CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESNOTESCONTENTSPage no32Introduction2General Construction3Technical Specification4Isolators/on-off Switches5Changeover Programmes with off6Changeover Programmes without off7Multistep Switches with off8Multistep Switches without off9Instrumentation Switches10Motor Control Switches12Gang Switches14Control Switches15Mounting Dimensional Drawings16Knobs / Handle20Front Plate Data22Customised Programme Formation23Ordering Information25Breaker Control Switches26Installation Procedure29DC Switches301

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESGENERAL CONSTRUCTION-S,TP & RT SERIESDC SWITCHESFeatures Option of 60 & 90 degree switchingprogrammes. Snap Action – rugged mechanism “Quick-make, Quick-Break” operationApplications; Double break contacts are of Agcdohoused in glass filled polymied contactstage to ensure optimum electricalcondition & weldfree operations. DC power circuits UPS & Inverter power switching All switching programmes- Isolators,Changeovers & Multistep switches.Cam operated switching for higherelectrical endurance & smoothoperations. D16 – D63Custom built switching application with90 degree switching angle.3 to 5Panel gapSDrilling planØB3ØB2ØDSQ FCAM ength inmmSalzer switches S, TP & RT series are designed to accomodate two isolated Double break silver alloy contacts per stage at 180 degreedisposition. AC Switches are characterised by “Quick make-slow break” action by the inbuilt feature in our latching device and camconstruction, these switches can be applied for DC Switching also by Derating and by adding additional contacts in series according to theDC Switching voltage.SQ B1B1484868B2121215B35.55.55.5D505070CONTACT 158185237170200258182215279194230300Contacts: Double break Type AgCdOInsulation : Glass Filled polyamide with High Tracking IndexS SERIESSTANDARDOperating Temp: -25OC to 55oCOperating Frequency: Upto 10KHzHumidity 95% Rh: 48 hoursTP SERIESTOUCH PROOFRT SERIESREAR TERMINATIONTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONDCRATINGSDESCRIPTIONRated Uninterrupted Current [Ith]DC 22A L/R 2m secRatedOperational110VVoltageNo of seriescontactsDC 23A L/R 7.5m secRatedOperational24VVoltageNo of 2D40D63A2032405080A1625324063* Available from 6 to 400 Ampere* Available from 6 to 16 Ampere* Available from 16 to 63 Ampere* Open Terminals for easy Accessibility* Touch Proof (Finger Protected)Terminals (IP20)* Rear Facing Terminals for convenientAccess* Touch Proof (Finger Protected)Terminals 1625324063Fuse ProtectionA1625324063Short Circuit through fault 81.21.22216101066TerminalCross SectionMaximum Contact Stages380-440V[Rigid] min[Flex]maxAC Duty RatingCategoryHpAC3 Rating 3 PhaseAC21 RatingTightening Torque30RATED OPERATIONAL CURRENT IeSWITCH TYPEUNITDC Duty RatingTypical AC ApplicationCategoryTypical DC ApplicationAC-1Non-Inductive or slightly Inductive Loads,Resistance furnaces.DC-1Non-Inductive or slightly Inductive Loads,Resistance furnaces.AC-3Squirrel-cage motors : starting switchingOff motors during Running.DC-22Switching of resistive loads, Includingmoderate overloadsControl of AC electromagnetic loadsDC-13Control of DC electromagnetsAC-21AAC-15Switching of resistive loads, Includingmoderate overloads (frequent switching)DC-23Switching of motor loads or otherhighly inductive loadsAC-23-ASwitching of motor loads or other highlyinductive loads (frequent switching)---------3

