WNS Banking and FinancialServices Capability OverviewNov 2012We enable clients to outperform withour passion for service and innovationConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services

Broad-based Practice Honed with World-class ClienteleServicing over 20 clients across geographiesMortgage and LendingWealth, Brokerage andInvestment ManagementPayment Processing and CardServicesWholesale Banking OperationsRetail Banking OperationsEnd-to-End BFS CapabilityContact Center and CollectionsRisk Management, Compliance and AMLResearch and AnalyticsShared Services – F&A, HR, SourcingConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com1

Service Delivery across Lifecycle for Financial ServicesProductsProduct-based ServicesNew BusinessOrigination, SetupBanking & Deposit operationsMortgage ServicesWealth ManagementConsumer FinanceRetirement ProductsAccountMaintenanceCustomerService &SupportPaymentPostingTransaction Fraud, Risk &Management ComplianceDataEntry,DocumentResearch &Indexing ManagementAnalytics Proven domain competence (Staff certified on FINRA, ABA, CRA, Series 6 & 7, FCRA)Operational understanding of all major products, statutes and regulationsWing-to-wing service delivery using combination of enabling technologies, transformation and apt resources Select Scale Indicators – Payment Instructions via 5 central banks– 20 currencies (banks and counterparties) settlement across– Processing of netted trades US 250 Million / dayConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com2

Proven Experience in Managing Processes withVarying Level of ComplexityWNS Process ExperienceComplex TransactionsHighComplexityVoiceJudgment-based Decision MakingMediumComplexityRule-based Complex ProcessesRule-based Transaction ProcessingLowComplexityData ManagementConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services Invest. Manager EvaluationEstate SettlementStatement SpreadingCommissions Payouts Customer Service (InvestmentAdvisors) Collections Service Request Management Service Recovery Application Processing Account Updates Reconciliation Deposit Adjustments Positive Pay ARP Data Entry fromApplications, Notices,Instruments3

What Makes WNS differentInvesting inPeople, Domain Hiring resources with specialized skill sets in various sub-domains of financialservices Developing domain knowledge through specialized setups like mortgage learningacademy and specialized retail banking trainings Knowledge portals for sharing best practices across financial services processes Engagement models to suit client requirements and business imperativesFlexibleEngagementModels Bundled services: Platform-based offerings combined with BPO services Consulting engagements: Identifying areas of opportunities to be and art of thepossible Managed services to support the enabling infrastructure needs Our transformation solutions to provide cost reduction through process reengineering and process rationalizationTransformationDriven Solutions Implementation of automation and workflow tools aid in smoother and efficientflow of processing and transaction Flexible platforms with ability to interact with a host of upstream and downstreamapplicationsMature Bankingand FinancialServices Practice Supporting more than 25 banking and financial services clients across a spectrumof banking sub-domains and horizontals Long-term approach to relationships has nurtured engagements to grow from50 to 500 over a span of 7 yearsConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com4

WNS Mortgage Lending Offerings – Drill-down ViewSample target segments and processes across the loan and mortgage value chainLoanOriginationLoan Processing& UnderwritingClosing &FundingPost-closing &Due DiligenceLoan Servicing Lenders Lenders Service Providers Lenders Investors Services Providers Lenders Investors Servicers Investors Servicers Phone-basedQualification Underwriting (UW) andQuality Control (QC) Draw ClosingDocuments Trailing DocumentRetrieval Loan Boarding Loan ApplicationInput Run AU (LP / DU) Condition Validation Post-closing Audit Clear Loan Conditions QA and File Audits Document Indexing Credit Processing &Rescoring QC and Fraud Audits Order Wires Investor Loan Delivery Prepayment PenaltyCoding Rate Quotes & Locks Policy & ComplianceAudits Title Policy Creation Due Diligence (UW)Setup Customer Research &Resolution Credit UnderwritingQC Welcome Calls Required LoanProgram Disclosures Loan DocumentIndexing Order CollateralsAppraisal, Title,Hazard & Flood Good Faith Estimate Identity Verification(SSN, PAN) Regulatory Disclosures Risk Management Notice of LoanApproval (NOLA) Verification ofEmployment (VOE)Confidential 2012 WNS Global Services Title Examination CorrespondentLending HUD1 Preparation Title RecordingConfirmation New Loan Audit Payoff Processing Claims Processing Lien Release ARM Loan Audits Purchase Advisory /Reconciliation Investor Reporting Government Insuring Escrow and Tax MERS Registry PMI / MIP OCR QC Loss Mitigation5

