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Commodore’s ReportAndrew WilsonA lot has happened to say the leastsince my last report, so I will try tokeep it short.It’s hard to believe that we only have 4weeks left before the season finishes.During the Christmas/New Year periodthe dinghy club hosted the Sabre andJavelin Australian Championships. Itwas great to see the club and its members enjoying some great sailing conditions and enjoying what Perth and ourclub can provide. Warm weather, wind,friendly atmosphere, minimal sailingtime to get to the course areas andexperienced race management. Withthe help of Royal Perth Yacht Club andRobin Olsen’s race management squadthe dinghy club raised the standardsfor yet another great championship. Ireceived many thanks from visitors toour club for providing such a hospitable, friendly and relaxed atmosphere,so I pass that on to you our membersand say thanks.Whilst all our members travelled toand represented PDSC around Australia I received the sad news of the passing of one of our clubs Honorary Members, Greg Hennessy. Father to Brien,father-in-law to Mandy and grandfather to Gen and Rosie. Greg was nevershort of a story about his sailing adventures and “life experiences” that always involved a few drinks and manylaughs. Greg a keen race officer wasthe reason that both my father anduncle got into race management.Greg’s attention to detail and dedication to the sport of sailing showed oth-ers what could be achieved while notforgetting the reason why you are doing it, to have fun. You will be missedGreg, RIP.On a brighter note, a few weeks agothe club got to celebrate a few of itsmembers turning 80. Tom Burt, JockRoss, Bill Devine and Rod Sloss(almost). Although some of these birthdays aren’t for another 6 months theclub was filled with friends and family.A great afternoon was enjoyed by all. Ithink Tom has been planning this forawhile making it the longest birthdaycelebration ever. How many chocolatecakes is it now guys!?!?In a weeks’ time the club will be conducting the Muddie state championships. A massive weekend with theclub filled with many “little” people Iencourage all who have kids, grandkids or just interested members to seewhat goes on to come on down andget amongst it. Sure to be a greatevent. Planning is well underway forthe next big event to be staged atPDSC. The i14 2020 Perth Worlds. Youwill see the new logo displayed at theclub last weekend in its big reveal. Thelogo is based around the the club and14’s are working together to ensurethis championship is a Success for bothclub, class and competitors. Staytuned for more event details as wedraw closer to the event.As our season draws to a close wealso see the Forrest Hall construction open its doors to the public andresidents. We can now enjoy accessto our lease without having to dealwith construction traffic and delays.Once our season finishes we willhave the builders on our lease toreinstate lawns, put fences back,replace and improve the entry tothe club. This will then enable us toput in place some long-term strategies to cater for our clubs growingneeds with boat storage, carparkingand further club expansions.As the season draws to a close welook forward to celebrating the successful season at the clubs Presentation Night. Always a great eveningand a great way to debrief the seasons highs and lows, triumphs and“spills”. The Committee and Flagslooks forward to seeing you allthere.I would like to Wish all our membersa safe and Happy Easter and I lookforward to catching up with you allfor the last 4 weeks of season2017/18.Yours in SailingCommodore Andrew

ON THE WIREAutumn 1991A Guide to Good CrewingBefore Race DayInternational 14The 2018 I14 State Championship wascompleted over the Labor Day longweekend in Bunbury. The series thisyear was spread out over the seasonwith three heats prior to Christmas andfour following the nationals.Brams and Walters were convincingwinners, sailing consistently through allwind strengths.Brams also won the Hector Wallersailed at Nedlands Yacht Club, withFooty stepping in to crew. Unfortunately the Jolly Codger wasn't quiteFooty proof with the rack having to belashed back to the hull to complete therace. Stu and Vonnie came in second.They suffered a broken rudder whilstleading Heat 5 which ended their titlechances. Luggy and Phil finished third.It will be interesting to see the rig andsail setup on the Stealth next season,with rumours he will be returning tothe CST HM 4 with a stiffer track to suithis new sails.Over the past few weeks it has beengood to see the return of Del BocaVista to the water. Brad and Footyhave been busy this year coaching29ers and O’pen Bics.With the season coming to an end,looking forward to seeing everyone onthe water for the final two club heats,over the next month.Steve VanceAny 14 needs a great deal ofwork done on it to keep it racingtrim. Most of this work seems tofall on the skippers shoulders. Asa keen, enthusiastic, but nodoubt lazy crew, it is vital to givethe skipper the impression thatyou are keen to work on theboat as sail it, without having toactually do any of the work.Once you have exhausted all thestandard excuses, and it is apparent you have to actually turnup and do something, concentrate hard, get the right toolsand parts for the job and thenSTUFF IT UP. Under no circumstances do anything properlyand don’t admit to being able tobeing able to mix glue, do whippings, lay fiberglass or even doup a shackle.Approaching boat maintenancein this way should result in thework being done quickly, efficiently and most importantly,without you being there.Author—Some Lazy

