Understanding LASIK SurgerySEEN magazine is an educational publication,brought to you by Alcon, the global leader in eyecare.magazineLASIK,Just for MeWas this what I’d beenlooking for the whole time?LASIK BasicsAt-a-glance info!My DEEPEST SecretWhy I decided to get LASIK.Is the LASIK LifestyleRight for You?Get an answer with ourquick and easy quiz!Life After LASIK:Finally Free!How will you celebrateyour newfound freedom?* Patient stories and photographs are based on real-lifeexperiences, portrayed by models. Actual results may vary.

karen*Chose a LASIKprocedureoptimized for herunique vision.Your eyes are as unique as you are.Make sure they’re treated that way.Realize your uniquevision potential.Consult with your doctor about the risksassociated with LASIK surgery.For important Safety Information and full Directions for Use, please reference the WaveLight ALLEGRETTO WAVE /ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q Excimer Laser System Directions for Use at the end of the magazine.* Patient stories and photographs are based on real-life experiences, portrayed by models. Actual results may vary. 2012 Novartis 04/12 ALL11516PAInternational trademarks are the property of WaveLight AG / U.S. trademarks are the property of Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

magazine2 My Deepest SecretWhy I decided to get LASIK.4 Is the LASIK LifestyleRight for You ?Seeing LASIK in your future, or not so sure you need it?Get an answer with our quick and easy quiz!8 LASIK BasicsAt-a-glance info!10LASIK,Just for MeYour eyes are unique – shouldn’tyour LASIK treatment be, too?12 My Time in the(Laser) LimelightA step-by-step LASIK walkthrough.16 Life After LASIK:Finally Free!How will you celebrate yournewfound freedom?Seen Magazine is an educational publication, brought to you by Alcon, the global leaderin eye care. The stories and patient photographs featured in Seen Magazine are based ontypical LASIK surgery patients, and portrayed by models. Actual results may vary.For additional safety information about Alcon’s LASIK technology, please refer to theImportant Safety Information at the end of the magazine.See What You’re Missing.There’s a whole wide world of unique thingsto see and do out there. And you? You’re partof that. As unique as you are, you deserveevery opportunity to experience life withoutcompromise, to stand out from the crowd.Sometimes, though, it can feel like something’sholding you back. Maybe something as simpleas a pair of contacts or glasses.If you’re looking for a way out from undercontacts and glasses, LASIK surgery may beable to give you the freedom you need to domore of the things you’ve always wanted.Still, LASIK is more than just being free fromglasses and contacts – it’s about having theunique confidence to shine in every part ofyour life, and getting you in the spotlightwhere you belong.You probably already know the gist of LASIK.But, no doubt you still have questions – aboutsafety, about what to expect – and we’ll answerthose questions the easiest way we know how:By sharing stories of what most patients haveexperienced before, during and after LASIK.Once you’ve got the full story, you can decide ifLASIK makes sense for you. And if it does, well,get ready to see what you’re missing.What is LASIK, anyway?LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is a surgical procedure which involvesreshaping your eyes with a laser to help improve eyesight. By creating a tiny door, or flap,in the surface of your eye, your surgeon can easily correct vision problems; this door isthen closed, and your eyes heal up on their own. Although LASIK can provide benefits toyour vision, it’s still a surgical procedure and also carries some risks; make sure to discussthe pros and cons of LASIK with your doctor, so you can make an informed decision.Remember: Although LASIK surgery has been shown to be safe and effective, it’s stillsurgery, and like any surgical procedure, there can be complications or side effects.Make sure to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor, so you can make aninformed decision about surgery.To learn more about WaveLight refractive technology, see the Important SafetyInformation at the end of the magazine.3

*Why I decided to get LASIK.The secret is out.LASIK is in.I think it’s finally time to sharemy secret. Not just any secret,though: My deepest, darkest secret.The one that’s been hauntingme for years.I have myopia.*Patient stories and photographs are based on real-life experiences, portrayed by models. Actual results may vary.4seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery

The Unusual Suspectsgirl still lurks behind the scenes, makingme feel like a nervous wreck every timeI think someone might discover the truth.All right, so maybe thatdoesn’t sound like such abig deal, but my myopia hasput me through a lot. Andnow that I’ve finally got myact together — strong andindependent and confident— it’s time for LASIKsurgery to put that secretto rest, once and for all.In the grand scheme of things, I knowthat being nearsighted isn’t the end ofthe world. I can’t see faraway objects verywell, so I need contacts or glasses. No bigdeal, right? Well, try telling that to mymiddle school self.It all started back in seventh grade.The classic story, you hear it all the time:Couldn’t see the blackboard. Got theglasses. Got teased. Relentlessly. I wascounting myself lucky if I got comparedto some kind of bug-eyed insect halfa dozen times a day. And don’t get mestarted on school dances; I was a latebloomer to begin with, and Coke* bottlelenses weren’t exactly helping my cause.Now, since the day I first talked myparents into contacts in high school,no one’s been the wiser about my littlesecret. But that little bug-eyed glassesWhen it comes to vision disorders, hereare the most common culprits to keep aneye out for.And there have been some close calls.Contacts work pretty well, but they’vegot more than their share of problems.They can dry out, pop out and generallyflip out under the slightest stress. Allergies,and I’m a red-eyed, teary mess. Cold,windy days, and I can barely see, mylenses feel so dry.Like you, your eyes are unique, and have uniquequirks that make them special. Maybe they’reamazingly blue. Maybe you can see really well inthe dark. But, if your eyes don’t bend light exactlyhow they should, it can lead to blurry vision –and, as a result, contacts and glasses.Be on the lookout for the following vision conditions– each has been convicted of conspiracy to distortvision, with intent to distribute glasses and contacts.I grew up strong – I am a capable,independent person. And I can’t deny thatmy glasses made me who I am. I just don’twant them to keep defining me. I’ve gotmy life together, and my look together,but this one part is always going to eataway at me just a little bit. And that’s whatgot me thinking about LASIK.I was a little nervous about the idea of alaser being used on my eyes, but onceI did the research – talked to my doctor,talked to friends who’d had LASIK – anddiscovered just how safe and effectiveLASIK can be, I knew that the proceduremade sense for me.MyopiaAliases: Nearsightedness, Ol’ Short-eyeWanted For: Bending light too much, causingfaraway images to look blurry.I’m tired of having this secret. Of tryingto keep that younger, dorkier version ofme under wraps. I’m ready to drop thatlast annoying little bit of insecurity andburst onto the scene with the confidenceof a woman completely in control of herown destiny. No more secrets or coverups. The freedom to do what I want,when I want, without worry. I’ve donethe research; LASIK has the ability toprovide sight-changing, life-changingresults, and I’m ready to change both. vHyperopiaAliases: Farsightedness, The Longshot BanditWanted For: Not bending light enough,causing close-up images to look blurry.AstigmatismAliases: Mr. FuzzybritchesWanted For: Bending light at different angles,causing all images to look blurry.If you’ve been the victim of one or more of theseconditions, contact your local LASIK treatmentspecialist immediately.Remember: Although LASIK surgery has been shown to be safe and effective, it’s still surgery, and likeany surgical procedure, there can be complications or side effects. Make sure to discuss the risks andbenefits with your doctor, so you can make an informed decision about surgery.Reward: The potential chance for life withoutcontacts and glasses!To learn more about WaveLight refractive technology, see the Important Safety Information at the endof the magazine.seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery *“Coke” is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.