Investment Management ServicesClient Acquisition andRetentionSales & Marketing Broker sales Broker / Advisorsupport call center Direct sales via callcenter or InternetSecurities Back-officeA/C.Maintenance Applicationprocessing(data entry) Verification ofcredit, income,employmentCustomerService Inbound callcenter Outbound callcenter Creditevaluation Deposit plansetup Tracking allaccount relateddata AdvisorAllocationOperations Order entry ReconciliationTransferAgency Salesperformance &commissions Credit MIS &reporting Cost basisoperations Exceptionsresearch Tax processing Item / Checkprocessing Depositoperations Cards E-paymentmanagement Branch support Personal loans Maintenance ofshareholderrecords Management ofcash in / out flowfrom nts) Investment andservices stmentResearch NAVcalculations Equity research& modeling Treasuryservices Proprietaryeconomic andindustry research Remittanceallocation Redemption Tradeallocationto funds Affirmationwith broker,custodians Monitoringportfolioperformance Proprietarycompanyresearch Companypresentations Aggregation ofsell-side research Bespokeresearch Quant researchProven Competence of WNSConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com6

WNS Banking and Deposits Offerings – Drill-down ViewOrigination andMaintenance ApplicationScanning andIndexing DetailedDocumentationReview andVerification Account Openingand TransactionProcessing Welcome Calls AccountMaintenanceAccountServicing Account and dling Credit Control Order Entry Dispute Setup Collections Reconciliation Dispute Follow-up Customer DataMaintenance Fraud Management AccountReconciliations Statement Generation Regulatory Monitoringand Reporting Credit MIS &Reporting Payment Processing Banking and AccountReconciliation Funds Allocation andReturn PaymentProcessing Complaint Handling Settlements Account Write-offs Exceptions Research Item / CheckProcessing Deposit Operations New Cards Setup E-PaymentManagement Branch Support Personal LoansConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com7

Card Services across the Value ChainAccount ention &LoyaltyDisputesMerchantSupportPhone-based LeadGenerationApplication Scanning& IndexingAccount & GeneralEnquiriesCredit ControlAnti Attrition cellsDispute SetupSetupWeb-based LeadGenerationPhone-basedQualificationCustomer DataMaintenanceCollections(Auto & Manual)Loyalty t Inquiries &MaintenanceFeatures andPrice TestingCredit VerificationCard Replacement &RenewalsFraud ControlAccount Inquiries &MaintenanceIssuerChargebackProcessingPayment ProcessingCampaignManagementContact PointVerificationBilling &StatementingSkip Tracing &Fraud InvestigationsPoints RedemptionsDispute Follow-upCampaignManagementMarketingResearchData UpdatingPayment ProcessingRegulatoryMonitoring& ReportingPromotion kProcessingData Miningand AnalysisRules-basedDecisioningApprove / DeclineBanking & AccountReconciliationsSettlementsPartner SetupProduct DevelopmentSpending LimitAssignment(Underwriting)Account Write-offsPartner int & DisputeHandlingChannel and TeleSalesAccount ActivationFunds Allocation &Return PaymentProcessingWelcome CallsComplaint HandlingDispute HandlingCross Sales &Up-sellingExisting ServicesConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.comProvenCredentials8

Our Expertise in the Commercial Lending Value ChainAccountAdministration &RM SupportCredit RiskManagementLending &PaymentOperationsTreasuryServicesCustomerService Level 1 Issuesvia E-mail,Chat, Phone AccountReview FinancialSpreading CovenantMonitoring CashManagement DocumentAssembly FacilityReview CollateralManagement FXSettlements AuditorLiaison ProposalDevelopment RemittanceProcessing BillDiscounting Overdrawn,ExposureLimitMonitoring Reconciliation Clearing RenewalSupport Accounting –Used, Unused,Disbursed RatesUpdates, MTM Billing &ContributionAnalysis Audit Support Billing StatutoryAccountingConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services MarginAllocation Billing,Adjustments Rates Issues Cross-sell, UpsellOpportunitiesReporting ManagementReporting StatutoryReporting &Accounting RegulatoryReporting OperationsReporting PromoterScoreAnalysis9

