CBP Office of AdministrationFacilities Management and EngineeringBorder Patrol Facilities and Tactical Infrastructure PMOTactical Infrastructure Division - Program Management ReviewDecember 13, 2011BW11 FOIA CBP 006889

Agenda What Has Changed Since Last PMROrganization ChartPMO DashboardFunds Available for Obligation - FY 2012FY2012 Obligation and Award POAMContract Award POAM for Prior Year Obligated FundsFY2012 Spend PlanCapital Investment PlanningDHS D102-01 Documentation StatusSpecific Projects or Events Discussion- Comprehensive Tactical Infrastructure Maintenance Repair (CTIMR) Update- Tower Maintenance Repair Program (TMRP) Update- FY12 Projected Completions- FY13 and Beyond Completions- O-1 through O-3 Fence SegmentsRisk AnalysisBack-up Slides- Arizona TI ProjectsBW11 FOIA CBP 0068902

What Has Changed Since Last PMR? CTIMR strategy going forward (see page 12) FY13 reduction for BSFIT O&M funds has been finalized – BPFTI PMO is projected toreceive (b) (5) in FY13 as opposed to (b) (5) as previous guidance projected Fence segments O-1 through O-3 have been cleared by the U.S. International Boundaryand Water Commission (USIBWC) for future construction (see slide 15)BW11 FOIA CBP 0068913

Organization Chart(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)Real Estate andEnvironmental Services(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)Director,(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)BW11 FOIA CBP 0068924

- Improving- No Change- WorseningScheduleTactical rformanceRiskDocumentation(b)(6);(b)(7)(C)As of: 12/07/11RequirementsSponsorship/AdvocacyStaffing and PMOperationsProgram DescriptionThe Tactical Infrastructure (TI) Program manages the planning, construction, and maintenance of physical components designed to assist Border Patrol in securing the border. TIprojects consist of: Fence and Gates, Roads and Bridges, Drainage Structures and Grates, Lighting and Electrical Systems, Vegetation and Debris Removal as well as RemoteVideo Surveillance Systems (RVSS) tower real property.Program Current Status Assessment(b) (7)(E)Construction of PF225 fence continues.The staffingcategory is currently yellow due to several issues that have impacted hiring abilities and contributed to complications in adequately addressing staffing needs, specifically,difficulty in hiring in a timely manner and delays associated with the “pause for planning.” USACE is awarding “gap contracts” that cover all maintenance and repair work. Therewill be 16 task orders awarded between December and February. A new strategy for CTIMR contracts is being implemented – looking to have all four contracts awarded in(b) (7)(E)FY12. Tower Maintenance Repair Program MRP) continues to manage the maintenance and repair activities for the RVSS and other related towers. Arizona TI continues to bethe main effort for the TI Projects Division.Recent Program Accomplishments Douglas International Ditch Phase III (TCA), Construction start Nov 2011 Anapra Fence Design Study and Report, Draft report submitted Nov 2011 A-1 Slope Stabilization and Road Improvements (SDC), RFP issued Nov 2011 PF225 K-1B Primary Fence (EPT), Engineering RFP issued Nov 2011 Riverbend Road Flood Repairs (LRT), Construction complete Nov 2011 North Levee Road (SDC), Construction complete Nov 2011 PF225 J-1 (EPT), Construction complete Nov 2011 Nogales Roadway Stabilization and Low Water Crossing (Zone (b) (7)(E)(TCA),Construction complete Nov 2011 Nogales All Weather Roadway D-5A (TCA), Construction complete Nov 2011 Laredo Riverbend Road Flood Repairs (LRT), Construction complete Nov 2011 PF225 O-21 (RGV), Construction complete Nov 2011 Laredo Cane and Vegetation Removal (LRT), Project complete Nov 2011 Surf Fence Phase I (SDC), Contract awarded Dec 2011Upcoming Milestones through Feb A-1 Slope Stabilization and Road Improvements (SDC), Contract award Dec 2011 PF225 O-20 (RGV), Construction complete Dec 2011 Douglas International Ditch Phase III (TCA), Construction complete Dec 2011 BIS Re-vegetation (SDC), Complete Dec 2011 East Columbus POE Lights (EPT), Report due Dec 2011 PF225 Eagle Pass M-2C (DRT), Complete Jan 2012 RGV Fence Gates (Phase I) (RGV), Gate testing complete Jan 2012 Bunker Hill AWR and Lighting (SDC), Real estate complete Jan 2012 Grand & Morley Tunnel Gates (TCA), Construction contract awarded Jan 2012 19 Canyon Phase IIIB (EPT), Military construction start Feb 2012Financial SummaryTotal Prior YearCarry OverTotal Current YearFunds AvailableTotal Current YearPlanned ObligationsTotal Current YearActual Obligations 0.1M 78.8M 78.8M 2.2MTotal Current YearTotal Current Year5BW11 FOIA CBP 006893Actual AwardPlanned Award(b) (5) 0.3M

