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ContentsSetup and basics. 6New in this release. 6Your device at a glance. 14What's different about the BlackBerry 10 OS?.15Notification icons. 21Menu icons.22Setting up your device.22Using gestures. 25Personalizing your device.33Device Switch. 34BlackBerry ID. 42Phone and voice. 45Phone.45Notifications and ringtones. 54Voicemail.61BlackBerry Hub and email. 64BlackBerry Hub and email. 64joyn. 92Media. 95Change the media volume.95Supported audio and video file extensions, formats, and codecs. 95Troubleshooting: Media. 96Camera.96Pictures. 106Music. 113Videos. 117About BlackBerry Story Maker. 122

Media sharing.125About FM Radio. 127Settings. 129Customize your device settings. 129Update your device software. 133Battery and power. 134Connections. 142BlackBerry Keyboard and typing. 165Language. 172Keyboard input methods. 174Screen display. 179Accessibility. 180Media cards and storage.198Using your device with BlackBerry Link. 202Applications and features.212Organizing your apps. 212About the BlackBerry Assistant. 214Calendar.218Contacts. 228Clock. 235Android apps . 239Maps and GPS. 241Browser. 248The Smart Tags application explained. 254File Manager.257Calculator. 260Productivity and work.262Switch between your personal space and work space. 262About BlackBerry Balance and your work space . 262BlackBerry Blend.268Remember. 269

Security and backup. 276Passwords and locking.276BlackBerry Protect. 281Security settings. 282Password Keeper. 287Legal notice. 291

User GuideSetup and basicsSetup and basicsNew in this releaseIntroducing BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1 introduces powerful new features designed to boost your productivity, such as BlackBerryBlend, BlackBerry Assistant, and Battery Saving Mode. It also introduces updates to existing features, such as InstantActions in the BlackBerry Hub and Meeting Mode in the Calendar app.BlackBerry BlendThe power of BlackBerry, now on your computer and tablet! With BlackBerry Blend you can access and use your work andpersonal email and instant messages, files, and certain apps on a computer or a tablet the same way you would use themon your BlackBerry device.To download and learn more about BlackBerry Blend, visit informationAbout pairing and connecting your device to a computer or tablet,203About BlackBerry Blend,268Disconnect your device from BlackBerry Blend,269BlackBerry AssistantThe BlackBerry Assistant app makes it even easier for you to multi-task using your BlackBerry device!With the BlackBerry Assistant app, you can perform a variety of everyday tasks by talking or typing in natural language.When you say or type a request, the BlackBerry Assistant app can perform your request, search your device, or search theInternet, and provide a response.Using the BlackBerry Assistant app you can start a BBM chat, make a phone call, send an email message, or add an eventto your calendar. You can also update your status in social networking apps, and search for directions, weather forecasts,information about restaurants or shopping, and more.Related informationAbout the BlackBerry Assistant,2146

User GuideSetup and basicsLearn what you can say or type in the BlackBerry Assistant,217Things you can do with the BlackBerry Assistant,215Updated look and feelSplashes of color, flattened buttons and screen layouts, and new wallpaper and icons – these are some of the elements youwill notice with the fresh new look of BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.1.Modernized visual elements help you navigate your BlackBerry device and improve your productivity within apps. In theapps installed with the BlackBerry 10 OS, the action bar at the bottom of the screen uses color to highlight the next, or nextbest action. Icons for key tasks remain visible in the action bar to help you stay productive and get work done. In someapps, for example Adobe Reader, the action bar disappears when you scroll, giving you a full-screen view of the content.On the home screen you can see your open apps, and when you swipe left you can see all your apps. By default, when noapps are open, the home screen displays only your wallpaper. Also, there is no restriction on the number of apps you canadd to folders on the home screen.Related informationSet your wallpaper,179Add folders to the home screen,212Turn off icon labels in the action bar,180Android appsGet apps and games designed for Android devices and install them on your BlackBerry device from the Amazon Appstore!Your device uses BlackBerry Guardian to check the integrity of the Android apps you download to your device. BlackBerryGuardian can warn you if the app is potentially harmful to your device or data, and gives you the option to cancel orcontinue the installation.Android apps that you download to your device are closely integrated with the BlackBerry 10 OS. When you tap the shareicon in an Android app, you can share the Android app content with contacts that are associated with other apps on yourdevice (for example, BBM contacts) or share the information with another app (for example, the BlackBerry Rememberapp). Also, on the Accounts screen, you can view accounts that are associated with some Android apps that you downloadto your device.Related informationDownloading and installing Android apps from the Amazon Appstore,239Change your Android app installation settings,2407