End-to-End Services In Card Issuing And AcquiringProcessesIssuanceAcquiringIssuer Analytics Application Processing ME Application Processing Data Mining De-duplication with Negative NMAS / MATCH Verification Segmentation MCC Allocation Predictive / Behavioral ModelingCardholder Database Cardholder Database Management Cardholder Accounting Statement Generation ME Database Management Statement Generation Payment Processing Payment Processing Hotlisting Merchant Termination and Hotlisting Transaction Monitoring and Control Reconciliation and Settlements Fraud Management and Reporting Merchant Training and Liaison Reconciliation and Settlements Dispute Resolution Chargeback Initiation andDocumentation Loyalty Program Management– Chargebacks Profitability and Loyalty Analysis Marketing Analytics Fraud Analytics Usage patterns Repayment / RolloversAcquirer Analytics Monthly Volume Trends– Retrievals Early Warning Signals– Good Faith Collections Terminal Usage– Arbitration Analysis by Volume, MCC, City,Average Ticket Size Confirmed Fraud Transactions Attrition Management TerminationConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com10

Supporting a Banking and Financial ServicesCFO’s office ProcurementAccounts PayableFX Deal SettlementsTravel & EntertainmentDisbursementsVendor ManagementLoan ManagementCredit ManagementCash ApplicationFiduciary AccountingCollectionsFunds ProcessingRevenue AccountingCFO’sOffice General LedgerReconciliationPeriod CloseReportingConsolidationControl andComplianceConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services Planning, Budgeting andForecasting Decision Support Financial Modeling andAnalysis Tax Reporting Treasury and CashManagement Investor Relations11

In Addition to the CFO’s Office Services, WNS Offersthe Following Financial Transaction Services for BanksProductsServicesAccounting andReconciliationTreasuryCorporate /Branch FX Asset Servicing Branch Accounting Lockbox processing DerivativeConfirmation Trade Finance(Letter of Credit,Bills Discounting) Processing andSettlement for WireTransfers, Checks,ACH, PaymentCards, Drafts andForeign ExchangeTransactions Debit / CreditCardsPayments andSettlementsTrade Support andSettlementsCash Managementand BrokeragePersonal /BusinessBankingInvestmentProductsConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services Payment Accounting PaymentReconciliation andSettlements Cash AllocationsNostro / VostroReconciliation Chargebacks andRetrievalsPMI Accounting Tax Administration TransactionMonitoring &ControlTransactionSwitching andApproval MatchingAffirmation Continuous / DailyNet Settlement Payment Accountingand InterchangeClearing Income Collection Reimbursements GL Accounting Trade Processing InvestmentAccountingCollections andClosures Mgmt of DelinquentAccounts B2B Collections B2C Collections Arbitration12

Customer Contact Solutions for Banking Product Information General Enquiries General / TechnicalHelpdesk Accounts Status Complaint Handling Address Change Trade Allocation,Booking andConfirmationTechnologyInnovationsOutboundVoice / WebAccount ManagementICSAT, ITBASSIVR Self-serviceLegend:Offerings currently at WNSCurrently not offered by WNSCustomer AcquisitionCustomer Retention Database Management Campaigns Surveys on Products /Service (Outbound) Sales - Inbound Loyalty Programs Reward Programs Referral Campaigns Verification – ContactPoint / Occupancy Sales – Outbound Courtesy Calls /Reminder CallsTTGSurvey byPhoneClick-To-Call / ChatVirtualHoldTrack Point ToolSATMAPCustomer Analytics Customer SatisfactionSales AnalysisLoyalty TrackingMarket ResearchValue AnalysisConsumer BehaviorCustomer LifecycleAnalysisCollection NSF Check Processing Cheque / CollectionsProcessing Early-late Stage Preset Reminders Skip TracingText AnalyticsFraud Net EnhancementSpeechAnalyticsCustomersegmentationOERT Learning &Navigation ToolAlternative channels –Text to callbackCurrently offered and would like to build itNot offered entry barriers are highConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com13

WNS Banking Analytics SolutionsSales and MarketingRiskCredit RiskCampaign Campaign Management Segmentation Targeting In-house Credit ScoringValue@ RiskCredit Portfolio MonitoringRisk-based PricingCRMCollectionsCross-sell and Up-sellActivation; Balance BuildLifetime Value / ProfitabilityChurn Prediction /Retention Loyalty Management Delinquency Modeling andScoring Call Scheduler Analysis Marketing Channel Spend Market Mix Modeling Channel SpendOptimizationNetwork PlanningFraud Fraud Modeling andScoring Fraud RoutingFinancial Research Thematic Industry Reports Competitor ProductProfiling Financial News Tracking,Forecasts and Updates Financial Analysis andModelingBranches New LocationConsolidating NetworkFormat AnalysisPerformance AnalysisProfitability AnalysisCustomer OperationsContact Center Call Volume Forecasting Forecasting and CapacityPlanning Staffing Optimization Customer SatisfactionATM New Location Cash Loading and RoutePlanning Network Rationalization Performance Analysis Profitability AnalysisData Mining and Data ManagementReporting, Dashboarding & VisualizationSecondary and Primary ResearchModel Development and RecalibrationConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com14

