Theelficiencycatalystee«CIN: L72100DL1993PLC179154FCS/STX/2022July 08, 2022To,The Dept. of Corporate ServicesNational Stock Exchange of India Ltd.The Stock Exchange MumbaiExchange Plaza, Plot No. C/1, G BlockDalal Street, Fort,Mumbai: 400001Bandra Kurla Complex,Mumbai: 400051Subject: Disclosure under RegulationRequirements) Regulations, sclosureDear Sir,In accordance with Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligation and Disclosure Requirements)Regulation, 2015 this is to intimate that the Board of Directors in its 207" Meeting held on Thursday, July07, 2022, at Corporate Office at FCS House, Plot No. 83, NSEZ, Noida Dadri Road, Phase II, GautamBuddha Nagar, Noida- 201305 (U.P.), considered and approved the following business:L.Appointmentof Mr.Brijesh Singh Bhadauriyaas an AdditionalIndependentDirector of theCompany, w.e.f 7" July, 2022.It is informed that pursuant to SEBI Circular No, LIS/COMP/14/2018-19 dated June 20, 2018,he is not debarred from holding the office of Independent Director pursuant to any SEBI order orany such authority.Thisis toinformthat theBoardof Directors,onthe recommendationbusiness processes“) e@AuditAnnual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday, August 03, 2022, till the conclusionof the 34th AGM, subject to approval of the members of the Company. Details requiredunder Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements)Regulations, 2015 read with SEBI Circular No. CIR/CFD/CMD/4/2015 dated September9, 2015 are enclosed as Annexure.Kindly take the aforesaid information on your records.FCS Software Solutions LimitedRegd. off : 205, 2nd Floor, Aggarwal Chamber lV, 27, Veer Sawarker Block, Vikas Marg, Shakerpur, Delhi 110 092Tel: 91-01 1-424 18371, www.fesitd.comCorporate Office: Plot No. 83, NSEZ, Noida Phase ( , Noida-20130S, Tel: 0120-4835900 Fax. 0120-4635941Email id: [email protected] website:- www.fesitd.comNolda Office: A-86, Sector-57, Noida-201301, India, Tel 0120-3061100, Fax No-0120-3061111Plot No. 1A,Sector-73, Noida-201301Chandigarh Office: Plot —J-7, Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Kishan Garh Chandigarh-160101Panchkula Office: Plot No.-11, HSIIDC Park, Sector-22, Panchkula, Haryana -134109Gurugram Office: Plot No-54, EHTP, Sector-34, Gurugram-122004(of theCommittee, has approved the appointment of M/s. SPMG & Company, CharteredAccountants, (ICAI- Firm Registration no. 509249C), as Statutory Auditors of theCompany for a term of five (5) consecutive years from the conclusion of ensuing 29th@collaborative platforms Oaenterprise interfacesAppointment of Statutory Auditors of the Company.

*yTheefficiencycatalyste CIN: L72100DL1993PLC179154Thanking You,Yours faithfully,For FCS Software Solutions Mitditedsofth are egitttsulFESSQA‘ee\VN\eiCxcompany sereirshaSharmaVF Company Secretary)ership No.: A33548 {\é2D ov”ec ‘a vi3a888iaFCS Software Solutions LimitedRegd. off : 205, 2nd Floor, Aggarwal Chamber V, 27, Veer Sawarker Block, Vikas Marg, Shakerpur, Delhi 110 082Tel: 491-01 1-42418371, wrew.fcsitd.comCorporate Office: Plot No. 83, NSEZ, Nolda Phase fl, Nolda-201305, Tel: 0120-4635900 Fax. 0120-4035941Emalt id: [email protected] website:- www.tcsitd.comNoida Office: A-88, Sector-57, Nolda-201301, India, Tel: 0120-3081 100, Fax No-0120-3061111Plot No. 1A.Sector-73, Noida-201301Chandigarh Office: Plot -J-7, Rajlv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Kishan Garh Chandigarh-160101Panchkula Office: Plot No.-11, HSIIDC Park, Sector-22, Panchkula, Haryana -134109Gurugram Office: Plot No-54, EHTP, Sector-34, Gurugram- 122004