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESISOLATORS-ON/OFF SWITCHESBREAKER CONTROL SWITCHESISOLATORS:Isolators which are ON/ OFF switches are used for making/breakingelectrical circuits for isolation purpose. In rotary switches isolatorsare offered in very compact versions from 1 pole to 12 pole formultiple circuit isolation. The duty category utilisation of the isolatorsare categorized as AC1/AC21 for higher duty like motor duty operationthe rating AC3/AC23 should be consideredIsolators can be offered with stayput /spring return and preclosecontacts for neutral & earth closing applications.BREAKER CONTROL ORDERING ion: Isolation of Main,Control & Instrumentation circuits alsofor motor ON / OFF & Machine tool main incomer isolationCONNECTING DIAGRAM25 Ampere Spring return TNC with 1 set of Main Contact 1NO 1NC,1 LMD contact in Trip position & 1 LMD contact in Close position withSequential locking and Barrell Lock Mounting13572468911 13 1517 19 2110 12 14 16 1820 2223241 to 12 poleDigit 1Digit 5No of Main Contacts in Trip /Close PositionDescriptionCode1 NO 1 NC12 NO 2 NC23 NO 3 NC34 NO 4 NC45 NO 5 NC56 NO 6 NC67 NO 7 NC78 NO 8 NC89 NO 9 NC9Digit 2Sequence LockingIf requiredNot requiredCodeQODigit 3Latching MechanismSpring ReturnStayputCodeSCSTAYPUTNo of LMD Contacts in Trip PositionDescriptionCode1 Contact12 Contact23 Contact34 Contact45 Contact56 Contact6If not required0Digit 6No of LMD ContactsPositionDescription1 Contact2 Contact3 Contact4 Contact5 Contact6 ContactIf not requiredin CloseCode123456060 Degree90 DegreeDescriptionProgramme CodeProgramme CodeProgramme CodeNo of Stage1 Pole2 Pole3 Pole4 Pole5 Pole6 Pole7 Pole8 Pole9 Pole10 Pole11 Pole12 6119761196-112233445566Script PlateMarkingFeasible Ampere. Rating : 6,10,16,25,32,40,63,80,100,125,200 & 400 AmpsISOLATORS WITH PRECLOSE CONTACTDigit 790 DegreeAmpere Rating25 Ampere32 AmpereDigit 4LMD ContactsIf requiredNot requiredCodeLD13579135724681024684 to 5 poleDescription28SPRING RETURN ISOLATORS 45 Degree45 Degree Spring Return to OFF13572468CodeEFDigit 8, 9, 10MountingStandard Front MountingBarrei Lock with CentreKey90 Degree Complete RotationCodeB03B90Programme code61194No ofStage22324 Pole - 1 Pole Preclose611944 Pole - 3 Pole Preclose619045 Pole - 3 Pole Preclose619053 Pole with Neutral Terminal61178Feasible Ampere. Rating :6,10,16,25,32,40,63,80,100,125,200 & 400 Amps1 to 4 poleDescriptionProgramme code1 Pole Spring Return613512 Pole Spring Return613523 Pole Spring Return613534 Pole Spring Return61354Feasible Ampere. Rating :6,10,16,25,32,40 & 63 AmpsNo ofStage11225

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCHANGEOVER PROGRAMMES WITHOUT OFFBREAKER CONTROL SWITCHESFEATURESOPERATIONS Specially designed spring returnmechanism for reliable operation. Robust handle design for better gripand operating leverage. Facility to add on multiple contacts inLMD operations. Possibility of adding upto 9 main contactsfor trip / close operations.Main contact operationsBreaker control switches have 3 operatingpositions viz., Trip, Neutral & Close either instayput or in spring return mechanism. Inspring return mechanism handle returns toneutral position after trip / close operation.Main contacts operates in trip or in closepositions according to the operation of theswitch.CONNECTING DIAGRAMA1B1C1D1E1 F1F1H1J1K1L1M1A2 B2C2D2E2 F2F2H2J2K2L2M2123456782 4Without Jumper6 810 12 14 161 35 71 to 12 pole9 1113 151 to 4 PoleLMD