The Church of St. Peter has a prominentposition in Universidad Católica San Antonio.Due to its size and magnificence, it is thescene of religious celebrations, institutionalevents, conferences and many solemn acts.As a Catholic university, UCAM looksat teaching as a service to humanity but mostimportantly to each individual. This way,the University motivates its students to gainknowledge in seeking the Truth as well asdeveloping their personal relationship with God.5

Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of theUCAM, holding the child Jesus who blessesthose who walk through “Las Pérgolas” square,one of the most social areas of the campus.The Portuguese Saint statue is made ofbronze and it was imported from Italy66

Welcome to the Catholic University San Antonio!Strategically located in Murcia, Spain, with a Campus of 10.000 students andaround 700 professors, we are expanding worldwide to make one of ourmain objectives a reality: to promote a human and high quality universityeducation, with representative presence in all continents. UCAM has a friendlyand international environment in a fresh Mediterranean framework.This international vocation of the Catholic University San Antonio leads usto the cooperation with universities from all corners of the planet in everyeducational level: research, professors exchange and the creation of internationalpostgraduate programs and undergraduate programs in all specialties.At UCAM you will prove all the dynamism and enthusiasm of the university community,the top teaching technical equipment, the lovely surroundings of Jerónimos Monasteryor a sports structure with 16 elite teams competing on professional regime.The catholic and universal ethos of the Campus is a new opportunity to find and understand the figure of Christ.Welcome to Spain, welcome to UCAM.José Luis Mendoza PérezUCAM’s President7

UCAM PROFILEUCAM is a young private catholicuniversity with 15 years of historyand more than 10.000 students thatoffers 24 prominent European officialgraduations, 31 Master programs, 17PhD programs and other prestigioustitles. Its teaching method is based ona personalized attention with reducedstudents per classes and a personal tutorfor each student. UCAM also offers amodern system of distance teaching.UCAM is located on the JerónimosMonastery, where there are infrastructuresand scientific-professional labs ofthe best qualities. Everything is forthe benefit of the students, whoare the core concern of UCAM.At the international level, it has around150 renowned strategic partners. UCAM8is the first university with a campusin Cuba, where it has establishedtwo locations and recentlyopened an International MBA.The infra-structure has a special focuson sports. UCAM sponsors and takespart on the directive board of 16 officialteams. It is the only European universitywho has a professional Basketball teamon the first national league (liga ACBEspaña). It stands out in college sports,with more than 500 college athletescompeting in 21 competitive disciplines.UCAM is a Catholic University that loyalsto its roots, is committed in being thefront-line of the transmission of Faiththrough education and culture in thecatholic values of “New Evangelization”suggested by John Paul II.

“UCAM perceives a great diversity ofcultures, languages and ways of thinkingin class as well as among friends. It seemsthat the world’s doors open up for you!”Alessandra Horn, 23 years old, Brazilian9

FACTS· Undergraduate students (and 1º Cycle of LRU): 8793· Masters Students: 834· PhD Students: 165· Postgraduate Own Programs Students: 508· Undergraduate Programs: 24· Masters Programs: 31· PhD Programs: 17· Postgraduate Own Programs: 10· Professors: 788· Administrative and Services Staff: 198· Partner Companies to Students Internship: 2370· Students doing Internship: 1908· Exchange programs students: 232· International Universities Partners: 150· Scholarships offered: 2227· Sponsored sport teams: 16· College sports disciplines: 2110


Los Jerónimos Campusand its surroundingsThe Catholic University San Antoniowas established as an educativeproject which is focused on the activepresence of the students, professorsand other members of the collegecommunity inside the Campus.The Campus is located at JerónimosMonastery (XVIII century) with an areaof over 225.000 square meters, gardens,parking, sports facilities and universityresidence. Together with its baroquechurch, it is declared as a HistoricalArtistic National Monument. TheCampus is 4 km away from the urbancore of the city of Murcia, in a specialenvironment that combines peace and12tranquility with good connections.Inside the Campus you will find brightand wide classrooms, library, auditoriums,meeting and working offices, computers,multimedia and language rooms,labs, television and radio studios,among many other infrastructures.But UCAM doesn’t end on the Campusborders. Just 5 minutes walking, you willfind UCAM Sports Center, located in anoutlet shopping center, La Noria. Apartfrom that, there is a supermarket just afew meters away from UCAM’s gate.