User GuideSetup and basicsBatteryImprovements have been made to the BlackBerry 10 OS to help improve the life of the battery in your BlackBerry device sothat your device is ready to perform when you are.Battery Saving Mode lets you set options to conserve battery power. By default, when your device is in Battery SavingMode, the device reduces the brightness of the screen and doesn't turn on the screen when it receives notifications.You can also turn off the Run When Minimized app permission so that when you minimize an app it doesn't continue toconsume battery power.Related informationUsing Battery Saving Mode,139Advanced interactions,31Change or view app permissions,283BlackBerry HubWith a single tap, BlackBerry Hub Instant Actions let you quickly sort and manage messages in the list view of theBlackBerry Hub! From the BlackBerry Hub, you can file sent email messages, set how frequently an IMAP account syncswith your BlackBerry device, download and save all the attachments in an email message with a single tap, delete the textof the original email when you reply, and automatically save a draft version of an email message by leaving the BlackBerryHub.In the BlackBerry Hub, you can also set the amount of content that is downloaded in your email messages when yourdevice is connected to the wireless network and while roaming. You can view preview text for each email when you use theConversation display style, forward a PIN message as an email, and set separate automatic replies for your internal andexternal contacts.The BlackBerry Hub has been updated to improve the relevance of suggested contacts. The BlackBerry Hub suggestscontacts that are associated with the email account you are sending the email from and contacts that you havecommunicated with in the last 60 days.Related informationManage your messages with BlackBerry Hub Instant Actions,77File an email,76Add an IMAP or POP email account,67Download attachments in a message,73Reply to or forward an email,74Download only partial text in email,86Change how messages are displayed in the BlackBerry Hub,87Forward a PIN message as an email,768

User GuideSetup and basicsSet an out-of-office reply,85CalendarThe Calendar app now has an Agenda view and a Meeting Mode feature. The Agenda view lets you see your appointmentsand tasks for the week. The Meeting Mode feature automatically changes the notification behavior of your BlackBerrydevice when the device detects that you have a meeting or an event scheduled in the Calendar app. For example, you canset Meeting Mode to automatically turn off all notifications or notify you for phone calls only when you are in a meeting.When the meeting ends, your notifications return to your normal settings.Reminder notifications for events in the Calendar app have a fresh new look! From an event reminder, you can notify themeeting organizer that you will be late, locate the meeting using BlackBerry Maps, set a custom snooze time instead of thedefault snooze time, or join a conference call. If you have multiple events in your Calendar that start at the same time, all ofthe events display in one reminder notification.The Calendar app is more closely integrated with the BlackBerry Remember app. You can create a task in the Calendarapp, and view that task in both the Calendar app and the BlackBerry Remember app.Related informationView your events,219Enable Meeting Mode,225Add a task to the Calendar app,221ContactsIf you add a Microsoft Exchange email account to your BlackBerry device, you can choose the Contact folders that are setup in Microsoft Exchange that you want to sync with your device. You can also touch and hold contact information, such asan address, phone number, or email address, and quickly copy it so that you can paste it into another app.Related informationSync Microsoft Exchange contact folders,88BlackBerry RememberThe BlackBerry Remember app lets you quickly filter information by tapping the Tasks or Notes tab at the top of thescreen. You can set Tasks or Notes as your default view and search for an existing task or note. You can group tasks intotask lists, group notes into folders, and use tags to categorize tasks and notes.The BlackBerry Remember app is more closely integrated with the Calendar app. You can create a task in the BlackBerryRemember app, and view that task in both the BlackBerry Remember app and the Calendar app.9

User GuideSetup and basicsRelated informationChange the default view in the Remember app,275Search for an entry in the Remember app,274Create a folder or task list in the Remember app,270Add tags to an entry,271BlackBerry BalanceIf your BlackBerry device uses BlackBerry Balance technology, a Camera app is now available in your work space. Picturesand videos taken using the Camera app in your work space are saved in the camera and videos folders in your work space.A separate Camera app is still available in your personal space that saves pictures and videos in your personal space.Related informationWhere is my picture that I just took?,267Notifications and ringtonesRingtones that were previously available only on BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier are now available onyour device!Notification profiles control the sound, volume, vibration, and LED color of your notifications. You can set notifications byapplication, contact, and messaging account. You can customize the predefined notification profiles available on yourdevice and create new profiles. You can even create custom notification profiles for your contacts. Also, if you switch from adevice running BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier, you can import your custom notification profiles when you complete the deviceswitch process.Related informationChange your ringtone,56Edit your notification profiles,55Add notification profiles to your device,55CameraThe camera might not be available depending on your device model.The Camera app lets you snap a picture, record a video, and switch between the front and back cameras from the mainscreen. You can even take a picture while recording a video!10