operationsDESCRIPTIONUNITRated Operational voltageUeResistance to surge voltageRated uninterrupted currentRated Operational CurrentPilot Duty AC15UimpIthIe20-240V AC380-440V ACShort circuit protectionHRC fuse sizeRated short circuitTerminal cross sectionRigid wireminmaxminmaxFlexible wireTerminal ScrewTerminal Tightening TorqueCSA / UL RATINGSVoltage RatingAmpere RatingV acV .5412.5M41.2Nm2.561.54M41.2Nmmm2mm2VAVA RatingLMD contacts can either be fitted in trip orin close position. When the switch makesclosing operation the LMD contacts fitted inthe closing position will close and stays inthat position even after the switch handlegoes back to neutral position. Similarly theLMD contacts fitted in the trip positionremains in that position when the switchhandle makes trip operation and goes backto neutral position.These LMD contactsgenerally used for annunciation purposethus helps the user to indicate triping ofbreaker due to fault conditions and help indiagonising the feeder fault problems.50 V125 V250 V26123123123ResistiveAmps203201.052090 Degree Complete Rotation1234This device fitted along with this breakercontrol switch will act as a blocking devicefor consecutive closing of the switch, willprevent closing coil of the breaker gettingcharged repeatedly and hence eliminatesburning of this closing coil.60 DegreeNo ofStage56789101112No ofDescriptionProgramme codeStage6103715 pole610416103826 pole61042610393610437 pole6104048 pole61044--9 pole61045--6104610 pole--11 pole61047--12 pole61048Feasible Ampere Rating Applicable : 6,10,16,25,32,40,63,80,100,125,200 & 400 AmpsDescriptionSIL OperationsProgramme codepolepolepolepole-----SPRING RETURN45 Degree Spring ReturnTECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONGENERAL :-DescriptionENDURANCEElectrical * - 10,000 Operations at 120cycles/ hour6002060030AC-720 VADC-275 VAOperational Temperature :-250 C to 550 CProgramme code1 pole613712 pole613723 pole61373Feasible Ampere Rating: 6,10,16,25,32,40 & 63 AmpsMechanical * - 1 Lac Operations at 300cycles /hourNo ofStage123WITHOUT JUMPER45 Degree Spring return without Jumper90 Degree Stayput without JumperFrequency up to 5 KHzSG 25No ofVoltage Contacts inseriesSTAYPUTSG 32Inductive L / R Amps10m sec20m sec40m 0.51ResistiveAmps255251.2625Inductive L / R Amps10m sec20m sec40m ithoutwithoutProgramme codejumperjumperjumperjumperFeasible Ampere 6163961640:& 400 AmpsNo ofStage1234DescriptionProgramme code1 pole without jumperFeasible Ampere Rating :6,10,16,25,40 & 63 Amps61771-7

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESMULTISTEP (POLE-WAY) SWITCHES WITHOUT OFFCUSTOMISED PROGRAMME FORMATIONThe switch design and construction gives flexibility for makingcustomised programmes within a very short period. Basically anengineer trying to specify the customised programme shouldconcentrate on the following points.(a) Number of Operating positions of switch handle(b) Total number of Contacts required(c) Contact closing sequence of all the contacts required in variouspositions of handle. Please Note :(d) Each position should be identified and Script plate marking requiredin those postions should be mentioned .(e) The latching angle (angle between positons) Standard latching /switching angles are 600, 900, 450 & 300 .Spring return are alsopossible for 450 & 900 switching angle.