“FCsTheefticiencycatalyste *on recoysetaiis’ )Regulations, 2015 read along with SEBIdated September 9, 2015- Change in directorS.ParticularsandDisclosureCircular CIR/CFD/CMD/4/2015Details of ChangeNo. 1Obligations1Mr. Brijesh Singh Bhadauriya Reasonforchangeviz. Appointmentappointment, resignation, removal,death or otherwise2. Date of appointment/cessation (as w.e.f. 7" July, 2022applicable) & term of appointmentTerms of Appointment:Appointment of Mr. Brijesh Singh Bhadauriyais subject to approval of Shareholders, in theensuing Annual General Meeting to be held on3 August, 2022./3{ : Brief Profile (in case ofappointment)restructuring.4 Disclosure of relationship between NAdirectors (in case of appointment of ) @business processes @collaborative platforms enterprise interfaces a Director)FCS Software Solutions LimitedRegd. off : 205, 2nd Floor, Aggarwal Chamber IV, 27, Veer Sawarker Block, Vikas Marg, Shakerpur, Delhi 110 092Tel: 81-011-42418371, www.{csitd.comCorporate Office: Plot No. 83, NSEZ, Noida Phase fi, Noida-201305, Tel: 0120-4635900 Fax. 0120-4635941Emall id: [email protected] website:- www,lcsitd.comNolda Office: A-86, Sector-57, Nolda-201301,Indla, Tel: 0120-3064100, Fax No-0120-3061111Plot No. 1A Sector-73, Nokda-201301Chandigarh Office: Plot -J-7, Rajlv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park. Kishan Garh Chandigarh-160101Panchkula Office: Plot No.-11, HSIIDC Park, Sector-22, Panchkula, Haryana -134109Gurugram Office: Plot No-S4, EHTP, Sector-34, Gurugram- 122004f7Mr.BrijeshSinghBhadauriyais having Professional experience of over 32 years with extensiveexposureincorporatelaw, compliances, regulatory affairs and corporate

“FCSTheeffllciencycatalystee*cw: rencoO TETAS" ) Regulations, 2015 read along withSEBIdated September 9, 2015- Change of Statutory Auditor S.ParticularsObligationsandDisclosureCircular CIR/CFD/CMD/4/2015 Details of ChangeM/s SPMG & CompanyReasonforchangeviz. Appointment of Auditors consequent toappointment, resignation, removal,completion of appointed term of 5 years of thedeath No.]or otherwiseeecurrent auditors, Aadit Sanyam & Associates, Chartered Accountants, which ends on the 29th Annual General Meeting.— Date of appointment/cessation (as The appointment ofM/s. SPMG & Company,applicable) & term of appointment Chartered Accountants, (ICAI Firm Registrationno. 509249c), as Statutory Auditors of theCompany for a term of five (5) consecutive yearsfrom the conclusion of ensuing 29th AnnualGeneral Meeting to be held on Wednesday,August 03, 2022, till the conclusion of the 34th AGM,ee Brief Profil(in casee of3 appointment)4 Disclosure of relationship between directors (in case of appointment ofSPMG& COMPANY is registered with theinstitute of Chartered Accountantsof India (Registration No. 509249c). The Firm has around 98 professionals and staff. SPMG & Company has offices in Delhi and Bhopal. The registered office of the Firm is 3322-A, 2nd Floor, Bank Street, Karol Bagh, New Delhi - 10005.— NA a Director)AreFCS " aoewe v\ processes\@ITG.\ Company SecretaryxFCS Software Solutions Limited/Regd. off : 205, 2nd Floor, Aggarwal Chamber lV, 27, Veer Sawarker Block, Vikas Marg, Shakerpur, Delhi 110 092Tel: 491-01 1-42418371, www.fesitd.comCorporate Office: Flot No. 63, NSEZ, Noida Phase II, Noida-201305, Tel: 0120-4635900 Fax. 0120-4635941Email id: [email protected] website:- www.{csitd.comNolda Office: 4-88, Sector-57, Noida-201301, India, Tel: 0120-3061100, Fax No-0120-3061111Plot No. 1A,Sector-73, Nokda-201301;Chandigarh Office: Plot —J-7, Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Kishan Garh Chandigarh-160101Panchkula Office: Plot No.-11, HSIIDC Park, Sector-22, Panchkula, Haryana -134109Gurugram Office: Plot No-54, EHTP, Sector-34, Gurugram 122004if’No@collaborative platformsGoenterprise interfaces subject to approval of the members of the7 Company.

