NAVARRO COLLEGETABLE OF CONTENTSGeneral Information. 6General Information.6Letter from the District President. 6Board of Trustees.6Administration. 7History of the College.7Mission, Vision and Values. 8Equal Educational Opportunity.8Accreditation. 82021 2022 Academic Calendar.82020 2021 Academic Calendar.14Navarro College Centers.21Navarro College Foundation, Inc. 21Cook Education Center. 22Small Business Development Center.22Navarro College Awards. 22Admissions & Registration. 23Admissions & Registration. 23Admission Procedures.23Methods of Admission. 23Immunization Alert.26Developmental Education Plan. 27Registration.31Tuition & Fees. 32Tuition & Fees. 32Waivers / Exemptions. 32Tuition and Fee Information. 32Financial Information.33Financial Information. 33Athletic Ticket Prices. 33Financial Aid. 33Room and Board. 34Scholarships and Loans. 34Settlement of Obligations. 36Tuition & Fees. 37Continuing Education Tuition Schedule.37Tuition Refunds.37Student Services. 38Student Services. 38Counseling, Advising, and Academic Planning. 38Carl Perkins CTE Success Center. 38Student Activities. 38Housing Residence Life. 39Career and Job Placement. 39Disability and Access Services. 39Textbooks.40Library Services.40Academic Policies and Information. 42Academic Policies and Information. 42Academic Policies.45Academic Policies. 45Academic Classification of Students. 45Academic Integrity. 46Academic Standards.47Academic Standards. 47Grade Points.47Grades and Values.47Minimum Standard of Work.47Catalog.NavarroCollege.eduAcademic Policies.49Access to Student Records.49Attendance Requirement.51Change of Address. 51Classroom Decorum.51Disclosure of Consumer Information. 51Dropping and/or Adding Courses.52Examinations. 52Grade Challenge Policy.52Hold on Student Records. 53Non-Credit/Auditing of Courses.53Program of Study Dismissal Procedure. 53Repetition of Courses and Academic Fresh Start. 54Residency Requirements. 54Resolution of Disputes Concerning Transfer Courses.54Rules and Regulations. 55Scholastic Probation / Suspension. 55Settlement of Obligations. 55Student / Instructor Conflict Resolutions. 55Student Academic Grievance.56Student Conduct.56Student Grievance Procedures. 56Student Load. 58Student Rights and Responsibilities.58Withdrawal from the College. 59“I” Grade Removal and Grade Change Limitation. 59Academic Information. 60Academic Information.60Adult Education and Literacy. 60Alternative Instructional Methods - Distance Learning. 60Course Number Explanation. 61Dean’s List.61Developmental Studies.61Division of Continuing Education. 62English Language Institute (ELI). 62Evening and Weekend Classes. 62Graduation Information.62Graduation with Honors.62Major / Minor Areas of Concentration. 63President’s List. 63Veteran’s Benefits.63College Credit Policy. 66ACT SAT AP IB Credit.66Articulated Credit. 66College Credit Policy. 66Credit by Examination. 66Evaluated Credit. 67Overview. 67Prior Learning Assessment. 67Transcripts. 68Transfer of Credits.69Degree Requirements. 70Associate of Applied Science Degree. 70Associate of Arts Degree. 70Associate of Arts – Teaching Degree.70Associate of Science Degree. 71Certificate of Completion. 712021-2022 College Catalog

