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WARNINGFAILURE OR IMPROPER SELECTION OR IMPROPER USE OF THE PRODUCTS AND/OR SYSTEMS DESCRIBED HEREIN OR RELATED ITEMS CAN CAUSE DEATH, PERSONALINJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE.This document and other information from Parker Hannifin Corporation, its subsidiaries and authorized distributors provide product and/or system options for further investigation byusers having technical expertise. It is important that you analyze all aspects of your application and review the information concerning the product or system in the current productcatalog. Due to the variety of operating conditions and applications for these products or systems, the user, through its own analysis and testing, is solely responsible for making thefinal selection of the products and systems and assuring that all performance, safety and warning requirements of the application are met.The products described herein, including without limitation, product features, specifications, designs, availability and pricing, are subject to change by Parker Hannifin Corporationand its subsidiaries at any time without notice.Offer of SaleThe items described in this document are hereby offered for sale by Parker Hannifin Corporation, its subsidiaries or its authorized distributors. This offer and its acceptance aregoverned by the provisions stated in the “Offer of Sale”. Copyright 2001, Parker Hannifin Corporation, All Rights ReservedFluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26IntroductionParker Hydraulic Tube BenderModel HB632For 3/8" - 2" (10-50mm) tubing and 3/8 to1 1/2 IPSThe Parker Model HB632 Tube Bender is a hydraulically operated bender for bending annealed steel andstainless steel tubing from 3/8" O.D. through 2" O.D.It is operated by means of a separate power sourceproducing 10,000 psi hydraulic pressure. It can beoperated without bolting to a table or bench if no mandrels are required, making it an excellent unit to moveabout and use at the point where the tubing installationis being made. It can also be attached to a table andused with mandrels.CapacityTable 1 below assigns a Model Code for each model ofParker tube benders. Table 2 gives the capacity for allParker benders. The Model HB632 is represented bymodel code C so you can easily check for its capabilities.Part No.: 631050Bender ConstructionThe bender consists of a cast aluminum housing, with ahydraulically actuated drive mechanism which enables anoperator to make bends up to 180 in one continuous smoothoperation on tubing up to 2" in diameter.Tube Bender Model CodesModelCodeABCDModelNo.412424HB632CP432Tubing O.D.Capacity1/4" – 3/4"1/4" – 1-1/4"1/4" – 2"3/8" – 2"Bender TypeWorm & GearWorm & GearHydraulicHydraulicRated Torque(in./lbs.)2,70011,00052,000N/ATable 1 –Tube Bender Model CodesTube Benders Maximum Capacity Guide*TubeO.D.Tube Wall Thickness e Bender Model DBCDBCDBCDBCDCDCDCDCDCDCDTable 2 –Tube Benders Maximum Capacity Guide* See page 3 for pipe bending capabilitiesSpecifications:1)2)3)4)5)6)Min. tube size 3/8"Max. tube size 2"Min. bend radius 1 1/8"Max. bend radius 12" (special order)Max. tube bend 180 Weight —170 lbs. (77.1 kg) without accessories7)8)Minimum tube wall thickness (% of O.D.) 4% with mandrel, 7% without mandrelThe HB632 is capable of bending 1/2" O.D. and under fully annealed steel andstainless steel tubing with no limit on tube wall thickness9) The HB632 is capable of bending SOFT aluminum and copper tubing with nolimit on wall thickness.10) For HARD copper, ALLOY STEEL, and HIGH STRENGTH aluminum, use thetabulations shown for stainless steel.1FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Bender Parts and AccessoriesStandard Radius BlocksClose Bend RadiusBlocks974671 – HighFlow PumpTie Bar900085 – Pump (std.)Mandrel Rods660221 – Radius BlockAdapter PlateSlide BlocksClampBlocksBender Table – 520515Heavy, all steel construction, strongly braced to keepbender, mandrel rod and rod stop assembly rigidlybraced. Length 10 feet; weight 421 lbs.Part No. — See tableMandrel rods are for use with the HB632 Model Benderand Exactol Models 412/424 benders. Mandrel rods (aswell as mandrel rod stop assembly) are required whenusing mandrels. Overall mandrel rod lengths are approximately eight feet. Mandrel rod diameters are determined by tube I.D. (See Table 3.)Part No.520506520507520508Mandrel Rod Stop AssemblyMandrelRod Dia.