CURRICULUM VITAEROBERT G. POE1233 W. II'h Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501Email [email protected] - Cell (907) 223-970 ISELECTED ACHIEVEMENT HIGHLIGHTS Created the 3rd busiest cargo airport in the world by conceiving the marketing effort and leadingthe negotiating teams to land the FedEx and UPS Asian cargo hubs at the Anchorage InternationalAirport.Grew billable engineering staff in Alaska at "Top 100" engineering consulting firm by over 30%during my first year. Personally won firm's first road project in over 5 years.Led international trade marketing efforts in key Asian markets for State of Alaska - exportsincreased from 1.2 billion to 3.6 billion over three years.Formed the two largest medical groups in Alaska, the Alaska Heart Institute and the AnchorageWomen's Clinic by negotiating exclusive steerage agreements with key 3rd party payors.Transformed four financially draining hydroelectric power plants into a well-performinginvestment by financing a 77.0 million sale of the facilities to local utilities.Increased profitability of 28.0 million FedEx hangar by 3.0 million annually through strategicrefinancing.Mentored start-up international aircraft maintenance company to become dominate serviceprovider against better financed competitors and brokered 10.0 million equity restructuring.Successfully negotiated 13 contentious labor contracts, simultaneously, resulting in 3 years ofpeaceful labor relations.Conceived and led effort to free up 240.0 million in unused transportation project funding toprovide 30% of funds needed to plug State funding gap during oil price crash.Rescued a struggling 50.0 million seafood facility by refinancing with Taiwan investment bankersproviding required funding to struggling enterprise.Revitalized investment bank loan participations with commercial banks from 9.0 million to over 60.0 million in a single year.Successfully led Y2K preparations for the State of Alaska.Co-Designer of State of Alaska's current accounting system.CHRONOLOGICAL PAST EXPERIENCETerm Assistant Professor - University of Alaska - Anchorage 1103 - PresentAppointed as Term Assistant Professor at the start of Fall 2013 semester. Currently leaching two sections ofBA 488 The Environmentof Business one section of BA 462 the Strategic Management and one section of BA 481 Applications in Management. In the upcomingSpring Semester I will be teaching one section of BA 462 Strategic Management, one section of BA 488 The Environment of Business,and one section of BA 481 Applications in Mangement. In past semesters I have also tau ght BA 325 Corporate Finance and I team taught BA 462 Business Strategy with Dr. George Geistauls, BA 488 and BA 481. I began teaching as an adjunct faculty member in2003, but have for many years intended to move to full time faculty when the opportunity was available. Key to my career change is mylove of teaching and my long held interest in doing research into ANCSA Native Corporations and the applicability of the aboriginalmanagement models they have created to aboriginal groups around lhe world.

Innovative Consulting Solutions 4/07 - PresentProviding consulting, contract negotiations and advisory services to a broad range ojcompanies doing business in Alaska, Canada andChina. Projects include:Authored 2009 - 20 12 ANCSA Regional Association economic report on the performance of all 12 of Alaska's RegionalNative Corporations.Assisting Regional Alaska Native Corporation with administrative and strategic planning as they transition to aDevelopment Company structure.Providing business management and strategic services to group of Marine Pilots serving Bristol Bay and Western Alaska.Representing innovative seismic drilling company and medical software company in attracting equity partners.Assisting First Nations HSE company in mine developing servicing opportunities in the Northwest TerritoriesAssisting Canada's largest farm in discussions with Alaska-based private equity firm .Negotiated sale of dynamic Anchorage based wide-body aircraft maintenance company with leading ANCSA Corporation.Wrote 2006 ANCSA Regional Association report on economic impact of Native Corporations to the Alaska economy.Senior Advisor on scheduled charter carrier effort between Tianjin, China and Honolulu, Anchorage and Las Vegas.Senior Advisor to the LiQiao Free Trade Zone, Beijing, China.President and CEO - Anchorage Economic Development Corporation 4/04 - 4/07Led turnaround ojAlaska's oldest and largest economic development organization. Recnlited and maintained strong, productiveworking relationship with Board oj Directors comprised ojover 40 top business and community leaders.Developed new professional team, created a revitalized board, significantly improved relations with clients and funding