WNS Capabilities Cater to the Elements of RiskEnvironment for a BankCredit RiskOperations Control andReportingCredit Risk In-house Credit ScoringValue@ riskCredit Portfolio MonitoringRisk-based PricingRule-based UnderwritingProbability of DefaultLoss Given DefaultDefaults Root Cause Analysis SOX – Entity LevelAssessment, Planning &Scoping of CriticalProcesses, Documentationof Key Controls, Testing,Gap Identification andRemediation SAS70 / SSAE16 / ISAE3402Audit SupportCollection ScoringDelinquency Trend AnalysisDelinquency ModelingEarly Warning Indicators Financial Research––––Fraud Fraud DetectionFraud ScoringFraud RoutingFraud ModelingFraud InvestigationSuspicious Activity ReportingForensic AccountingProcess Compliance AuditsTransaction MonitoringALM MonitoringHind sighting: Application /File Review for ProcessAdherence Checks at (a) PostDisbursement and (b) RootCause Analysis forDelinquencyPortfolio Management Yield and Book PerformanceMeasurement and AnalysisFixed Income ResearchM&A ResearchEconomy ResearchCompany / Industry Research Equity Research––––Operational RiskMonitoring / Internal Audit CampaignResearchCollections Environmental RiskMarket RiskOperational RiskCustomized ResearchPitch Books SupportIndices TrackingRating SupportModeling Statement SpreadingFinancial ModelingComps and BenchmarkingFinancial Analysis and ValuationStress Testing Snapshot MIS Prescreen Evaluation Model Diagnostics & ROI ModuleBusiness Research Competitor Intelligence Country Research – Socio-political,Demographic Country Research - Regulatory andLegalAcquisition Prospect Analysis Segmentation and Targeting Promotion OptimizationCRM Cross-sell and Up-sell Lifetime Value / ProfitabilityMarketing Channel SpendPortfolio Management Support Performance MeasurementCredit AdminTrade ComplianceData Management Market Mix Modeling Channel Spend OptimizationRetention Churn Prediction / Retention Loyalty /Switching PatternsEnterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework implementation (risk identification / prioritization / monitoring / reporting)Advanced Analytics, Data Mining, Data Management and ReportingConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com15

Digital Loan Management SystemDigital Loan Management (DLM) –Document Indexing Platform Digitize, categorize and retrieve loanpackages and documents Indexed data attached to loan documentimages Customized, electronic delivery toinvestors 50 percent reduction in documentretrieval costs and time Prioritized purchase pricing frommortgage investors Minimize or eliminate physical storagecostsConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.comWNS has developed Digital Loan Management (DLM), aworkflow management tool to manage a set of keyfoundational processes within the loan processing lifecycleThe DLM solution has been deployed in multiple mortgageimplementations and has delivered productivity gains inexcess of 30 percent on document processing16

Banking and Financial Services Case StudiesConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.com17

A Leading Universal Bank in USBuilding a Global Resource Center and an Offshore KnowledgeOrganization The client was founded more than 150 years ago in Western New York and is a leading universal bank in the US The program was multi-functional and set-up as a board managed strategic initiative Total FTEs: 80 The in-scope processes include: Lien Release New Loan Setup, ODL and ARM Audit Indexing Post Close Audit Final Docs Follow Up & Audit Title Commitment Generation Retail Banking Operations Organization-wide diagnostics comprising2000 positions to create detailed 18month offshore roadmap “ENABLE” transition methodology forrobust documentation and paralleltransition of multiple processes Distributed Center of Excellence conceptto consolidate fragmented processesConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services www.wns.comThe client was facing the following challenges: Highly fragmented processes Lack of standardization Paper and Imaging dependency Lack of analytical rigor due to bandwidth /resource constraints Regulatory and compliance challenges Delivering 30-40% cost savings andincremental benefits throughconsolidation and automation Annualized 8% productivity gains versuscommitted target of 5% Expansion of operations in Tier II city foradditional benefits Effective Cost Model through conversion from fixed tovariable pricing, flexible staffing, reduced transitioncosts 20% of the population certified on industry recognizedbanking / mortgage certifications18

