2017 Annual ReportDenduu Gwich’in TribeBirch Creek, AK

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BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTINTRODUCTIONFROM THE TRIBAL ADMINISTRATORGreetings Tribal Members!I am honored to be introducing our 2017 Annual Report for the Birch Creek Tribal Council. In this reportyou will find information on what we have been doing in the past year as well as what we have plannedfor the future. I had another great year serving as the Tribal Administrator and being able to witnesspositive growth and change. We have come a long way since I first started working with the Tribe in2010 and become fully in charge as the TA in 2014. A lot of the focus on the Tribe for the past few yearshas been focused on capacity building. The tribe envisions exercising full self-governance and managingtheir own BIA and other governmental programs.I will continue to work towards the goals and community priorities as identified by the Birch CreekTribal Council and seek out any opportunities that will benefit the Tribe and Community. We have acome a long way, but we still have work to do. I look forward to the future and cannot wait to see whatelse we can accomplish. Mahsi’!Nadine CarrollTribal AdministratorAugust 28, 2017Page 1

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTABOUTTHE BIRCH CREEK TRIBEThe Birch Creek Tribal Council is a federally recognized tribe formed under the Indian ReorganizationAct. The Birch Creek Tribe became a federally recognized tribe in 1993. The Birch Creek Tribal Council isthe modern governing body of Birch Creek tribal lands and tribal members. A federally recognized tribeis an American Indian or Alaska Native tribal entity that is recognized as having a government-togovernment relationship with the United States, with responsibilities, powers, limitations, andobligations attached to that designation, and is eligible for funding and services from the Bureau ofIndian Affairs. Furthermore, federally recognized tribes are recognized as possessing certain inherentrights of self-government (tribal sovereignty) and are entitled to receive certain federal benefits,services, and protections because of their special relationship with the United States¹.VISIONBirch Creek is a thriving, healthy, safe community that values our culture and traditions while pursuingand encouraging sustainable economic and personal growth opportunities.VALUES Safety Family Acceptance Helping each other Respect Community engagement CommunicationTop 5 Community Priorities - 2015Grant Writing andManagementPage 2Cultural Wellness andSustainabilityCommunication (Internetand Phone Access)InfrastructureDevelopmentEmployment, Education,and Training

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTLEADERSHIPCOUNCIL MEMBERSEATTERMJacqueline BaalamA- Chief2016-2018B- 2nd Chief2015-2017Lawrence JamesC- Secretary2016-2018Winston Elvis JamesD- Member2015-2017Mary “Yessie” JamesE- Member2016-2018Oskar JamesL-R: Jacqueline Baalam, Oskar James, Lawrence James, Mary James, Winston E. JamesSTAFFFairbanks Staff:Nadine Carroll, Tribal AdministratorEva Harvey, Environmental CoordinatorBirch Creek Village Staff:Mary Christina James, Tribal Workforce Development SpecialistVictor James, Generator OperatorWilliam James, Water OperatorVincent Williams, Alternate Water/Generator OperatorJacqueline Baalam, Tribal Family Youth SpecialistVictoria Baalam, Administrative AssistantPage 3

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTBirch Creek Tribal ning/Dev.External relationsHuman ies Electric WaterTribal Services Medical Assistance Education JPT/Adult Edu. Child ProtectionPage 4Environmental IGAP Hazardous Waste

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTDEPARTMENTS & PROGRAMSADMINISTRATIONThe Birch Creek Tribe currently operates its Memorandum of Agreement under the Tanana Chiefs Conference(TCC). That means that all our BIA program funding goes to TCC and they assume some of our programs, such asscholarships, JP&T, and Education while the Tribe retains their other programs like medical assistance and otherassistance. A goal of the Tribe is to 638 Contract directly with the BIA, meaning we will get our funds directly andbe in charge of the management of the funds and all programs. This is a big step and the Tribal Administrationhave been incrementally working toward this goal.The Tribe’s main offices are in Fairbanks, and oversees all administrative operations and functions of the Tribe’sprograms, projects, and grants. The Birch Creek Tribe administration does its own bookkeeping, except forpayroll. For the past year, administration has been busy developing and planning the goals and objectives andworking towards the priorities set forth by the Birch Creek Tribal Council. With those efforts, the Birch Creek Tribebeen awarded three grants, begin construction of a new clinic, and was put on the PCE Program among otheraccomplishments. The Tribe will continue to seek funding for projects that are top community priorities. TheTribe In this time the Birch Creek Tribe has grown its administrative capacity through trainings and staff andprogram growth, but will need to continue to build up its human resources and administrative capacity to fullexercise self-governance.Ac vi es Awarded the following grants:o Doyon Daaga – To have a fur hat workshop in Fairbanks for Birch Creek Tribal Members.o Federal Highways Administration TTP Safety Fund- To complete a Tribal Transportation SafetyPlan.o State of Alaska Fire Safety Grant – To purchase fire safety equipment for Birch Creek and toconduct a training for Birch Creek Fire dept. volunteers ARCS TV was installed in Birch Creek, bringing back the local ARCS channel free for residents Training- Multiple staff and council members attended various trainings and conferences to enhancetheir skills. Assumed bookkeeping responsibilitiesShort-Term Goals Continue to develop projects, programs, and seek funding for community needs Continue to build and develop Birch Creek’s administrative capacityPage 5