How Safe Is LASIK?You already know the benefits of LASIK, but you may still have some concernsabout the safety of the procedure. That’s perfectly natural – LASIK is stillsurgery, after all.Rest assured that LASIK was extensively evaluated by the FDA before itreceived approval for widespread use. Every LASIK system that goes to marketis subject to clinical evaluation to ensure the procedure is effective at correctingvision in a majority of patients, with a low occurrence of complications.The numbers don’t hurt, either – every year, nearly400,000 Americans have LASIK surgery.1And 97% of patients recommend the procedureto their friends.2 They’ve got to be onto something!How Effective Is LASIK?Obviously safety is a priority with LASIK, but you want the procedure to work,too, right? The same clinical evaluations used to determine the safety of aLASIK system are also used to determine its effectiveness. And the numbersare encouraging:93%83%ofnearsighted patientssee 20/20 or better.2offarsighted patients see20/25 or better.392%75%ofpatients describedtheir vision as “good”or “excellent.”2ofWavefront Optimized treatednearsighted patients and64% of Wavefront-Guidednearsighted patients actuallysee better than 20/20!31. Approximately 391,376 (2010 estimate) reference/based on Market Scope data for 2010. Accessed November 2, 2010.2. WaveLight FDA Clinical Trials: Wavefront Optimized and Wavefront-Guided for Myopia plus Astigmatism. docs/pdf2/P020050S004b.pdf, p.46. For further data on Myopia treatment,see Brief Statement.3. Data on file. Alcon, Inc.6seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery Seeing LASIK in your future, or not sosure you need it? Get an answer with ourquick and easy quiz!Do you want better vision?A) Absolutely.B) No. I’m hoping for a future in professional sports refereeing.LASIK may be able to give you the vision you’ve always wanted– without the aid of contacts or glasses. Unfortunately, it can’t doanything about the ref’s latest bad call.How would you describe your contact lensor glasses prescription?A) Dependably predictable. Sort of like the rising of the sun.B) Like a bad audition on “American Idol.*” Up and down,back and forth – it’s all over the place.If you’re looking to get LASIK, it’s important that your prescriptionhas been stable for around 1-2 years. Sometimes, change really isn’tfor the better.Your date has taken you to see a foreign film.Can you read the subtitles?A) Subtitles? I can’t even tell who’s talking.B) Yes. But I still don’t understand this movie.Forget being nearsighted – or farsighted, for that matter. LASIKmay be able to make it easier to see the big picture (or even a badmovie) much clearer.

uizYour best friend suggests an impromptu skydiving session.Your first reaction is to:A) Worry about the effect terminal velocity winds will have onyour contacts (or worse, your glasses!).B) Search for your spare parachute.Looking for the freedom to be adventurous, without having to worryabout your contacts or glasses? LASIK may be able to help with that.How good are you at sitting still?A) I can handle short bouts of stillness.B) I fidget like a five-year-old who’s eaten too many Pixy Stix**.Good thing poise comes with age, because you need to be 18(and sometimes 21) to undergo LASIK. The procedure itself isrelatively simple on your end, however: all you really have to do islie still for a few minutes and focus on a blinking light.When you get a headache, it’s typically induced by:A) Straining to see your computer.B) Last night’s shenanigans.Let’s face it. Contacts and glasses can be a pain – literally. Bad prescriptions,ill-fitting glasses and dried-out contacts can cause all sorts of on-the-jobdiscomfort. If you’re tired of the torment, maybe LASIK is for you.Remember: Although LASIK surgery has been shown to be safe andeffective, it’s still surgery, and like any surgical procedure, there can becomplications or side effects. Make sure to discuss the risks and benefitswith your doctor, so you can make an informed decision about surgery.Finally, the day had come! After years ofplanning and waiting (and dreading everyminute in contacts and glasses), I wasfinally getting LASIK! or so I thought.Turns out mydoctor didn’tDid you know that there are typesthink I wasof laser vision correction besidesLASIK? While they work on the samean idealprinciple – using a laser to reshapecandidateyour eyes for clearer vision – thesefor theprocedures offer differenttechniques and technologiesprocedure.that may be a fit for you.AAARGGGH!Can you believe it?If youanswered:Mostly A’sSeems like glasses orcontacts are cramping yourstyle. And we’re guessingyou’ve probably hadenough. Why not schedulea consultation with yourdoctor to chat aboutLASIK? There’s a chanceit might be right for you.In time, implantable lenses mayoffer an alternative for patients whocan’t have LASIK. These artificiallenses would actually be placed withinyour eyes to correct vision – almost likewearing your contacts on the inside!Mostly B’sThis was truly the end of my dream ofbeing free from contacts and glasses!Based on your answers,we’re not so sure you’dbenefit from LASIK –or that you even need it.Of course, maybe youranswers were induced bywishful thinking. Don’tworry, there’s no harm inimagining what life wouldbe like without contactsor glasses. But there’s noharm in having a chatwith your doctor, either. or so I thought!My doctor went on to say that, eventhough LASIK is the option everyone’sheard of, there are a number ofalternatives that may be able to give methe same amazing results! What a relief!And it’ll be even more of a relief when Ipick the procedure that’s right for me andfinally ditch my eyewear for good!To learn more about WaveLight refractive technology, see theImportant Safety Information at the end of the magazine.*“American Idol” is a registered trademark of 19 TV Ltd. and FremantleMedia North America, Inc.**“Pixy Stix” is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.*Patient stories and photographs are based on real-life experiences,portrayed by models. Actual results may vary.seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery 7

