2020DallasHomeward BoundProgramsOutpatient & MAT315 Sunset St. Dallas, Texas, 75208Satellite Outpatient Services: The Colony & CorsicanaSUD Residential, Psychiatric Crisis, MH Outpatient and Peer Support5300 University Hills Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75241(214) 941-3500El PasoOutpatient & Residential8716 Independence Rd, El Paso, Texas 79907(915) 772-9111

HOMEWARD BOUND Established in 1980Mission Statement– To promote the development of positive behavioralhealth and independence for individuals and familiescaught up in the cycles of substance abuse andaddiction, criminal behavior and mental illness.Homeward Bound Program Goal:–To offer client-centered rehabilitation and developmentprograms that enhance quality of life and interrupt theprocess of disease and personal disintegration thatresults in imprisonment, institutionalization or death

HOMEWARD BOUND ProgramsIntake & AssessmentsDetoxificationPsychiatric Crisis ResidentialResidential units (male & female)Statewide HIV Residential Unit(CD-HIV-MH)Outpatient Group and IndividualCounselingSUD Recovery Support ServicesCMHP–Outpatient Mental HealthCOPSD – Co-occurring SUD/MHMental Health Peer SupportMAT – Medication AssistedTreatmentOther Local Services Criminal Justice Residential– 30 to 60 Days per court order– DIVERT Court– MH Jail Diversion– SAMHSA Jail Diversion– Legacy Court– Dallas County CSCD– Collin County CSCD

DetoxificationDetoxification Program––25 Beds for men and womenMedical Interventions for Withdrawal Symptoms from SubstanceAbuse Primary Admissions:–––––––Opioids – Heroin, Illegal Prescription DrugsAlcohol – Life threatening seizure precautionsMultidrug combinations – benzodiazepines Methamphetamines – on the rise againTypical Stay, 4 to 6 DaysCan initiate MAT at this pointPeer Engagement to Determine Motivation to Change

Men’s ResidentialMen’s Residential Program 24 Bed Unit28 – 60 Day StayAverage Age: 34-36Years of Drug Use: 14Prevalent Substances:––– OpioidsAlcoholPolydrug InvolvementSpecialty Services:––Parenting ClassesHIV/ STI Testing and Resources

Women’s ResidentialWomen’s Residential Program 19 Bed Unit28 – 90 Day StayAverage Age: 32Years of Drug Use: 8 CPS Involvement: 40 %Substances:––– Opioids/HeroinAlcoholBenzodiazepinesSpecialty Services:––––Domestic ViolenceWomen’s HealthHIV/ STI Testing and ResourcesParenting Classes

SUD OutpatientOutpatient Program Dallas – Bishop Arts DistrictDowntown CorsicanaThe Colony (NFM) Continuing Care–– Current Roster 218Intake Monday-FridayFlexible Access–––––Groups:M-F 9-12:00 or 6-9:00Family Program - Saturday–Group and IndividualCounselingSUD EducationMedication Assisted TreatmentAvailableScreening and Connection toLocal Health Care/HIV ServiceProvidersEmployment or VocationalGuidance

Recovery SupportSUD Recovery SupportServices (RSS) 314 Participants10 Recovery Coachesembedded in the Residentialand Outpatient programsEngagement andEncouragement from Inquiryto Intake and transitioningbetween Levels of Care Peer Recovery Activities– Alumni Meetings and Events– Direct Connection toCommunity Resources Drivers License Birth Certificate– Employment or VocationalSupport – Clothes, Tools– Sober Housing– Transportation Assistance– Court Support

Crisis ResidentialPsychiatric Crisis Residential 18-bed unit for men, women, and transgenderAverage Length of Stay: 7 daysGoal: Stabilize and ConnectSimultaneous treatment for Mental Health and Detoxification needsPsychiatric Medication Stabilization & ManagementVisitation for family/support system2019 Admissions 888– Schizophrenia – Schizo-Affective– Depression – Suicidal– BiPolar – Mania– Drug-Induced Psychosis

CMHPCMHP – ComprehensiveMental Health Program Outpatient currently located at 5300University HillsSoon expanding to 315 SunsetMedication ManagementTherapyCase managementServed 245 consumers from OctoberDecember 2019 (143 unduplicated)

Peer SupportMental Health Peer Support Persons with “Lived Experience”Served 233 peers from OctoberDecember 2019Assistance with:– Medication management– Housing– Birth certificate, social securitycard, driver’s license– Group facilitation– Encouragement– Life skills development– Service to peers in HomewardBound’s programs– Service to peers who are in otherNTBHA-funded programs

Statewide Statewide Residential–– 16-bed unit for men, women, and transgender clients60-day length of stayAchievement Measures––To get people newly diagnosed or out of healthcare 6 months, onHIV medications, a balanced diet, engaged with health services andCase Management ServicesPeople currently in care to become medication compliant, keep allof their medical appointments and try to reach a virally suppressedstatus by time of discharge

Statewide Admission Criteria:- Labs taken within the past 90 days showing Viral Load CD4 Count Chem-20 Panel CBC TB Test Results *We can test on site if needed- Must pass medical assessment at time of intake

StatewideProgram Objectives Facilitate self-care - accomplished through the combination ofthree major components:- Client Education- Client Counseling- Self-help Facilitation Service Enrollment- Connecting clients with HIV care

Statewide Treatment Approach–––––––––Motivational Interviewing, CBTSeeking SafetyMedication Assisted TreatmentHIV/STI Education, Testing,and ResourcesMedical and PsychiatricReferral12 Step and Faith-BasedSupportAlternative Recovery ProgramsCommunity ResourcesRecovery and Peer SpecialistSupport Discharge Approach–––––––Sober & Drug Free Housing inHome CommunityContinuing Care throughOutpatient CounselingPeer Recovery ActivitiesConnection to Local HealthCare/HIV Service ProvidersEmployment or VocationalOpportunitiesClothing AssistanceFamily Communication and/orReunification

Statewide2019 Statistics 133 AdmissionsGender– Male: 114 (86%)– Female: 10 (7%)– Transgender: 9 (6%)Race– African American: 60 (45%)– Caucasian: 50 (38%) – Hispanic: 21 (16%)Primary Drug Abused– Methamphetamine: 67 (50%)– Alcohol: 28 (21%)– Cocaine/ Crack: 21 (16%)– Marijuana: 9 (6%)– Opiates: 6 (4%)– K2: 1 ( 1%)– PCP: 1 ( 1%)IV Use– 48 (36%)

Statewide ContactsWendy Cohen, LCDCStatewide Clinical [email protected] x445Grant JohnsonStatewide Intake 00 x290Melissa Cade, MSW, LCDC, LBSWClinical [email protected] x439


Dallas Outpatient & MAT 315 Sunset St. Dallas, Texas, 75208 Satellite Outpatient Services: The Colony & Corsicana SUD Residential, Psychiatric Crisis, MH Outpatient and Peer Support 5300 University Hills Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75241 (214) 941-3500 El Paso Outpatient & Residential 8716 Independence Rd, El Paso, Texas 79907 (915) 772-9111 Homeward Bound