USB Serial Converter2016.11Rev. 1.0

Contents1.Introduction . 11-1. Overview .1-2. Package Contents .1-3. System Requirements and Restrictions.1-4. DB9(RS-232C) connector Pin Assignment.11122.Installation on Windows PC . 32-1. Installation on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/VistaServer2012 R2/Server2012/Server2008 R2/Server2008.2-2. Confirmation .2-3. Uninstallation on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/VistaServer2012 R2/Server2012/Server2008 R2/Server2008.3783.Application note . 103-1. Setting USB transfer size and latency time .3-2. Flow control.10134. Specifications . 14*All trademarks and logos are the properties of their respective holders.*The specifications and pictures are subject to change without notice.

1.Introduction1-1. Overview USB60FPW is a USB to serial converter with 5V power supply.Compatible with Universal Serial Bus specifications Rev. 1.1. Up to 230.4Kbps data transfer rate. Standard USB (A type Male).Easy to connect PC. Virtual COM port driverPWR(from USB port)USB60FPW can be used withFTDI’s VCP drivers to provide aCOM port on a PC. LED indicators.USB60FPW has “PWR/TXD/RXD”LED indicators for monitoringTXD(Host to device)communication status.PWR: power / TXD: transmit /RXD(Device to host)RXD: receive1-2. Package ContentsThe following items coms with this package: USB60FPW USB Serial Converter Setup CD-ROM. Installation Guide Warranty Card in Japanese1-3. System Requirements and RestrictionsHost machine Windows PC with free Standard USB A type portOperating System Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows Vista Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2,Windows Server 20081

1-4. DB9(RS-232C) connector Pin AssignmentThe pin assignment of the connector is below:This DB9pin connector is compatible with ANSI/EIA/TIA-574 specifications.123456789D-Sub9pin S5V OUTAnchor [#4-40]For using inch screw9Pin provides 5V to devices※As 5V outputs to RS-232C devices, the RS-232C devices mustbe compatible with this 5V output. Otherwise, the RS-232Cmay get damaged.DirectionDTE – DCE. -- ----- --- ----- ----- MeaningData Carrier DetectedReceived DataTransmitted DataData Terminal ReadySignal GroundData Set ReadyRequest to SendClear to SendOutput 5V power supply to devices2

2. Installation on Windows PCPlease make sure that the Windows PC meets the following specifications: USB port(Standard-USB A) is available Windows version is Vista or later2-1.Installation on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/Server 2012 R2/Server2012/Server 2008 R2/ Server 2008Before connecting USB60FPW USB serial converter to a USB port,follow the instructions below:1) Insert the setup CD-ROM for the REX-USB60FPW into your CD-ROM drive.Find the [Setup] folder at the CD that contains the USB60FPW Setup.exeDouble click USB60FPW Setup.exe.2) A “User Account Control” dialog box may appear.Click [Yes] to proceed with the installation.3

3) The InstallShield Wizard for RATOC REX-USB60FPW Installer will start.Click [Next] to proceed with the installation.4) A “RATOC REX-USB60FPW Installer“ will start.Click [Install] to proceed with the installation.4

5) A “Windows Security” dialog box will appear.Click [Install] to proceed with the installation.6) A “Windows Security” dialog box will appear again.Click [Install] to proceed with the installation.5

7) The installer will automatically be complete.Click [Finish]. The “RATOC REX-USB60FPW Installer” has finished.Connect the USB60FPW to a USB port available on your PC.The necessary drivers will be found.Installation will start and automatically finish.Proceed to (2-2) Confirmation of setting USB60FPW to confirm the installationhas finished successfully.6

2-2. ConfirmationTo confirm the installation has finished successfully,oen the Device Manager and select “View Devices by Connection”.Under the “Ports(COM/LPT)”category, a string of “USB60FPW USB-SerialConverer” with an additional COM port will appear.If this string shows without yellow “!” mark, the installation is madesuccessfully.7

2-3. Uninstallation on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/VistaServer 2012 R2/Server 2012/Server 2008 R2/Server 2008Open the [Program and Features] at [Control Panel].Select the [RATOC REX-USB60FPW Installer] and click [Uninstall].The InstallShield Wizard for RATOC REX-USB60FPW Installer will start.The following dialog will appear. Click [Yes] to proceed with the uninstallation.8

The uninstallation will automatically be complete.Click [Finish] to finish the uninstallation.9

3. Application note3-1. Setting USB transfer size and latency time※As this product will be used at default setting, so you do not need to change thebelow setting unless special issue comes out.If you right-click at the [USB60FPW USB-Serial Converter (COMx)] in theDevice Manager, a pull-down menu will appear. At the pull-down menu, select[Properties].Then, select the [Port Settings] tab. And then, click the [Advanced ] button.Then, the [Advanced setting for COMx] screen will appear(See the next page).10

At the below screen(Advanced setting for COMx), you can find [USB TransferSizes] and [Latency Timer].Here is an explanation for these 2 settings.[USB Transfer Sizes] and [Latency Timer] are used to set parameters on receiptdata function of USB60FPW.Once USB60FPW detects the following event, it will transfer received data fromRS-232C to host via USB.1) Transfer buffer of 384 bytes inside of USB60FPW becomes full.2) Line condition for CTS#/DSR#/DCD#/RI# of RS232C gets changed.3) Detection of event character in received data from RS-232C.4) Latency time(Default time is 16msec) times out.11