( f ) Total number of contacts can be decided based on the actualneed. You may arrange the contacts to your convenience andnumber them as 1/2, 3/4, 5/6.etc. While making the switch, wemay rearrange the contacts to use solid jumpers so as to avoidloose wire jumpers(g) Fill up the Programme sheet by marking ‘X’ at places where contacts have to Close ( NC ).Also Ensure to specify the Ampere Rating, Mounting Style, Switchingangle, Script Plate markings ,Terminal marking, Lockable Position(If any)For example refer the sample Customised programme sheet of aBedroom switch having 3 contacts controlling a Tube,Fan & NightlampNote:-The above Construction carries a five digit number starting with( 7xxxx ) alloted by us .This Number alone is sufficent for futurecorrespondance & further OrderingSwitch PositionsPROGNO.DESCRIPTION610491 Pole-3 Way2610692 Pole-3 Way3610893 Pole-3 Way611204 Pole-3 Way611245 Pole-3 Way611266 Pole-3 Way610501 Pole-4 Way610702 Pole-4 Way610903 Pole-4 Way611214 Pole-4 Way610511 Pole-5 Way610712 Pole-5 Way610913 Pole-5 Way611224 Pole-5 Way610521 Pole-6 Way610722 Pole-6 Way610923 Pole-6 Way610531 Pole-7 Way610732 Pole-7 Way610933 Pole-7 Way610541 Pole-8 Way610742 Pole-8 Way610943 Pole-8 Way610551 Pole-9 Way61056SCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM /TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGES53 WAY - 600681 to 6 pole9244 WAY - 90061 to 4 pole8355 WAY - 60081 to 4 pole1036 WAY - 60601 to 3 pole9477 WAY - 4501 to 3 pole11488 WAY - 4501 to 3 pole129 WAY - 30051 Pole-10 Way10 WAY - 3005610571 Pole-11 Way11 WAY - 3006610581 Pole-12 Way12 WAY - 3006NIGHT LAMPMULTISTEP SWITCHES WITHOUT JUMPER616491 Pole-3 WayWithout OffWithout Jumper616501 Pole-4 WayWithout OffWithout Jumper616702 Pole-4 WayWithout OffWithout Jumper4 WAY - 900224 WAY - 90041 to 2 poleFeasible Ampere Ratings: 6,10,16,25,32,40,63,80,100,125 & 200 Amps249

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESFRONT PLATESSTANDARDSTYLEINSTRUMENTATION SWITCHESBIGGERSTYLEFRAME SIZES6/S10TP6/TP10AMMETER SELECTOR SWITCHESACCESSORIES--SHROUDING COVERSPROGNO.DESCRIPTIONCONNECTING DIAGRAM /TERMINAL MARKING613251 Pole-3TransformerWith OFF3613211 Pole-1Transformer1SCRIPT PLATE MARKINGNO 1 Pole-2Transformer2LTYPES25/S32RT25/RT32S40 & AboveS63S200--613841 Pole-3TransformerWithout OFF3613261 Pole-4TransformerWith OFF4613272 Pole-2TransformerW3ith OFF3613283 Pole-3TransformerWith OFF5613293 Pole-3TransformerWithout OFF5613304 Pole-4TransformerWithout OFF671000Direct AmmeterSelectorWithout 17521017521011520011020010090115100NO. OFSTAGES3333S40 & AboveS-SeriesSPECIAL FRONT PLATES48 x 60S16TP16RT16H--64 x 80DS25/S32RT25/RT32S16TP16RT16TYPEØDS25/S32S6365 0.289 0.2H2 STAGE481183 STAGE63182POWER FACTOR METER SWITCHESOne CurrentTransformer* Other special size mounting plates at Front or Rear can besupplied against requirement.730782One VoltageTransformerTwo CurrentTransformerCODE - YRCODE - GBCODE - BB2CODE - ABWATTMETER SWITCH73071Yellow Front PlateRed Knob22Grey Front PlateBlack KnobBlack Front PlateBlack KnobAluminium Foil withBlack KnobTwo WattmeterMethod53 WAY- 900:Feasible Ampere Rating: 10 & 1611