A Leading Residential Mortgage OriginatorBuilding a Mortgage Origination and Servicing Back-office The client is a renowned residential mortgage originator and servicer in the United States Total FTEs: 20 WNS supports some of the key origination and servicingprocesses for the client like: Government InsuringHousing Data AuditLoan Document Audit and VerificationMortgage Insurance PremiumCustomer Service Research and ResolutionOCR Created a loan status report, whichhighlighted the loan age and loans beingclosed in coming days LEAN done on training roadmap andreduced the training days withoutimpacting the knowledge download Outsourcing the process led to reducedtraining and hiring cost since WNS istaking care of the sameConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services Due to mortgage crisis in year 2007, resourcemanagement became the biggest challenge for theclient Loan forecasting was a challenge that clients werefacing since there was no report reflecting the loanage At clients’ end, training a new resourceon processes took more than twoweeks and hence delayed to hit thefloor Training and hiring cost at client’s sidewas higher Check list automation projectaccomplished leading to reduced touchtime for each case resulting in 20%productivity gain. Error proofing. Quality scores increasedfrom 96% to 99% post Automation project accomplished leading to saving of139 hrs per month in collating and allocating loans LEAN Project completed on automation of Allocation& Collation of one of the work types; help reduce theproduction time from 140 hours on monthly basis to 2minutes19

Leading North American Financial AdvisorBuilding a Brokerage Center of ExcellenceThe client is a U.S.-based global professional services and insurance brokerage firmProcesses New Account SetupAccount AdministrationLicensing and Field Compensation SupportPortfolio AdjustmentsBeneficiary ProcessingBroker / Advisor SupportService RecoveriesSpecial Investigations and Re-imbursementsCheck Processing and Document Operations Migration of 25 medium to high complexityprocesses within 6 months Ground-up creation of a team with domainexpertise and NASD Series 6, 7, 24 & 63skill sets Collaborative wing-to-wing initiativesincluding Six Sigma and automation toreduce cycle time Newly spun off entity, lack of market penetration andbrand name Low Accuracy and TAT with high cost of bad errorsprocessing Advisor time wasted on handling bad errors asopposed to active sales and servicing of customers Confidential 2012 WNS Global Services Collaborative wing-to-wing initiativesincluding Six Sigma and Automation toreduce “buy” to “activation” cycle time Consistently exceeded SLA targets andmoved SLA baselines by up to 75% overtwo yearsBuilt competitive differentiation through enhancedcustomer service (DALBAR Customer Service Award2008)Drove substantial improvements in CSAT andturnaround time metrics to enhance customer valueProvided overall 45% costs savings on engagementConverted fixed cost to variable costs by moving fromFTE to Unit Transaction Pricing20

Asset Management Arm of a Multi-line InsurerCreating a Center of ExcellenceThe client is a leading provider of life and pension products serving over 50 million customers in 28 countries around theworld Processes Scalable and cost-effective model Trade compliance Robust operational model to cater to fluctuatingvolumes Credit research M&A strategy research Requirement of additional processing capacity forextending its global reach in NA, Europe and APAC Reconciliations Harmonize and optimize processes Performance management Achieve higher scalability for businessgrowth and flexible staffing Real estate research and analytic Process re-engineering and standardizationduring transition Focus on building a repeatable and reliableoperations Improve delivery and quality management Creation of domain experts Created tiered approach to transitions Collaborative approach on 6 σ Initiative andAutomation to reduce cycle time Ability to leverage infrastructure and the staffingof a qualified work forceConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services CoE concept allows focus on RTB (Runthe Business) across multiplegeographies SLA-driven service delivery Black belt / lean projects for C-SATmeasurement, process throughput Right-skilled talented team with members sourced fromleading peer group organizations, cross skillingunderway Flexible, scalable and cost-efficient structure21