PAT I E N T P RO F I L ESpencer*First he was apprehensive.Now he’s LASIK’sbiggest advocate.Realize your uniquevision potential.* Spencer is a real patient who had LASIK surgery with WaveLight refractive technology.† Results may vary. Although LASIK can offer benefits to your vision, it’s still a surgical procedure. Talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of LASIK,so you can make an informed decision.8seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery

To watch Spencer’s full story, visit ReclaimYourVision.comAt first, Spencer wasn’t so sure about LASIK.“Quite frankly, I was a little nervous to evenconsider it,” he says, “because they’re your eyes,and your eyes are all you have.”He had friends who had gotten the procedure,though, and decided to ask them about theirexperiences. “I got great responses,” he says.“People were just blown away by the differenceit made.”But, after talking to a surgeon, what reallyconvinced Spencer was the personalizedaspect of LASIK with WaveLight refractivetechnology. “Everyone’s eyes are different, sothe WaveLight technology was intriguing tome.” And with that, he made an appointmentto undergo surgery.Spencer saw results right after his procedure.“I went home and slept for a few hours. WhenI woke up, I remember being able to see myalarm clock for the first time without havingto reach for my glasses. It was pretty neat.”And, as he describes it, things just keptgetting better.“As the weeks were going by,everything just crisped upand my eyesight got a littleclearer every day.†”Now, Spencer’s the one telling people aboutLASIK with WaveLight technology. And theadvice he gives? “If your vision was as bad as mine,you’ve got to get it done.You’ve got to do it.”Remember: Although LASIK surgery has been shown to be safe and effective, it’s still surgery, and like any surgical procedure, there can becomplications or side effects. Make sure to discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor, so you can make an informed decision about surgery.To learn more about WaveLight refractive technology, see the Important Safety Information at the end of the magazine.seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery 9

