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AGENDA How DG Evolved? Data Governance Framework – Moving to Next Generation DG Pillars of Data Governance Only Integrated Data Governance Platform Scenarios of Data Governance Demo6 Informatica. Proprietary and Confidential.

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How DG Evolved?CentralizedData(Googlelike search)Measure &MonitorDQPower ofCLAIREProtect8Automation& ScaleComplywithRegulation Informatica. Proprietary and Confidential.Data1.0Data2.0Data3.0 Business definitions/Responsibilities Focussed on specific applications Operationalization/Data catalog Business Driven Reactive to proactive DG Intelligence Data Governance

Data Governance Framework Moving to Next Generation DGStewardshipQualityData GovernanceDiscoveryPrivacy9 Informatica. Proprietary and Confidential.

Pillars of Data GovernanceProcessTechnologyPeopleContributors10 Informatica. Proprietary and Confidential.

The Only Integrated Data Governance PlatformCatalogAutomationData GovernanceAxon Data GovernanceEnterprise Data CatalogDiscover & Classify what’s definedQualityOperationalizeInformatica Data QualityMeasure Data quality & Scorecards'PrivacyBusiness content of data defines processes, policies,enable stewardship and enable non-technical consumer.The ability to understand and access data11 Informatica. Proprietary and Confidential.EnforcementData Privacy ManagementEnforces policies and Measure,policy impact, report on risk exposure.Respond to privacy request,protect data, perform breach analysis

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Begin DG Journey .Data PrivacyManagementInformaticaData QualityEnterpriseData CatalogAxon DataGovernancePlanning14 Informatica. Proprietary and Confidential.Organizing Operationalized


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Data Governance Framework –Moving to Next Generation DG Pillars of Data Governance Only Integrated Data Governance Platform . Axon Data Governance Automation Operationalize Enforcement Catalog