User GuideSetup and basicsBy default, the Camera app detects the conditions of the scene you want to take a picture or video of, and suggests thesettings to use. Automatic suggestions allow you to focus less on the Camera app and more on capturing the moment! And,if you take a picture using Time Shift mode, you now have the option to save the picture and edit it later.The Camera app also has new menu options. You can create a panoramic image, and you can set a higher frame rate (60fps) when recording a video, which is useful when recording fast-moving objects.If your BlackBerry device uses BlackBerry Balance technology, a Camera app is now also available in your work space.Related informationTake a picture while recording a video,100Turn off the Auto Suggest feature,103Edit Time Shift pictures later,101Take a panoramic picture,100BlackBerry Story MakerThe BlackBerry Story Maker app takes the work out of making picture and video collections by grouping the pictures andvideos on your BlackBerry device by date, time, or location. BlackBerry Story Maker presents stories to you in the Date viewof the Pictures app. BlackBerry Story Maker can also suggest stories based on pictures and videos that are favorites, mostviewed, recently viewed, and recently added.From the BlackBerry Story Maker app, you can easily add favorite pictures and videos to your stories. You can alsopersonalize your stories by changing the theme and editing the pictures and music before sharing the stories with yourfriends, colleagues, and family.Related informationEditing stories in BlackBerry Story Maker,123Add to or delete media from an existing story,123PicturesThe Map feature in the Pictures app lets you see the locations where you have taken pictures. With a quick tap on the map,you can view all of your pictures from that location!The Pictures app also now lets you mark pictures that you want to be able to hide. After you select the pictures that youwant to be able to hide, before you pass your BlackBerry device to a friend or coworker, with a quick swipe and tap, you canhide the pictures that you selected.You can change how pictures are organized within albums in the Pictures app. By default, the Pictures app displays newerpictures before older pictures. The Favorites view lets you quickly see your favorite pictures.The Pictures app is more closely integrated with the BlackBerry Story Maker app. You can quickly send pictures toBlackBerry Story Maker to create a story or add to an existing story. By default, the BlackBerry Story Maker app creates11

User GuideSetup and basicsautomatic stories that appear across the top of your picture collections. You can turn off automatic story creation from thePictures app.Related informationAbout automatic stories,108Set how pictures are organized in albums,112Add a picture to the Favorites screen,112Add a picture to BlackBerry Story Maker,109Hide a picture from view,110View your pictures on a map,110VideosWhen you open the Videos app, videos that you recently added or played appear across the top of the screen. TheFavorites view lets you quickly see your favorite videos. And you can edit your videos so that the video, or part of the video,plays in slow motion. You can also adjust the quality of the sound in your videos by changing the equalizer options.The Videos app is more closely integrated with the BlackBerry Story Maker app. You can quickly send videos to BlackBerryStory Maker to create a story or add to an existing story.Related informationAdd a video to the Favorites screen,121Add a video to BlackBerry Story Maker,120Add slow motion to a video,119Turn on the equalizer in videos,122MusicA marquee banner is displayed at the top of the Music app. The marquee banner gives you details about the song that iscurrently playing, and lets you play, pause, and change the song. Also new in the Music app is a Favorites view which letsyou quickly see your favorite songs. You can also adjust the quality of the sound played by the Music app by changing theequalizer options.Related informationAdd a song to the Favorites screen,116Turn on the equalizer in the Music app,11612