Leading Bank in Middle EastGlobal Consolidation across Multiple Locations, Systems and Entities 2 location program across 38 complex back-office and voice processesScope of Services include: Bank Account Setup: Retail and Corporate, AccountAdministration , Check Processing, Remittance – Inward /Outward, Overseas Payments, New Cards Setup, DisputesProcessing, Interchange and Merchant Settlement, LoansDisbursal Customer Service, Contact Point Verification, Lifeand Personal Accident Insurance, Derivatives andAsset Management, Investment and TreasuryOperations Conducted detailed solution designworkshops across regions to capture existingprocesses and system knowledge Migrated 20 FTEs for a low complexity process todemonstrate proof of concept Helped customer PMO to define governance and changemanagement structure Mix of thin client and thick client applications implemented Customized hiring and seeding of domain-specific people andre-badging of critical resources with unique skills Reviewed bank-wide operations to expand program scopeand maximize consolidation benefitsConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services No precedence of offshoring from the region – developingculture to support change management New geography – telecom infrastructure and regulatorychallenges Organization-wide change – processes and systems Loosely-defined SLAs and no mechanism totest adherence Cost reduction and global operationsconsolidation with a predictable SLA-basedservice delivery with ownership of keyoperations metrics from day one Built Arabic-speaking and transcriptioncapability in India Recommended consolidation of distributed retainedfunctions at onshore to achieve cost benefits beyond laborarbitrage Used Six Sigma methodology to eliminate waste within thebusiness and improve throughput by 20% Contractually committed and delivered year-on-yearproductivity improvements22

Leading Asian BankCentral Accounting ProcessesThe client is a leading bank in Asia with major focus on the countries in Middle East Vendor / staff paymentMonthly prepaid amortizationBilling by subsidiary to parent companyMonthly payroll activitiesReconciliation of balance sheet accountsPreparation of financial statementsFixed Assets – addition, retire, transfer,disposal, write-off Branch accounting Improper scanning trend for AP invoices resulting inbacklog No standardization of the invoice format Inconsistent day end process High volume of queries Automation of productivity logs, controltrackers across all process Detailed query tracker maintained andshared with client on daily basis Splitting of shift and streamlining of workallocation for smooth day end process Sharing hourly scanning tracker with clientto convince the proper frequency ofscanning Developed the fully automated macro toperform the branch petty cash withoutusing FoxPro Drove substantial improvements byautomating and re-engineering tasks toenhance customer value Long pending automation projects wascompleted after go-live of the process Robust data architecture with security ofinformation and clear accountability Consistently achieved targets from July’10 onwards Developed automated control tracker resulting insmooth day end process and reduced number of errors Initiated efforts to standardize and consolidateprocessesConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services Branch petty cash not done due to nonavailability of FoxPro application23

Global Diversified Financial Services CompanySupporting the CFO’s OfficeThe client is a diversified financial services company providing a range of financial services, including auto-financing,insurance, mortgage services and online bankingProcesses Accounts PayableTravel and EntertainmentGeneral AccountingFixed AssetsBank ReconciliationsCash ManagementQuery managementEscheatment Migrated processes to a 100% paperlessenvironment Rationalized and standardized processesacross 6 locations and 3 business units Deployed a workflow solution enabling 100%transparency, control audit trail and reporting Developed a consolidated, standardized KPI reportingmechanism for providing visibility to key metrics Dedicated compliance officer who liaisons with clientauditors in conducting SAS 70 audits, defines controlframework, reports on design and operatingeffectiveness of controls and prepares and executesinternal auditConfidential 2012 WNS Global Services Multi-entity multi-location fragmented processes Independent technology platforms across fivebusiness units in scope and hence non-standardizedprocesses across BUs Implemented a new T&E system in the midst oftransition impacting the learning period No historical baseline data available forbenchmarking Many processes were manual andinvolved a lot of paper Workflow solution lead to improved “paidon time” measure by 50% – 75% acrossbusiness units to 99% and reduction inunprocessed invoices from 16% to 3% insix months Over 500,000 invoices processed and50,000 T&E reports audited annually USD 4 billion monthly funds managed throughtreasury support and over 900 accounts reconciledevery month Transformation (Six Sigma) project underway forimplementing a consolidated account reconciliationsolution24

Leading Credit Bureau in USTransforming Customer Service Operations Global leader in credit and information management, with a reach in 25 countries and providing solutions toover 50,000 business and maintaining credit histories of over 500 million consumers Customer Service: Account Maintenance, ProductEducation, Website Navigation, Credit Information,Customer Issue Resolution Customer Retention Performance stagnation with the current provider Need to provide a superior customer serviceexperience in a

Chargeback Processing Issuer Chargeback Processing Account Reconciliations Dispute Follow-up Setup Account Inquiries & Maintenance Payment Processing Chargeback Processing Dispute Handling . Campaign Management . Product Development . Channel and Tele Sales