Declared as a National Historic-ArtisticMonument in 1981, Los Jerónimos Monasteryis more than 270 years old, a great partsof them serving the education. In 1996 itwas assigned to be the location of the SanAntonio Catholic University which undertookthe major restoration in its history.13



TUITON FEESThe prices of the tuition for theUndergraduate Degrees arebetween 2.200 and 5.600 .Look for more details of the Faculty of Health Sciencesof the UCAM have practical classes andgroup work in specialized laboratories.The dynamism of the group, the importanceof practice and the proximity to studentsare a constant concern of the lecturers.16

Undergraduate PROGRAMSPolytechnic FacultyFaculty of HealthSciences· Architecture· Food Sciences and Technologies· Civil Engineering· Food Sciences and· Computer ScienceTechnologies *· Computer Science **· Human Nutrition and Dietetics· Constructions Engineering· Occupational Therapy· Industrial and Electromechanical· PhysiotherapyEngineering· TelecommunicationSystems Engineering· Podiatry· Psychology· Psychology **· TelecommunicationSport SciencesPublic Relations· Advertising andPublic Relations *· AudiovisualCommunication· AudiovisualCommunication *· Business Administration· Business Administration *· Criminology *· Labor Relations andHuman Resources *· Law· Tourism· Tourism **· Humanities and Social· JournalismFaculty ofNursing· Physical Activities and· Advertising andFaculty ofBusiness andLegal StudiesAnthropology **Systems Engineering *Faculty ofPhysical Activity andSports SciencesFaculty ofSocial Sciencesand Communications· Nursing· Journalism *· Early Childhood Education· Early ChildhoodEducation **Faculty ofMEDICINE· Primary Education· Primary Education **· Medicine* b-learning** e-learning17

Master’s Degree ProgramsMasters inEngineering· Emergency Systems Managementand Coordination *Masters in HealthSciences· Bioethics **· Advocacy and Legal Practise· Cardiovascular Risk *· Audiovisual Multi-platform· Environmental Engineering *· Clinical Nutrition *· Environmental Toxicology· Geriatric and Gerontology. Integraland Engineering *· Roads, Channels and Port Engineering· Urbanism *Attention to Dependency *· Health Psychology andClinical Practise *· Medical Services Managementand Planning *Masters in PhysicalActivity and SportsSciencesManagement & Production· Communication Direction **· Coop and Social EconomyEnterprises Management *· MasterBrand International **· MBA (Master in Business Administration)· Online Communication· Neuro-Rehabilitation *· Protocol and Image Consulting· Nutrition and Food Security *· Quality and Environmental· Nursing of Labour Health· Osteopathy and Manual Therapy *Systems Management· Secondary Level Education· Dance and Movement Arts· Socio-sanitary Sciences Research *· Research in Physical· Sport Traumatology *· Security and Criminology Sciences **· Therapeutic Physical Activity *· Social Development **Education and Health *· Sport Entities Directionand Management ** b-learning** e-learningion18Masters inSocial SciencesTeacher Formation· Sport Journalism *· Work Risk Prevention **

TUITON FEESThe prices of the tuition for the Master’sDegrees are between 1.500 and 8.400 .Look for more details masterThe Mediterranean climate and tranquilityof the campus invite the students to live andrelax in the open-air between their classes.Students, professors and staff are oftenfound on the surroundings of the Monasteryor lecture halls, creating a true universitycommunity full of dynamism and confidence.19

PH’DPROGRAMS· Advocacy and Legal Practise· Bioethics· Business Administration and Direction· Businesschool UCAM-FOM· Cardiovascular Risk Integral Management· Communication Direction· Medical Services Management and Planning· Neuro-Rehabilitation· Nutrition and Food Security· Osteopathy and Manual Therapy· Physical Education and Health· Social and Health Sciences· Social Development· Sport Management· Sport Traumatology· Therapeutic Physical Activity· Urbanism20

LANGUAGEPROGRAMS· Spanish: Intensive (A y B)· Spanish: Lev. I - III· Spanish: Training to DELE· Spanish: Summer courses· English: IELTS (British Council)· English: PET Y FIRST (Cambridge)· French: DELF/DALF (Alliance Française)· German: A1-C2 (Goethe Institute).· Italian: 5 levels CELI (Universitàper Stranieri di Perugia)21

