STEN-TEL Companion AWC Companion User’s GuideThank you for purchasing STEN-TEL Companion, a software-based transport solution, which combinesprofessional power with your personal touch.The material provided in this manual is provided for informational purposes only and is subject to changewithout notice. Neither the manufacturer nor Sten-Tel assumes any responsibility or liability for any errorsor omissions, which may appear in this manual. Sten-Tel welcomes your comments and inquiries.Address comments to:Customer InquiriesSten-Telwww.stentel.comE-mail: [email protected] and the Manufacturer may use or distribute any information you supply in any way it believesappropriate without incurring any obligations whatsoever. Copyright 2002 Sten-Tel, Inc. All rights reserved.AWC Companion is a registered trademark of the manufacturerWindows 98SE, 2000 and XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corp.Word is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.UHER Professional is a registered trademark of UHER Corp.Sound Blaster is a registered trademark of Creative Technology Ltd.Acrobat is a registered trademark of Adobe Corp.All other product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respectivecompanies.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 1 of 1

STEN-TEL CompanionIntroduction.OVERVIEWWelcome to STEN-TEL Companion, one product in a set of tools that can help you integrate the work ofauthors and transcriptionists scattered across the globe.STEN-TEL Companion itself reads dictations from a variety of portable audio recording devices, andconverts the information into standard “wav” audio files.STEN-TEL Personal Companion provides automatic download and conversion of audio either directly froma digital portable using a USB cable or external reader in addition to E-mail or FTP transfers from a harddrive. Features like Auto-naming, Archiving of original audio, search multiple directories, auto sensing ofincoming audio and verbal confirmation of download and conversion. All audio can be converted to a specificaudio format prior to transport allowing you to choose the best format to use when high-speed Internet accessis not available.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 2 of 2

Features include:·Monitors fixed, network, removable and FTP based directories.·Local, Network, and Virtual Private Network file transfer.·MAPI based Email file transfer.·Internet "FTP" file transfer from server to server/workstation·Norcom ADPCM wave format·Lernout & Hauspie format speech files·Microsoft Network Audio format·Microsoft PCM format·Microsoft IMA ADPCM format·Microsoft ADPCM & PCM Wave format·Microsoft GSM 6.10 Audio format·Microsoft CCITT G.711 a-Law and u-Law format·DSP Group Truespeech format·Windows Media Audio format·Voxware Audio formatProprietary Formats w/ Demographics·BCB /PC Dart proprietary audio formats·Dictaphone Walkabout audio Files·Digital Voice proprietary audio formats·UHER Portable audio Files·Olympus / Grundig DSS audioSystem requirementsUSB portWindows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XPA Pentium 366 computer with at least 64 Megabytes of RAM.At least 20 Megabytes of free disk space on the workstation runningAWC Companion.An Olympus or other supported microphone with USB connection cable.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 3 of 3

Installing STEN-TEL CompanionNotes- If you are running Windows 2000 on a network, you need to log in as an administrator or use auser name that has administrators rights.Insert the AWC Companion CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.1 The installer launches automatically.NoteIf the installer does not launch automatically, follow these steps:It is assumed that the CD-ROM drive is assigned drive letter D:(1) Click the "Start" button and choose "Run."(2) Type "D:Setup.exe" in the "Open" field and click "OK."The "Welcome to STEN-TEL Companion" dialog box opens.2 Exit all applications, except for the installer and then click "Next."NoteIf you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000, you need to log in as an administrator or usea user name that has administrators rights.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 4 of 4

Confirm acceptance of License Terms.3 You must accept the License Terms to install STEN-TEL Companion. If you accept them, click "Yes."Select where to install STEN-TEL Companion.4 Specify the folder in which to install STEN-TEL Companion. Click "Browse" to change the installationfolder. To accept the default folder, click "Next."NoteIf the installation folder does not exist, a folder creation confirmation dialog box opens. Click"Yes."AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 5 of 5

Select a program menu folder.5 You may change the program menu folder to another one, such as "Start Up". To accept thedefault folder, click "Next."Confirm the start of file copying.6 Confirm all "Current Settings." To accept them, click "Next."NoteTo change the program menu folder or installation folder, click "Back."AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 6 of 6