Regarding data transfer less than 384 bytes, latency time set at the [LatencyTimer] section happens, while much data over than 384 bytes transfer, transferwill start as soon as transfer buffer of 384 bytes becomes full, and latency timeset at the [Latency Timer] section happen only to the last data transfer less than384 bytes.In the worst case of latency time, the following case is considered;“At an interval of latency time set at the [Latency Timer] section,384 bytes data transfer.”At the same time when latency time times out, USB60FPW transfer data of 384bytes. USB receives transfer data of 384 bytes at an interval of latency time,and when data size reaches receipt buffer size requested, it will transfer datato USB serial conversion device drivers.Estimated transfer time of 4K bytes will be approx.(4096/384) x 0.016 0.17sec.Receipt buffer: 384 bytesHost PCUSBRS-232CData Transfer(Caution)Packet data transferred by USB contains a particular information of 2 bytes.If package data size is 64 bytes, an actual data size received from RS-232Cis 62 bytes. The particular information of 2 bytes will be removed automaticallyinside of USB serial conversion device drivers.USB serial conversion device drivers request USB Transfer Sizes of 4K bytesat default setting.When data is transferred from RS-232C to a PC, the USB drivers transferdata to USB serial conversion device drivers when USB drivers detect thefollowing event:1) Finish receiving requested data bytes(4K bytes).2) USB host drivers receive short packets under 64 bytes.12

3) Request is cancelledIf USB packets of 64 bytes are continuously transferred to host, USBwill keep receiving data until it reaches up to requested USB transfer datasize(Default is 4K bytes). Once it reaches to requested USB transfer data size,data which is complete with transfer will be transferred to USB serialconversion device drivers, and then, at this point of time, communicationapplication is ready for receiving receipt data from RS-232C.If transfer data is transferred from RS-232C by a small block less than 64 bytes,or transfer speed is much slower, setting value set at the [Latency Timer]section will affect through-put with data transfer.3-2. Flow controlUSB60FPW has the following 4 options of flow control:1) Without flow controlWith this mode, data may be lost if data transfer is high speed.2) RTS/CTS with 2 wire hardware flow controlIf CTS signal is high, devices will send data.If data can not be transferred, RTS signal will be low.3) DTR/DSR with 2 wire hardware flow controlIf DSR signal is high, devices will send data.If data can not be transferred, DTR signal will be low.4) XON/XOFF software flow controlFlow control is made by using a particular character called “XON/XOFF”.Character data used in XON/XOFF can be changed by application.Due to structure of Windows OS itself, data transfer is not made real timefrom USB60FPW drivers to applications. For example, while rapidly movingthe taskbar of application by the mouse, received data sometimes are lostwhen data transfer is made from RS-232C with at a speed of 115.2kbps.It is strongly recommended that hardware flow control or software flow control isenabled.13

4. SpecificationsProduct NameSerial Input/Output levelUSB SpecificationConnectorNumber of I/O portsUnit DimensionsCable LengthWeightData transfer modeData transfer Rate (Baud)Transmit DistancePower VoltagePower ConsumptionOutput VoltageSerial ParameterRS-232C connectorLED IndicatorsOperating EnvironmentStorage EnvironmentUSB60FPWRS-232C levelUSB(Universal Serial Bus) Specifications Rev. 1.1USB:Standard-USB Type A maleRS-232C:D-Sub9 male (with anchor [#4-40])1 port3.35[L] x 1.1[W] x 0.43[H] in (85[L] x 28[W] x 11[H] mm)Approx. 2.83 ft (85 cm)0.194 oz (55 g)Asynchronous (Start stop ,200/38,40057,600/115,200/230,400 bpsWithin 50ft (15m)DC 5V (Powered from USB Bus)Average: 36mA(5V)Max.: 60mA(5V)5V output from D-Sub 9pinData bit: 7/8 Start bit:1 Stop bit: 1/2Parity bit: even/odd/noneD-SUB 9PIN RS-232C connector MaleANSI/EIA/TIA-574PWR:Power LEDIf the power from USB bus is properly suppliedwith 5V, this indicator LED will be on.TXD:Transmit data indicator (Host to Device)RXD:Receive data indicator (Device to Host)Temperature: 32ºF to 122ºF (0ºC to 50ºC)Humidity: 10 to 90% (non condensing)Temperature: -4ºF to 149ºF (-20ºC to 65ºC)Humidity: 10 to 90% (non condensing)Note:1. Do not remove while the application is communicating. System will beunstable.2. Do not operate to suspend while the application is communicating.System will be unable to resume properly.3. This product does not support the serial mouse for connecting to RS-232Cport.14

inside of USB serial conversion device drivers. USB serial conversion device driversrequest USB Transfer Sizes of 4K bytes at default setting. When data is transferred from RS-232C to a PC, the USB drivers transfer data to USB serial conversion device drivers when USB drivers detect the following event: 1)Finish receiving requested databytes(4K .