STEP UP FOR AIR QUALITYFlooring systems for balconies, terraces and walkwaysSIKA OFFERS A COMPLETE SOLUTION for balconies, terraces and walkways, from floorcovering to joint sealing and concrete repair, not only in new build, but also in refurbishment.STRESS EXPOSURES OF BALCONIES,TERRACES AND WALKWAYSBalconies, terraces and walkways are mostly outdoor and likeall other parts of a property require maintenance. The outdoorexposures include rain, UV light, heat, hail, snow, low tem-perature, and other environmental exposures. In addition,there is traffic on the floor surface. Most of these balconiesand walkways consist of concrete elements where, for lack ofan efficient protection, those exposures can cause a weaknessor even damage.KEY ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS OF Sikafloor MonoFlex LO FLOORING SYSTEMSDurability and low life cycle cost due to high quality and performanceSmooth or structuredand non-slip surfacepossibleLow emissions and virtually odourlessGood wear resistance andgood chemical resistanceto road salt, chlorides andalkaline cleanersHigh crack bridging dueto reinforcement withSika Reemat Premium.Very easy to clean2FLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYSapproved according toETAG 005Fire protection test according to EN 13501-1UV resistant and colorstableTested as waterproofing system according toETA 005.Thermal resistance same performance inhigh and very low temperatures

LOW-ODOR PLUS HIGHPERFORMANCESikafloor Monoflex LO flooring systems leading the way in the marketSika Innovative and always customer-oriented, Sika setsthe new quality standard for the 1-component polyurethanebalcony coatings and will become the future benchmark. Thelatest product group from Sikafloor Monoflex LO meets thehighest quality requirements and is also almost odorless. The“suffix LO” in the system name stands for low odor. Thanks toSika’s patented iCure technology, the latest Sikafloor products cure completely homogenous even under harsh ambientconditions. The new Sikafloor Monoflex LO products havebeen developed based on harmless raw materials of the latestgeneration to provide safe products for applicators and users.OCCUPATIONALSAFETYAND HEALTHALMOST ODORLESSWhen balconies and terracesare renovated, the buildings areusually inhabited. Therefore,a fast and gentle constructionprocess is a must for residents and users. The qualityperformance of the new Sikafloor Monoflex LO products in combination with the almost odorless application is unique in the market.By using safe raw materials inthe formulation and Sika iCuretechnology, a clean and safeproduct range could be developed. Sika thus protectsthe professional applicators who installs our productsevery day as high-quality and decorative balcony andterrace coatings.SYSTEM SOLUTIONS:GUARANTEED QUALITY AND COMPATIBILITYSika offers complete systems for the protection and renovation of terraces and balconies. Sika M onoTop for substratepreparation and concrete repair and SikaGard for concrete protection. The elastic SikaFlex sealants reliably seal jointsin floors and facades.Time saving and low installation cost due to ease of applicationOne component: nomixing work beforeapplicationQuick rain resistance andperfect curing under harshweather conditions thanksto iCure technologyApplication underlow temperature ispossibleQuick application for minimum downtime. Accelerated hardening if requiredusing Sika PU AcceleratorTIME SAVINGDesign freedomHIGH ADHESIONExcellent adhesion onvarious substrates suchas concrete, existingtiles, old coatings, etc.Decorative and aestheticcoating with a wide rangeof colorsOptions for surface texturesand patterns with applicationmethods and application ofcolor chips or quartz sand.FLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS3

Sikafloor MonoFlex LO SYSTEMSWATERPROOFING ACCORDINGTO ETA 005Sikafloor MonoFlex LO SYSTEMS can be installed with a special waterproofing barrier below as abase coat for the subsequent wear coats and surface finishes.Waterproofing kit1.2.3.4.Sikafloor -407Sikafloor -425Sika Reemat PremiumSikafloor -425Sikafloor system5. Wear layer6. Sur face layer654321DESIGN FREEDOMColor optionsSikafloor 420 can be tinted according to the customers’ wish.Surface optionsDepending on the project requirements differentcombinations of numbers of layers, thicknesses,different broadcasting materials and surfaces fromsmooth to textured are possible4FLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS