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTTRIBAL MEMBER SERVICESThe Birch Creek Tribal Council has the following services available for Tribal Members enrolled to the Birch CreekTribe:Educa onFor Tribal Members who want to pursue their education, the Tribe offersAdult Education programs and scholarships to provide financial assistancefor GED, trades, certificates, degrees, and other educational opportunities.If a Tribal Member has a desire to enhance their education to improve theirquality of life, we are more than happy to assist with whatever it may be.Job Placement & TrainingThe JP&T Program provides financial assistance for Tribal Members whowant to gain employment and who need work gear or clothing for their newemployment.AgricultureEvery year the Birch Creek Tribe provides seeds, starters, and gardening tosupplies to interested community members in Birch Creek.Medical AssistanceThe Birch Creek Tribe offers the following medical assistance for thefollowing: Emergency medical assistance Eyeglass assistance Dental assistanceOther Types of AssistanceThe Birch Creek Tribe occasionally provides other types of assistance for its Tribal Members based on needs andfinancial availability. Other types of emergency assistance is dependent on the urgency of the situation, type ofneed, and availability of funds. Page 6School supply assistance – The Tribe again gave school vouchers to Tribal youth to purchase schoolsupplies and school clothes.

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTENVIRONMENTALThe Birch Creek Tribe Environmental program has most definitely been asuccessful year with building capacity for the Tribe’s long-term health for thecommunity for years to come. Early this year, the IGAP program purchased aburner unit for the landfill, which will reduce and eliminate excessive waste withinthe community as well as a used oil burner unit that will help reduce expensiveheating costs to the tribal building by burning the used oil produced by thegenerator. This past May, TCC OEH traveled with the Fairbanks staff to Birch Creekto review and assist with planning on what needs to be done with the landfill andoverall solid waste management for our community.One of FY17’s components include developing a tribal air quality program andwith this in mind, the program purchased AIRMATTERS Tools kits, which were alsopurchased and we are waiting for the 20 kits for the community. These kidsinclude items such as carbon monoxide detectors, lead paint detection kits, energymeters thermometers and radon gas detectors kits.Participated within the following IGAP Education & Training events: 2016 ATCEM –Anchorage, Alaska BIA Providers Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 2016 Alaska Forum on the Environment, Anchorage, Alaska GAP Management Training, Anchorage, Alaska 2017 TCC Waste Management Training, Fairbanks, Alaska Tribal Leaders Summit, Seattle, WA Birch Creek Environmental Week, Birch Creek, Alaska YRITWC Biennial Summit, Carmacks, Yukon Tribal Lands and Environmental Forum, Tulsa, OKMore recently, an Environmental Assistant was hired within the community who has been extremely helpfulwhen it comes to getting the job done; Mary Christina has worked for other programs for the Tribe, however, asthe Environmental Assistant, tasks can be challenging and dirty, however, with her assistance, this program willcontinue to be successful. Mary completed an overall waste inventory to include backhaul items which will beshipped accordingly to Hazmat and OSHA requirements. We look forward to setting up the burner units andcontinuing to build capacity for the long-term overall environmental health for the people who reside within thecommunity for generations to come!Short-Term Goals Page 7Set up burner at dump, fence dump