What’s got your eyesbent out of shape?Your eye works like a camera, bending light tofocus it onto the retina (the back of your eye) for acrisp, clear image. If your eye is the ideal shape,light will focus precisely where it should, and you’llhave great vision. However, if the shape of your eyeis even a little off, it can result in light focusing atthe wrong spot, leading to distorted eyesight.Myopia(Nearsightedness)Light rays bend more than they should, so they focusin front of the retina. Faraway images seem blurry.What should you look for in LASIK?Unfortunately, all LASIK procedures are not created equal. Every surgeon uses differentequipment – different lasers – which may lead to different results.When looking for yourLASIK solution, here’s a list of things you should keep an eye out for:Hyperopia(Farsightedness)Light rays bend less than they should, so they focusbehind the retina. Close-up images seem blurry.AstigmatismLight rays bend at different angles, so they’re not allfocused at the same spot. All images seem blurry.Luckily, the latest LASIK systems are designed tocorrect each of these conditions!LASIK Fast Facts:Don’t worry – we’re not talking about anyone rushingthrough your procedure; this is about laser speed (fig. A).The faster the laser, the more efficiently it can reshapeyour cornea, and the less your eye is exposed toenvironmental influences like temperature andhumidity.5,9 If you want outstanding LASIKresults, then you’ve got a need for speed.Ask your doctor: How fast is your laser?The earliest lasers could only get up to10 – 20 Hz; today, with WaveLight refractive technology, they can be as fast as 200 – 400 Hz!6Of course, speed doesn’t matter unless the laser is precise enough to properlyreshape your eyes as it goes. A lot of this comes down to “spot size” (fig. B).The smaller the size of each laser pulse, the easier it is for your surgeon tocorrect tiny errors that can affect vision.7,8 At the same time, precise eyetracking technology can help ensure the laser is always properly aligned,even if your eyes shift slightly during surgery.Ask: What’s the spot size of your laser? The latest lasers,like the one used in the WaveLight system, usuallyhave a spot size of a millimeter or under – about thesize of a pin head!6 More than 17 million people worldwidehave had some form of laser vision correction.1 Every year, nearly 400,000 Americans haveLASIK surgery.2Find out: What’s your laser’s eye tracking rate? Eyetracking can range from 60 Hz in older LASIK systemsall the way up to 400 Hz with WaveLight refractivetechnology.6 93% of nearsighted patients see 20/20or better following LASIK surgery.3 87% of patients recommend LASIKto their friends.310References:1. Market Scope Annual Report, 2007.2. Approximately 391,376 (2010 estimate reference/based on Market Scope data for 2010. AccessedNovember 2, 2010.3. WaveLight FDA Clinical Trials: WavefrontOptimized and Wavefront-Guided for Myopiaplus Astigmatism. docs/pdf2/P020050S004b.pdf, p.46.For further data on Myopia treatment, seeBrief Statement.4. Data on file. Alcon, Inc.5. Alio JL, Hamid IM. Intraoperative complications ofLASIK. In: Albert D, Miller J, Azar D, Cocks ACF,Blodi B, eds. Albert & Jakobiec’s Principles andPractice of Ophthalmology. 3rd ed. Philadelphia,PA: Saunders W B Co; 2008:1051-1059.

