provides leadingsecurity and control for your custom apps.Many organizations need to provide secure content and apps on devices theydon’t control. BlackBerry offers secure productivity without MDM. MobileIron isnot able to support this key use case.BlackBerry security can be plugged into a customers’ app with our BBM Enterprise SDK, quickly delivering a secure communications Platform as aService to any app.BlackBerry’s R&D significantly outpaces MobileIron. BlackBerry’s financialcapacity has allowed us to invest in R&D at a scale that eclipses MobileIron’s by awide margin year after year. BlackBerry is continuing to invest in software, services, and support continuing to expand our capabilities to securely enable the enterprise. Built to grow in capability to support our partners, BlackBerry UEM isarchitected to plug in new capabilities quickly and easily. BlackBerry UEM is architected to enable future innovations that will powerthe Enterprise of Things.2

WhitepaperMobileIron Claims,BlackBerry DeliversMobileIron ClaimsBlackBerry DeliversProtect data across mobile,desktop, and cloud servicesusing defense-grade security.BlackBerry integrates best-in-class security atevery level across our apps and services. Thisgives you the flexibility to deployour apps together or individually, withoutsacrificing security. BlackBerry providesmarket leading MDM, but does not requiredevice management (MDM) agent forsecurity. MobileIron’s capabilities centeraround MDM, creating privacy issues forsome users. MobileIron has limited supportfor unmanaged devices. MobileIron can’tsupport high-security environments such asdeployment of corporate owned, businessonly devices with Samsung Knox .MobileIron ranks in the top 5 forall 6 categories of the Gartner Critical Capabilities for HighSecurity Mobility Management.For the 2nd year in a row, Gartner givesBlackBerry the highest score in all 6 use casesof the Critical Capabilities for High-SecurityMobility Management. Leading analysts alsopoint to BlackBerry Work as the most widelydeployed secure mobile email and personalinformation management app.Expand mobile businessoperations with unified andscalable EMM platform.BlackBerry’s platform isunproven.BlackBerry UEM has been proven over the pastthree years, and is a recognized leader.BlackBerry UEM was built from the ground upas a modern cross-platform managementplatform for the Enterprise of Things.BlackBerry UEM supports tens of thousands ofcustomers and millions of end-points acrossiOS, Android, and Windows 10 .Drive productivity by providingemployees fast, easy, and secureaccess on mobile.With the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK, developershave built over 4,000 apps to support millions ofactive users across iOS, Android, and Windows10. When you need to support key use caseswith third party apps, they are more secure withBlackBerry. When MobileIron talks aboutproductivity – their “full suite of enterprise-readyproductivity apps” is heavily reliant on thirdparty apps to support core use cases.3

WhitepaperMove beyond a legacy NOC-basedarchitecture with an innovative,modern EMM platform.BlackBerry’s highly scalable, highly availableGlobal Secure Network infrastructure, istrusted by more governments, offering aseamless always-on secure connection towork resources across iOS, Android,Samsung Knox, and BlackBerry Dynamicsapps, for both managed and unmanageddevices. This allows BlackBerry to securelyconnect without a costly VPN.Support? They don’t talk about it.BlackBerry provides support for allcustomers, with 24x7 follow-the-sunsupport available. Tailor your service to thelevel of assistance, expertise and resolutiontime your business requires.Why it’s time to switch from MobileIron to BlackBerryCompanies are embracing a growing set of devices, apps, and cloud servicesto support their digital transformation initiatives. With the fast-emergingEnterprise of Things, the need for secure connectivity and data sharing ispressuring traditional IT architectures. Companies that successfully manage thistransformation will derive enormous business value. To do so,companies need a truly secure computing platform with the ability to connect andwork any time, anywhere. BlackBerry is that partner, going beyond mobile devicemanagement, with unrivaled support for enabling true productivity across allmobile and desktop devices.BlackBerry provides the network, infrastructure, software and tools to build yourbusiness securely. With market leading security, a best-in-class user interfaceacross enterprise apps, and a broad ecosystem of third party apps, it’s nosurprise over 4,000 custom apps have been built by customers on the BlackBerryDynamics platform. BlackBerry goes beyond mobile with complete management,control, and enablement capabilities for supporting users, identities, and services,with file level Digital Rights Management (DRM) across any device. We enableand secure government and enterprise communications around the world.Leveraging BlackBerry’s heritage in securing the enterprise, we provide marketleading Cybersecurity Consulting to help train organizations to respond to thelatest threats.“We have products on MobileIron, we have productson some other platforms, but our products on BlackBerryreally do the best.”- BlackBerry ISV Partner4

