ORACLE DAT A SHEETOracle Application ManagementSuite for Oracle E-Business SuiteOracle Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite leveragesOracle Enterprise Manager as Oracle’s on-premises management platform,providing a single pane of glass for management of Oracle E-Business Suiteenvironments on Oracle Cloud or at customer data centers. Oracle EnterpriseManager provides market-leading automation for monitoring and managingOracle Cloud environments, Oracle engineered systems, databases,middleware, and Oracle applications.The Oracle Application Management Suite helps customers to:HYBRID CLOUD MANAGEMENTAutomation of key processes usingOracle Enterprise Manager commandline interface: Increase operational efficiency; Reduce the cost of application ownership; Proactively manage high availability of applications; Enforce standardization and compliance across the enterprise; Manage and diagnose end-to-end technology stack performance;and Effectively manage and track patches and customizations.Reducing Total Cost of Application OwnershipThe Oracle Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite helps customersto reduce total cost of application ownership by automating key processes for Hybrid Provisioning and DiscoveryCloud Management and seamless change management across Oracle E-Business Lift and ShiftSuite environments on Oracle Cloud and on-premises. Backup / Restore CloningHybrid Cloud ManagementThe Oracle Application Management Suite delivers capabilities to monitor and manageOracle E-Business Suite environments on Oracle Cloud or on-premises with a singlepane of glass. Customers can implement Oracle Application Management Suite at acustomer data center and deploy hybrid cloud agents on Oracle Cloud infrastructure. Itdelivers automation required to provision, discover, and monitor Oracle E-BusinessSuite instances on Oracle Cloud by using the Oracle Enterprise Manager command lineinterface. The following are examples of the key processes automated to deliver animproved experience and greater flexibility:

ORACLE DAT A SHEET Provisioning and discovery of single and multi-node instances Provisioning of new Oracle E-Business Suite instances from backup Lift and shift of environments from on-premises to Oracle cloud Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite environments on Oracle Cloud Automated backup and restore on Oracle Cloud Scale out capabilities (adding apps tier nodes) on Oracle Cloud Creating custom packages Deploying Oracle and custom patchesChange ManagementCHANGE MANAGEMENT Oracle and custom patch promotionsfrom Oracle Cloud to on-premisesand vice versaChange Management capabilities include Change Approval Framework, PatchManagement, Customization Management, and Automated Cloning. Customers canseamlessly promote Oracle patches and custom patches from Oracle Cloud to onpremises and vice versa. Multi-level hierarchical changeapprovals EBS and technology stack patchrecommendations Automation of Patch DeploymentprocessesPatch Manager can show complete list of recommended patches for Oracle E-Business Simplified EBS Online PatchingSuite application products and the technology stack components. These are specific to Patch Promotion Policiesa given Oracle E-Business target instance and will reduce or eliminate the research Customization Manager Discovery of customizations Validation of custom code standards User-defined custom code standards Integration with 3rd party sourcecontrol systems Automated apps tier cloning Simplified interface for database andapplication tier cloning My Oracle Support integrationAll patches and customizations must be approved by the designated approvers. A multilevel, hierarchical list of approvers can be setup for each Oracle E-Business Suitetarget. Auditors can review the change requests and the by administrators and will help to ensure all Oracle E-Business Suite systems arecurrent with Oracle recommended patches. Customers can deploy database and WLSpatches by creating Oracle Enterprise Manager patch plans directly from the patchrecommendations user interface.Figure 1: Patch Manager – Patch Recommendations.Patch Promotion Policies can be defined to control and manage promotion of patchesfrom pre-production (test, development, QA) to production instances on Oracle Cloudand on-premises. The Patch Promotion policy dashboard shows all the patches appliedto the instances in a specific policy that quickly helps in identification of unappliedpatches and to promote unapplied patches to the next instance in the promotion policy.The Patch Management dashboard allows you to manage all patching activities of yourOracle E-Business Suite instances including viewing of patch worker logs. Patch2 ORACLE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE

ORACLE DAT A SHEETManager simplifies the online patching process and reduces human intervention to agreat extent, eliminating the need for continuous monitoring of the patching process.Patch Manager makes it easier for administrators to check for prerequisite patches andto download the patches in offline mode or directly from My Oracle Support.Figure 2: Patch Manager – Online Patching Dashboard.Customization Manager has the capability to discover customizations within your OracleE-Business Suite systems and provide detailed reports online or in a spreadsheetformat. This helps your organization to keep track of the inventory of customizations anduse the data for further analysis.Figure 3: Customization Manager – Customization Discovery Inventory display.Customization Manager allows you to create and deploy custom packages acrossOracle E-Business Suite instances similar to Oracle delivered patches. CustomizationManager can help to ensure all the customizations follow Oracle development standardsand/or user defined customizations standards specific to your IT organization.3 ORACLE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE

ORACLE DAT A SHEETCustomization Manager supports more than 200 different file types. You can integrateCustomization Manager with any 3rd party source code version control software.You can use Customization Manager to generate a readiness report to verify if thecustomizations are ready for Oracle E-Business Suite Online Patching.The Automated Cloning feature allows you clone your Oracle E-Business Suiteapplications for testing, training, or development purposes. Automated Cloningleverages the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Provisioning Framework. Astep-by-step interview guides administrators through the cloning process and facilitatesscheduling of Oracle E-Business Suite database and application cloning procedures.Administrators can modify the standard cloning process to include custom steps tocomplete pre- or post-cloning custom actions.Improve Operation Efficiency with Oracle ApplicationManagement SuiteThe Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite is built on top of theOracle Enterprise Manager technology platform to deliver end-to-end monitoring andSYSTEM MONITORING Cloud provisioning of new Oracle EBusiness Suite instances Discover multiple Oracle E-BusinessSuite targets in one step using EMCLI Centralized Monitoring Concurrent Processing Monitoring management of Oracle E-Business Suite systems.The Application Management Suite delivers comprehensive capabilities, such as: Enterprise summary dashboards Automation of all routine operations Proactive monitoring and notifications based on usageParallel Concurrent Processing Performance and configuration metrics Real time User Monitoring Incident management JVM Usage Monitoring Incident Management Application performance management Notifications based on MetricThresholds Configuration management Metric Extensions for User DefinedMetrics Compliance standards Integration with My Oracle Support Discover MWA Targets Extensive change management capabilities Discover Custom ConcurrentProgramsSystem management capabilities include monitoring and managing Oracle E-BusinessSuite technology components. The following are some examples. Concurrent processing Forms service Parallel concurrent processing Concurrent request sets Conflict resolution managers Workflow service Mobile web application targets Multi-node installations4 ORACLE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE

ORACLE DAT A SHEET Database nodes Middle tier / web servers Follow transactions across servers to understand what tier the applicationissue resides Breakdown silos and see application logs automatically in context to theapplication performanceA simplified Instance Administration user interface helps in adding and removing (scalein/scale out) application services, application nodes, and managed servers.Monitoring and managing the complete Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack willhelp in improving operations efficiency and reduce overall cost of application ownership.CONFIGURAT ION & COMPLIAN CEMANAGEMENT EBS Technology Stack ConfigurationManagementFigure 4: E-Business Suite Summary Dashboard Configuration Change Audit TrailReducing Business and Operations Risks Configuration Comparisons betweenOracle Cloud and on-premisesenvironmentsOracle Enterprise Manager collects and stores the technology configurations of Oracle Configuration TemplatesBusiness Suite technology stack configurations including host configuration, database Compare EBS Technologycomponents and versionsconfiguration, middleware configuration, patches applied, key profile option changes, Search and Compare NLS Patchesconfigurations between two or more Oracle E-Business Suite systems directly or by Out-of-the-Box EBS ComplianceStandardscomparing configuration snapshots taken at different time intervals. User Defined Compliance Standardscompany and reduce the configuration drift between various Oracle E-Business SuiteE-Business Suite to help centralize monitoring and tracking changes to Oracle E-versions of technology components, and custom object changes. You can compareConfiguration templates help to standardize the configuration standards across theinstances. Administrators can track changes by setting up notifications when anyunauthorized changes occur to Technology stack configurations.Compliance framework integration allows you to ensure your Oracle E-Business Suite iscompliant with your IT audit as well as industry and regulatory requirements. Oracle EBusiness suite security compliance standards and configuration management standardsare delivered out-of-the-box. System Management dashboards and ComplianceManagement dashboards show trends and compliance violations. These dashboards5 ORACLE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE

ORACLE DAT A SHEEThelp demonstrate the Audit readiness of your IT organization with the automation ofcompliance standards reducing the cost of compliance.Standardization of managing configurations and compliance standards across company,ability to track changes, proactive real time compliance monitoring can significantlyreduce the operations risk and the risks to overall business.REAL USER EXPERIENCE INSIGHTFigure 5: Compliance Framework Dashboard. Manage End User Experience End-To-End Transaction TrackingImprove Applications User Experience Synthetic User MonitoringReal User Experience Insight (RUEI) capabilities help you measure application EBS specific Key PerformanceIndicatorsresponse times, remove bottlenecks, and helps in improving applications performance, End User Performance DiagnosisBusiness Suite specific capabilities, with highly personalized dashboards that show key Geo-location reportingperformance indicators, performance metrics by module, user, and geography. Support for EBS Forms JVM Diagnostics integrationend user productivity, and application user experience. RUEI delivers Oracle E-RUEI helps to monitor application user activities for both Forms and Oracle ApplicationFramework users. Each application user activity can be traced through all the layers ofthe E-Business Suite technology stack to identify the cause of performance bottlenecks.REL AT ED PRODUCTSRUEI also supports user monitoring using tests designed to simulate common end user Application Testing Suiteactivities using the application UI and executed from beacons deployed in key locations Database Life Cycle ManagementPackof your network. This helps you to proactively test the availability of Oracle E-Business Data Masking Packperformance problems using JVM Diagnostics and allows drill down capabilities for any Diagnostic Pack for Databaseuser session or application session all the way to database session to show underlying Tuning Pack for DatabaseSQL and related information such as waits, leaks, locks, and other such information for Cloud Management Packyou to take corrective action.Suite applications. RUEI helps you to replay any end user session, diagnose6 ORACLE APPLICATION MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE

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Oracle Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite leverages Oracle Enterprise Manager as Oracle's on-premises management platform, providing a single pane of glass for management of Oracle E-Business Suite environments on Oracle Cloud or at customer data centers.