User GuideSetup and basicsDevice MonitorTo help you track your data usage, the Device Monitor screen lets you see the total amount of data used by your BlackBerrydevice, including data usage while roaming, and the total amount of data used by the apps on your device. You can alsospecify limits and set notifications that are displayed on the device to help you monitor the amount of data you use.Related informationMonitor your wireless data usage,165Manage your mobile data settings,148Set a monthly data limit notification,148Settings menusA new gesture lets you open the Quick Settings menu when you are in an app. Use two fingers to swipe down from the topof the screen to open the Quick Settings menu.You can now rearrange the options in the Settings menu and move options that you access frequently to the top of theSetting menu to make them more accessible to you.Related informationCustomize your device settings,129Show the menus,27Advanced interactionsAdvanced interactions are designed to help you do things faster. Advanced interactions let you control the behavior of yourBlackBerry device when you move it in a certain manner. For example, you can set up your device so that the screen turnsoff and the device goes into standby mode when you place the device face down on a flat surface.Related informationAdvanced interactions,31Security13

User GuideSetup and basicsTo improve the security of information on your BlackBerry device, you can control what appears in notifications on thescreen when your device is locked. For example, you can change your settings so that only the name of the sender of amessage appears; the subject line and other message details are not displayed. You can also change your wallpapersettings so that a different wallpaper is displayed when your device is locked.Related informationAbout Lock Screen Notifications,60Set Lock Screen Notifications to only display the sender info,60Set your wallpaper,179Your device at a glance1. jackLock screen (Press); Power on/off (Press and hold); Reset (Press and hold for 10 seconds)Front cameraNotification LEDVolume up

User Guide6.7.8.9.Setup and basicsMute (Press); BlackBerry Assistant (Press and hold)Volume downUSB portDoor to access the micro SIM card slot and the media card slotWhat's different about the BlackBerry 10OS?If you're new to a BlackBerry 10 device, you might be eager to learn more about what makes it different from otherBlackBerry devices. Find information about the home screen, settings, messages, and apps. Learn where to find yourphone number and PIN and find out how to search.How do I get back to the home screen?To get back to the home screen at any time, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.How do I get to the menu?There is no Menu key (menus.) on your BlackBerry 10 device. You can find more features and options by exploring theTo see more actions that you can perform in an app, tapor.15

User GuideSetup and basicsHow do I change my settings and options?Do any of the following: To find the settings and help for an app, swipe down from the top of the screen. To find the settings for the device, on the home screen, swipe down from the top of screen. TapSettings.Note: In an app, to find the device settings, use two fingers and swipe down from the top of the screen. TapSettings.16

User GuideSetup and basicsWhere is my email or other messages?All of your email, text messages, social networking notifications, missed calls, and voice mail messages can be found in theBlackBerry Hub. The BlackBerry Hub isn't like other apps on your BlackBerry device. It's at the core of the BlackBerry 10experience, and it's always running so that you stay connected no matter what you're doing on your device.You can peek at the BlackBerry Hub or open it from anywhere on your device. From the bottom of the screen, slide yourfinger up and to the right.17

User GuideSetup and basicsWhere are the phone keys and my notification settings?Phone keysTo answer a call, touch the circle at the bottom of the screen and slide your finger to the left. Release your finger when thecircle covers.To decline a call, touch the circle at the bottom of the screen and slide your finger to the right. Release your finger when thecircle covers.To make a call, in the Phone app, tap. Type a number. Tap Call.Notification settingsTo change a notification setting, on the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. TapSettings Notifications. You can customize a profile, set a custom ring tone or notification for a contact, or create a profile.Tip: To turn on All Alerts Off mode quickly, on the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap.Where are my apps?Some of the apps that you used on your old BlackBerry device might not be available on your BlackBerry 10 device. In theBlackBerry World storefront, you can check if your old apps are available on the My World screen or find new apps.How do I edit or move text?There is no trackpad or trackball on your BlackBerry 10 device. You can use the touch screen to select, cut, copy, andpaste text or move the cursor.Select textTouch and hold a character or word.18

User Guide Setup and basicsTo cancel your selection, tap anywhere on the screen.To change your text selection, drag the handles.Move text1. Touch and hold your finger on a word or in a text field.2. Release your finger from the screen.3. Tap an option.Tip: If you aren't sure what a menu icon means, touch and hold the icon to see what it does. Slide your finger off the icon toavoid selecting it.Move the cursor1. Tap a word or text field to show the cursor.2. Do any of the following: To move the cursor to another spot, drag the circle.To move the cursor one character at a time, tap the top, bottom, left or right of the circle.Tip: Make sure that you

Using the BlackBerry Assistant app you can start a BBM chat, make a phone call, send an email message, or add an event . of the original email when you reply, and automatically save a draft version of an email message by leaving the BlackBerry . Change your ringtone,56 Edit your notification profiles,55 Add notification profiles to your .