LASIK, Step-by-StepAs far as surgery goes, LASIK is a relatively simple procedure that has thepotential to produce amazing results. However, it’s still surgery, and that meansthere is also the potential for risks, complications and side effects. It’s a bigdecision and a whole lot to think about – if you’re starting to feel a bit boggeddown with facts, we’ve got the most important, need-to-know info right here.Remember:To get the full story on LASIK, talk to your eye doctor, so you can decidewhat’s right for you!Originally, every LASIK patient received thesame basic procedure every single time, withoutaccounting for all the unique attributes that makeyour eyes special (fig. C). Now, WaveLight refractive technology actually allows your surgeon tocreate a personalized treatment plan, with differenttreatment options that take into account your uniquevisual needs – your eyes, your goals, your lifestyle –for your best results.We know LASIK can seem a bit scary at first, but withWaveLight refractive technology, it doesn’t have to be.While LASIK is still a surgical procedure, thanks to theadvanced technology of the WaveLight system, theentire LASIK process is fast, safe and precise. Plus,you’ll finally have the opportunity for the vision you’vealways wanted.Here’s how it works:1A thin flap, like a door, is createdin the surface of the cornea andopened, exposing the underlyingtissue so your surgeon canreshape the cornea from within.Now, you can finally have theopportunity for the vision you’vealways wanted. Plus, thanks to new bladeless technology, youcan take advantage of an all-laser LASIK procedure!2Ask: Do you offer LASIK personalized for my unique vision?Step 1: Flap CreationStep 2: Eye ReshapingYour surgeon will work inside thecornea to carefully reshape theeye, removing small amounts oftissue with tiny, rapid bursts froma laser. Once the eye is a moreideal shape for clear, focusedvision, the flap is put back intoplace, where it acts as a natural bandage.And that’s it! The whole procedure takes a matter ofminutes – and many people sit up noticing dramaticallybetter vision!Early LASIK procedures reshaped your eyes withoutconsidering the way your eyes naturally curve (fig. D)– as a result, LASIK surgery could result in tiny errorsin your vision. Today, the WaveLight system offers aunique procedure that actually accounts for the naturalshape of your eye, following its curvature. As a result,WaveLight refractive technology can help preservethe quality of your vision.Ask: Can you provide a LASIK procedure that followsthe natural curve of my eyes?WaveLight technologymakes a difference in LASIK. WaveLight refractive technology combines newer surgicaladvancements into a LASIK procedure personalized foryour ideal vision. If you’re looking for LASIK that’s asunique as you are, the WaveLight system may be right foryou – and we’ve got the stats to back it up! 92% of nearsighted patients see 20/20 or better.3 83% of farsighted patients see 20/25 or better.4With traditional LASIK, your surgeon had to createthe flap in your cornea with a surgical blade. Thisis a standard step in LASIK – performed hundredsof times by your surgeon – but it can still be aconcern for some patients. Fortunately, some of thelatest LASIK systems actually feature a second laser,specially designed for fast, precise flap creation (fig. E).Many patients find this bladeless, or all-laser, LASIKprocedure more appealing. 92% of patients described their vision as “good”or “excellent.”3 Think 20/20 vision is impressive? 75% of WavefrontOptimized treated nearsighted patients and 64% ofWavefront-Guided nearsighted patients actually seebetter than 20/20.3Ask: Does your LASIK procedure include a second laser for flap creation?6. Seiler T, Koller T. Excimer laser instrumentation.In: Albert D, Miller, J, Azar D, Cocks ACF,Blodi B, eds. Albert & Jakobiec’s Principlesand Practice of Ophthalmology. 3rd ed.Philadelphia, PA: Saunders W B Co;2008:981?985.7. Mrochen M, Schelling U, Wuellner C, etal. Influence of spatial and temporal spotdistribution on the ocular surface quality andmaximum ablation depth after photoablationwith 1050 Hz excimer laser system. J CataractRefract Surg. 2009;35:363-373.8. Huang D, Arif M. Spot size and quality ofscanning laser correction of higher orderwavefront aberrations. J Cataract Refract Surg.2002;28:407-4169. Refractive Myth Busters II, August 1, 2010.Remember: Although LASIK surgery has been shown to be safe andeffective, it’s still surgery, and like any surgical procedure, there canbe complications or side effects. Make sure to discuss the risks andbenefits with your doctor, so you can make an informed decisionabout surgery.To learn more about WaveLight refractive technology, see the11Important Safety Information at the end of the magazine.

* Patient stories and photographs are based onreal-life experiences, portrayed by models.Actual results may vary.LASIK, Just for Me*Like you, I’m pretty unique. And it turns out my eyes are, too.So why was it so hard to find a LASIK procedure that could giveme the special treatment I was looking for?If you were to see me walking down the street, you’d probably think I was one-of-a-kind. And you’d be right.I’ve got my own style – bright colors, bold patterns, sometimes an odd accessory if the mood strikes me right.And, just like everyone, I’ve got my stuff – quirks, habits, likes and dislikes. By day,I work as a research assistant in a lab; by night, I throw and fire my own pottery(What can I say? I’m a study in opposites).The way I see it, we’re all special, and the thing that makes us that way is our uniquetraits – our oddities. So, sure, it might be a little strange that I love broccoli more thanI like chocolate, but that’s what makes me, me.12seen magazine Understanding LASIK Surgery Remember: Although LASIK surgery has been shownto be safe and effective, it’s still surgery, and like anysurgical procedure, there can be complications or sideeffects. Make sure to discuss the risks and benefitswith your doctor, so you can make an informeddecision about surgery.To learn more about WaveLight refractive technology,see the Important Safety Information at the end ofthe magazine.