Personal and professionaltutor for foreign studentsAt UCAM we believe that it is crucial tohave direct contact with the student.Thus, one of the missions of ouruniversity is to contribute to the integraleducation of our students, optimizingtheir academic performance, enhancingtheir personal growth and promotingvocational and professional developmentthrough the personalized support of his/her tutor throughout the university years.The tutor functions are:· Conduct periodic conversations with the student· Support the student during his/her adaptation phase· Guide and advise in the learning process· Guide and advise the student managing his/her professional and academic career· Support and counsel in personal matters· Promote the self-knowledge, the critical reflection and the student’s responsibility· Educate to the virtues· Mediate the relation between UCAM and the student’s family22

CONTACTYou can contact the tutor’s department through 34 928 277 984 or [email protected]



THE UNIVERSITY OF SPORTSIn just over 10 years UCAM has managedto become one of the greatest force ofthe National University Sport, settlingalways on posts of honor at the collegesports competition in Spain, highlightingthe first-place achieved in 2003-2004and four consecutive second placesachieved in the last four years.As far the federated sport isconcerned, the UCAM has always beencharacterized for winning multipleprojects from different teams withinthe Region of Murcia, being its greatestexponents, the UCAM CartagenaTable Tennis, the UCAM Athleo Ciezaand the UCAM Murcia Handball.26In addition, UCAM and the MurciaBasketball Club have merged itssynergies to give birth to UCAMMurcia and challenge togetherthe new season of ACB.Apart from that, thanks to the Grants forHigh Level Athletes Project that promotesthe CSD, UCAM brings its students to themaximum level of sports and a proof ofthat are the seven UCAM athletes whoparticipated in the last Olympics in Beijing.

TESTIMONIALOlympic SportsJUAN MANUELMOLINAOlympic Athlete(Athens 2004 andBeijing 2008),former student ofPhysical Activitiesand Sport Sciences,graduated in 2004.“The world of high-level sport requires grandsacrifices. When I began my university studies,there were very few aids we received fromeducational institutions and governmentorganizations to develop our sport withoutsacrificing education. However, thanks to thesupport from the Catholic University San Antonio,I could reconcile my sport with my studiesin Physical Activities and Sport Sciences.”27


BASKETBALL CLUBUCAM MURCIAThe UCAM Murcia Basketball Club is the firstEuropean university team competing in theelite. Several of its players are combining thestudies with basketball, and is one of the biggestsport attractions of the Catholic University.In its team are configured a number of successfulplayers including former NBA players such asRobert Kurz, James Augustine and Udoka.UCAM is currently the only university competingin first league competition of Basketball.Picture: Josep Franch, main point guard ofUCAM Murcia and undergraduate student ofPsychology in UCAM. - EFEDOS, Javier Bernal29



MURCIA ANDMEDITERRANEANLocated in the southeastern part of Spain,the Region of Murcia is characterizedby mild temperatures and long hoursof sunlight. Here, just like in a smallcontinent, a variety of environmentsand landscapes can be found by the visitor,offer endless possibilities: beaches, ruralareas, cities, traditions, folklore,culture, sports, “fiesta” and healthylife-style come together in a dynamicand active quality of life.Two seas meet on one coast (the MarMenor and the Mediterranean), impressivecliffs, heavenly secluded beaches of endlesswhite sand, lively ports and wild coves withcrystal clear water. This is the Costa Cálida.32Historical cities such as Murcia as thecapital of the Region, Cartagena which isan ancient Roman city and Caravaca de laCruz as one of the main holy cities thatholds a piece of the Holy Cross, invitetheir visitors for a long walks throughthe streets pedestrian, visit theirmagnificent churches and museumsor just to enjoy the outdoor tapas.In addition, a calendar full of festive popularmanifestations of this land makes theperfect place to party, mingle withpeople and enjoy the culture ofthis cheerful, hospitable people.