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESKNOBS / HANDLEMOTOR CONTROL SWITCHESMOTOR SWITCHES / MULTI SPEED SWITCHESKNOBS/HANDLE COLOURSPROGNO.DESCRIPTION612122 SpeedSingle Winding4612132 SpeedSingle Winding4612152 SpeedSingle WindingFor use withContactors5612172 SpeedSingle WindingReversing6612192 Speed2 SeperateWindings3612263 Speed2 Windings(O-A-B-A)6612433 Speed2 Windings(O-A-B-B)6REDSCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGESBLACKTD - TEAR DROPCODE - TDS6/S10/TP6/TP10S16/TP16/RT16S25/S32/RT25/RT32S40 & ABOVEFL - FLAG KNOBABCD27273650414152702525314221212533CODE - FLS6/S10/TP6/TP10S16/TP16/RT16S25/S32/RT25/RT32S40 & asible Ampere Rating : 6,10,16,25,32,40 & 63 AmpsPG - PISTOL GRIP HANDLEBG - BALL GRIP HANDLELV - LEVER HANDLEMOTOR SWITCHES - START & RUN SWITCHESPROGNO.DESCRIPTIONSCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGES90Spring return from start to “0”61208Split-phase Start2Spring return from startCODE - PGApplicable forS16 / TP16 / RT16S25 / S32 / RT25 / RT32S40 / S6320CODE - BGApplicable forS16 / TP16 / RT16S25 / S32 / RT25 / RT32S40 / S63CODE - LVApplicable forS80 / S100 / S125S200 / S40061209Split-phase StartReversing361270Split-phase StartReversingSwitching3Feasible Ampere Rating : 6,10 & 16 Amps13

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESENCLOSURE MOUNTINGSCONTROL SWITCHESFeatures : - * Switches Mounted in ABS Plastic Enclosure * Provides protection from dust & hazardous material * with Round PadlockableDevice * Secure with max 3 Padlocks in OFF position * Prevents operational access to Unauthorised Personnel * Suitable for 900 switches.CONTROL SWITCHES:Control switches are used to energise contactors for controlling motor operations. Most of the switches are of Spring return type to enablelatching of the circuit with Contactor’s NO contact to facilitate tripping by Contactor’s Tripping device.Applications: Control switches are a unique alternative for many of the “Push Button“ stations, where it is preferred to control a system withone switch instead of many Push Buttons. Many positions of the switch are possible to derive combinations.PROGNO.DESCRIPTION613001 Pole STOP-STARTWith Spring Return613882 Pole STOP-STARTWith Spring ReturnSCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGES1spring returnB T63ALBD42424811012517580100125667090EF60 9080 115105 155STAGES322Features : - * Switches Mounted in sheet metal enclosures *Provides protection from dust & hazardous enviorement. *Knob / Handleoperatable * Suitable for switches upto 32 Ampere61301617016130721 Pole STOP-STARTWith Spring ReturnFrom START to RUNWithout JumperSTOP-START SWITCHWith Spring Returnto run for 2 units61707Without Jumper61366Contactor ControlWith Spring Returnto OFFspringreturn fromstart to “1”1spring returnfrom start22springreturn to “0”61271M 216 Ampere For/ 98975989898110MAX443-Features : - * Four hole base mounted on Rear side of the Panel * Knob/ Handle operatableLength L No of Stages x S W*Quote B12 for next Bigger size Front plateB 02 * IP 55 Protection from 03141484848101286663Motor VoltageControl Switch2Feasible Ampere Rating : 6,10,16,25,32,40 & 63MOUNTING FEASIBILITY ionFront Mounting S25/S32 Switches with 48x48 plateRear/Back Mounting with Standard Front PlateFront Mounting, Standard Mounting PlateRear/Back Mounting with next size plateFront Mounting with next size plateSingle Hole Mounting 48x48 plate for S6 to S32Single Hole Mounting 32x32 plate for S6 & S10Din Rail Mounting on 35 mm RailFront Mounting with Rectangular padlockRear/Back Mounting, Door Interlock Rectangular Padlock (B42 B30)Front Mounting with Round padlockRear Mounting, Door Interlock Round Padlock (B33 B42)Rear Mounting with Door Clutch Mechanism (Door Opens in both pos)Rear Mounting with Door InterlockSingle Hole Mounting, Key operated without Front PlateSingle Hole