Guidelines for providing feedback to assignmentsCommon Units tutors should adhere to the following guidelines for feedback to students.1.Student must always be given written feedback to accompany the grade.2.Feedback should be criterion referenced.3.Feedback should provide for formative learning so that students understand wherethey have gone right and wrong in order to apply this learning to future assignments.4.Feedback should therefore be extensive enough to meet the above.5.Feedback should be positive and acknowledge students efforts – use a kiss kick kissapproach.6.When using grade book there should always be a comment in the comment box toaccompany the grade and refer students to the marked up copy of assignment for e 1updated 2011

A good example of feedbackGradebook ViewEnter or modify a grade for the assignment. Click View to access files sent by the user, to enter feedback orinstructoructor notes, or to send a file to the user.LastSubmitted/ModifiedStudent Name Item NameItem DateKIM DAY(s183456)Monday, NovemberAugust26, 2007 6:10:2915, 2007PMUser’sComments1: Pt t:7710074.410ViewPlease find attached Assignment 1a - Reflecting & Planning. By: Kim Day Submitted - Monday26/11/2007Hi KimThis is a good effort, you have addressed the main topics and have organised your paper in alogical manner. In addition you have identified some good references for Assignment 1, part d.Feedback to Your paragraph structure is a little problematic in places, remember to make it very clear whereUserone ends and the next begins. Please see my additional comments tracked on your assignmentAnd noted in the assessment criteria by clicking the link below in particular regarding yourtaxonomy.Kind regards SharonCOMMONUNITSFUNDAMENTALACADEMIMICSKILLSPage 2updated 2011

Assignment Cover SheetSTUDENT NAME - KimDayAccess ServicesLibrary & Information AccessCharles Darwin UniversityPO Box 41246Casuarina NT 0811STUDENT NUMBER - S183456POSTAL ADDRESS- 19Swan CourtPhone:Fax:DarwinPOSTCODEPHONE – 080815(08) 89466483(08) 89466549Email:[email protected] –UNIT / MODULE NAME – AcademicSemester SSLiteraciesYear 2007UNIT / MODULE CODE – CUC100TUTOR NAME – SharonBowlesASSESSMENT TITLE – ReflectingDATE OF POSTINGand PlanningDUE DATE26./11./07.APPLIED FOR EXTENSION?ASSIGNMENT IS ASSESSABLEASSESSMENT NUMBER- 1a30./11./07NO Office use onlyDATE RECEIVEDNON-ASSESSABLETutor use onlyPLEASE PLACE GRADE HEREDATE SENT TO LECTURERRECEIVED AT ACCESS SERVICES FROM LECTURERCOMMONUNITSFUNDAMENTALACADEMIMICSKILLSPage 3updated 2011

Student’s comments:Tutor’s commentsHi KimThis is a good effort, you have addressed the main topics and have in general organised yourpaper in a logical manner. In addition you have identified some good references forAssignment 1, part d.Your paragraph structure is a little problematic in places, remember to make it very clearwhere one ends and the next begins.You have made a very positive attempt at the taxonomy (framework) for Assignment 1, part d.As you work through the unit remember to keep returning to the final assignment question.You will need to synthesise how the skills (critical thinking, self awareness etc) are importantin relation to specific issues/trends you have identified (IT, lack of male teachers etc).Overall this is a positive start to the unit.Well done.RegardsSharonBy the way don’t forget to double space your papers, that way it is easier for tutors/lecturers toadd comments.COMMONUNITSFUNDAMENTALACADEMICSKILLSPage 4updated 2011

Assessment Criteria: Assignment 1 Part aExGoodSatisPoorUnsatisPersonal Reflection 35% Are the ideas organised logically intoparagraphs? Has the writer addressed the requiredtopics? Has each topic been dealt with fullyenough within the required word count? Has a list of sources been provided?Graphic Outline 35% Does the graphic outline reflect the topicshighlighted in the essay question? Are the ideas organised logically inresponse to the essay question?xxxxXxPresentation 30%Does the assignment include:X Clear presentation as a Worddocument?X Correct spelling and punctuation?X Correct sentence structure?X The required number of words?x A clearly laid out graphic outline?General Comments:A good first assignment that indicates considerable effort and a good understanding ofthe task and this first stage of the process towards your major essay.COMMONUNITSFUNDAMENTALACADEMICSKILLSPage 5updated 2011