WhitepaperIn today’s enterprise, managing mobile devices is not enough to make your usersproductive and secure. For this reason, MDM focused vendors, like MobileIron, areunable to support the growing needs of your company. BlackBerry is the marketleader when it comes to providing unified endpoint management – securing andenabling productive users on iOS, Android, Windows 10 and macOS . With our ownGlobal Secure Network infrastructure, and a trusted BlackBerry Dynamicsdevelopment platform that has been built from the ground up to support the futureenterprise with apps and services, BlackBerry enables users to be productive in waysthat MobileIron can’t. Don’t manage devices with MobileIron, enable your users to beproductive on any device with BlackBerry.BlackBerry is trusted by the most security conscious organizations in the world tosupport their large deployments. BlackBerry continually invests and buildsinnovative products that secure and enable your users to be productive on allmajor OSs in the enterprise. Don’t manage devices with MobileIron, empower yourusers securely with BlackBerry software.MobileIron customers and key industry analysts are frustrated with multiple areas,from disjointed user experiences to lack of support for key use cases. Theseproblems are themselves tied to a lack of innovation on MobileIron’s part – thecompany’s efforts do not extend beyond device management even though yourneeds do.BlackBerry, on the other hand, goes well beyond just management, encompassingeverything to do with secure productivity. With market leading secure productivityapps and services, analysts recognize BlackBerry for its vision and roadmap – andwhy, if you seek innovative solutions for your own organization, it’s time for a switchfrom MobileIron.The Future is BlackBerry UEM,Not MobileIron EMMThe enterprise has changed – and not just due to mobility. Cloud computingand big data, have made their way into the business world, bringing with themnew challenges and capabilities. Though businesses are aware of the potentialadvantages that innovations such as SaaS can bring them, they often lack theresources and expertise to implement them effectively.5

WhitepaperUnfortunately, most EMM vendors are little help in this regard. Like MobileIron, theirportfolios are focused on mobility management, which – though important – isfar from the only thing a mobility-minded enterprise requires to be successful. It’stherefore essential that your business select a mobility partner that not only goesbeyond the standard offerings, but also actively works to help facilitate your owninnovations.Built from the ground up to revolutionize the EMM market, BlackBerry UEM is acomprehensive future-ready platform for the enterprise. BlackBerry UEM is a modernplatform to manage all enterprise endpoints. With UEM, BlackBerry provides amodern admin console designed to be extensible and provide a comprehensivebut intuitive set of capabilities. With demonstrated capabilities for managing andenabling the Enterprise of Things, BlackBerry UEM is architected to manage currentand future IoT endpoints. New management capabilities can be ‘snapped in’ to inheritpowerful capabilities such as high availability and scalable architecture, enterprisedirectory integration, roles and authorization, as well as user, group, and policymanagement.In the world of enterprise services, you need to invest in partner that will be there tosupport your growing needs. A partner that is investing in securing the futureEnterprise of Things. BlackBerry’s financial capacity allows us to invest in R&D at ascale that eclipses MobileIron’s total annual revenues by a wide margin year afteryear.MobileIron is only focused on EMM-related services. Even where it makes attemptsto extend its offering through business apps and collaboration tools, employees havecomplained of a disjointed end user experience. If MobileIron is highly dependenton partners for these services, what might it mean for customers? Multiple pointsof contact when issues arise? Several possible chinks in the armor? Will you facenon-stop finger pointing?In contrast, BlackBerry has successfully developed a complete suite of mobileproductivity solutions that far exceeds what MobileIron offers. As noted by industryresearch, BlackBerry is especially well-positioned for regulated verticals withdemanding security requirements. This is thanks to an enterprise mobility softwareportfolio with many high-security options that MobileIron cannot offer its customers.6

WhitepaperBlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suites includes: BlackBerry UEM: Securely manage endpoints, apps, and content managementon premise or in the cloud. BlackBerry Work : The most secure personal information management app on themarket, and the only one with Common Criteria EAL 4 Certification. BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE: Seamlessly use native Microsoft mobile apps fromwithin BlackBerry Work - share files between Office mobile apps and Dynamics apps. BlackBerry DynamicsTM: The best secure multi-OS mobile application developmentplatform. BlackBerry Workspaces : An award-winning secure enterprise file synchronizationand sharing (EFSS) solution. UEM Notifications: Administrators can send messages across multiple communicationchannels - SMS, Phone, and email to communicate effectively with users.BlackBerry also offers advanced communications tools: SecuSuite : A fully-compliant encrypted voice and text messaging solution AtHocTM: A networked crisis communications solutionAs a MobileIron customer, do you rely on third-party email solutions? Has it leadto additional licensing costs? Do your iOS and Android users have to run differentemail clients? On top of a disjointed user experience, this duplication can add touser training and documentation needs, and complicate IT support / helpdeskrequirements.BlackBerry has a strong history of innovation that has revolutionized the work world.Every day, BlackBerry seeks to push the boundaries of what’s possible, from theway our millions of users authenticate to the way IT prevents data leaks to howapplications are developed and deployed.“The number-one benefit of our BYOD program and the BlackBerry EnterpriseMobility Suite is faculty satisfaction. Full-time faculty say that working on atablet with BlackBerry Work frees up 5 to 7 hours weekly. One reason is thatthey can grade assignments whenever they have a spare moment.”- IT Specialist, Large College in the United States7

WhitepaperBlackBerry Beats MobileIronin Security and CapabilitiesBlackBerry is the clear leader when it comes to secure management of mobility inthe enterprise. For the 2nd year in a row, Gartner gives BlackBerry the highest scoresin all 6 use cases of the Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management.BlackBerry customers can take advantage of key security features. For thoseorganizations that require the most robust security capabilities, BlackBerry isespecially well-positioned.The BlackBerry suite of high-security solutions for regulated industries (such asgovernment, defense, financial services, and healthcare) offers capabilities thatMobileIron simply can’t compete with – including the leading secure mobile appplatform; secure document collaboration and file-level DRM controls; encryptedmobile voice, SMS, and data; and networked crisis communications and alerting.Compared to MobileIron, BlackBerry has more certifications, a broader globalfootprint, and more extensive expertise in enterprise security. BlackBerry alsooffers numerous capabilities MobileIron doesn’t, including a Global Secure Networkinfrastructure for seamless, BlackBerry owned end-to-end data encryption and a widerange of unique solutions for high-security use cases - such as encrypted voice andtext communications for government and enterprises.Security certifications matter in mobility, and even more so for regulated industries.BlackBerry has been awarded the most relevant and respected certifications inthe world – more than any other mobility management provider. Among the mostnoteworthy are its Common Criteria certifications. Supported by EAL4 certificationfor BlackBerry Work (an all in-one productivity app for secure email, calendar,contacts, files and more) and for the majority of BlackBerry collaboration apps,enterprises can be assured that their mobile data is safeguarded to the highest levelrecognized internationally under the Common Criteria program.MobileIron cannot effectively implement an offline wipe policy or time bombcapability. BlackBerry UEM’s Connectivity Verification policy ensures secure apps thathaven’t connected to corporate servers within a period of time frame set by IT, will beautomatically wiped. BlackBerry Dynamics apps will still be wiped even when thedevice is disconnected from the network (put into airplane mode). This gap in dataand app security calls into question MobileIron’s commitment to offering secureEMM. With BlackBerry Connectivity , your organization can extend BlackBerry’srenowned security to all the key platforms your users rely on. Supporting nativemobile apps with seamless access to corporate assets behind your firewall.MobileIron doesn’t offer the same breadth of coverage, exposing you to potentialvulnerabilities and attack vectors, and you may need to rely on a separate VPNsolution. With digital crime on the rise – known security incidents have increased66% year-over-year since 2009 – is a patchwork approach to security a risk you’rewilling to live with? BlackBerry’s Secure Connectivity model requires no additionalhardware and no configuration or firewall changes, making it easy to implement andmaintain.8