SYSTEM NAMESikafloor MonoFlexMB-54 LOSYSTEM BUILDUPWaterproofing kitSikafloor wear and surface layersdepending on the systemś́ Sikafloor -407́́ Sikafloor -420 (0.4 kg/m2)broadcasted with KG8 quartz sand́́ Sikafloor -420́́ Sikafloor -425Broadcasted, uni color floorcoating, 3-4 mm thick.́́ Sika Reemat PremiumSikafloor MonoFlexMB-55 LOBroadcasted, uni color highbuild floor coating, 4 mmthick.Sikafloor MonoFlexMB-56 LOSmooth, uni color or flakedfloor coating, 3-4 mm thick.́́ Sikafloor -425́́ Sikafloor -420 (1.0 kg/m2)́́ Sikafloor -420 broadcasted withKG8 quartz sand́́ Optional Sikafloor -418 Ẃ́ Sikafloor -420 optional sporadicSikafloor Colorchips Mix(PVA Flakes)́́ Sikafloor -418 W antiskid agentFLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS5

Sikafloor MonoFlex LO SYSTEMSWATERPROOFING ACCORDINGTO ETA 005SYSTEM NAMESYSTEM BUILDUPWaterproofing kitSikafloor MonoFlexMM-57 Ń́ Sikafloor -407Mortar applied colored,quartz finished floorcoating, 4 – 5 mm thick.́́ Sikafloor -425Sikafloor wear and surface layersdepending on the systemś́ Sikafloor -406́́ Sikafloor -406 and KG7 quartzsand mixed as mortaŕ́ Sikafloor -418 Ẃ́ Sika Reemat Premiuḿ́ Sikafloor -425Sikafloor MonoFlexMB-58 LOBroadcasted, in naturalsand tones colored floorcoating, 3 – 4 mm thick.Sikafloor MonoFlexMB-59 LOBroadcasted with flakes,multi color floor coating,3 – 4 mm thick.6FLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYŚ́ Sikafloor -420́́ Sikafloor -420 broadcastedwith KG9 quartz sand́́ Sikafloor -418 Ẃ́ Sikafloor -420 broadcasted inexcess with Sikafloor Colorchips Mix (PVA Flakes)́́ Sikafloor -418 W

SURFACE APPEARANCEBahama fferent colors possible, please check local availabilityFine GreySand BeigeMid GreyBlue StoneSaharaNamibiaNegevGobiFLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS7

Sikafloor MonoFlex LO PRODUCTSAS WATERPROOFING BARRIERUNDERNEATH CERAMIC TILESSikafloor Monoflex MB-50 WPT can be used as waterproofing membraneunderneath ceramic tiles. The liquid applied and reinforced membrane is easy toinstall and perfect if difficult details need to be sealed.Sikafloor Monoflex MB-50 WPT7Waterproofing kit6453211. -407Sikafloor -425Sika Reemat PremiumSikafloor -425Sikafloor -425 broadcasted in excesswith KG9 quartz sand6. SikaCeram tile adhesive7. Ceramic tile1. Sikafloor Monoflex MB-50 WPT2. SikaCeram tile adhesive3. Ceramic tile3218FLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS

Sikafloor MonoFlex LO SYSTEMSELASTIC, WEAR RESISTANT ANDDECORATIVEThe following systems don’t consist of a waterproofing kitaccording ET005, but due to the flexible one-component polyurethane they are also able to bridge cracks in the substrateand protect the structure from water ingress. The flexiblebuild-ups can absorb wear and tear from the daily use and areeasy to clean.Sikafloor -420 can be tinted according to customers’ individual wishes to give the balconies and terraces a sleek and decorative look. Depending on the project requirements differentcombinations of numbers of layers, thicknesses, differentbroadcasting materials and surfaces from smooth to texturedare possible.SYSTEM BUILDUPSikafloor Monoflex MS-23 LÓ́ Sikafloor -407́́ Sikafloor -420Sikafloor Monoflex MS-24 LÓ́ Sikafloor -407́́ Sikafloor -420 optional sporadically broadcasted withSikafloor Colorchips Mix (PVA Flakes)́́ Sikafloor -418 WSikafloor Monoflex MB-25 LÓ́ Sikafloor -407́́ Sikafloor -420broadcasted in excess with natural quartz sand 0.3 – 0.8mḿ́ Sikafloor -420Sikafloor Monoflex MB-26 LÓ́ Sikafloor -407́́ Sikafloor -420broadcasted in excess with Sika color quartz sand 0.3 – 0.8mḿ́ Sikafloor -418 WSikafloor Monoflex MB-27 LÓ́ Sikafloor -407́́ Sikafloor -420broadcasted in excess with Sikafloor Colorchips Mix (PVA Flakes)́́ Sikafloor -418 WFLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS9