NATIONAL JAVELIN NEWSOctober 1986 EditionIt was a cold summer morningthat day in Melbourne. The windwas blowing 20-25 knots andPort Philip Bay looked like abumpy windswept ocean.JavelinWith the largest part of the currentseason behind us and as I write thesenotes with half of the Javelin fleettucked into a container on its wayacross the ditch to New Zealand, it istime to reflect on past results in asomewhat disjointed season for theclass.Over the Christmas and New Year period the Club hosted the 47th JavelinAustralian Championships in whatproved to be a week of medium tostrong breezes. With a small but competitive fleet made up from the sixboats entered for the weekly racing,two boats from Victoria, one formerand one current I14 crew who chartered boats that had not been sailedthis season and a scratch crew on theSwan Song, the 11 boat fleet experienced some good competitive racing.Five boats shared the wins in the 9heat series, Harken Fast (5 bullets) andthe Victorian boat, Sledge Hammer,and locals Jo-Anne, Windrush and the“Senior” Vance boys in the charteredboat Volatile II, each winning the remaining 4 heats. The final result produced no real surprises. Congratulations to Dale Oakley and Paul Cochranein Harken Fast for an even and consistent series throughout, winning theChampionship. They were followed bySledge Hammer with Windrush (whoheld off Jo-Anne in a countback) for 3rdspot on the podium.With a small fleet spread across allheats and the Invitation Race, trophiesfor the series were evenly distributedacross all competitors (funny how itworked out!), so that no one left thepresentation night without a trophyand due recognition.Kerman some deliberation, it wasdecided that the race would besailed. Somebody must havechecked the wind gauge during alull!Less than half the fleet startedand only six finished.Our status could only be described as “out of control”. I didpass the remark to the crewabout the spinnaker but the reply came in a type of English notoften heard emanating from female lips.”The Javelin Nationals turned intoa survival test which turned thetitle in favour of a light youngWA crew who proved more thanequal to it. Graeme “are-youawake-yet” Everett and Robert“Panel Pin” Nail sailing Mac-simum won both races and it wasa feat which proved instrumentalin their winning the series.Noel Devine

Javelin (Continued)A big thankyou to the Club and itsmanagement team, visiting race officials, organised by the Club, themany club volunteers who came forward for the week in all of the support roles, meant that a good coordinated and friendly series ensued.Thanks to all the friends and familiesof the competitors who supportedthose racing as well.On the club racing scene and with theapproval of the Management Committee, the Club Championship will becontested over a reduced number of4 heats, on the basis that the boatsgoing to New Zealand will be back forthe last heat on 28th April. The usualsuspects are one and two at thisstage, with Harken Fast and Jo-Anneseparated by 1 point for first andsecond with the rest in the distantdaylight.As mentioned earlier, 5 boats andtheir connections are on the way tothe Takapuna Boating Club on thenorth shore of Auckland in New Zealand for the 25th South Pacific Championships over the Easter weekend.They are Harken Fast, Jo-Anne,Windrush, Fat Boys and The Edge.Our hopes are high to beat the Kiwison their own patch or at the veryDale & Paul making a splash ontheir way to winning theJavelin National to bring a competitive group andappropriate results to the series. Following the hard work by the local fleetand their supporters and with the generous support of the wider club membersand friends in embracing the fund raisingventure, this has made it all possible. Abig thank you to all for their support.Follow the action or thejavelin site at a final note, it is great to see the“green boat” Phelghm back on the waterand to welcome back Daniel Firns andnew crew back into Javelin sailing.GM and Dan