(in.)1/45/1613/32Tube I.D.0.283 – 0.3620.363 – 0.4840.485 – 1.489Table 3 – Mandrel Rod SizesFor use with Model HB632 BenderThe mandrel rod stop assembly holds and supportsthe end of the mandrel rod in alignment with the tubing.The rod stop assembly is bolted to the other end ofbender table. It keeps the mandrel and rod in alignmentwhen mandrel bending. The stop screws can be adjusted for correct length and positioning of the mandrelin the tubing.Part NamePart No. 631141 – HB632 Mandrels, Mandrel Rods and Rod StopAssemblyPart No.Mandrel Rod Stop Assembly(for Bender Model HB632) . 631141Universal Side Angle IndicatorPart No. 520520Accurately determines the angle between tube bendsin different planes, and keeps out-of-plane angles accurate when making repeated bends. Incorporates alarge, easy-to-read vernier dial. Maximum 3/4" O.D.tubing can be used if the tubing must be extendedthrough the indicator. Maximum 1 1/2" O.D. tubing canbe used if the end of tube is held in the clamp jaw.Part No. 520520 – UniversalSide Angle Indicator2FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Radius BlocksClose bend radius blocks — These blocks have a threaded pin which threadsdirectly into both Triple-Lok and Ferulok (Seal-Lok requires an adapter) tubefitting nuts, permitting a first bend very close to the end of the tube.When using radius blocks 631057-112, 631060-128, 974330 and 974350, firstinstall the radius block adapter plate over the king pin, and then mount theradius block upon it, as shown above.Inch Radius Block ChartSize68101214161820242832Tube 1/828.61 1/431.81 1/238.21 3/444.5250.8AND10111 StandardRadius*in.mmPart No.1 1/431.85405021 1/431.85307631 1/237.55307641 3/443.8530765250.2530766———3 MS33611 StandardRadius*in.mmPart No.1 1/828.6590512-181 1/237.5590515-241 7/847.6590518-302 1/457.2590521-362 5/866.7590523-42376.2590524-483 3/885.7590526-543 3/495.3590527-604 adius Block – Close Bend**Radius*in.mmPart No.———1 1/431.85305971 1/238.15306011 3/444.5530605250.8530609376.25306133 1/288.95306173 3/495.25306215127.0530625——————**Note: Sizes 20 and 24 close bend radius blocks requires the removal of the clamp arm before installation.*Radius to tube centerline.Metric Radius Block ChartTube O.D.(mm)10121415161820222530323538384250Standard Radius BlocksPart No.Radius 4105530770127590530-72114.3974347128974350150Close Bend Radius Blocks***Part No.Radius —————Accessories for Close BendRadius BlocksTubeO.D.(in.)1/25/83/411 1/41 1/2ThreadedPinPart 420-24Seal-LokAdapterPart 421-24Threaded Pins and Seal-Lok Adapters for CloseBend Radius Blocks***Note: Size 38mm close bend radius blocks requiresremoval of the clamp arm before installation.Inch Pipe Size Radius Block ChartNominal PipeSize (in.)3/81/23/411 1/41 1/2O.D.(in.)0.6750.8401.0501.3151.6601.900Part No.974325974326974327974328974329974330Bend Radius(in.)2 1/42 5/83 1/44563FluidConnectorsMax. PipeSchedule8016080808040Parker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Slide BlocksClamp BlocksInch Tube SizesSize68-12-16-2410-14-18-202832Tube O.D.(in.)3/81/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/25/8, 7/8, 1 1/8, 1 1/41 3/42Part -14-18-202832Slide BlockTube O.D.(in.)3/81/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/25/8, 7/8, 1 1/8, 1 1/41 3/42Part No.864266631092631093027418-28027418-32Tube art in.)0.675, 0.840, 1.0501.3151.6601.900Part No.974332974338974341974343Clamp BlockMetric Tube SizesTube 0-12-14-1615-16-18-2022-25-30-3235384250Part No.790016780192780193974345520516974348974351Slide BlockClamp BlockIPS Tube SizesNominal PipeSize (in.)3/8, 1/2, 3/411 1/41 1/2O.D.(in.)0.675, 0.840, 1.0501.3151.6601.900Nominal PipeSize (in.)3/8, 1/2, 3/411 1/41 1/2Part No.974331974336974340974342Slide BlockClamp Block4FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Instructions for Medium to Heavy Wall Tube BendingThe bender is shipped completely assembled exceptfor attaching a pump, hose and installing selectedbender dies.Step 1: Mounting Tube BenderPosition bender centered across the end of bendertable and bolt securely in place. The Parker bendertable has pre-drilled holes for bender attachment.3 bolts, nuts and washers required for mounting benderStep 2: Connect Pump to Bender1Connect the hose to the pump (3/8" pipe end) and thenconnect hose to the bender. Be careful not to twist thehose when tightening. Use a pipe sealant on the pipethreads. The make-up for the pipe end is 2 to 3 turnsfrom finger tight. The assembly torque for the Seal-Lokhose end that is connected to the bender is 360 in. lbs.Step 3: Select and Install Radius BlockSelect the proper radius block according to the charton page 3. Then install the selected radius