Mounting, Key operated with Front PlateFront Mounting, Knob/handle Operatable, Lockable with KeyFront Mounting with Centre Key LockDoor Clutch Rectangular Padlock Mounting Plate at FrontDoor Clutch without Padlock, Mounting Plate at FrontDoor Clutch, Front Plate of Next size, Mounting Plate at FrontSS EnclosureMax stagesAluminium EnclosureMax stagesPVC/ABS EnclosureMax stagesPVC/ABS Enclosure with Round PadlockMax stagesS6/10S16Feasibility - S25/32 S40/63 S80/100/125S200/400 Upto 4 Upto 4 Upto 3Upto 4 Upto 3 Upto 2Upto 4 Upto 4 Upto 4Upto 3 Upto 2 Upto 215

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESLOCKABLE SWITCHESFRONT MOUNTINGSFeatures : * Standard 4 hole Front panel Mounting * Knob / Handle operatable * Suitable for all switching angles & Spring return switches *Front Assembly in 4 different colors Yellow/Red, Grey/Black, Black/Black, Aluminum Finish.3 to 5Panel gapSDrilling planB3Features : - * Four Hole Round padlockable mounting * Secure with max. 3 padlocks in OFF position. prevents operational access tounauthorised personnel.* Suitable for switches only with 900 Switching angleDrilling plan6/10 Amps onlyB23QBQDSQF2ØBB1SQ B1ALLength L No of Stages x S WLength L No of Stages of Prog x S WB 33 * IP 55 Protection from front*Quote B13 for next Bigger size Front plateB03 *IP 55 Protection from 55.5242936464646463346527692888832486488888888W9.5 31311215212632642627334040401286663Features : - * Four Hole Rectangular Padlockable mounting * Secure with max four padlocks in OFF position.* Prevents Operational Acessto Unauthorised Personnel * Suitable for switches with 900 Switching angle .Features : - * Single hole mounting with std dia 22.5 mm * Eleminates the need for screws / Hardware for panel fixing * Easy Termination *Suitable upto 32 AmpereLocking lever3FØD133 Max.Panel gapSLLength L No of Stages x S W23HB 30 * IP 55 Protection from frontLength L No of Stages x S W*Quote B14 for next Bigger size Front plateB14/B19 *IP 65 Protection from 51013131328.528.53637MA-X12122115Features : - * Key Operated safety switch, prevents operational access to unauthorised personnel., * Available with or without Front plate* Suitable up to 32 Ampere.Length L No of Stages x S W3 to 5Panel 34040401286662Features : - * Knob / handle operatable Switch * With Key lockable Assembly prevents switching by unauthorised personnel. *Key lock / Keyremovable only in OFF position * Lock Assembly can also be provided on topDrilling planB3FØDB2STYPEB1FRONT PLATEL*for Handles key arrangement comes on topB53/B51 * IP 40 Protection from front*Quote B51 for Mounting without Front plateTYPES16/TP16/RT16S25/S32/RT25/RT3216B 63 * IP 40 Protection from /RT63Length L No of Stages x S 1215214545471212617

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESGANG SWITCHESREAR MOUNTINGSGANG SWITCHES:Features : * Snap mounting base on Din EN50022 ( Omega) rail 35mm & 1.2 mm thick * or Two Hole rear mounting.* Provides Easy TerminationThese switches are called Gang switches, as they increase the capacity of circuits by ganging. They are used for Serialing or Paralleling toderive different circuit capacity . The power of Battery supply can be increased by serialing .The power of resistor can be increased byParalleling.Applications: In Railway coaches for controling the Battery supply, In Dept of Telecommunication panels and special application circuits.PROGNO.DESCRIPTION611092 Gang with OFF1 PoleSCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGESLength L No of Stages x S WB 21 * IP 40 Protection from RT3212 GANG611172 Gang with OFF2 9.5121528.5373810128Features : - * Mounted on Rear side of the panel and operated from the front door * Door interlockable mechanism & panel door openableonly in OFF position. * Provides a safety feature.