Assignment 1 Part a: Reflecting and Planning for your major essayPersonal ReflectionThere are many reasons why I decided to commence the Teaching and Learning Pre-service degree.The main reason is to fulfill my career aspirations of becoming a teacher. I feel that to become ateacher will add a meaningful purpose to my existence in this life. By being a teacher I will be able tocontribute to the community by helping the children of tomorrow be everything that they strive for and toteach them everything they need to know to become the next leaders of tomorrow. I would also like tobe able to assist children who may be having difficulties. Whether that be learning difficulties, languagedifficulties or problems at home. To be a helping hand and someone that a child can trust and be ableto come to in times of need.My main career goal is to complete my Teaching and Learning degree as a full time student in only afew years and to be qualified to teach within a primary school. Once I am a qualified teacher, I hope togain full –time employment as a teachher and am hopeful to be able to assist with extra curriculum(curricular) activities at school such as coaching a sports team etc.The major requirement to be completed to become a teacher is to complete a teaching degree at ahigher education institution. Within that degree you must complete a certain amount of units of studyand also enroll in specific courses directly related to the type of teaching you wish to do. For exampleyou must complete at least 32 units of study and complete the compulsory units required to become aprimary school teacher. You must also complete a specific amount of practical and on the job trainingin preparation of being a teacher. This involves being in a classroom with another fully trained teacherto learn how they conduct their lessons and also how they deal with children within the classroom.The A major trend in society that is constantly changing is the role of technology. Throughout the last20 years or so the role that technology has played in the learning process has changed dramatically. Itis a responsibility of current teachers to keep up to date with the emerging technology and to be able toeffectively pass on this information to students. Many courses are now conducted via the internet whichenables people the freedom to learn at their own pace. Unlike 20 years ago, nowadays the majority ofschools have a computer within each classroom, so it extremely important that the teacher is able touse this computer effectively and to be able to pass this knowledge onto their students.There are now many programs and games that effectively aid in the learning process. This includesitems like mathematics tutors, a spelling quiz or a counting numbers game. There is also the benefitnow of mobile technology and the use of laptops. This enables us to be able to take a computer with usand to be able to use it no matter where we are. This means that the learning process never ceases toend. It also enables people who live in a remote locality or for people with a disability who cannot attendschool the chance to be able to learn online via the internet.There has also been a lot of documentation regarding the changes in teaching techniques. A lot ofteachers now seem to moving away the process of just memorizing ideas and facts to making childrenfind things out for themselves and then having them evaluate the information they have obtained andbe able to use it effectively. The easy access to the internet makes this a very effective method ofteaching.It has been noted in many documents that the majority of the teaching workforce is female and also thatthere is a vast amount of that workforce that is now older than 45 years of age. This shows the needfor more teachers within our society because as the teaching workforce gets older and retires the needfor people to replace them will also increase.You have identified some pertinent trends here well done.COMMONUNITSFUNDAMENTALACADEMICSKILLSPage 6updated 2011

SourcesThese are good, and well done for using one of your set readings – remember you can use these forAssignment 1 part d. In addition, for your final paper (assignment 1, part d) it would also be good toadd some references from Education Journals. resources/part f.pdfDemand and Supply of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in AustraliaAuthor: g-and-learningEmerging Trends for Teaching and Learning: A retrospectiveby Gail Matthews-DeNatale, Academic Technology, Simmons rent Trends in Teaching and LearningDraft prepared by Cythia Schrager, Office of Vice Provust for Undergraduate EducationApril, Trends in teacher educationL Some implicationsby: Julie Ballantyne, Queensland University of Technology, Australia2002Accelerating Change, the complexity of problems, and the quality of our thinking (Chapter 1) –pp1-16Author: Paul, Richard; Binker, A.J.A; Willsen, Jane1993COMMONUNITSFUNDAMENTALACADEMICSKILLSPage 7updated 2011

This is a good preliminary taxonomy for your essay Kym - you have organized your ideas logically and identified key issues to discuss under each subtopic, it islikely you will continue to develop this as the unit progresses.Essential Factors in CareerSuccessCritical ThinkingTo think for ourselvesrather than to be toldTo enhance our capacity tobe able to solve problemsTo make good judgementand decisionsCommu-nicationBeing able to communicateeffectively with barrierBe able to recognizecommunication problems/what can be done toresolve themDifferent methods ofteachingSelf-AwarenessEmerging and adapting astrends change. ietechnology changesKnowing your weaknessesand how to improve onthemKnowing where to gainadditional skills whentrends changeKnowledgeLearning about the bestteaching practices andmethodsThe ability to be able toeffectively pass on yourknowledge to studentsCompleting the relevantcourses to be an effectiveteacher

COMMON UNITS FUNDAMENTALACADEMI Assignment Cover Sheet STUDENT NAME - Kim Day STUDENT NUMBER - S183456 POSTAL ADDRESS - 19 Swan Court Darwin PHONE - 08 89674523 E-MAIL - UNIT / MODULE NAME - Academic Literacies UNIT / MODULE CODE - CUC100 TUTOR NAME - Sharon Bowles ASSESSMENT TITLE - Reflecting and Planning DATE OF POSTING