block onthe king and drive pins with the open end of the blocktoward the clamp arm.2Radius blocks are accurately milled and bored to slipeasily onto posts. Light lubrication of the posts will aidassembly. When handling radius blocks, as well as theslide and clamp blocks, care should be taken to avoidnicking the grooved surfaces.Step 4: Mark the TubeThe first bend is easy. Simply measure from the end ofthe tube to the desired length of the centerline* of thefirst bend.3*For information on tube bending, centerline measurement, and back-bendingcompensation, see Parker Principles of Tube Line Fabrication, Manual 4306B5.45FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Step 5: Select Slide and Clamp Block GroovesSelect the proper groove of the slide block and clampblock for the outside diameter of tube (sizes are markedon end of each block). Lubricate the slide block to facilitate its sliding. Place the clamp block in its vise. Do notlubricate the clamp block. It’s held in place magnetically.Step 6: Rapid PositioningBoth the clamp and slide block vise screws featurerapid positioning, with a quick acting cam lock mechanism. To use, pull the respective cam lock mechanismto disengage, push the screw forward, then push thecam lock forward to engage.5Step 7: Positioning the TubeAdvance the clamp block vise as described above.Then position the tube in the clamp block so that themark is tangent to the radius block at the desired angle(90 for 90 bend; 45 for 45 bend, etc.). Use trianglesto obtain accurate results (see diagram). The tubingshould be positioned in the bender so that the endmeasured from, or “measurement end”, is to the left asyou face the bender.6For 180 bends, position the mark similar to 90 bends.On long lengths of tubing, support is recommended toprevent sag.Step 8: Clamp the TubeWhen in the proper position, clamp the tube with theclamp block vise. Next, advance the slide block vise using the rapid positioning sequence described.Rotate the slide block retainer to the proper height andinsert the slide block. Then bring into snug positionagainst the tube, but not with so much pressure as toprevent the block from sliding freely. The clamp blockand slide block should not be touching.786FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Step 9: Using the Tie Bar (when required)10If the tube is over 1" O.D. (25mm or 1/2 IPS), or heavywall, or if mandrel bending, the tie bar must be used toprevent tube slippage and the clamp arm from flexing.Step 10: Setting Bend AngleSet the angle to be bent on the angle indicator byturning the angle adjusting handle on the back of thebender housing. Generally add two to five degrees tothe angle you wish to bend to compensate for thespring-back in the tube.9Step 11: Bending the TubeTo bend the tube, start the pump and close the valve.CAUTION — Should it become apparent that the bendis too long for the slide block, stop the bender andloosen the slide block vise. Return the slide block toits original position. Retighten the vise screw andcomplete the bend.When the preset angle has been reached, shut off thepump.11AStep 12: Completed Bent TubeRemove the tie bar, if in use, retract the slide andclamp vises, and pull the tube out from the radius blockand lift up. Your tubing is bent, without flattening orcracking.11BReleasing system pressure by opening the valve willrelieve tension in the bender and the clamp arm willreturn to its original position.127FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Instructions for Thin Wall Tube Bending withMandrel EquipmentWhen to Mandrel BendFor short radii bends and thin-wall tubing, mandrelequipment is necessary to prevent wrinkling, collapsing, or kinking of the tube. The mandrel supports thetube wall on the inside and maintains a full cross-section in a smooth bend. This is important and should beincluded as an indispensable part of bending equipment.The rule that is generally followed to determine whetheror not a mandrel is necessary is as follows: When thewall thickness of the tube to be bent is 7% or more ofthe tube O.D., a mandrel is usually not necessary. Onwall thicknesses that ranges between 4-6% of the tubeO.D., it is necessary to use a mandrel to avoid wrinklingand flattening in the bend area. These calculations arebased on a bend radii of between three and four timesthe tube O.D.Since mandrel equipment must be accurately aligned andrigidly held, we recommend the use of the bender table.Mandrel Rod Stop AssemblyThis assembly holds the end of the mandrel rod inproper alignment with