CherubIts been many a moon since the lastspray talk for the cherub fleet. Many abeer was drunk at the nationals andnow it is time to share with the honourable readers the cornucopia of stories that have befallen the cherub fleetover the nationals and state championship period.The Rule Technology 55th Cherub nationals were held over the new yearsfrom the 27th to the 5th and was populated by both the brave and hardy sailors from around the country. Thanksmust be given to the NSW and NT cherubs who made the trip across to compete on the lovely Geographe Bay.Congratulations to the new cherub national champions Trevor Fay and NigelBlatchford from NSW. Special mentionmust be made to the volunteers andspectators who helped run and makethe event what it isthe results are processed. Specialmention must go to Todd “The Pinball” McVee for damaging his boat forThe cherub state championship wasfought over 2 weekends, with 2 differ- the second time in a championshipevent in 3 months. Thankyou to PDSCand MBSC for hosting the secondrounds of the Championship.We have had some newcomers to thefleet since the nationals. A Darwinbased boat took up residence for thestate championships, we look forwardto seeing them around at other stateand national events in the future.ent wind conditions leading to a deadheat after all 8 races. The winner willbe decided over the coming weeks of newcomers, the PDSCcherubs welcome Brendon Wright andTNT into the fleet. Bringing the countof regulars up to 6 for club racing.Andrew Briggs

SabreThe 40th Sabre Nationals have beenand gone. A very successful regattawith 55 boats from 5 states enteringcompetitors. The Championship waswon by Scott Olsen (WA) his secondNational Title 2nd Murray O’Brien (Vic)and 3rd was Craig McPhee (SA). 8 ladyskippers competed with Megan DeLange from Vic finished 6th overall alsoLadies Champion. Catered meals werearranged each night and night onekicked off with the BBQ catching onfire. However never fear Fireman Sam(aka Willow) was there with the FireExtinguisher and extinguished theflames and the well done steak. Wealso had some fun with Eliza the statueon Mounts Bay Road. Narelle Thomasmade a dress for Eliza after racing onenight with the Sabre & Nationals logosadorning it (see photo). We evenraffled off a brand new Sabre Hullwhich was won by Matthew Depiazzi.The championships were a great success and we received great feedbackon the venue, race management andhow professional the regatta was run.City of Perth Councillor Lily Chen alsoattended our Welcome Night andmade a speech and was very impressed in the event and PDSC. TheAssociation would like to thank thePDSC Flag Officers and PRO Robin Olsen and all of the valuable volunteersboth onshore and offshore for makingit happen. Next Nationals are inQueensland with Royal QueenslandYacht Squadron hosting.Walpole In The Trees Regatta on theLabour Day Weekend. 6 Sabres fromPDSC joined the growing number ofSabres entering the regatta. Therewas a total of 20 Sabre starters and140 boats in total. 1st place overallwas Ed Bannerman from MBSC with2nd of course Clayton (still unfinishedbusiness) and 3rd Pete Coop fromEFYC. It was a 5 race series and agood time was had by all, so much soeveryone has rebooked for next year.Our fleet at PDSC continues to growsteadily with 2 new skippers. We welcome Ian Grose sailing If and AndrewRose sailing Bushchook. With furtherinterest from a number of other sailors for next season. On our last raceday (24th Feb 2018) we had our bestever number on the water with 18racing out of 21 boats registered atPDSC.Tony Carr seems to be top dog withwinning most fastest times so far.Followed by Unfinished Clayton andIan James. The good thing about theracing at the moment is that there isalways a race within a race with topend, middle and back end all competing against each other. Good tosee Bob Tailor back on the water afterhis MAJOR!! surgery on his littlepinky . and Bill (Ace) Gillham backafter knee surgery. All we need now isfor Bruce Brodie to return from hisknee issues it’s a bugger getting oldisn’t it