* Knob / Handle operatable600611112 Gang with OFF3 Pole611103 Gang with OFF1 Pole33 GANG2Length L No of Stages x S W61118B42/B41 * IP 55 Protection from front3 Gang with OFF2 /S63/RT40/RT63S80/S100/S125S200S4003 Gang with OFF3 Pole5611132 Gang, SeriesWith OFF 1 34121521263264545566727272886663Features : - * Mounted on rear side of the panel and operated from the front door * Door interlockable mechanism & door openable only inOFF position. with round padlockable device.* Secure with max 3 Padlocks in OFF position2 GANG SERIES1611152 Gang, SeriesWith OFF 2 Pole9006111422 Gang, SeriesWith OFF 3 Pole3B 342 GANG SERIES PARALLEL611162 GangSeries-ParallelWith OFF 2 Pole2900Feasible Ampere Rating : 6,10,16,25,32,40 & 6314Length L No of Stages x S W* IP 55 Protection 4556672727266666319

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESMOTOR CONTROL SWITCHESKNOBS / HANDLEMOTOR CONTROL SWITCHES:These switches directly operate the motor with AC3 or AC4 Duty Rating. They are mainly used for motor Forward - Reversing , Star -Delta,Two speed Forward -Reversing and other special switches designed to operate with a Contactor with buit-in tripping feature in the eventof Power failure and Overload.ACCESSORIESEXTENDED TERMINALSS16S25S63MOTOR REVERSING SWITCHESPROGNO.DESCRIPTION612102 POLE2612113 POLE3612533 POLE SPRINGRETURNSCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGSpringReturnto “0”NO OFSTAGES3MOTOR SWITCHES / STAR DELTA SWITCHESPROGNO.61200DESCRIPTIONSCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGOFF-STAR-DELTAAlways mounted on switch supplied as optional for S40 and S63NO OFSTAGES4ALWAYS MOUNTED ON SWITCHS80, S100, S125,61201Spring ReturnFrom STAR to OFF461203Standard561239Star Deltawith SequenceLocking & LMDContacts361240For use withContactors4Always mounted on switchS400PUSH ON TERMINALSS16Mating terminal socket Code No : 1653Feasible Ampere Rating : 6,10,16,25,32,40 & 63 Amps1221

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESINSTRUMENTATION SWITCHESCUSTOMISED PROGRAMME FORMATIONINSTRUMENTATION SELECTOR SWITCHES:With the help of these switches we can * Measure Currents in different circuitswith Current Transformer, a single Ammeter & a switch * Measure Voltages betweenphases and phase & Neutral with one voltmeter & a switch * Measure Voltages &Currents of a circuit with one Voltmeter, one Ammeter and a single switch.VOLTMETER SELECTOR SWITCHESPROGNO.DESCRIPTION613123 ph Line to Line2613133 ph Line to Line &Line to Neutral3613143 ph Line to LineLine to Neutral &without Off3613173 ph Line to Line &L1 to N3613183 ph Line to Line2 Sources4613113 ph Line to Neutral2613193 ph Line to LineWithout Off2SCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM/TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGESFeasible Ampere Rating : 6,10 & 16 AmpsVOLTMETER & AMMETER SELECTOR SWITCHESPROGNO.DESCRIPTION613363 VoltagesLine - Line &3 Currents5613374 Voltages &3 Currents6613383 VoltagesLine to Neutral& 3 Currents5SCRIPT PLATE MARKINGCONNECTING DIAGRAM /TERMINAL MARKINGNO OFSTAGESFeasible Ampere Ratings : 6,10 & 16 Amps1023

