Virginia LeasesCommercial Lease & Coastal VirginiaOffshore Wind ProjectVirginia and North Carolina Task ForceMeetingDecember 7, 20171

Research and CommercialLease AreasCommercial Leaseexecuted with aNovember 1, 2013Effective DateResearch Lease directly adjacent to Dominion’s CommercialWind Energy Area 82

Commercial LeaseOCS-A 0483Update3

Commercial Lease Update Dominion Energy – LeaseHolder Site Assessment Plan ApprovalOctober 12, 2017 Next Steps 44.5 Years to COP SubmittalGeotechnical and geophysical investigationsMeteorological buoy deploymentMaintain Compliance with Lease Conditions

Research LeaseOCS-A 0497Update5

Research Lease HistoryThe Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Project wasformerly known as the Virginia Offshore Wind TechnologyAdvancement Project (VOWTAP)6 In 2013, DOE selected 7 projects for initial engineering andenvironmental surveys - 4 million per project In 2014, DOE selected 3 projects, including VOWTAP, forfinal design and construction -Up to 47 million per project In May 2016, DOE withdrew further funding after Dominiondecided to file for state approval, thereby extending theCommercial Operation Date (COD) by up to 2 years.

Research Lease History7 In March 2015, BOEM issued the first of its kind ResearchLease offshore Virginia to DMME In July 2015, BOEM Issued the Revised EA and FONSI In March 2016, BOEM issued final Research Activities Plan(RAP) approval In July 2017, Dominion announced a strategic partnershipwith Ørsted (formerly DONG Energy of Denmark) fordevelopment and construction of the newly named CoastalVirginia Offshore Wind Project (CVOW)

Research Lease Team Virginia Department of Mines Minerals andEnergy (DMME) – Research Lease Holder Dominion Energy - Research LeaseDesignated Operator Ørsted Wind Power–Engineering,Procurement and Construction Contractor8

Research Lease TeamDominionEnergyProfilePrimary Operating SegmentsPower DeliveryGas InfrastructurePower GenerationGas TransmissionElectric Transmission 6,600 miles of transmission lines Favorable regulatory environmentElectric Distribution 57,600 miles of distribution lines 2.6 million franchise retail customeraccounts in VA and NC9Utility Generation 21,500 MW of capacity Balanced, diverse fuel mix Favorable regulatory environmentMerchant Generation 4,700 MW of capacity, includingnuclear, gas and renewable power Active hedging program for energyrevenue/margins Together with Gas Distribution,operates one of the largest naturalgas storage systems in the U.S. 15,000 miles of pipeline in elevenstates Cove Point LNG import facility Well positioned in Marcellus and UticaShale regionsGas Distribution 51,300 miles of distribution pipelineand 2.3 million natural gas customeraccounts in five statesDominion Energy Solutions

Research Lease TeamØrsted Wind Power overviewUnparalleled experience and track recordGlobal footprintEuropeUSAAsia PacificBay State WindBoston officeTaipei officeOcean WindCoastal VirginiaFormosa 1.1Formosa 1.2Greater Changhua projectsAnholtMiddelgrundenWest of Duddon SandsWalney ExtensionWalney 1 & 2Isle of ManHorns Rev 1 & 2Westermost RoughHornsea 1Hornsea 2Hornsea 3 & 4Race BankLincsBarrowGunfleet Sands 1 & 2Burbo Bank Ext.Burbo BankUnder constructionUnder developmentDecommissioned after 25 years1022 offshore wind farmsin operation20177 offshore wind farmsunder constructionAvedøreNystedGode Wind 2Gode Wind 3 & 4Gode Wind 13.8 GW2,0005.0 uction7.7 millionEuropeanswith cleanelectricity3.5 GWBorkum Riffgrund 2Nördlicher GrundBorkum Riffgrund West 2OWP WestIn operation25 years of experience and trackrecord in the offshore wind sectorVindebyBorkum Riffgrund 1Gunfleet Sands 3Borssele 1&2London Array1991World'sleadingoperator16Partnerships

Industry ContributionsSite Specific Data that has been collected in support of the project alsoprovides a baseline of information that can be utilized for future commercialoffshore wind development. Some of the surveys and studies conducted thatwill inform future offshore wind development in the U.S. include: Hurricane Studies; Breaking Waves Studies; Seabed Mobility Studies, Scour Assessment Study;11 Metocean Conditions Studies; Geotechnical Campaign Surveys; and Laboratory Analysis.