2019 O’PEN BIC WORLDSManly Sailing Club in Aucklandhas won the bid to host the2019 O'pen BIC World Championship.Sir Russell Coutts, Manly YachtClub's newly elected Commo-O’Pen BicSaturday morning BIC training hasshown a fantastic improvement in allthe sailors, this improvement can beseen in the afternoon Saturday racingwith more and more numbers hittingthe start line. We started the seasonwith three BICs completing afternoonracing and we now have a consistentseven. The fleet would also like to welcome Drina Bucktin and Kaison Puls tothe Perth Dinghy Sailing Club, they are agreat addition to the fleet and I am sureyou will hear these names being mentioned at many presentations in the future.The Argonaut mini-series was anothergreat event with light to moderatewinds, once again the dinghy club girlsdominated with Rosie taking out firstplace and Jenna in second. Both girlsraced each other really hard and werestandouts at the series. Special mentiongoes to Ethan Sloss and Charlie Johnsonwho competed for the first time, bothdore, led the presentation atthe International O'pen BICdoing well for their first series. Thesailing was great but the overall highlight for the kids was jumping off thejetty at Royal Perth Yacht Club lateinto Sunday evening.Class Association AGM whereThe Bunbury Weekend saw Evie Rowlands and Ben Furlong sailing in theirfirst regatta. With seven sailors fromthe PDSC attending all had a greattime on and off the water with Bunbury once again provided difficult sailing conditions. Well done to Mia Farrar for finishing third overall on handicap. What a great effort from everyone over the weekend."This is big," Manly vice-With the end of the season now insight, it has been great to see the development of the Open Bic trainingcrew – Sarah, Emma, Mia, Benton,Cam, Ethan, Ben, Denver, Charlie andAiden. All have come a very long waysince the start of the season andshould be proud of their efforts.Coach vote was unanimous forNew Zealand to follow Spain (in2018) in hosting the 2019 O'penBIC Worlds.commodore Harold Bennettsaid. "I think we can expectsomewhere between 200 and250 sailors, maybe more. It de-pends on the availability ofboats that have been promisedfrom the Northern Hemisphereand other destinations fromaround the Pacific basin."We are going to make it thebest event we can. We are onlysmall so it's a big deal for thisclub."For anyone is interested inattending this event, pleasecontact Michelle Everett fordetails.

O’Pen Bic—2018 Wrap2018 Australian O’pen Bic Championships 4-9 Jan Moreton Bay Boat Club, QLD.The Nationals were held in sunny QLD in January and as usual it was a great event for all levels of sailors, including the Silverfleet sailors. Winds started very light but did build up over the course of the event with a full 12 races being completed plus anumber of 2 up and fancy dress races and the appearance of the bridge of doom, which did blow away at one point. Therewere lots of opportunity for socialising and bonding for the kids and parents alike.WA was well represented with 7 Gold fleet and 2 Silver fleet sailors attending. PDSC being represented by Rosie Hennessy, Jenna Everett and Aiden Grove. All WA sailors used hire boats for the event so there was no packing and unpacking of sea containers much to the parent’s relief.Pre-event training was organised by Denis Jones over a number of days prior to Christmas at MBSC. The WA team were ablycoached during the event by Lachy Gilmour who even got to enjoy his 21st Birthday with the kids who even threw a party at theEverett/Hennessy/Drew share/frat house.Travis Wadley (QLD) took out the overall Gold fleet with Will Drew second followed by Rosie 3 rd overall and 3rd in U16, Jenna 7thoverall and 3rd in U13 and Aiden 24th overall and 13th in U16. A strong showing from WA’s Silver fleet with Jeremy Fox 3rd, TylerSprunt 4th.These are great events and I would encourage all sailorsand families to participate especially since next year it willbe held across the ditch in NZ, immediately prior to theO’pen Bic Worlds at Manly Sailing Club, Auckland, 28th Dec2018 to 5th Jan 2019. Michelle Everett, who was unanimously voted in as President of the Australian Bic Association, will shortly start sending out information as there is alot to organise. It should be a great series of events andwould encourage all gold and silver fleet sailors to seriously consider attending.VIC O’pen Bic Championships 17-18 Feb 2018 Rye Yacht Club.Two of our BIC sailors travelled over to VIC for their national competition, seems only fair since Hamish tried to steal our trophyin December. It was a tough first day but the second day saw Rosie securing 3rd overall behind Travis Wadley and Hamish Cowell. Jenna finished 6th overall and 2nd (behind Breanne Wadley) in the under 13 division.Andrew

2018 State ChampionshipsThe 2018 29er State Championships were conducted onthe waters of Cockburn Sound,hosted by TCYC.Final Placings1. Slim Shady—Axel Fleet/Jack Luketina29ers2. Argo—Annabelle Davis/Madison WoodwardOur club now boasts the largest 29erfleet in Western Australia, in fact nearly half the fleet in the recent 29er StateChampionships were Perth Dinghy representatives.Our strong growth is on the back of theimplementation of the Perth SkiffAcademy. The Academy, in its inaugural year, is led by Head Instructor BradDevine with countless years of skiffsailing experience and success behindhim. Brad’s experience is now beingtransferred to our intermediate sailorswho are all well on their way to establishing themselves in the National andWorld fleets.3. Lose Yourself—KieranBucktin/Tom Hodge4. Nautic Gals—Kaiella Taylor/Liam Forresterdevelopment and sailing enjoymentfor our young sailors.We look forward to future growth anddevelopment of the Academy and29er class.5. Secret Women’s BusinessGenevieve Hennessy/BenGallagher6. Naturally Aspired—WilliamThomas/Leo Joubert7. Low Rider—Ethan Slaven/Sam ThomasFull results are at:The combination of the Academy andthe friendly PDSC social atmosphere isthe perfect environment to foster skiff

