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The job market is cutthroat due to anincreased demand for skilled workers.Jobvite 2014 Job Seeker Nation: Mobility In The Workforce StudyPage 2Relationships matter more than ever, forcing recruiters to engage candidatesat every touchpoint. 69% of recruiters expectcompetition to increase in 2015. To succeed, recruiters plan toinvest more in social recruiting(73%), referrals (63%) and mobile(51%).Social recruiting is now the norm —93% of recruiters use or plan to usesocial to support their recruiting efforts.But social is no longer enough on itsown. This year’s study delves into thevarious tools and practices recruitersutilize to target quality talent. Findingsreveal that, much like marketers,recruiters showcase their employerbrand and engage with candidatesacross many platforms.It’s a fiercely competitive labor market,which means that recruiters mustengage candidates like a marketerwould engage customers. Demand for a limited supply of highlyskilled workers is increasing, specifically inEngineering, IT, Operations and Sales. Employer brand matters — 73% ofcompanies are highlighting companyculture to attract top talent.Social media enables recruiters to find qualityhires by targeting talent, engaging candidates,evaluating applicants and showcasingemployer brand. 73% of recruiters plan to increase theirinvestment in social recruiting in 2014. While 83% of job seekers flock toFacebook, LinkedIn remains recruiters’ topsocial network. Despite the proliferation of social media,82% of recruiters believe their socialrecruiting skills to be proficient or less.Mobile is a burgeoning channel for candidateengagement — recruiters that don’t leveragemobile will risk losing talent to the competition. 55% of recruiters use or plan to use amobile career site to support recruitingefforts. Recruiters are already seeing the benefitswith improved time-to-hire (14%) andquality of candidates (13%).The best recruiters market to differentaudiences and channels to find, engage andhire talent faster. Recruiters continue to find the bestcandidates through referrals, internaltransfers and direct sources.Recruiters take social media profiles seriouslywhen evaluating candidates. Recruiters are now reviewing social profilesto uncover mutual connections andevaluate written or design work. 55% of recruiters have reconsidered acandidate based on their social profile (up13% from 2013).Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 2

Demand for skilledlabor is high butsupply is low.69%of recruiters expect hiring tobecome more competitivein the next 12 months.Q.What job openings are youhoping to fill this year?ENGINEERING38%IT48%Hiring is on the rise across industries.34 66 A22 78 A34%OPERATIONS49%MARKETING41%Anticipate filling between 11-50 jobpositions in the next 12 months.22%SALES50%Plan to fill more than 100 positionsin the next 12 months.Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 3

Jobvite 2014 Job Seeker Nation: Mobility In The Workforce StudyCompetition is fierce — job seekers are constantlyshopping for the next best opportunity.Q.Why do employees leaveyour company?Higher compensation61%25%Better titleGeographyFlexibility to work from homeAlignment with company cultureLong-term growth potential32%14%19%44%Page 4On average, new hires don’t stick aroundfor long. Recruiters have to work harderto keep employees happy, engaged andmotivated.34 66 A18 82 A12 88 A38%3-5 years18%2 years12%18 months or lessSocial Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 4

In the war for talent, recruiters must beready to go to battle.Q.What steps do you take to compete againstother employers?Higher compensation30%Highlight company culture73%Better benefits51%Flexible hoursRemote workingFaster hiring process45%28%30%Recruit passive candidates46%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 5

To target top talent, recruiters needto build an arsenal.In 2014, employers plan to increasetheir investment in a range of recruitingmethods.Social networks73%Referrals63%Corporate career site60%Direct sourcingMobile career site57%51%Q.Where are recruiters findingthe best candidates?60 40 A 54 46 A51 49 A 40 60 A60%54%ReferralsInternal transfers51%40%Direct sourceIntern-to-hireSocial Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 6

Social mediais an essentialrecruitmenttool acrossindustries.Q.Jobvite 2014 Job Seeker Nation: Mobility In The Workforce StudyPage 7Which of the following social networksdo you use for recruiting?94%66%52%21%20%15%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 7