Industry ContributionsEnvironmental and Site Characterization Surveys & Studies 12Terrestrial Archaeology SurveyVisual Impact AssessmentHistoric Structures SurveyAvian Surveys (ship-based andonshore point counts)Onshore Wetland and WaterbodySurveys

Industry ContributionsEnvironmental and Site Characterization Surveys & Studies In Air and Underwater AcousticAnalysis Air Emissions Analysis Aviation Assessment EMF Analysis Fisheries Assessment Marine Mammal and Sea TurtleAssessment Navigational Risk Assessment Sediment Transport Analysis Threatened and Endangered SpeciesAssessment13

Restrictions andCompliance IssuesTime of Year Restrictions Sea Turtle Nesting on Beaches – May 1 toAugust 1 North Atlantic Right Whale MigrationPeriod – November 1 to April 3014

Restrictions andCompliance IssuesRAP Approval Conditions 15UXO SurveysAvian and Bat ProtectionMarine Protected Species and Essential Fish Habitat Vessel Strike Avoidance Measures North Atlantic right whales Non-delphinoid cetaceans other than the North Atlanticright whale Delphinoid cetaceans and pinnipeds Sea turtles

Anticipated RAPAmendmentsSome Project components will be updated due toadvancing technologies in offshore wind sincesubmittal of the RAP: Purpose and Need Project Description Schedule16

Purpose and NeedThe 5 key elements of this research project identified in theRAP remain valid. Technical Innovation and Validation: First turbines to be installed in U.S. Federal waters First monopile foundation with 6MW turbines to be installed inthe U.S. Supervisory control system will monitor turbine operation in realtime Hurricane resilient design17

Purpose and Need Cost Reduction: CVOW will provide a necessary step towards future commercialscale offshore development by utilizing latest technologies toreduce CAPEX and O&M costs Removal of Market Barriers: Provide a platform for removing first-of-a-kind risks that constitutebarriers to the U.S. offshore wind industry, including:18 Navigating permitting process Installing turbines that are new to the U.S. offshore windmarket Provide a better understanding of U.S. supply chainrequirements18

Purpose and Need Identify Potential Improvements to Permitting Process: CVOW will build on experience gained from thepermitting process by: Working with BOEM to gain approval on the RAP amendmentin a timely manner; Being the first project to test the post RAP/COP approvalpermitting process; and, Being the first project to undergo the FDR/FIR ReviewProcess.19

Purpose and Need Progressing Environmental Research and Understanding: Location of the turbines in proximity to each other willallow research on wind turbine wake effects; Project will provide valuable data to enhance theunderstanding of the environmental effects of futureoffshore wind development in the U.S.20

Proposed Project ModificationsOffshore wind technology has advanced rapidly in the last fewyears. Some Project components have been updated toincorporate state of the art advancements, including:Turbines The CVOW will still utilize 6MW turbines, with option forpower boost technology Some turbine specifications will be slightly different thanpreviously proposed21

Proposed Project ModificationsFoundation Type Monopile foundation (previously Inward Battered GuideStructure): One 26.2 foot diameter monopile for each new foundation(previously the IBGS had one 10.2 foot diameter central caissonand three 5.9 foot diameter pin piles per foundation) Monopile reduces installation from 1 week to less than 1 day perfoundation (excluding weather delays)22

Proposed Project Modifications23

Proposed Project ModificationsVessels Vessels originally proposed for construction may requiremodification due to requirements for installation andvessel availability.Route and landing location No change anticipated Micro-siting may be required within the 300 m surveycorridor based on results of the UXO survey One known (MAREA) and at least one more anticipatednew fiber optic trans-Atlantic communication cable crossing24

Proposed Project ModificationsOnshore Interconnection Cable Route Due to conflicts with military activities, the Navy hasrequested that the Onshore Interconnection Cable Routebe modified. Working with Camp Pendleton to modifyonshore cable route to interconnect station. Length of Onshore Interconnection Cable Route willincrease by approximately half mile, from approximately3250 feet to approximately 5800 feet25

Target Submittal of RAP AmendmentUXO Identification SurveySubmittal of Facility Design ReportUXO Visual ROV Survey and MitigationSubmittal of Fabrication and Installation ReportOffshore Component FabricationOnshore ConstructionOffshore ConstructionA detailed Project schedule will be provided with the RAP Amendment.26

Stakeholder InvolvementFederal Department of Defense United States Coast Guard United States Navy United States Army Corps of Engineers National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National MarineFisheries ServiceState Virginia Marine Resources Commission Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) Camp Pendleton State Military Reservation27

Next Steps Submit RAP Amendment Update, Modify or Obtain Other Permits/Approvals asNecessary UXO Surveys Facility Design Report/Fabrication and Installation Report Construction Commercial Operation Date –Target 202028

Thank You for YourAttentionCommercial Lease & Coastal VirginiaOffshore Wind ProjectVirginia and North Carolina Task ForceMeetingDecember 7, 201729

Lincs London Array Race Bank Horns Rev 1 & 2 Hornsea 1 Anholt Middelgrunden in operation Vindeby Nysted Borkum Riffgrund West 2 Borkum Riffgrund 2 Borkum Riffgrund 1 Gode Wind 1 . Provide a better understanding of U.S. supply chain requirements 18 18 . Purpose and Need