the tubing and bender. It boltsto the back end of the table. A scale permits accuratealignment of the stop screws. (Although not an extractor, this assembly is necessary to secure the mandreland rod during the bending process.)1AThe Parker bender table has pre-drilled holes for thebender and rod stop assembly attachment. Thesepre-drilled holes insure proper bender and rod stopassembly alignment.Step 1: Mandrel Stop Rod AssemblyInstallationThe mandrel rod stop assembly must be rigidlymounted to the bender table in proper alignment withthe bender. Zero (“0”) at the end of the mandrel rodstop assembly scale must be in line with the center ofthe king pin.1BMandrel Specifications and DataSize6810121416182024Tube 1/8 28.61 1/4 31.81 1/2 38.1Part Rod Specifications and Mandrel Rod I.D.inches (mm).283 (7.2) to .362 (9.2).363 (9.2) to .484 (12.3).485 (12.3) to 1.489 (37.8)Part No.Type520506520507520508SolidSolidSolidTo order mandrels, specify part number, size and wall thickness.Example: 924417-12X0588FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Step 2: Select Radius Block, Mandrel and RodSelect the proper radius block according to the chart onpage 3. Select the mandrel and mandrel rod accordingto the outside diameter and wall thickness of the tubing.Step 3: Install and Adjust Mandrela) The selected mandrel is screwed onto one end ofthe mandrel rod. The other end of the mandrel rod isscrewed into the adapter and then into the universaljoint tongue on the rod stop assembly. The scaleprovided permits accurate alignment of the stopscrew. The stop screw should be centered to thedimension on the scale corresponding to the bendradius.3Ab) For average bending the mandrel should be adjustedso that the scribed line on its circumference is 5/8"behind the line scribed on the face of the radiusblock. This adjustment is made by turning the mandrel rod stop handles at the rear of the bench. Themandrel may be moved inward slightly to producea more perfectly round cross-section or it may bemoved slightly outward to ease the bending effort.Extreme care must be used in establishing this position as even the slightest adjustment will affect theresults.3BStep 4: Insert the TubeFirst lubricate the mandrel with light lubricating oil.Then, slip the tube over the mandrel.12These eight steps are a repeat of Steps 4 through 11given on pages 5-7.Step 5: Mark the TubeStep 6: Select Slide and Clamp Block GroovesStep 7: Rapid PositioningStep 8: Positioning the Tube11Step 9: Clamp the TubeStep 10: Using the Tie BarStep 11: Setting the Bend AngleStep 12: Bending the TubeStep 13: Completed Bent TubeAfter completion of the bend, remove the tie bar, retractthe slide and clamp block vises, and by pulling thetubing to the left, slide it off of the mandrel rod assembly. Then release the system pressure by opening thevalve. The clamp arm will return to the starting position.139FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26HB632 Tube Bender Parts DiagramsSlide Arm AssemblyClamp Arm Assembly10FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Slide Arm AssemblyClamp Arm Assembly11FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26HB632 Tube Bender Parts ListItem ,47Part 32 X 7/8 ROLL nMain Housing with Internal Components*King Pin*Center PostHand WheelScrew Bushing*1/4-20 x 3/8" Socket Head Cap ScrewAngle Indicator Plate#10-24 Round Head ScrewWarning PlateNameplate#0-1/8 Drive ScrewOil Hole Cover, 5/16" diameterRadial Pointer#6-32 x 1/4" Round Head Screw1/8" NPTF Grease FittingSlide Rail3/8-16 x 3/4" Socket Head Cap Screw3/8-16 X 1 Socket Head ScrewDowel Pin, 3/8" dia. x 1-1/2" long1/4-20 x 5/8" Flat Head ScrewWear PlateVise Face, Slide RailSlide Block Retainer1/2-13 x 1" Socket Head Cap ScrewRoll Pin, 1/4" dia. x 1-7/8" long1/4" dia. x 1" long Drive Lok "C" pin1/4" dia. x 1-1/4" long Drive Lok "C" pinPivot Half NutSlide Arm BracketCam LatchRed Grip0.261" I.D. x 0.432" O.D. Wave WasherDowel Pin, 1/4" dia. x 3/4" longVise Adjusting ScrewVise Adjusting Screw HandleRoll Pin, 5/32" dia. x 7/8" longClamp Rail ArmDrive PostTie BarSpacer Plate#8-32 x 5/8" Flat Head Screw1/4-20 x 3/8" Socket Head Set Screw, NylonClamp Arm BracketDowel Pin, 5/8" dia. x 1-1/2" longCup Magnet, 1-1/4" dia. x 1", 15lb.Vise Face, Clamp Arm1/4" x 1-1/4" Socket Head Shoulder ScrewVise Adjusting Screw Sub-AssemblyClamp Arm AssemblyClamp Arm Bracket Sub-AssemblySlide Arm Bracket Sub-Assembly*Contact the Tube Fittings Division for repair. Phone: (614) 279-7070.12FluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Hydraulic Tube