WhitepaperThese are just a few of the ways BlackBerry delivers seamless, consistent securityacross platforms, alongside device-independent app containerization, extensivecompatibility, and flexible device ownership models. BlackBerry simultaneouslykeeps users productive and ensures IT can sleep at night.BlackBerry Offers Securitywith Greater FlexibilityThan MobileIronBlackBerry provides you with a high degree of choice when it comes tosupporting your users. BlackBerry can support native and container-basedapproaches. BlackBerry can support native iOS and Android, Android Enterprise(formerly Android for Work), Samsung Knox, and BlackBerry Dynamics apps, ourown set of productivity apps for all OSs. MobileIron is dependent on iOSand Android to provide security for apps and data. For securing data in motion,MobileIron uses a partner’s VPN technology to support MobileIron Tunnel.BlackBerry’s Global Secure Network infrastructure enables seamless and secureaccess to corporate resources, without requiring scale-out of your infrastructureto meet the growing need to access internal resources beyond email whilemobile. BlackBerry infrastructure validates ALL connections before they accessyour enterprise network, and we deliver this at scale, globally for our customers.BlackBerry becomes an extension of your network security team. BlackBerry’s GlobalSecure Network reduces your attack surface and provides a lower total cost ofownership. This architecture uses outbound initiated ports and never requires aninbound port to be opened. MobileIron requires a concerning number of both inboundand outbound ports, and requires additional scaling of inbound connection gateways.Organizations in regulated or highly secure environments often require a devicemanagement strategy known as Corporate-Owned, Business-Only (COBO) for atleast a portion of their workforce. Ovum cites BlackBerry as being “the originator andmost prominent vendor offering this all-inclusive hardware and software package forCOBO deployments, and remains the leader in terms of end-to-end device securityand management.”9

WhitepaperMany organizations need to provide content and apps on devices they don’t control,but this is a use-case MobileIron can’t support. MobileIron isn’t able to extendsecurity and management without provisioning an MDM profile or installing anMDM agent on the device. The capability to secure enterprise users without MDMwill become more important as European privacy laws, such as GDPR, expandregulations in both reach and penalties. BlackBerry allows you to tailor yourdeployment to meet the needs of both IT and users - even in highly regulatedenvironments.With BlackBerry, you have the flexibility to deploy a Common Criteria-certified suite ofapps to any device you choose. These apps provide containerized email, securebrowsing, chat, and other productivity capabilities, without requiring you to set up anMDM profile or installation of a management client. Users with more than one typeof device can access these apps however they choose, with a consistent userexperience throughout. When no longer required, access can be easily revoked andimportantly no corporate data remains on the device.Mobile Application Management (MAM), Mobile Content Management (MCM), andIdentity and Access Management (IAM) are all critical in these situations: sincethere’s no MDM client to work with, these capabilities need to provide security ontheir own.BlackBerry offers superior IAM through BlackBerry Enterprise Identity. WithBlackBerry Work providing industry-leading PIM and application containerization.And for MCM, BlackBerry Workspaces delivers an industry-recognized secureenterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) platform; one that offers anunprecedented degree of control to IT at the document level. All together providingsecurity and management without the need for controlling the device itself.Again, none of this is possible with MobileIron. If you truly want flexibility tosupport all your employees with best-in-class security then BlackBerry is the betteroption.“We considered a lot of different solutions, but ultimately it was BlackBerryUEM that stood out. Frankly, their offering is the best – a seamless userexperience at a controlled cost, and the flexibility to change how we managedevices and data depending on our business needs. This was something noother vendor provided.”- Director of Innovation, Large European Bank10