CONCRETE REPAIRAND PROTECTIONSIKA OFFERSTHE SOLUTION TO SUSTAINABLY REHABILITATE THE CONCRETE STRUCTURE.Deterioration of concrete structures can happen for many reasons such as corrosion, structuraldamage, water infiltration etc. Many years of research plus decades of practical experiencehave enabled Sika to develop full comprehensive mortar solutions to repair, restore and rehabilitate concrete structures.Sika MonoTop offers adjusted products for concrete refurbishment according to EuropeanStandard EN 1504. Sikagard products are used to protect the concrete for the next lifetimeperiod. These two systems are optimally adapted to each other and offer safety and outstanding processing properties to enhance the life span of the concrete elements.CONCRETE REPAIR SYSTEMSCONCRETE PROTECTION SYSTEMSSika MonoTop A complete range of cementitious polymer modified mortars.The individual products are designed to meet the most diverserequirements of each project. Countless projects worldwidehave been repaired with Sika Monotop and convince withtheir durability.Sikagard A range of hydrophobicimpregnation, rigid and flexible protective coatings toprotect concrete structuresagainst ingress of deleteriouselements;Sika FerroGard A range of surface appliedcorrosion inhibitors and galvanic anodes to prevent/reduce corrosion of embeddedreinforcing steel.11121. Sika MonoTop -910 N/ECOBonding Primer andReinforcement CorrosionProtection2. Sika MonoTop -412 N / EcoRepair Mortar1033. Sika MonoTop -723 N / EcoPore sealer and LevellingMortarFLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS21. Sikagard -705 LSilane based reactive waterrepellent impregnation.2. Sikagard -555 W ElasticCrack bridging protectivecoating on Sika levellingmortar

JOINT SEALINGWHERE IS YOURCONSTRUCTIONMOST VULNERABLETO WATER INGRESS?AT THE JOINTS!Joints are omnipresent! They are between the different materials, the concrete slabs, the floorand walls, around doors and windows etc. The sealing of these joints is challenging as thereis always movement within mainly originating from thermal expansion of the materials. Onlydurable elastic sealants with good adhesion to the joint flanks can guarantee long-lasting tightjoints. Use Sikaflex to sustainably waterproof your joints!Good adhesion is the key to tight joints. As the joints on the balcony are frequently exposed towater and also standing water is possible we recommend to pretreat the joints before sealantapplication. Use Sika Primers to get this good adhesion.Sikaflex – FOR DURABLE WATERPROOF JOINTS!Sikaflex -11FC :Our multipurpose adhesivesealant for connection andmovement joints on thefloor and walls. Sikaflex 11FC has good adhesionto common constructionmaterials.Sikaflex PRO-3 orPRO-3 SL:Our premium sealants forall floor joints. SikaflexPRO-3 is non-sag andSikaflex PRO-3 SL is selflevelling. Self-levelling sealants significantly ease theapplication as no maskingand tooling is required.Sikaflex -111 Stick & Seal:Our latest adhesive-sealantfor good adhesion to difficult substrates like PVC anddamp concrete and compatibility to sensitive materiallike EPS.Sika Primer-115 or Sika Primer-3N:For good and durable adhesion of the sealant to thesubstrate.FLOORINGSikafloor MonoFlex LO FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND WALKWAYS11

WE ARE SIKASika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding,sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting in the building sector andthe motor vehicle industry. Sika’s product lines feature concrete admixtures, mortars, sealants and adhesives, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring as well as roofing and waterproofing systems.Our most current General Sales Conditions shall apply. Please consultthe most current local Product Data Sheet prior to any use.SIKA SERVICES AGTueffenwies 16CH-8048 ZurichSwitzerlandContactPhone 41 58 436 40 SIKA SERVICES AG / FLOORINGGLOBAL BUT LOCAL PARTNERSHIP

Waterproofing kit 1. Sikafloor -407 2. Sikafloor -425 3. Sika Reemat Premium 4. Sikafloor -425 5. Sikafloor -425 broadcasted in excess with KG9 quartz sand 6. SikaCeram tile adhesive 7. Ceramic tile 1. Sikafloor Monoflex MB-50 WPT 2. SikaCeram tile adhesive 3. Ceramic tile Sikafloor Monoflex MB