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSSPMG& COMPANYis one of the up coming mediumlevel firms of CharteredAccountants in Delhi, India. The partnership firm was established in early 1988 inDelhi and now has presence in Bhopal. It has grown to its present position throughthe hard work, good client’s relation and their satisfaction.The firm offers services to its clients in India and abroad. We offer our skills tovaried type of clients ranging from corporate sector, Public sector f broadsmallandmediumrange of clients operations,practical experiencein l Accounting,(Internal, StatutorybankManagement) has given us the wide range ofDirect and Indirect), Financial Accounting,andandTaxation(bothCorporate Auditaudits. Businessneeds of eachorganisation are separately assessed and solutions unique to each different businessenvironment are provided.Our partners and staff have rich experience in industry and consultancy and canprovide lateral and innovative thinking and technically sound advice/ services socritical to today’s business needs. Few of our partners have provided services to theclients’ abroad like in USA, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Japan etc.Presently the firm’s staff strength is as follows:ePartners13eAudit Manager10eAudit Supervisors5eAdministrative StaffAnd ArticlesTotal7098Page 1 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSWhy SPMG.I.ePromptness of serviceseEfficiency in our organizationeA Proactive approacheReliabilityeGood liaisoneAllsolutions under one roofeCost EffectiveServices to International clientsOur partners have providedservices to the foreign clients’abroad.The serviceswere provided to FMCG, IT and Distribution companies.Accounting and Audit ServiceThe work was of compiling the accounts as per International Accounting Standards(IAS) and/ or as per USGAAP,system study and internal control procedures andfollow up. Also to get the accountsauditedby one of the Big 5 auditors.Thepartners have a wide range of experience of the requirement as per IAS and thuscanadvice andassist the internal control andaccountingsystemkeepingin toconsideration the international requirement.Thepartnershavealso carriedout the Auditof the FMCGandthe DistributionCompany as per IAS and US GAAP.Setting up of a Computerised Accounting System and MISThe Partners have assisted the team of one of the Big5 in setting up the completeMISsystemfor the better controlbythe Topmanagementin FMCGandITindustry. They have successfully implemented the computerised accounting systemto meet the tough requirement of IAS/ USGAAP along with the MIS to ensurePage 2 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSproperinternal control andprocedures.Oneof the Partnerswasinvolvedfordesigning the Budget and Expense System for one of the Bank in Japan.Management Consultancy and Due Diligence studyDue Diligence Services were provided to Beer and Dry Cereal companies before thetakeover/buyingconsultancymoreis providedsharesandthusto the r the efficient andsmoothrunning of those companies.I.Services to National clientsAudit ServicesThe audit maymanagementbe requiredby statute; properly planned, it can become a usefultool. Our approach enables us to concentrate our time and effort onthe most significant areas of the accounts and controls. So not only do we keep ourtime cost to a minimum,we also increase the effectiveness of the audit and thusmaximum value to the client.Theprocessaccountingof obtainingcomprehensiveunderstandingof the client’s business,system and internal controls enable us to focus on key areas besidesdoing the normal audit. This process also depends upon clients to clients upon therequirements.Theapproachexperience of the membersensuresthattheprofessionalandcommercialof the firm is constantly brought to bear on a client’saffairs.Over the years we have specialised in carrying out the internal/ management auditsof small to medium sized business entities. The thrust is to audit for the statutoryrequirements and also simultaneously report the irregularities and the weakness inthe internal control and systems for proper action and rectificationPage 3 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSAccounting untmaintenance,payrollprocessing and accounts supervision. We have done restructuring of the departmentto obtain high efficiency