Navarro CollegeCore Objectives. 71Degree Requirements. 74Degrees and Majors. 75General Requirements for Associate Degrees. 75Individualized Degree Plans.75Requirements for Certificates.75Second Degree.76Accounting.77Accounting. 77Accounting - AAS Degree Plan.78Accounting Assistant/Paraprofessional Certificate DegreePlan.79Accounting Clerk Certificate (for Dual Credit students)Degree Plan.80Art. 82Art. 82Art – AA Degree Plan. 82Biology. 84Biology. 84Biology - AS Degree Plan. 84Business.86Business. 86Business - AS Degree Plan. 87Business Administration - AAS Degree Plan.88Customer Relationship Management Certificate DegreePlan.90Entrepreneurship Certificate Level I Degree Plan. 90Hospitality Management Administration - AAS DegreePlan.90Hospitality Management Level I Certificate DegreePlan.91Hospitality Management Level II Certificate DegreePlan.92Supervisor’s Certificate Level I Degree Plan.92Supervisor’s Certificate Level II Degree Plan.93Business Information Technology. 95Administrative Professional I Certificate Degree Plan. 95Administrative Professional II Certificate Degree Plan. 95Business Information Technology.95Business Information Technology - AAS Degree Plan.97Medical Front Office Professional Degree Plan.99Chemistry. 100Chemistry.100Chemistry – AS Degree Plan. 100Child Development.102Child Development. 102Child Development - AAS Degree Plan. 103Child Development Certificate Degree Plan.104Computer Information Technology. 106Computer Information Technology. 106Computer Information Technology - AAS (CloudComputing) Degree Plan.107Computer Information Technology - Cybersecurity Level ICertificate Degree Plan. 109Computer Information Technology - Network SystemsCertificate Degree Plan. 109Computer Information Technology AAS (Cybersecurity)Degree Plan.110Computer Information Technology Cloud VirtualizationCertificate Degree Plan. 111Catalog.NavarroCollege.eduComputer Information Technology Software DevelopmentCertificate Degree Plan. 111Computer Information Technology Web Design CertificateDegree Plan.112Computer Information Technology Web DeveloperCertificate Degree Plan. 113Computer Information Technology – AAS (NetworkSystems) Degree Plan. 113Computer Information Technology – AAS (Programmer /Software Developer) Degree Plan.114Computer Information Technology – AS (BusinessEmphasis Transfer Program) Field of Study DegreePlan.115Computer Information Technology – AS (Engineering andScientific Emphasis) Degree Plan. 116Cosmetology.118Cosmetology. 118Cosmetology Certificate Degree Plan. 119Cosmetology Certificate-Dual Credit High School ProgramDegree Plan.120Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (less than 1 yearexperience) Degree Plan.120Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (with 1 year ofexperience) Degree Plan.121Cosmetology – AAS Degree Plan. 122Criminal Justice. 124Basic Peace Officer Certificate (Police Academy) DegreePlan.124Criminal Justice. 125Criminal Justice - AA Degree Plan.126Criminal Justice - AAS Degree Plan. 127Criminal Justice Corrections Certificate Degree Plan.129Education. 131Education. 131Education – AAT (8-12) Degree Plan.131Education – AAT (EC-6, 4-8, EC-12) Degree Plan.132Emergency Medical Services.134Advanced Paramedic - A.A.S. Degree Plan.134Emergency Medical Services. 135Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certificate DegreePlan.137Paramedic Certificate Degree Plan. 137English.139English. 139English - A.A. Degree Plan. 139Environmental Science.141Environmental Science.141Environmental Science AS Degree Plan.141Fire Science Protection Technology. 143Basic Firefighter Certificate Degree Plan. 143Fire Officer Certificate Degree Plan. 143Fire Officer Certificate Degree Plan. 144Fire Officer – AAS Degree Plan. 144Fire Science Protection Technology. 145Fire Science Protection Technology - AAS DegreePlan.146General Studies.148General Studies.148General Studies - AA Degree Plan. 148General Studies – AS Degree Plan. 1492021-2022 College Catalog