organizations,and greatly improved community's image with the city, state, national and international press. Led Anchorage's new branding effort.Senior Vice President, Alaska Operations - ASCG Incorporated 9/02 - 4/04Directed Alaska operationsJor this "Top 100" engineering consultingjirm. ASCG was a wholly-owned subsidiary ojArctic SlopeRegional Corporation (ASRC), Alaska's largest Native Corporation with annual revenues exceeding 1.0 billion.Managed 150 professional consultants (engineers, architects, and community planners) across three offices. Directly responsible toPresident for sales and revenue generation, client relationship management, business development, and staff development. Directreports included Director of Architectural Design, Director of Civil Engineering, Director of Water and Wastewater, Director of Survey,Director of Community Planning, and the business development function. ASCG had over 600 professionals serving in offices acrosssix Western states. Billable staff in Alaska grew by over 30% during my first year in this role. Personally won firm's first road projectin over 5 years.Executive Director - Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority 8/00 - 9/02 1.2 billion injinancial assets providing investment banking to resource development projects, inJrastructure development, andcommercial real estate banking.Reported directly to Board of Directors. Full authority for the operations of 1.2 billion development bank. Personally managed theAuthority's portfolio of large project investments. Direct reports included Authority's Comptroller, Director of Commercial BankLoan Participation Program, and Authority's project analysis professionals. Increased loan participations by over 600% during firstyear.Executive Director - Alaska Energy Authority 8/00 - 9/02 900.0 million in energy assets serving both urban and nlral Alaska. Projects rangedJrom large hydroelectriC, gas and coal plants toremote diesel cogenerationJacililies, windJarms, alternative oil, and waste energy projects.Reported directly to Board of Directors. Full operational responsibility for organization Direct reports included Authority'sComptroller, Director of Rural Energy Program and all project managers on large urban energy projects . Privatized four largehydroelectric plants and converted assets into well performing investment allowing for local community control and responsibility.Completed over 60.0 million in rural cogeneration electric plants across 3 construction seasons in some of the most remote places andseverest climates in the world.

Commissioner - Alaska Department of Administration 12/98 - 8/00Direcled 13 Divisions wilhin this wide ranging department. Responsible for Alaska 's administrative functions ranging from jinancialreporling, IT, and human resources, 10 labor relarions, conlracling and purchasing.Direct reports included Director of Finance, Director of State Pensions, Director of Information Technology, Director of HumanResources, Director of Labor Relations, Director of Risk Management, and Director of Purchasi ng. Diverse management responsibilitiesalso included the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Divi sion of Motor Vehicles, and Senior Services. Simultaneouslynegotiated 13 separate labor contracts winning three years of productive labor relations.Alaska Governor's Office - Y2K Senior Project Manager 12/98 - 3/00Assumed responsibilitiesfor Alaska 's IT preparationsfor the Y2K date change al Ihe request ofthe Governor. Project requireddischarge offailing consulting firm, building project team, winningfondingfrom a resistant legislature, gaining agency cooperation,national level coordination with President's office and assuring that no critical state ofAlaska application system was negativelyaffected by the date change.Direct reports included Y2K team of five including Y2K Team Manager and lateral reports included 15 agency Y2K leads.AIDEA - Business Development Manager 6/97 - 6/98Responsible for financial analysis and evaluation ofa wide range ofjinancing proposals to AIDEA. I was called away from thisposition by the Governor to handle the Y2 K issue.Self Employed 12/95 - 6197Independent consultant working with several individual physician practices to assist them in forming LLC 's to successfo lly respond asbusinesses to a changing medical business climate. Assisted physicians informing several group practices that are currently verysuccessfol businesses including: the Anchorage Women's Clinic, and the Alaska Heart Institl/te.Director - Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation 6/93 - 12/95Directed administrative operations ofagency and served as pril1UJry interface with Legislature, Business Community and media on allissues impacted by environmental regulations