with low cost.TaxationWe have skilled team to deal with an ever continuing and increasingly complex bodyof tax legislation. Tax planning plays a vital part in our approach and our primaryaimis to help lawfully to mitigate the burdenof taxation.Weare advisinganumber of business entities on Corporate and personal sefficientlywithon effective taxplanning. We advise on restructuring staff salaries to make these mosttax efficientAssessingwithOfficer,in the legal itiesbeforeareallspecialities of the practice in the field of Corporate Tax.b)Foreign CompaniesThe firm provides initial and continuing advice on critical tax matterssuch aseIssues of Transfer PricingeTax planning for expatriateseImplication of Tax on mergers and acquisitionseAdvance Tax ruling for areas that can lead to litigation &Losses in futureb)Personal Taxation advice and Planning for individualPage 4 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSPersonal tax is complex and subject to an enormous upheaval becauseof frequents amendmentsin tax laws. We ensure that maximumtaxbenefits are availed and minimise the tax liability.Foreign Investment and Joint VentureseDoing Business in IndiaWe assist in getting requisite approvals from Banks and otherstatutory authorities.eEntry ecompany,JVmodeof entryCompany, etc.eTax implications and legal Entity formation and RegistrationWe prepare all the legal agreements and documents necessaryto create a legal entity and simultaneously advice on critical taxmatterssuch as, DoubleTaxationTreaties,Transfer pricingetc.Management Consultancy and Due DiligenceeBusiness/ Share Valuation of the Companybased on DiscountedCash Flows and other methods.eProjections, Cash Flows etc for new Projects.eFinancial Due Diligence for takes over/ merger/ new project.eArrangementof Loans/WorkingCapitallimits throughbanks/Financial tingProcedures(SOP) for each level of functions in the organisationPage 5 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSIT strategy plans. Provide assistance in evaluating and selecting asuitableSettingERP/upaccountingof the ERPpackage.Weassistsystem / Accountingindevelopment/package,fromtheinitial stage till the implementation.Developmentof full MISreports for the managementand at theworking levelShareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures.RBI and Foreign exchange matters on foreign investments.Business Risk AssessmentareasintheorganisationExercise (BARE)thatto identify high-riskif neglectedor notadequatelyfocused upon can severely impact the business enterprise. A equiredtomanage these risks.Openingand maintainingof Units under STP/EPZand dealingwith STP, EPZ and Custom authorities.Secretarial ServicesWe provide full range of secretarial services covering the following areas:Formation of the CompaniesMaintenance of the Statutory recordsMaintenance of Minute booksPreparationandsubmissionof annualreturns andother statutoryreturns to the Regulatory authorities.Other related mattersPage 6 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSNationalised BanksThe partners of the firm have been involved in the audits of the Indian Nationalisedbanks. The partners have a wide experience of the Banking industry. They havecarried out the following work:Statutory AuditsDetails of Statutory Audits of Nationalised BankYearName of the BankBranches2002-06Punjab National BankDehradun2008-12Vijaya BankPunchkulan & Delhi2014-15Central Bank of IndiaNehru Place & Gole Market, DelhiMalakhera, Gurgaon2015-16Punjab National BankCentral Statutory AuditorsTO2018-19Stock and Concurrent Audit of UCOBank and Bank of India.Public Sector undertaking statutory AuditsYearName of the UndertakingBranches2005-06United India Insurance Co. LtdDehradun2005-06Alaknanda Gramin BankGarwal2007-10Jammu & Kashmir BankJammu Division2010-14National Insurance Co. Ltd.2012-15The Oriental Co. LimitedJhandewalan2014-15National Productivity CouncilStatutory Audit2015-16M.P. State Tech e-Panchayat SocietyRewa Division&Faridabad&2016-17Page 7 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTEREDNote:basisACCOUNTANTSAudit of Nationalised banks and public sector undertakings are on rotationandappointmentsare madeby Reservebankof India/ComptrollerandAuditor General of IndiaProfessional FeeOur billing is on lumpsum or on time spent basis depending upon the arrangementwith the client