NAVARRO COLLEGEHealth Professions.151Health Professions. 151Health Science AS - Field of Study Degree Plan. 152LVN to RN Bridge Option- AAS Degree Plan. 153Licensed Vocational Nursing Certificate Degree Plan. 154Medical Laboratory Technology- AAS Degree Plan. 155Mental Health AAS Degree Plan.157Occupational Therapy Assistant-AAS Degree Plan. 158Physical Therapist Assistant- AAS Degree Plan. 160Pre-Bachelor of Science in Nursing- AS Degree Plan.161Registered Nurse Associate Degree Nursing- AAS DegreePlan.162Industrial Technology. 165Industrial Maintenance Technology Certificate DegreePlan.165Industrial Technology.165John Deere Tech. 166Ag Mechanization Technology - AAS Degree Plan. 166Diesel Engine Maintenance Certificate I Degree Plan.167Diesel Engine Maintenance Certificate II Degree Plan.167Enhanced (Agriculture) Technical Skills Certificate DegreePlan.168John Deere Tech. 168Kinesiology. 170Kinesiology.170Kinesiology - AS Degree Plan.170Massage Therapy. 172Massage Therapy.172Massage Therapy Certificate Degree Plan. 173Mathematics.175Mathematics.175Mathematics – AS Degree Plan. 175Music. 177Music.177Music - AA Field of Study Degree Plan.177Paralegal Studies. 179Paralegal Studies. 179Paralegal Studies - AAS Degree Plan.180Paralegal Studies Certificate Degree Plan. 181Paralegal Studies with Criminal Justice Emphasis - AASDegree Plan.182Pathway to Medical, Dental, Pharmacy or VeterinarySchool.184Pathway to Medical, Dental, Pharmacy or VeterinarySchool. 184Petroleum Technology.185Automation Certificate Degree Plan. 185Oil and Gas Technology Certificate Degree Plan. 185Petroleum Technology. 186Petroleum Technology – AAS Degree Plan.187Physics. 189Physics.189Physics - AS Degree Plan.189Pre-Engineering.191Pre-Engineering. 191Pre-Engineering - A.S. Degree Plan. 191Psychology. 193Psychology.193Psychology - AS Degree Plan.193Sociology. 195Sociology. 195Sociology - AS Degree Plan. peech - AA Degree Plan.197Theatre.199Theatre.199Theatre - AA Field of Study. 199Welding.201Production Welder Certificate Dual Credit DegreePlan.201Welding. 201Welding Technology Certificate Degree Plan. 202Welding Technology – AAS Degree Plan. 203Courses. 205Accounting. 205Ag Mechanization. 206American Sign Language. 212Anthropology.212Art. 212Biology. 215Business. 218Business Information Technology.223Chemistry.228Child Development. 229Computer Science. 233Cosmetology. 245Courses.248Criminal Justice. 251Developmental Studies.255Drama. 258Economics. 260Education. 261Emergency Medical Services. 261Engineering.265English. 266Environmental Science.269Fire Protection Technology.269French.274Geology.275Government. 275Health Professions. 276History.276Humanities. 277Industrial Technology.278Kinesiology.280Legal Assistant. 297MRMT-MRMT-Medical-Transcription.300Massage Therapy.300Mathematics.302Medical Lab Technology (MLT). 306Mental Health. 309Music.311Nursing - RN. 345Nursing - VN.348Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA). 353Petroleum Technology. 356Philosophy. 358Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). 358Physics.362Psychology.364Sociology. 3652021-2022 College Catalog

Navarro CollegeSpanish. 366Speech.366Welding. 3672021-2022 College Catalog.370Previous Catalogs. 370Programs of Study. 370Catalog.NavarroCollege.edu2021-2022 College Catalog

NAVARRO COLLEGEGeneral Information 6GENERAL INFORMATIONGENERAL INFORMATION2021 - 2022 CATALOG3200 W. 7th Avenue, Corsicana, TX 751101 (800) 874-6501The online College Catalog provides the programs of study and course descriptions available through Navarro College. Itincludes information about admission to the College, enrollment, degrees and certificates and academic policies. Althoughthis catalog was prepared on the basis of the best information available at the time of publication, all information, includingstatements of tuition and fees, course offerings, and admission and graduation requirements, is subject to change withoutnotice or obligation. This catalog does not constitute a contract between Navarro College and the student.LETTER FROM THE DISTRICT PRESIDENTDear Bulldogs,Welcome! We are proud that you have chosen Navarro College to be a part of your educational journey to prepare yourselfpersonally and professionally for success. Our nationally recognized professionals and programs provide structure, support,and an outstanding education that empowers individuals to change their lives as they prepare for a career.Navarro College offers an array of educational pathways designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and learningexperiences to successfully achieve your educational aspirations and prepare for the world of work. As a customer-focusedinstitution dedicated to our values of integrity, diversity, innovation, student-centeredness, and accountability, our staff areteam-oriented and sincerely committed toward your student experience! Navarro College is a place where people of all agesand from all backgrounds and cultures meet to participate in one of the most satisfying and enhancing learning experiencesavailable in Texas.We look forward to serving you! Navarro College offers a unique opportunity, and we invite you to engage with us on a dailybasis to create your memorable and lasting opportunities.As we pursue our vision to be nationally recognized with a commitment toward your success, we are investing in you, ourpeople, and our resources to achieve these outcomes. With that in mind, we are so glad that you choose to be a part of thatvision!With Bulldog Pride,Dr. Kevin G. FeganDistrict PresidentBOARD OF TRUSTEESBoard of TrusteesOfficers / MembersDistrictPhil JudsonChairman, 2023

NAVARRO COLLEGE General Information 6 GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL INFORMATION 2021 - 2022 CATALOG 3200 W. 7th Avenue, Corsicana, TX 75110 1 (800) NAVARRO (903) 874-6501 The online College Catalog provides the programs of study and course descriptions available through Navarro College. It