Isilon Scale-out NASLeader in Large Scale Data Storage forHigh-Throughput Sequencing Environments andOther Life Science ApplicationsOctober, 2009

Isilon Systems Proven, global leader in scale-out NASsolutions*Unrivaled product innovation – 5th GenWorld-class products and global servicesStrong ecosystem of technology partnersNASDAQ Ticker: ISLN* Gartner, January 2009

Isilon SnapshotIsilon Systems is the proven leader in scale-out NAS. Our clustered storageand data management solutions drive unique business value for customersby maximizing the performance of their mission-critical applications,workflows and processes. Isilon enables enterprises and researchorganizations worldwide to manage large and rapidly growing amounts of filebased data in a highly-scalable, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective way.NASDAQISLNFounded2001IPODecember 2006Market cap 386 million (10/05/09)TTM revenue 118.0 millionQ1 2009 revenue 29.0 millionCash and investments 75.5 millionHeadquartersSeattle, WAEmployees354Geographic presenceUS, Asia, EMEA(As of 12/31/08, except as noted)

A Few of Isilon’s 1100 Customers

What If You Never had to configure another volume or LUN?Never had to load balance for capacity or performance?Could efficiently utilize all the storage you paid for?Transparently tune performance &data protectionDynamically adjust resourcesregardless of workload?Save significant OpEX & CapEX

Elementsof Scale-OutStorage SystemIsilonClusteredStorageUnlimited ScalabilityHigh PerformanceMaximum Data ProtectionEase of Use/ManagementHigh AvailabilityEnterprise Services(Windows, Unix, Security, authentication, etc.)

Isilon Scale-Out NAS Storage System

Setting the Standard for Scale-Out NAS

Sequencing and Other Data on Isilon One Single File System toManageScalable from 10 TB to5.2 PBOpEx: Reduce Storagemanagement cost by 85%80% Raw StorageUtilizationNo Downtime for DataMigration

Core Innovation Value to CustomersIsilon’s OneFS Operating iesNL-SeriesTMTMSmartConnectTMSyncIQCompressionTM

ApplicationSoftwareA Broad Range of Scale-out NAS SolutionsOperatingSystemHardwarePlatform NodesExtension Nodes

Isilon – Driving Economic ValueThe overall result of these advantages was a risk-adjustedROI of 125% and a payback period within five months.Source:June 2008

Why Isilon?.You want data storage that can scale tomeet your research demands.With advances in DNA sequencing and other researchinstruments driving unprecedented data growth, terabytes ofstorage are no longer enough.Isilon storage can scale capacity from 10 terabytes to 5.2petabytes in a single file system with performance up to 45GB per second.

Why Isilon?.You want enterprise-class storage thatis easy to manage.With Isilon scale-out NAS you don’t need to add storageadministrators as your storage grows.One person can now manage petabytes of data, minimizingoperating expenditures and keeping your staff focused onwhat they do best.

Why Isilon?.You want storage that will maximizeproductivity while minimizing cost.Isilon’s solutions achieve 50% greater storage productivity soyou can accelerate your time to results.Isilon’s industry-leading utilization rates, ease-of-use, and payas-you-grow capability reduce operational costs and matchthe timing of capital expenditures directly with the growth ofyour data.

Why Isilon?.You need to protect the lifeblood of yourorganization – your data.Isilon offers the industry’s highest level of end-to-end dataprotection. By offering up to N 4 protection, up to 4 nodescan fail simultaneously and 100% of your data is still availableso you can continue your research without interruption.Automatic replication of data to remote sites can beperformed without impact on other network resources.

Customer StoriesThe world’s first provider of large-scale humangenome sequencing servicesMust support ever-growing stores of mission-criticalgenetic data and large simulations700of IsilonIQ enabledaccelerationR&D isTheTBUCLALaboratoryof d geneticone of the Montecountry'sforemostbrain researchcentersmapping and research data – while eliminating theCollect dataforfromneural imagingup to 200requirementa full-timestorage –administrator.Gigabytes per image and support more than 60international brain imaging collaborationsThe Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is one of theIsilon IQ provided a three-fold performance increaseworld’s leading genomics research institutesin network bandwidth and a doubling of dataNeeded massivescalability:Recentflurryof nextthroughputenablingconcurrentaccessor over500generation DNAsequencing caused intenseresearchersgloballyperformance and capacity demandsWith Isilon, Broad has accelerated its highperformance workflow while supporting a five-foldincrease in genomic data , without adding support staff

Why Isilon Scale-out NAS?Customers leverage Isilon scale-out NAS to Achieve 50% greater storage productivity for one-third less costIncrease the productivity of mission-critical applications,workflows and processes to:Accelerate time to marketReduce time to discoveryPursue new research opportunitiesShorten storage deployments from months to hours

Isilon Bioinformatics Solution Summary Designed for the challenges of bioinformatics workflows Single file system scalability to 5 Petabytes Consistent high utilization of storage resources 80% High sustainable application throughput with fewerapplication instances Consistent sustained performance even underunpredictable high concurrent workloads 33% reduction in CapEx Over 85% reduction in OpEx

Fostering Collaboration Across TeamsExample: City of Hope Research CoresGenomicsProteomics- Sequencing (old)- Microarrays- Next Gen Seq- Mass Spec- Nuclear Mag Res- X-RayImagingChemiformatics- High ContentScreening- High ThroughputScreening- Synthetic Chemistry

Isilon Snapshot Isilon Systems is the proven leader in scale-out NAS. Our clustered storage and data management solutions drive unique business value for customers by maximizing the performance of their mission-critical applications, workflows and processes. Isilon enables enterprises and research