Copy files.7 Wait until STEN-TEL Companion is installed on your PC.Additional StepsNote: Additional programs are included with the basic setup allowing the installation of codecs for accessto optional audio “wav” formats. To install these two additional codecs select Start (on your Windows Taskbar), Programs, Sten-Tel, STEN-TEL Companion and the appropriate Norcom Codec or Rhetorex Codecsetup. These programs only need to be run once to install the codecs. If they are run again the systemwill ignore the installation as these can only be installed once.These codecs must be installed if you want to recognize DVI, VIQ, Norcom, Dictaphone or Crescendoaudio file formats.Confirmation of Windows Operating SystemSelect the appropriate selection based on the operating system of your PC.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 7 of 7

Notes- You must select the correct operating system or the application will not start. If the wrong OS is selectedyou will have to re-install the application and select the correct operating system.Setup Complete.8 Setup is complete. Click "Finish."Notes- You may be requested to restart your PC when setup is complete. If so, make sure that "Yes, Iwant to restart my computer now." is selected before clicking Finish to restart the PC.Uninstalling STEN-TEL CompanionThe process of removing software installed on your PC is called uninstalling. Uninstall AWC Companionwhen it is no longer needed.Click "Start," point to "Settings," and choose "Control Panel."Double-click "Add/Remove Programs."A list of applications that have been installed is displayed. Choose "AWC Companion"Click "Add/Remove (in Windows 2000, "Change/Remove")."The "Modify, Repair, or Remove the program" dialog box opens. Make sure that Remove isselected and then click "Next."A file deletion confirmation dialog box opens. Click "Yes"Now deleting. AWC Companion is being deleted. Please wait.NoteAn additional message may appear. If so, read it carefully and do as instructed.Exit uninstall. The program has been uninstalled. Click "Finish."Connecting the Olympus DS-3000 / 2000 DigitalRecorderThe DS-3000 / 2000 works with AWC Companion. Please note the dialog box as shown when the initialinstallation is complete if you are planning on using the Olympus digital portables with Companion.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 8 of 8

.Notes-Make sure you finish installing STEN-TEL Companion before connecting the DS-3000/ 2000. Ifyou connect the DS-3000/ 2000 before installing AWC Companion, the "Add New HardwareWizard" dialog box will open. If this happens, click "Cancel" to exit the wizard and install AWCCompanion Software first)- .- Before connecting the USB cable to the DS-3000 / 2000, make sure that theDS-3000 / 2000 is in thestop mode, with its rear-panel POWER/LOCK switch ON and that the HOLD switch is not set to the HOLDposition.1Insert connector A USB cable into the PC's USB port.Attach connector the USB cable to the DS-3000 / 2000.2 When the PC recognizes the DS-3000 / 2000 and asks for the appropriate driver install locationdirect it to the appropriate Olympus driver directory located on the AWC Companion install CD. Yourchoices are Olympus 2000 or Olympus 98. Use the Olympus 98 directory for Windows 98 installs onlyand Olympus 2000 directory for all other Windows Operating Systems.Notes- For information about your PC's USB ports, refer to the user's guide supplied with the PC.- Never remove the USB cable while a communication session is in progress. Data files could bedamaged if you do.STEN-TEL Companion Program OverviewLaunch the programAWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 9 of 9

Select: Start (on your Windows Task bar), Programs, Sten-Tel, AWC Companion and AWCCompanion. The window shown below will be displayed.Setup Options:Select the options menu by selecting Options on the Companion toolbar or the setup icon.Four program option tabs are provided for configuration of the system. Program, Upload, FileConversion and Report.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 10 of 10