COST OF LIVINGDespite the high quality of life offered by theRegion of Murcia, the cost of living is verymuch affordable. Here are some pricesof a number of basic expenditures:· Apartment Rent: 150 – 250 /month· Food: 200 /month· Transports: 20 – 40 /month· Coffee: 0’80 · Sandwich: 1.50 · Lunch Menu UCAM: 4.20 (basic)6.70 (two dishes, desert and coffee)· Fast Food Menu: 5 – 7 · Gym: 20 · Cinema: 5.20 · Night Drinks: 3 – 7 33

student housing andliving housing1) appartments/housing SERVICESUCAM has created a Housing Database available toevery foreign student and member of the collegecommunity to make the housing search easier.In one site you can see all the housing offersand requests and we will present the bestoptions according to your criteria.All this information is available for free in ourStudents Information Service (SIE) through [email protected] or you can find a list at

2) STUDENTS RESIDENCE HALLSMIXED RESIDENCE HALLSBOTH GENDERS Azarbe HALLFEMALE RESIDENCE HALLSResidencia Juvenil. Instituto dela Juventud HALLOBLATAS HALLc/ Rambla, 1430001-MURCIATf.: ( 34) 968 22 01 54Fax.: ( 34) 968 22 18 42Plaza Islas Baleares s/n 30009 MurciaTf: ( 34) 968 249973Fax: ( 34) 968 237 606Plaza Universidad s/n 30001MurciaTf: ( 34) 968 27 09 71 - ( 34) 968 23 99 [email protected] Colao HALLSAN PABLO HALLMARIA INMACULADA RESIDENCE HALL30203-MURCIATf.: ( 34) 968 12 03 11Fax.: ( 34) 968 12 04 11c/ Princesa, 4-1º MurciaTf.: ( 34) 968 21 24 22Tf2.: ( 34) 968 22 18 45c/ San Nicolás, 33-35Tf.: ( 34) 968 21 44 [email protected] Pensión Hispano -1 HALLAZAHAR HALLC/ Radio Murcia, 330001- MurciaTf.: ( 34) 968 21 61 52Fax.: ( 34) 968 21 68 59C/ Bando de la Huerta 1 1º y 2º A30107 Guadalupe( Murcia)Tf. ( 34) 651 69 35 88 / ( 34) 968 85 96 3435

44Airport of ValenciaAirport of MadridAirport of AlicanteUCAMAirport of Murcia San Javier36

HOW TO GET TO UCAMTRAVEL TO SPAIN BY PLANE· Airport of Murcia San Javier(40 km to the center of Murcia)TRAVEL TO MURCIA· From San Javier AirportTake a taxi to Murcia for 42 .TRAVEL TO UCAM FROM MURCIA· OPTION 1) By busTake the Latbus 44available every 15/30min(1,35 ) to UCAM· Airport of Alicante(75 km to Murcia)· Airport of Valencia(270 km to Murcia)· From Alicante AirportTake the Tranvia available everytake the Alsa bus to Murcia, available every hour (5,65 )10min (1,50 ) to Los Rectores/· Airport of Madrid(400 km to Murcia)· OPTION 2) By tranviaTake the bus number 6 to the center of Alicante. (1.20 ) Then,Terra Natura. Then take the· From Valencia AirportTake the Alsa bus to Murcia, available at 9h45, 13h30 and 20h45 (28 ).one to UCAM Los Jerónimos,available every 20min.· From Madrid AirportOPTION 1) Take the Alsa bus to Murcia, availableat 8h45, 11h45, 22h45 or 23h45. (27 ).OPTION 2) Go to the center of Madrid by Metro (1,50 ) to Estacion Sur.Useful ContactsThere, take a Alsa bus to Murcia, available every two hours (27 ).· Alsa: www.alsa.esOPTION 3) Go to the center of Madrid by Metro (1,50 ) to Atocha.· Latbus: www.latbus.esThere, take a Renfe train to Murcia, available every three hours (46 ).· Tranvia de· Renfe: www.renfe.esRegión de Murcia37


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Universidad Católica San Antonio de MurciaCampus de Los Jerónimos30107, Guadalupe, Murcia, España( 34) 902 182 181 / ( 34) 968 27 87 03www.ucam.edu40

10 FACTS · Undergraduate students (and 1º Cycle of LRU): 8793 · Masters Students: 834 · PhD Students: 165 · Postgraduate Own Programs Students: 508 · Undergraduate Programs: 24 · Masters Programs: 31 · PhD Programs: 17 · Postgraduate Own Programs: 10 · Professors: 788 · Administrative and Services Staff: 198 · Partner Companies to Students Internship: 2370