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORT Test used oil, install used-oil burner Complete used oil plan and close-out HWG Construct hazardous waste storage shed for used oil Test used oil in drums, label and burn in used oil burnerHEALTHEnsuring Tribal Members have access to quality health care is importantto the Birch Creek Tribal Council. The Tribe has been working with theCouncil of Athabascan Tribal Governments (CATG) to improve all areas ofTribal health for Birch Creek Tribal Members. The most recent and mostexciting result of these efforts is the construction of a new health careclinic in Birch Creek. The new clinic was named the “Margaret MartinClinic” and will have an office, patient exam rooms, and water andsewer. The first phase of the construction project is near complete. TheTribe is planning to hold a grand opening in the coming year. It is one ofthe Tribe’s health objectives to have a permanent Village Health Aide inthe upcoming years. In addition to a clinic, Birch Creek will also bereceiving a new ambulance from CATG that is expected to arrive in 2018.The Tribe will continue to work with our regional health care providersand seek health care opportunities for Birch Creek.Ac vi es Clinic construction by Tribal Members, who also earned collegecredit Birch Creek to purchase ambulancePage 8

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTShort-Term Goals ETT Training in Birch Washeteria planning Hire Health AidePage 9Creek

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTHOUSINGThe Interior Regional Housing Authority (IRHA) is Birch Creek Tribe’s Tribally Designated Housing Authority andmanages all of Birch Creek Tribe’s NAHASDA Programs and Funding. The Tribe has not done any housing activitiesin the past few years and has let their NAHASDA funds build up to 271,481.52 and we are still anticipating anadditional 54,352 from HUD for FY17. Eligible activities that the Tribe can spend this funding on includes: selfhelp, rehab, and new construction.One of the Tribe’s objectives of the 2015 Strategic plan was to research and pursue a grant that can support theconstruction and maintenance of housing. The Tribe met this objective by applying for and being awarded anIndian Community Development Block Grant for 449,969 to build four single-family cabins in Birch Creek. As ofAugust 2017, the project is on hold due to a tax-lien on the Tiheet’ Aii’ property the tribe wants to build on. TheTribe is confident this issue will be resolved in the coming year, and we can continue with the project.Ac vi es Awarded ICDBG grant for 449,969 to build four homesShort-term Goals Use NAHASDA to rehab and weatherize homes Research NAHASDA managementTRIBAL TRANSPORTATION PROGRAMThe Birch Creek Tribe has been managing their own Tribal Transportation Program since January 2017. Wepreviously had a contract with TCC to manage our program. The transition has been smooth so far, but we stillhave work to do to build our program capacity. Training staff in the TTP program will be a focus in the upcomingyear. We currently have two contracts, one for maintenance and one for planning. Our maintenance funds wereused to purchase heavy equipment this year that will be used to maintain the roads in our Transportationinventory. The planning contract will be used to manage the TTP program and continue to plan our transportationprogram. This year we were also awarded a Tribal Transportation Safety Planning Grant in the amount of 12,500.00 to conduct a Transportation Safety Plan for Birch Creek. The Tribe used some of these funds tocontract with TCC’s planning department to complete this plan. The plan will be completed by September 20th2017. At this time, no new roads or construction is planned is planned.Ac vi es Tribe assumed management of TTP Program Awarded Transportation Safety Planning Grant in the amount of 12,500 Closed out contract CTE03T04903 and ready to submit pending retrieval of past records.Page 10

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORT Purchased a BX25D Dozer and riding mower in July 2017, currently awaiting to be shipped.Short-Term Goals/Planned Projects/Upcoming Road Maintenance activities: brush cutting, snow/ice removal, smoothing gravel, other surface repairsneeded Revisit long-term transportation plan, identify new needsUTILITIESThe Birch Creek Tribe owns the electric utility and provides power to residential and commercial customers. TheTribe also owns the village water system where residents haul drinking water. Both services are critical to thecommunity. The generators and water system were completed in 2014, after a fire destroyed the original systemsin 2011. The Birch Creek Electric Utility got in PCE this year and that means we can start getting reimbursed fromthe State of Alaska for our eligible fuel PCE purchases. This means we can recover up to 40% of our fuel coststhrough the year, a savings of potentially up to 30,0000! This would be more funds that the tribe can use toconduct activities and projects.Ac vi es Electric Utility PCE CertifiedShort-Term Goals Certify water operator Install pre-paid meters Train utility clerk Collect on resident billingPage 11



BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTATTACHMENTSRevenueBalance SheetElectric U lity Balance SheetPage 14