Spraytalk Jan/Feb 1986South-West ChampionshipsGeographe Bay YCWhile the races were in progress it was reported that ourladies secretly practiced theirwindsurfing, with the aim ofrepresenting PDSC in the 1986“Bridge-to-Bridge”.SignetRegular Spraytalk readers may recall anarticle earlier this season that told thestory of four Signets that sailed acrossthe English Channel in 1963. That articlewas written by Paul Nicholson and reproduced with the kind permission ofthe UK SigneT Class Owners Association.When I wrote to Paul seeking permission to reproduce his story, I sent himsome notes about the SigneTs at PDSC,accompanied by some photos of Kayand me, wreaking havoc in The Menace. Paul was pleased to hear about ourSigneT fleet in Australia and was mostinterested to see that our boats havespreaders on the mast. The UK fleetdoes not have spreaders and mast damage is not uncommon.Paul is planning to include links to thePDSC Signet web page on the UK website and we will reciprocate. If you’reinterested, check out for an update on the season.Numbers have been down a little sinceChristmas with some members balancing family and work commitments andother boats under repair. Nonetheless,there’s been some tight racing. Katie(Peter Harffey/Jake Fitzsimmons) leadsThe Phantom (Kim Prance/Nelly Sadler)in both the Club and State Championships. There is a right royal battle on forthird in the Club Championship, withonly four points separating the nextfour boats. The Menace (David and KayHorn) is currently just holding our DAC(Mark and Phoemela Mackay) on acount-back for third and I suspect thefinal results will only be determined inthe final race of the season.David HornThe Menace, ST890UK SigneTs on Ullswater in the Lakes was confirmed whenJudy Flynn complained ofskinned knees, Jennie Warnerskinned elbows and JudyWear chest pains.Beryl Kerman mustered it andonly complained of sore ribsfrom laughing.Rob WarnerUK SigneTs in the mist

Jay-DeeRipping itSome new year action in the JayDees.Heaps of great rides and lots of fun had by

Saturday March 3rd—Best Crashes Ouch!!

Muddie StatesThe Mudlark State Championshipswill be hosted by Perth DinghySailing Club on the weekend of 7th& 8th April.Members are encouraged to comedown and support our juniors whoare future champions of the sport.MudlarkThe second half of the season has provided the Mudlark sailors with a rangeof winds and conditions. That is part ofthe fun of sailing in the morning, theeasterly winds are still blowing strongly, even when the senior fleets havelittle or patchy winds in the afternoon.The stronger winds have given some ofthe more experienced sailors thechance to test their skills and use theirtiller extensions. While, it is also greatto see our more novice sailors gettingout there too.The week after Easter will see PDSChosting the Mudlark State championships over the 7th April – 8th April2018. Registration will be open between 09:00 – 10:00 am on Saturday7th April, with the competitorbriefing at 10:30 am and the firstwarning signal is scheduled for 11:00am.As usual the sailors will have asleep over at the Club Saturdaynight. Hopefully the Mudlark sailors will be able to keep the parents (mainly the dads) under control this year. If you are able tovolunteer, please contact Ian onthe above number or Drew Farraron 0402 345 017.If you are a Mudlark sailor and keento participate, but haven’t got a copyof the notice of race, please contactIan Furlong on 0414 239 983.We hope you enjoy the rest of theseason and good luck to all thosewho compete in the State Championships,A special note and congratulations toHarry Devine and Alex Watts, whohave started racing.Drew (on behalf of Charli Farrar)Numbers have been variable week toweek, ranging from approximately sixto twelve boats on the water. Sixboats have competed so far in the ClubChampionships. At this stage, EvieRowlands (Tweety Bird) is comingthird, Oceana Oakley (Rainbow World)second and Charli Farrar (Blind Vision)first. With a couple more Club Heatsbefore the end of the season, theChampionships results are still