WhitepaperInvesting in Best of BreedSolutions for the FutureBlackBerry’s R&D significantly outpaces MobileIron. BlackBerry’s financial capacityhas allowed us to invest in R&D at a scale that is several multiples beyondMobileIron’s year after year. BlackBerry is continually increasing our investment insoftware - continuing to expand our capabilities to securely enable the enterprise.From the most modern UEM platform, to building new apps and services to drivecollaboration and productivity. It was this modern UEM platform, that allowedBlackBerry to quickly integrate leading technologies from Good Technology. Builtto grow in capability to support our partners, BlackBerry UEM is also positioned tointegrate future acquisitions. BlackBerry wants to bring the best, mostcomprehensive, feature rich capabilities quickly for customers. When needed, thisis addressed through acquisition of best-in-breed solutions.Content Collaboration Platforms (CCP) are a prime example. BlackBerryWorkspaces is a modern, highly-secure collaboration platform that enableseffortless, multi-OS file sharing, with strong DRM controls that keep files directlyunder the control of IT at all times. It protects sensitive documents even whenthey’re shared outside the organization, and does so with richer file controls thanany of its competitors.There’s also AtHoc, a pioneer and recognized leader in crisis communication.Through a seamless, reliable interface, AtHoc allows organizations and employeesto exchange critical information in times of crisis. 70% of US Federal Governmentemployees are connected using AtHoc. It’s the core crisis communications tool ofseveral departments within the United States Government, including the CoastGuard, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and US Senate. Italso safeguards countless other government agencies and leading commercialenterprises.SecuSUITE for Government is another example: a software-based solution thatprovides secure calling and text messaging on mobile devices. SecuSUITE providesdirect connections to more than 600 global carriers, allowing government agenciesto communicate across phone networks and around the world, within anorganization and beyond. By protecting sensitive information against electroniceavesdropping and third-party attacks, SecuSUITE makes things hard on hackers,but easy on IT.BlackBerry is leveraging its security heritage to help organizations combat the latestcybersecurity threats. BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting helps you develop riskappropriate mitigation strategies, implement and maintain IT security standards andtechniques. BlackBerry will train your employees to defend your organizationagainst the risk of future cyber attacks.When it comes to IT, we need to think ahead and make mobile work moresecure. BlackBerry has provided us with just the right solutions for thispurpose.”- CIO, IT Service Provider11

WhitepaperAbout BlackBerryBlackBerry is an enterprise software and services company focused on securingand managing IoT endpoints. The company does this with BlackBerry Secure, anend-to-end Enterprise of Things platform, comprised of its enterprisecommunication and collaboration software and safety-certified embeddedsolutions. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry was founded in 1984 andoperates in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Latin America andAfrica. The Company trades under the ticker symbol "BB" on the Toronto StockExchange and the New York Stock Exchange. For more information, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter. 2018 BlackBerry Limited. Trademarks, including but not limited to BLACKBERRY, BLACKBERRY UEM,BLACKBERRY WORKSPACES and EMBLEM Design are the trademarks or registered trademarks ofBlackBerry Limited. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Content: 4/1812

Android, Samsung Knox , or our own BlackBerry Dynamics apps. BlackBerry provides you with a high degree of choice when it comes to supporting your users. BlackBerry can support native and more container-based approaches. With BlackBerry, you have the flexibility to deploy a Common Criteria-certified app to any device you choose.