BIRCH CREEK TRIBAL COUNCILREVENUEOctober 1, 2016 - August 29, 201721 GENERAL30 ELECTRIC42 TWDS46-00 IHS51 IRR ROADSCONSTRUCTIONAV0134MAINTENANCE PLANNING AV0786AV0787TOTAL 51 IRR 52 - TCCROADS52-02 SELFGOVERNANCE52-03 ICWA52-04 ADULTEDUCATION52-05 WILDLIFE& PARKS52-06 JOBPLACEMENT& TRAINING52-08 52-09 AGRICULTURESCHOLARSHIPTOTAL 52 - TCC60 EPA/IGAP61 FAMILY VIOLENCE& PREVENTION62 TRIBALHAZARDOUSWASTE63 CLINICNOT SPECIFIEDTOTALREVENUEBingo Distribution1,138.94 1,138.94Clinic LeaseElectricityEnergy AssistGeneral IncomeGrant Income- State of AK948.60436.4562,548.158,537.40524.40 63,509.0010,843.00 10,843.00145,190.361,100.00 146,290.367,500.00 7,500.00Grant Income-FVPGrant 33.49Grant Revenue, FederalReimbursementRent 9,486.0038,151.0075,574.2735,534.74 17,691.0014,633.49149,260.01 63,690.8475,000.0020,000.00 244,260.0135,080.12 35,080.126,381.43 6,381.43Sales of Product RevenueUnapplied Cash Payment IncomeUncategorized Income318.52486.07 486.071,898.55 1,898.553,957.84 4,276.36Total Revenue 222,148.30 62,866.67 18,958.86 17,093.49 0.00 38,151.00 75,574.27 35,534.74 149,260.01 0.00 14,633.49 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 14,633.49 75,000.00 17,691.00 20,000.00 8,537.40 6,342.46 612,531.68GROSS PROFIT 222,148.30 62,866.67 18,958.86 17,093.49 0.00 38,151.00 75,574.27 35,534.74 149,260.01 0.00 14,633.49 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 14,633.49 75,000.00 17,691.00 20,000.00 8,537.40 6,342.46 612,531.6814.00806.34EXPENDITURESAdvertising and PromotionAutomobile ExpenseBank Service ChargesBusiness Licenses and Permits 820.34397.07 .00Computer and Internet ExpensesConsulting onationsDues and SubscriptionsEmergency assistanceEnergy AssistanceEquipmentEquipment RentalFinance 8.006,015.39250.006,015.39250.001,563.80 134.99 11,231.00Continuing EducationContracted Services100.00 1,598.00645.03 29,233.65250.0014.99768.00 500.00782.99495.00 2,941.79670.00 670.0017,396.25 17,396.255,983.4426,010.0026,010.0034,684.69712.26 67,390.3915.00 15.00631.37 .5322,117.44136.5213,883.5913,883.5958.40Insurance Expense 583.06 8,584.41242.00896.262,741.26-237.26 6,499.46339.90 42,847.64140.00 140.00Worker's 00723.00 7,070.00Total Insurance .00 7,210.00Interest ExpenseInternetMaintenance SuppliesMeals and Entertainment79.99 79.99635.89 e SuppliesPayroll Expenses720.50 4,098.091,058.81Medical AssistanceMeeting Fee720.50 2,541.372,749.00 2,749.001,400.00300.00300.00 76500.00500.00 33,719.5854.93 3.1115,293.1118,662.5939,576.55Total Payroll ExpensesPostage and DeliveryPrinting Expense 92688.25Repairs and el Lodging2,311.711,349.2020,966.823,521.201,292.00 3,446.0086.475,646.25Travel ExpenseTuition and 1,989.00129.605,801.75446.00 0.5513,601.171,989.00950.07612.002,744.81Electric 8,120.91449.40 53,939.94612.00 4,139.513,004.81449.40 58,079.45 7,617.220.00 0.00624.71 624.711,076.76 1,076.7623.006,387.107,319.801,493.851,493.85 15,223.7523.007,463.867,319.801,493.851,493.85 16,300.51Water SuppliesTotal Expenditures284.22260.00Uncategorized ExpenseUtilities 6,215.88 4,199.52353.48Unapplied Cash Bill Payment ExpenseTotal Utilities 205,125.89 287.613,610.00Total Travel Expense-11.4482.70Rent ExpenseTelephone Expense 22,440.53 182,096.10287.61Professional FeesSupplies-21.94 589.261,349.29 1,349.29 189,810.37 92,445.14 15,947.85 33,462.88 683.01 0.00 26,010.00 18,582.46 45,275.47 0.00 61,006.22 129.60 5,801.75 446.00 60.00 768.00 1,158.11 69,369.68 75,580.05 40,188.55 4,565.55 4,192.15 1,170.01 572,007.70 32,337.93 -29,578.47 3,011.01 -16,369.39 -683.01 38,151.00 49,564.27 16,952.28 103,984.54 0.00 -46,372.73 -129.60 -5,801.75 -446.00 -60.00 -768.00 -1,158.11 -54,736.19 -580.05 -22,497.55 15,434.45 4,345.25 5,172.45 40,523.98-42,846.20 -42,846.20Total Other Expenditures 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -42,846.20 -42,846.20NET OTHER REVENUE 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 42,846.20 42,846.20 32,337.93 -29,578.47 3,011.01 -16,369.39 -683.01 38,151.00 49,564.27 16,952.28 103,984.54 0.00 -46,372.73 -129.60 -5,801.75 -446.00 -60.00 -768.00 -1,158.11 -54,736.19 -580.05 -22,497.55 15,434.45 4,345.25 48,018.65 83,370.18NET OPERATING REVENUEOTHER EXPENDITURESReconciliation Discrepancies-1NET REVENUECash Basis Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:02 AM GMT-71/1