and on the nature of the engagement.PartnersThe firm’s main objective is to satisfy client’s needs for professional services andpersonal touch. This is best achieved through the close working relationship, whichpartnersestablishwithclientsandtheir involvementat everystageof client’sdevelopment.The firm has at present thirteen partners. The partners have always been at theforefrontof coupleswiththeir wide experience of the local and international business environment ensures aservice to clients of the highest professional standards while emphasising a practical,as opposed to theoretical solutions to problems.1,Mr Sharad Poddar, FCAis one of the Founder membersof the firm.He has 30 years of experience in the field of Audit, Domestic- ationalclients to set up their units in India and Abroad including designingand generation of their MIS reports. He has specialised in providingconsultancyto the I.T.Sectorcoveringvariousservicesincludingopening of Subsidiaries and branch offices abroad, dealing with R.B.I.andestablishmentof variousSTPandEOUunits.Hehasalsospecialised in corporate governance and risk management.Page 8 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS2.Mr Vinod Gupta, FCA has experience of 27 years in Audit and DirectandIndirect taxation.Hehas also specialised in the Public Sectoraudits, bank audits, internal audits and system audits.Mr MandeepdoneSingh Arora, FCAspecialisationassignmentsfromhas 25 year of experience. He hasin the field of Banksthe Banks.HeAuditshas beenandother relatedhandlingpublic sectoraudits including the manufacturing and construction companies.MrPradeepGupta,FCAhas 24 years of experience.Hehas richexposure in the field of Sales Tax and Income Tax.He has handledsmall andaudit and dealsmediumlevel manufacturingcompany’swith the company law matters.Mr Pramesh Shah, FCA has 23 years of experience and has expertiseinthefieldof ance of accounts of small and medium level enterprises.Mr. Swadesh Gupta, ACA has 15years post qualification experienceand is involved in general all spheres of the firm’s work.He is aqualified DISA professional also.Mr. Satish Chander,FCAhas more than 30 years of experience inDirect and Indirect Taxation. He has done specialisation in the field ofBanks audits and other related dealing with the Banks. He has alsospecialised in the Public Sector audits, bankaudits, internal auditsand system audits.Mr.AnandKumarFCAhas 25 yearsof experience.Hehas vastexposure in the field of Sales Tax and Income Tax.He has handledsmall andaudit and dealsmediumlevel manufacturingcompany’swith the company law and service tax matters.Mr. Naresh Kumar FCA has 20 years of experience and has expertiseinthefieldof individualtaxplanning,auditsandsupervision/Page 9 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSmaintenanceof accountsPreparation\presentationof smallandmediumof aqualified DISA professional also.10.Mrs. Vandana Shah FCA has 15 years of experience and has expertisein the field of MCAsupervision/matters, individual tax planning,maintenanceof accountsof smalltax audits ation.GuptaFCAhas8yearsofexperienceofpostHe has handled small and medium level manufacturingcompany’s audit.12.Mrs. Ankita Goel ACA has 7 years of experience of post qualification.She is a qualified DISA professional also.13.Mr. Jitesh Jain ACAHehashandledhas 5 years of experience of post byCentral/State Government.KindlyNotethatour three Partners,namelyMr.SwadeshGupta,Mr.NareshKumar and Ms. Ankita Goel are qualified DISA Professional.Factors on which we focus while delivering the services:Promptness of DeliveryWeanswercorrespondencepromptlyanddeliver our serviceson time.Satisfying our client’s needs as soon as those needs arise is what motivatesEfficiency in our firmWeplan aheadclients’so that all the resources,requirements,arealwaysinwhichplace.we needThishelpsto service ourourspeedofresponse and keeps our costs under controlA proactive approachPage 10 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTEREDACCOUNTANTSWhen we have a suggestion to make — or a new development affecting theclient, or a newbusiness opportunity,or a new way of improvingtheclient’s controls and procedures, we do not wait to be asked before givingour views and suggestions.eTechnical Excellence and ReliabilityAllourstaff is keptfullyuptodatewithall thelatesttechnicaldevelopments.Offices