TITAN S8Transportable Data Acquisition DeviceProduct Brochure EN

TITAN S8The MadgeTech Titan S8 is a portable, multi-use industrial datalogger with eight probe channels and a user-friendly touchscreeninterface. This versatile logger supports thermocouple, RTD orthermistor probes to measure current, voltage, temperature and pulsein real time. This adaptability and power make Titan S8 the perfectcompanion for any industrial engineer, quality assurance professional,compliance officer or automotive technician.Part of the Titan S8’s might comes from its independence. Unlikemany data loggers, the Titan is a complete, all-in-one solution thatdoes not require a PC or any downloaded software for operation. Thismeans the device is truly ready for use at a second’s notice and willnever leave users waiting because of upload times or a frustratingsoftware interface.

FEATURESThe entire Titan S8 device is handheld, meaning powerful data measurement, equipmentvalidation and process monitoring can travel wherever they are needed inside or outside of anyfacility. Titan S8 is a powerful and flexible as you need it to be at any time, for any application.COMPACT DESIGN8 CHANNEL INPUTSPROTECTIVE BOOTStore Titan S8 in a toolkit, backpack,or jacket pocket.View data from multiple leads orlocations at the same time.Breathe easy knowing your device is shieldedat all time. Minimize impacts with rugged,shock-absorbing rubber.SIDE GRIP5" TOUCH SCREENHold the Titan S8 confidently with one handwhile placing leads and probes.View data on a full-color display designedfor clarity and readability.BACKKICKSTANDMOUNTING HOLES

VERSATILITYPerfect for those with a variety of responsibilities or validation tasks, the handheld Titan S8 providesdynamic, customizable solutions including programmable channel configurations, user-configurableengineering units and alarms for benchmark or undesirable readings. Any user-created settings can bestored within the logger, saving time and eliminating the need for constant reprogramming.HVAC PERFORMANCEENERGY AUDITS Room / Ambient Temperature Duct Temperature Air Flow & Pressure Current/Voltage Fluctuations Energy Consumption Machine Run TimeAUTOMOTIVE SAFETY ENGINEERINGELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING Heat & Energy Transfer Material Processes Electrical Systems Analysis Production Equipment Monitoring Temperature Stability Voltage & Current TroubleshootingPLANT/FACTORY PERFORMANCELABORATORY & LIFE SCIENCES Diagnose Power Issues Electrical Infrastructure Monitoring Optimize Performance Equipment Validation Temperature Mapping Process VerificationINDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT REPAIRFOOD SAFETY Thermal & Electrical Diagnostics Verify Successful Repair Routine Maintainence Oven Mapping Process Monitoring HACCP Compliance

TECHNOLOGYThe unprecedented data acquisition power of the Titan S8 comes from its incredible versatility.This single device is compatible with a variety of the most commonly used probe types and canbe configured to measure a wide range of key factors.8 INPUT CHANNELSUSB DATA DOWNLOAD1GB INTERNAL MEMORYManage a variety of incomingdata to study energy transfer andmachine performance.Extract data instantaneously forupload and analysis.Store up to 5,000,000 readings.ENGINEERING UNITSNO REQUIRED SOFTWARERECHARGEABLE BATTERYProgram Titan S8 to accept anyunits of measure.Analyze data in Microsoft Excelwithout the need for additionalsoftware.Rechargeable lithium ion batterydesigned to provide longer lastingpower per charge.SENSOR TYPESRTDTHERMOCOUPLEVOLTAGECURRENTTHERMISTORPULSE

USER INTERFACEThe Titan S8’s easy-to-use interface allows users to view real-time data, including automatically generatedgraphs, in full color to enable in-the-moment analysis and decision-making.180 5" TOUCH SCREEN16-BIT HIGH RESOLUTIONDISPLAY ROTATIONREAL-TIME DATA VISUALIZATIONON-SCREEN ALERTSWIRING DIAGRAMON-SCREEN KEYBOARDBUILT-IN TROUBLESHOOTINGLANGUAGE TRANSLATION

MadgeTech is committed to the highest standard of customer service. Every MadgeTech datalogger comes with a 1 year parts and labor guarantee. In the unlikely event of there being a problem,MadgeTech customer service will collect, repair and return the device.MadgeTech, Inc6 Warner RoadWarner, NH 03278Phone: (603) 456-2011Fax: (603) 456-2012madgetech.comDOC 1314009-00REV 2 2018.11.12

Transportable Data Acquisition Device Product Brochure EN TITAN S8. The MadgeTech Titan S8 is a portable, multi-use industrial data . compliance officer or automotive technician. Part of the Titan S8's might comes from its independence. Unlike many data loggers, the Titan is a complete, all-in-one solution that .