And yeah, my eyes are a little quirky, too. Which iswhy I’ve been wearing glasses my whole life. But,as much as I like glasses, they’ve been getting in theway a lot lately. It’spretty hard to lookin a microscopewith your glasseson; it’s even harderto use a potter’swheel when your frames keep slipping down yournose. And do you have any idea how difficult it is toget dried clay off your lenses?And a lot of those bargain procedures still doit that way. Well, that hardly seems right tome! I’m my own girl; I don’t want to be justanother pairof eyes in thelineup!Wait – LASIK surgery that was uniqueto my eyes? Was this what I’d beenlooking for the whole time?And that’s not even the worst of it. Glasses are alsoconstantly getting in the way of my favorite accessory,the one part of my wardrobe that goes with everything— my eyes!I tried contacts for a while, but they just weren’t mycup of tea – the only person I want poking aroundmy eyes is my eye doctor. So, naturally, I started tolook into LASIK. And boy, was that confusing! Itseemed like everyone was promoting some crazybargain or gimmick. Where was the LASIK that wasright for me?Finally, I got sick of digging through all the bigclaims and half-truths, and went straight to thesource: my eye doctor. He said that, if I wasconsidering LASIK, it wasn’t about bargains orsales ploys; it was about results.I realized he was right. After all, this was my only setof eyes; I wouldn’t want to risk my favorite accessoryfor the sake of some half-priced LASIK procedure.My doctor explained that my eyes are as unique as Iam, with a whole series of different perks and quirks.So, while my eyes may have the uncanny ability togo with every outfit, they also aren’t that great atfocusing close-up.The thing is, despite how unique our eyes are, in thepast, every LASIK patient was given the same standardtreatment, every single time. Like an assembly line.TheNaturalLookAnd that’swhen mydoctor told me about LASIK with WaveLight technology. Thanks to some amazing newadvancements, he can now offer a personalizedtreatment plan, based on my specific needs. Wait– LASIK surgery that was unique to my eyes?Was this what I’d been looking for the whole time?He told me more: If my eyes have a lot of tinyerrors that need fixing, there’s a treatment forthat. If my eyes could benefit from a moreWhen it comes to your eyes,can you afford to bargain?natural shape, there’s a treatment for that, too!We would work together and figure out thetreatment path that makes the most sense for me,based on my eyes and my goals for after surgery.Well, that was perfect! I’d finally found LASIKthat’s just as unique as I am!I talked some more with my doctor, coveredthe pros and cons of surgery, did some moreresearch on my own and discussed it with myfamily. In the end, though, it wasn’t a hardchoice. After all, my unique LASIK had beenwaiting for me the whole time.vYou’ve probably seen ads for “bargain”LASIK procedures: “ AVE BIG ONLA IK!” “Cheap LASIK!” “ValuLASIK:Buy one eye, get one free!” If these“bargains” sound too good to be true,it’s probably because they are. Manyof these low-priced procedures useoutdated technology – slower, lessprecise, fewer features to address theunique characteristics of your eyes. Youreyes have traits that make them yourown, but bargain LASIK typically giveseveryone the same standard procedure,every single time – how’s that for specialtreatment? Remember, you’ve on

magazine Seen Magazine is an educational publication, brought to you by Alcon, the global leader in eye care. The stories and patient photographs featured in Seen Magazine are based on typical LASIK surgery pa