BIRCH CREEK TRIBAL COUNCILBALANCE SHEETAs of August 29, 2017TOTALASSETSCurrent AssetsBank Accounts2016 4th Quarter Payroll0.00Roads 7553188,598.96Wells Fargo 878126,973.04Total Bank Accounts 215,572.00Other Current AssetsUncategorized Asset-24,511.00Undeposited Funds0.00Total Other Current Assets -24,511.00Total Current Assets 191,061.00Fixed AssetsFurniture and Equipment2,318.80Total Fixed Assets 2,318.80TOTAL ASSETS 193,379.80LIABILITIES AND EQUITYLiabilitiesCurrent LiabilitiesCredit CardsWells Fargo Visa - Nadine #55038,063.17Total Credit Cards 8,063.17Other Current LiabilitiesDirect Deposit Liabilities-35,632.22Direct Deposit Payable0.00Energy Assistance Liability0.00Payroll Advance0.00Payroll Liabilities-12,073.77Airfare813.65AK Unemployment Tax570.47Alaska CSSD Wage Garnishment0.00Federal Taxes (941/944)8,325.37Federal Unemployment (940)31.94Miscellaneous Deduction300.00Payroll Advance40.00Total Payroll Liabilities-1,992.34Tihteet' Aii, Inc0.00Total Other Current Liabilities -37,624.56Total Current Liabilities -29,561.39Total Liabilities -29,561.39EquityOpening Balance Equity0.00Cash Basis Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:11 AM GMT-71/2

TOTALUnrestricted Net Assets139,571.01Net Revenue83,370.18Total Equity 222,941.19TOTAL LIABILITIES AND EQUITY 193,379.80Cash Basis Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:11 AM GMT-72/2

BIRCH CREEK TRIBAL COUNCILELECTRIC BALANCE SHEETOctober 1, 2016 - August 28, 2017TOTALREVENUEElectricity62,548.15Uncategorized Income318.52Total Revenue 62,866.67GROSS PROFIT 62,866.67EXPENDITURESAdvertising and Promotion806.34Business Licenses and Permits150.00Contracted nce ExpenseWorker's Compensation723.00Total Insurance Expense723.00Maintenance Supplies2,045.39Meals and Entertainment51.01Payroll ExpensesTaxes4,102.08Wages43,882.38Total Payroll Expenses47,984.46Professional Fees577.50Rent Expense33.33Repairs and Maintenance2,200.00Supplies729.92Tuition and Fees1,292.00Utilities1,076.76Electric6,387.10Total UtilitiesTotal Expenditures7,463.86 92,445.14NET OPERATING REVENUE -29,578.47NET REVENUE -29,578.47Cash Basis Tuesday, August 29, 2017 10:18 AM GMT-71/1

BIRCH CREEK TRIBE ANNUAL REPORTContact InformationBirch Creek Tribal Council909 Cushman Street, Suite 207Fairbanks, AK 99701Mailing:PO Box 73505Fairbanks, AK 99707Tel 907-374-9925Fax 907-374-9909Www.birchcreektribe.orgPage 15

BIA Providers Conference, Anchorage, Alaska 2016 Alaska Forum on the Environment, Anchorage, Alaska GAP Management Training, Anchorage, Alaska 2017 TCC Waste Management Training, Fairbanks, Alaska Tribal Leaders Summit, Seattle, WA