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESMULTISTEP SWITCHES WITH OFFORDERING INFORMATIONMULTISTEP (POLE-WAY) SWITCHES WITH OFFThese switches are also called as Pole-Way switches, they areavailable with OFF & without OFF. Multistep does the function ofconnecting different circuits to a common supply or vice-versa.1 pole, 2 pole & 3 pole is popular for 1 Ph, 2 Ph & 3 Ph supply.Programme CodeApplication:- Typical usage Tap changing switch for Transformer /Stablizer and other special application circuits.PROGNO.DESCRIPTION610591 Pole-2 Way610792 Pole-2 Way610993 Pole-2 WayExample:-CONNECTING DIAGRAM /TERMINAL MARKINGSCRIPT PLATE MARKING1oA12 WAY - 600611304 Pole-2 Way610601 Pole-3 Way610802 Pole-3 Way611003 Pole-3 Way611314 Pole-3 Way610611 Pole-4 Way610812 Pole-4 Way611013 Pole-4 Way611324 Pole-4 Way610621 Pole-5 Way610822 Pole-5 Way611023 Pole-5 Way610631 Pole-6 Way610832 Pole-6 Way611033 Pole-6 Way610641 Pole-7 Way610842 Pole-7 WayNO OFSTAGES1oB1oA22oC1oB23oD1oC242oD231 to 4 pole42A3o 13 WAY - 900o A1 B3 o 2oA2o B1 C3o 3oB2o C1 D3 o 4oC2o D1oD2o A1o B14 WAY - 600o C12A4 oo A23B4 oA3 oo B2C4 oB3 oo D14o C2 D4 oC3 oo D2D3 oA5 oo A115 WAY - 60A4 oo A2B5 o2B4 oo A16 WAY - 4501A5 ooA4o A2o A3o C13C4 o3o C25oC3oB41 to 3 poleProgramme Selector TableProgrammesIsolatorsChangeovers with OFFChangeovers without OFFMultistep with OFFMultistep without OFFInstrumentation SwitchesMotor ControlGang SwitchesControl SwitchesEBO3TDType SelectionTypeS-SeriesTouch ProofRear Acess TerminationDC SwitchesPhase Selector only for1 pole 3 way with OFFProg CodePg 3Pg 4Pg 5Pg6Pg 7Pg 8 & 9Pg 10 & 11Pg 12Pg 13PC6 o 3o B3oC4o C2oC3C5 oColorYRAmpere SelectionCode Possible AmpsS6 to 400 AmpsT6 to 16 AmpsR16 to 63 AmpsD16 to 500 Amps25 to 63 AmpsMounting SelectionFor Mounting StylesRefer Table on Page 138o C1o B2S6C5oo B1B6 o 2B5 o7Knob4o B21 to 3 poleA6 o9Mounting2o B1oB3oA31Ampere81 to 4 pole05161 to 4 0300400500600800CodeABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST369Knob / Handle SelectionCODE - TDCODE - FHCODE - PGCODE - BGCODE - LVTEAR DROPFLAG KNOBPISTOL GRIPBALL GRIPLEVER HANDLE47 WAY - 45071 to 2 pole61065610661 Pole-8 Way1 Pole-9 Way8 WAY - 3009 WAY - 30045Color Combination Selection TableCODE - YR610671 Pole-10 Way10 WAY - 3005610681 Pole-11 Way11 WAY - 3006Feasible ampere ratings : 6, 10, 16, 25, 32, 40, 63, 80, 100, 125 & 200 Amps8Yellow front plateRed knobCODE - GBGrey front plateBlack knobCODE - BBCODE - ABBlack front plateBlack knobAluminum Foil withBlack knob25

CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHESCHANGEOVER PROGRAMMES WITH OFFBREAKER CONTROL SWITCHESMOUNTING STYLESCONNECTING DIAGRAMB03Without JumperA1 A2B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 D21234E1 E2 F1 F2 G1 G2 H1 H256782461 38105 712seq.locking&LMD9 11131 to 3 Pole1 to 8 pole17.50LxWLMDContactsMxWMainContactsPanel gap3 to 565SQ6450Ø12Ø5.5NEUTRALSTAYPUTØD90 DegreeSALZER8060 DegreeCLOSETRIPSQ48spring returnstayput oleNo ofDescriptionStage11 pole22 pole33 pole44 pole5678Rating: 6,10,16,25,32,40,63,80,100,125,200 & 400 AmpsProgramme code6102561026610276

Hp A A kA mm 2 mm2 Nm 7 16 16 5 1.5 4 0.8 16 10 25 25 10 1.5 4 1.2 10 14 32 32 6 20 40 40 20 1.5 10 2 6 25 63 63 20 1.5 16 2 6. CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHES CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHES . for consecutive closing of the switch, will prevent closing coil of the breaker getting charged repeate