Program Options123456101171281314915Program Options:Location of audio source Folders or DirectoriesArchive FoldersAudio PromptsDestination Folder or DirectoryArchive OptionsSource OptionsSource Folder (Removable)(1):Source Folder (Fixed)(2)Destination Folder (3)Archive Folder(4)Audio Prompt (Fixed)(5)Audio Prompt (Removable)(6)Archive Imported Files(7)Delete archived files after(8)Search for archived files every(9)Delete Source Files(10)AWC Companion Version 1.0001Directory to search from for removable media for import.Directory for file copied to a hard drive location for import.Directory for location of imported files.This is the directory where the e-mail and FTP componentslook to for files to transport.Location for original backup copies of imported files.Audio confirmation indication that an audio file has beenfound and processed in the fixed directory.Audio confirmation indication that an audio file has beenfound and processed in the removable directory.Option to archive the original files (recommended)Option to delete archived files after selected days.How often (in seconds) to search for archived files.Option to automatically delete the source files afterdownload. (Recommended to be ON) Note: if turned offPage 11 of 11

Audio prompt (fixed)(11)Audio prompt (removable)(12)Search all subdirectories (13)Search source every (14)Search destination every (15)the same audio files could be downloaded numerous times,until deleted.Option to have an audio prompt played to indicate when theprogram has finished processing files found in the sourcedirectory.Option to have an audio prompt played to indicate when theprogram has finished processing files found in theremovable source directory.Check this directory to search all sub-directories of thefixed source directory and any sub-folders in a digitalportable for available audio.How often to search the source directories for new audiofilesHow often to search the removable media directories fornew audio files.NOTE: If you are using the Olympus digital portables, there is no pre-configured search time. Theapplication will search the portable for audio as soon as it is plugged into the USB cable.Upload Options123456711812910Upload Options:E-Mail SetupsFTP (File Transfer Protocol) SetupAWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 12 of 12

Functions: 1- 10(1) E-mail address for files. Add e-mail address by entering the e-mail address in the E-mailAddress SMTP box (3) and selecting the Add E-mail button (8).(2) FTP address for files. Add FTP address by entering the address (5), user name (6) andPassword (7) in these locations. Select the Add FTP button to enter the FTP information.(4) Use E-mail – select this if E-mail option is the preferred form of transportation for audiofiles. Highlight the E-mail address to be used from the entries listed in item (1) and selectthe “Make Active” button under the e-mail options to select the entry. The active addresswill be shown next to the Active E-mail (11)(9) Use FTP – select this if FTP option is the preferred form of transportation for audio files.Highlight the FTP address to be used from the entries listed in item (2) and select the“Make Active” button under the FTP options to select the entry. The active address willbe shown next to the Active FTP (12)Selecting the appropriate button and entering the new information can make deletion orModification to existing E-mail or FTP addresses.(10) Add / Mod Subject allows for a standard text message to accompany each e-mailed file.File Conversion OptionsFile Conversion Options:Format and Audio Conversion setupChoose from one of three options under Format Options:AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 13 of 13

!!!Upload files in their original state.Convert files to a standard wav file format prior to uploadConvert files to a standard wav file format and add demographic information prior touploadConversion OptionsSelect the “Select Format” button a dialog box will appear listing all the codecs installed on thePC. Select the desired format and sample rate. The higher the sample rates the higher the audioquality and files size. Recommended conversion formats are DSP TrueSpeech, GSM andADPCM (Rhetorex). TrueSpeech provides the smallest file size but the resulting audio quality isdependent on the quality of the original audio and the author. GSM is a good compromise whenTrueSpeech is not acceptable as it provides a small files size and generally good quality audio.ADPCM provides the industry format for telephone dictation audio. Confirmation of the selectedformat will appear in the Selected format boxes. Check the box left of the Use selected wavformat to enable the conversion format.Report OptionsReport Options:Report Folder or Directory setupThe system allows for daily log files of all uploaded files. This option can be turned ON or OFF.Select the Browse button for the location where you would like to store daily log files. Check theCreate daily report if you would like the report to be created. The display will show a maximumof 1000 files at one time and may be adjusted as desired.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 14 of 14

Example of Activity log123(1) This indicates that a file has been placed in the e-mail outbox.(2) A file has been moved to the destination folder, where it is delivered to the e-mail or FTPsite.(3) A file has been downloaded from a digital portableFile status can be:DownloadedConversionFTPE-MailError ReportAWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 15 of 15

File Report LogEach entry reports the file name, action performed and status.AWC Companion Version 1.0001Page 16 of 16

AWC Companion Version 1.0001 Page 4 of 4 Installing STEN-TEL Companion Notes - If you are running Windows 2000 on a