BenderBulletin 4391-B26Maintenance and WarrantyBender MaintenanceWarrantyThe bender is equipped with two grease fittings on theside to lubricate the king pin bearings. This should bedone at least once a year.The bender and accessories are warranted to be freeof defects in workmanship for a period of one yearfrom date of sale. The bender has a sticker placed overthe king pin. Removal of the sticker voids the benderwarranty. Alterations to the bender or accessoriesvoids the warranty of the part.There are two oil hole covers on the top of the unit.These should be serviced once a year by running oilinto them while the bender is rotating to lubricate theroller chain.The threads of the vise screws should receive a fewdrops of oil occasionally to make certain they stay inworking condition.Visually check all hydraulic connections regularly forleakage.RepairThe bender can be repaired. External parts areavailable for sale (see Parts List). For repair of internalparts, the bender must be returned to Parker HannifinTube Fittings Division. Please contact the Division(614-279-7070) before sending the bender back forrepair.TroubleshootingProblemBender will not rotateTube slips in clamp blockTube is flattened or misshapedProbable CauseSolutionNo hydraulic power supplyVerify the hydraulic pump is connected,the connections are not leaking, and thevalve is closedAngle indicator is set at 0 Set the angle indicator to the desiredbend angleClamp block not tightenedTighten clamp blockIncorrect radius or clamp blockCheck that the radius and clamp blocksmatch tube sizeTube requires mandrel forbendingCheck chart for mandrel bendingIncorrect slot on slide block isusedVerify that the slot on the slide blockused matches the tube sizeBender will not complete the Tube wall thickness is too large Check the capacity chart to verify thebendbender is rated for the wall thicknes ofthe tube to be bentSlide block is overtightenedLightly clamp the slide block –do notovertightenPump is low on fluidCheck fluid level in the hydraulic pumpFluidConnectorsParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings DivisionColumbus, OH

Fluid Connectors GroupRegional Sales Offices& Service CentersYour complete source forquality tube fittings, hose & hosefittings, brass fittings & valves,quick-disconnect couplings, andassembly tools, locally-availablefrom a worldwide network ofauthorized distributors.Fittings & Couplings: Availablein inch and metric sizes coveringSAE, BSP, DIN, GAZ, JIS and ISOthread configurations, manufactured from steel, stainless steel,brass, aluminum, nylon andthermoplastic.Hose, Tubing and Bundles:Available in a wide variety of sizesand materials including rubber,wire-reinforced thermoplastic,hybrid and custom compounds.Worldwide Availability:Parker operates Fluid Connectorsmanufacturing locations and salesoffices throughout North America,South America, Europe and AsiaPacific.For information, contact thenearest Regional Sales Officelisted, or call ctorsCentral RegionSales Office & Service CenterHiawatha, IA(319) 393-1221(319) 393-1224 FAXNortheast RegionSales Office & Service CenterTrenton, NJ(609) 586-5151(609) 586-3149 FAXCleveland RegionSales OfficeCleveland, OH(216) 896-3000(216) 896-4022 FAXService CenterToledo, OH(419) 878-7000(419) 878-7001 FAXPacific RegionSales Office & Service CenterPortland, OR(503) 283-1020(503) 283-2201 FAXService CenterBuena Park, CA(714) 522-8840(714) 994-1183 FAXGreat Lakes RegionSales OfficeOtsego, MI(616) 694-2550(616) 694-2594 FAXService CenterToledo, OH(419) 878-7000(419) 878-7001 FAXService CenterFt. Wayne, IN(219) 747-3111(219) 747-3026 FAXSoutheast RegionSales Office & Service CenterGreensboro, NC(336) 373-1761(336) 378-0913 FAXService CenterConyers, GA(770) 929-0330(770) 929-0230 FAXMinneapolis RegionSales Office & Service CenterMinneapolis, MN(612) 469-5000(612) 469-5729 FAXService CenterOshkosh, WI 54901(920) 426-8471(920) 426-8570 FAXParker Hannifin CorporationTube Fittings Division3885 Gateway Blvd.Columbus, Ohio 43228Telephone: (614) 279-7070Fax: (614) RegionSales Office & Service CenterMansfield, TX(817) 473-4431(817) 473-8078 FAXCanadaSales Office & Service CenterGrimsby, ON(905) 945-2274(905) 945-3946 FAX(Contact Grimsby for otherService Center locations.)

Tube Fittings Division Columbus, OH Bulletin 4391-B26 Hydraulic Tube Bender FluidConnectors Introduction Parker Hydraulic Tube Bender Model HB632 For 3/8" - 2" (10-50mm) tubing and 3/8 to 1 1/2 IPS The Parker Model HB632 Tube Bender is a hydrauli-cally operated bender for bending annealed st