Q.Which of the following tactics do you usefor recruiting on social networks?Search for candidates95%Contact candidates95%Keep tabs on potential candidates93%Vet candidates pre-interview93%Post jobs92%Showcase employer brand59%Generate employee referrals51%Post jobs48%Vet candidates pre-interview32%Vet candidates post-interview35%Showcase employer brand44%Post jobs39%Generate employee referrals32%Search for candidates17%Vet candidates post-interview18%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 8

73%of recruiters have hired a candidatethrough social media.Q.Which of the following networks haveyou hired through?79%LinkedIn26%FacebookTwitterCandidate blog14%7%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 9

93%of recruiters will review a candidate’ssocial profile before making a hiring decision.Q.What do you look for in a candidate on social networks?97%Professional experienceLength of professional tenure20%96%14%88%Industry-related posts27%93%Mutual connectionsSpecific hard skills35%95%13%80%Cultural fitExamples of written or design work46%83%24%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 10

55%of recruitershave reconsidered acandidate based on theirsocial profile, with61%of thosereconsiderationsbeing pelling/grammar3%24%66%Illegal drug references2%7%83%Sexual posts1%17%70%65%25%2%Political nteering/donations to charitySocial Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 11

What is your monthly expenditure for thefollowing recruiting tools?Job boardsSocial42%41%spendbetween 1 - 999.Outsiderecruiters23% 1,000 - 4,999 1 - 99918%16% 1,000 - 4,99916% 1- 99941%Q. 1,000 - 4,999ofrecruiters don’tspend anything onsocial recruiting and 1 - 99933%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 12

Social recruiting delivers results.So why aren’t recruiters investing in it?Q.Since implementing social recruiting, which ofthe following have improved?Quality of candidates44%Quantity of candidates44%Time-to-hireEmployee referrals34%30%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 13

18%Jobvite 2014 Job Seeker Nation: Mobility In The Workforce StudyPage 14Onlyof recruiters consider themselvesto be experts at social recruiting.Q.Rate your social recruiting skill level.31 69 A 51 49 A 18 82 A31%51%18%NoviceProficientExpertSocial Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 14

The Mobile Recruiter.Recruiters are on 24/7 and use mobile to evaluatecandidates anytime, anywhere.51%of recruiters planto increase theirinvestment in mobilerecruiting in 2014.Recruiters are utilizing mobile to find and engagecandidates in the following ways:22 78 A 36 64 A 41 59 A30 70 A 40 60 A22%36%41%Post jobsSearch for candidatesContact candidates30%40%Post jobs on socialForward candidateresumes to colleaguesSocial Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 15

43%Despiteof job seekersusing mobile intheir job search,59%ofrecruiters currentlyinvest nothingin mobile careersites.There’s a mobile disconnectbetween job seekers andrecruiters.For those who are leveraging the power ofmobile, they are already seeing its impact oncandidate engagement:Improves time-to-hire14%Improves quality of candidate13%Improves quantity of hires19%Improves quality/quantity of referrals10%Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 16

About The SurveyAbout JobviteNow in its seventh year, Jobvite’s annual SocialRecruiting Survey is the most comprehensivesurvey of its kind. The online survey was conductedin August 2014. The survey was completed by1,855 recruiting and human resources professionalsspanning across industries. Survey participantswere comprised of both Jobvite customers andnon-customers.Jobvite is the only recruiting platform that deliversreal-time recruiting intelligence with innovativetechnology for the evolving social web. Leading,fast-growing companies today use Jobvite’ssocial recruiting, sourcing and talent acquisitionsolutions to target the right talent and build thebest teams. Jobvite is a complete, Software-asa-Service (SaaS) platform, which can optimize thespeed, cost-effectiveness and ease of recruiting forany company. To find out more take a tour of ourproduct.CONNECT WITH 376-7200Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014Page 17

Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014 Page 17 Now in its seventh year, Jobvite’s annual Social Recruiting Survey is the most comprehensive survey of its kind. The online survey was conducted in August 2014. The survey was completed by 1,855 recruiting and human resources professionals spanning across industries. Survey participantsFile Size: 217KB