and actions. Implemented new budget systems turning around acrimonious relations withState Legislature.Direct reports included Human Resources Manager, Accounting Manager, Budget Manager, IT Manager, Purchasing Manager, andMedia Relations section.Senate Finance Committee - Senior Budget Staff 1/93 - 6/93Served as senior staffto the Senate Finance Commillee and reported to Co-Chair ofthe Senate Finance Commil/ee, Senator DruePearce. Duties required that I work with all state agencies, members ofthe public, businesses, organizations, legislators, and pressregarding the assembly and legal drafting ofthe FY 94 Capital Budget. This budget exceeded /.O billion.Los Angeles World Trade Center - Vice President 1992Worked with a wide variety of Los Angeles businesses connected with the Port of Long Beach and the Port of LA.International Trade Director - State of Alaska 1988 -1991Reported to Governor ofAlaska running overseas offices and representing Alaska 's interests in Japan, Korea, Taiwan , China, and Russia.Direct reports included the Director of the Japan State Trade Office, Director of the Korea State Trade Office and the Director of the TaiwanState Trade Office.Deputy Commissioner - Alaska Department of Transportation 1987 - 1988Directed administrative andjinancial operations ofthis 3400 person department - over 5.0 billion in capital projects undermanagement. Created and directed project accounting clean-up effortfreeing up 240.0 million to return to generalfond duringSignificant budget deficit. Created and led marketing effort to al/ract FedEx and UPS Asian air cargo hubs to Anchorage.Direct reports included Director of Financial Management, Director of Programming and Budget, Director of Inform ation Technology,Internal Auditor and Director of Minority Contracting. Also directly managed, the Anchorage International and the FairbanksInternational airports. Direct reports included the Director of the Alaska International Airport System, the Anchorage InternationalAirport Manager and the Fairbanks International Airport Manager.

Consulting Practice Manager - Coopers & Lybrand - Anchorage 1985 - 1987Managed business development, client relalionships, project management, and staffdevelopment for Coopers & Lybrand's consultingpractice in Alaska. Reported directly to Alaska practice partners.Senior Consultant - Price Waterhouse & Co. 1979 - 1983Senior consultant inthejinancial management services group. Maintained over 100% ofbillable consulting lime.EDUCATIONMaster of Business AdministrationUniversity of Missouri - St. LouisConcentration in International Finance and EconomicsB.S. Business AdministrationUniversity of Missouri - St. LouisConcentration in Economics and MarketingPUBLICATIONS:ArticlesPoe, R., (2010), The all Alaska gas hub: let's empower Alaska., Alaska Business Monthly, June 3, 2010.Poe, R., (2007), Boom and Bust? How about steady and stable?, Alaska Business Monthly, January 23, 2007.Poe, R., (2006), E-commerce centers developed in rural Alaska for economic benefit: native Alaskans will soon be able to market theirproducts around the world ., Alaska Business Monthly, July 14,2006.Poe, R. , McClanahan, AJ ., (2005), Alaska Native Village Corporations: Sleeping Giant, Alaska Business Monthly, August 1, 2005.BooksPoe, R., Poe, T. T., Halverson, N., (2006), Alaska: North to the Future Ill, Library of Congress Catalog Number: 2006939627,Wyndham Publications, (2006)MEMBERSHIPS, AFFILIATIONS, OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES:Candidate for Governor of Alaska 1/09 - 6/10Board Member - Urban LeagueBoard Member - AGLAD Development at Ted Stevens Anchorage International AirportChair - Business Advisory Council - UAA College of BusinesslPublic PolicyAdjunct Faculty - University of Alaska, Anchorage, University of Missouri , Sl. Louis, and Alaska Pacific UniversityPast Board Member - Anchorage Chamber of CommercePast Board Member - Anchorage Convention and Visitors BureauPast Board Member - Anchorage Civic and Convention Center Yes CommitteeMember - Anchorage Downtown Rotary Club, Alaska 's oldest Rotary ClubPast Board Member - Anchorage Economic Development CorporationFounding Faculty Member - Village Management Institute, Sheldon Jackson CollegePast Vice Chair - Alaska World Trade CenterPast Member, Executive Board of the Southeast Alaska Area Council, Boy Scouts of AmericaPast Member - State Bond CommitteePast Member - Alaska Student Loan Corporation BoardPast Member - Alaska Power Authority Board

Providing business management and strategic services to group of Marine Pilots serving Bristol Bay and Western Alaska. . Wrote 2006 ANCSA Regional Association report on economic impact of Native Corporations to the Alaska economy. . Regional Corporation (ASRC), Alaska's largest Native Corporation with