Archive AnticsRecently a number of old photographs found lurking in containerboxes at the Club have been identified and added to our collection ofphotographs in the Archive Room.Thank you to those club memberswho helped in identifying peopleand yachts in these photos.The Archives don’t just include photographs, trophies, shields, newspaper clippings, newsletters, etc. butalso textile items. Burgees are ofcourse included in this and they aredisplayed prominently in the Club –some framed, some on the beamsabove the upper area of the Club.The textile collection also includesitems as seen in the photograph.These are an original Perth 14ft Dinghy Club blazer; and the cap worn byPast Commodore and Starter formany years, John Lund. John wasCommodore from 1974 – 1976 andStarter from about 1970 - 2000. Alsoin the photograph is a tee-shirt fromthe 12th Australian Javelin Championships held at the Club in 1983;race day pennants won by Tom Depiazzi sailing the Heron ‘Panic’ from1972 – 74; and a collection of carnival shirts donated by Rod Smith. Rodis a Past Commodore and Life Member of PDSC and a Champion Forward-hand in many State and Australian titles.His passion for preserving the history of PDSC is evident in the Museumwe are now proud to have in ourClub. Take a look at one of his shirtson display in the Museum with anumber of badges on it! course, Archives doesn’t justmean items from the past. As weprogress through our sailing seasons,it is important to record and keepmemorabilia as they occur. A greataddition to our textile collection isthe shirt signed by the AustralianO’pen Bic sailors who recently competed in the World Championships inItaly and is now framed and hangingon the wall above the stage. In futureyears, I’m sure our Club participantswho have their signatures on thisshirt will look back with pride ontheir achievements.Dixie Moore

From the Registrar's DeskCurrently we have 85 boats registered at PDSC and a breakdown foreach class is included belowout on any club communicationsand your details are correct withAustralian Sailing.Members also please ensure youplace your parking permit stickerson your windscreen. As the areaaround the club is getting busierwith Uni returning, we will bechecking to see if stickers are oncars parked in the members area.Should anyone have any enquiresregarding their membership orneeds to change their details registered such as email address, postaladdress or phone numbers etcplease come and see me in the office. It is important to keep thesedetails up to date so you don’t missPart of my portfolio is also the website. For those who haven’t checkedout our website lately, please go andhave a look. This season the websitehas had a revamp and has been fullyupdated. If anyone has any news,boats for sale, or notices they wouldlike placed on the website. Please letme know. Also happy for any suggestions of inclusions etc you wouldlike to see on the website and I willdo my best to make it happen foryou.Chelsea BakerPDSC ConstitutionOn 1 July 2016 the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 came into effectand replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1987.This special chapter highlights some ofthe new requirements and the actionsto be completed during the transitionperiod.Key points: All associations that were incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987 are now incorporated under the AssociationsIncorporation Act 2015. Each association must review andupdate its rules by 1 July 2019 toensure the rules comply with therequirements of the new Act. Associations are now required tosubmit an information statementto Consumer Protection within 6months after the end of every financial year.New financial reporting requirementsapply to accounts prepared for all association financial years commencingon or after 1 July 2016.As a result, PDSC is undergoing a fullreview of our current Constitution andwill update and reissue accordingly.Special Member Meetings will be heldto discuss the finer points of the proposed changes.Members are encouraged to attendany meetings to provide valuable andwelcome

Perth Dinghy Sailing ClubPreparations for the 2020 International 14 World Championships arewell underway with the Notice ofRace due to be released soon.CBD, ample accommodation optionsand all the social aspects of hostinga world class regatta.This event will attract global attention and provide an expansiveplatform for delivering the all important sponsors message.Our bid was presented to the International 14 Council in Carnac Francein September 2016. The Council voted unanimously in favour and announced Perth as the successful bidfor the 2020 World Championships.The regatta also presents sponsorship opportunities for companies orindividuals looking to support theInternational 14s.For further information on this exciting offer, please contact a FlagOfficer or the International 14 WAAssociation.The Perth Dinghy Sailing Club proposal satisfied all the required criteria which includes supreme sailingconditions, location, proximity to thePlatinum, Gold, Silver and Day sponsorship packages are avai

Dale & Paul making a splash on their way to winning the Javelin National Championships least to bring a competitive group and appropriate results to the series. Fol-lowing the hard work by the local fleet and their supporters and with the gener-ous support of the wid