of the Firm are located at the following places:HEADY OFFICE:SPMG & Company, Chartered Accountants3322-A, 2nd Floor, Bank Street, Karol Bagh,New Delhi — 110 005.Ph.: (011) 28728769/ (011) 28727385/(011) 40540725Email: sharad, vinod@,spmg @spmgindia.comMobile: 91-9811021174, 91-9810150528Representative List of Services Rendered by Firm and Partners:Private Sector Clients:1.Statutory Audits of the companies2.Internal and Management Audit of the companies emphasising oneCompanies Act complianceweSetting up of a MISTax AuditBeeDue Diligence for New Projects/ Take OveronInternal Control ProceduresBusiness Projections and evaluation of the Enterprise valueuaeCompany Law related mattersDnaA)Liaison with Authorities for approvalsPage 11 of 15

SPMG & ssmentupto Appealandtribunallevels.8.Sales Tax, Excise and RBI matter.9.Opening of Subsidiaries and branch offices abroad.10.Opening of units under STP and EOU.Representativelist of ucleus Software Exports Ltd.eFCS Software Solutions Ltd.eJ.M. Housing LtdeIndian Herbs Research and Supply Company Ltd.eIDC TechnologieseJ.M. Estate Developers P LtdeSAM India Promoters P LtdePulse Media Pvt.Ltd.eRamy Infotech Pvt.Ltd.eNucleus Software Engineers Pvt. LtdeKarmayogi Holdings Pvt. Ltd.eCompcare Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.ePoly Spin Filteration (India) Pvt. Ltd.eTeledirect Informatics Ltd.eSUN Group of Companies in Russia.eInternational Data Processing Co. Ltd.eInterra Infotech P LtdeNucleus Software Engineers P Ltd. NOIDAeUnited National Development Programme (UNDP), AfganistaneUnited Data Base (India) Ltd.eBharat Sales LtdPvt. Ltd.Page 12 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSGEM India Ltd.Imaje India Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Imaje, France.Thomas Publications.Prayag group of CompaniesShubham Forex Pvt. Ltd.Lexis Nexis, a publishing House.Airlift Containers Pvt. LtdIndian Plastic Institute, Delhi BranchAlpine Expotex Pvt. Ltd.B) Public Sector Audits, including Insurance Companies:U.P. Rajkiya Nirman Nigam Ltd., Dehradun ZoneU.P. State Bridge Corpn. Ltd., Dehradun Unit.New India Assurance Co.Ltd. , Dehradun DivisionOriental Insurance Co. Ltd., Dehradun DivisionUnited India Insurance Co.Ltd.Haridwar DivisionG. B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environmental Studies, AlmoraNational Productivity CouncilMadhya Pradesh State Tech e-Panchayat SocietyC)Banks(Partnershave beeninvolvedin the following banksbranchesandHead office)Central Bank of IndiaPunjab & Sind BankState Bank Of IndiaSelected Departments of the Reserve Bank of IndiaState bank of PatialaStatutory Branch audit of Oriental Bank Of CommerceStatutory Branch audit of Punjab National Bank.Revenue audit of Punjab & Sind BankPage 13 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTERED ACCOUNTANTSStock audit for Union Bank of IndiaConcurrent audit of Punjab & Sind Bank & Indian Bank.D)Fin./Management Consultancy and Due Diligence:Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.Compare Infobase Ltd.Pulse Media Pvt.Ltd.Nucleus Software Solutions PLC, Singapore.International Data Processing Co. Ltd.SUN Brewing Ltd. In Russia.SUN Confectionery Ltd. In RussiaIndag Rubber LimitedUnipatch Rubber Limited.Compare Infobase Pvt. Ltd.Oil refinery and distribution Company,Brewery,Confectioneryfinancial due diligence.Business Valuation for Call Centre, BOOT pipeline project.DueDiligenceandprojectappraisalof Layingof Oil pipelineproject on Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis. (fromVadina to Nagpur, Kota - Gwalior)FCS SOFTWARESolution LTD.IDC Technologies India Private Ltd.Ramy Infotech Private Ltd.JM Housing Ltd.Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.Interra Information technologies Private LimitedE)Audit of the Co-Operative/Housing/Thrift & Credit Societies.Delhi Consumers Co. Op. Wholesales StorePage 14 of 15

SPMG & COMPANYCHARTEREDACCOUNTANTSeITDC Thrift & Credits SocietyeIFFCO Marketingand many more.Page 15 of 15

The Dept. of Corporate Services National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. . Noida-20130S, Tel: 0120-4835900 Fax. 0120-4635941 Email id: [email protected] website:- Nolda Office: A-86, Sector-57, Noida-201301, India, Tel 0120-3061100, Fax No-0120-3061111 . For FCS Software Solutions Mitdited softh are egittt sul FES SQA ' ee .