Mark Wahlbergworkout routineBonus PDF FileBy: Mike Romaine

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Mark WahlbergWorkout RoutineTraining Volume:5 Days a WeekTraining Style:Bodybuilding Techniques mixed with Full-Body CircuitsMonday: Chest and TricepsWarm Up:400m Incline Walk3 5 Pull Ups3 10 Push UpsWorkout:Barbell Bench Press:10-8-5-3-1Close Grip Bench:3 10Incline Dumbbell Press:3 10Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension:3 10Chest Flyes (Cable or Dumbbells):3 10

Tricep Cable Push Downs:3 10Tuesday: Full Body CircuitWarm Up:Jog 400m3 5 Dips3 10 Pull Ups3 20 Push UpsWorkout:1 Minute of Boxing (Heavy Bag or Sparring)10 Burpees20 Clean and Press (Dumbbells @30 lbs)30 Deadlifts @145 lbs.40 Sit Ups50 Box Jumps40 Sit Ups30 Deadlifts20 Clean and Press10 Burpees1 Minute of Boxing (Heavy Bag or Sparring)Wednesday: Legs and ShouldersWarm Up:3 5 Pull Ups3 10 Push Ups

3 15 Air SquatsWorkout:Back Squat:10-8-5-3-1Military Press:10-8-5-3-1Leg Press:3 10Shoulder Flyes:3 10Calf Raises:3 15Shrugs:3 10Thursday: Full Body CircuitWarm Up:Jog 400m3 5 Pull Ups3 10 Air Squats3 10 DipsWorkout:5 Rounds:100 Jump Ropes25 Pistol Punches15 Power Cleans @95lbs

10 Bench Press @1355 Lunges @95Friday: Back and BicepsWarm Up:400m Incline Walk3 5 Wide Grip Pull Ups3 10 Push UpsWorkout:Deadlift:10-8-5-3-1Preacher Curls:3 10Lateral Pull-downs:3 10Dumbbell Bicep Curls:3 10Cable Rows:3 10Hammer Curls with Cables:3 10

Workout: Barbell Bench Press: 10-8-5-3-1 Close Grip Bench: 3 10 Incline Dumbbell Press: 3 10 Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension: 3 10 Chest Flyes (Cable or Dumbbells): 3 10. Tricep Cable Push Downs: 3 10 Tuesday: Full Body Circu