Funds Available for Obligation-FY 2012BPFTI - TI in Thousands – November 30, 2011FundingTypeAccountPMOBPFTI - TI FY12SBI/TISBI/TI OperatingPrior Year SBI/TISBI/TI OperatingBPFTI - TI TotalTotalFunds 58,446 3,400 8,837 8,144 78,827Oblig/Exp 2,150 12 5 1 2,168PendingRecovery 5,231 26 5,257PendingCarryover 1 118 119November ActivityPendingTransfer -Unob Bal 56,296 3,388 8,832 8,144 76,660Funding TypeFunds Received Change: 5.244M 5.243M Pending Recoveries 3.6M of PY SBI/TI funding was received to cover the costs ofFY12 urgent requirements due to shortfall of FY12 CR fundsObligations Change: 2.139MBurn Rate Change:PendingEnactment 47,346 3,350 50,696No-YearExpiring0%Multi-Year100%3%BW11 FOIA CBP 0068946%Unoblig97%100%97%

FY2012 Obligation and Award POAM(b) (5)Total Funds AvailablePlanned ObligActual ObligPlanned AwardActual Award 2,1 29Prior Yr OctNov 315DecJanFebMarAprilMayJuneJulyAugBW11 FOIA CBP 0068957Sept

Contract Award POAM for Prior YearObligated Funds(b) (5)Obligated/Unawarded FundsPlanned Award 9,7Actual Award 0OctNovDecJanFebMarAprilMayJuneJulyAugBW11 FOIA CBP 0068968Sept

FY12 TI Spend PlanFY 2012 Spend PlanBorder Patrol Tactical InfrastructureFY12 Actual SpendPlanActual ExecutedFundingAccount/Portfolio ActivityTypeConst/D&D FY 2012 ActivitiesEst. (5,427,178.22)Project RequirementsConstructio n Contingency FundsUSACE Prog rammatic FundingEnvironmental and RE RequirementsContract Support RequirementsEnvironmental BPA SupportDOJ EOUSA SupportDOJ ENRD SupportAdmin Requirements (including .9DD 4,105,960.72185,000.00750,000.00386,217.50 - 4,105,960.72185,000.00750,000.00386,217.50 5,427,178.22 - 5,427,178.22Const/D&D TOTALBalance (Actual SP)-O&M FY 2012 ActivitiesEst. 62,000,000.00CTIMRSuppo rt ServicesMATOC ContractsM&R (USACE, Other)MIL CON SUPPORTTower Maintenance and Repair ProgramSecto r SupportENV/REAdmin Requirements (including Travel)Management .9OM.10OM 000.0061,322.89 61,632.00 62,000,000.00 11,822,971.00 Est. 8,000,000.00 -EN.1EN.2EN.3EN.4EN.5EN.6EN.7EN.8EN 8,000,000.00- 8,000,000.00- - 8,000,000.00 75,427,178.22 8,000,000.00 -O&M TOTALENV FY 2012 ActivitiesDOI Environmental MitigationEnvronmental BPAsBIS Reveg (Smuggler's Gulch)Zone (b) (7)(E)Access Roadway (b) (7)(E)Grizzly Bear Study with FSLaredo RiverbendLimithropheManagement ReserveUNDEFINEDENV TOTALTotal 3,400,000 is for PMO operating 461,322.89(1,632.00)50,177,029.00BW11 FOIA CBP 006897

Capital Investment PlanningSummary of Spending for Project Full Requirement ( K)PriorPlanning:Budgetary ResourceGovernment FTE CostAcquisitionBudgetary ResourceGovernment FTE CostMaintenanceBudgetary ResourceGovernment FTE CostFY10FY11FY12FY13FY14FY15FY16FY17Cost to Lifecycle CostCompleteEstimate(b) (5)Total of Planning, AcquisBudgetary ResourceGovernment FTE CostGovernmTotal of Planning, Acquisition, Maintenance and Government FTE CostsBudgetary Resources(b) (5)BW11 FOIA CBP 00689810

DHS D 102-01 Documentation Status Tailoring Plan includes approval status by Acquisition Decision Authority (ADA) Documentation Tailoring Plan contains the following:Document (Tailoring Plan)StatusPMP Document Plan & TemplatePRD PMP; Sept 2010Quality Assurance PlanIn ProcessRisk Management PlanComplete; Mar 2010Mission Needs StatementN/AOperational Capabilities DocumentN/AProgram Life Cycle Cost Estimate(PLCCE)Complete; July 2009Integrated Logistics Support Plan(ILSP)Complete; July 2009BW11 FOIA CBP 00689911

Comprehensive Tactical Infrastructure Maintenance &Repair (CTIMR) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is awarding “gap contracts” that covers all(fence, roads, bridges, grates, drains, lighting, vegetation and debris removal)maintenance and repair work – there will be 16 task orders awarded between Decemberand February CTIMR Statuso Work Area 1 award expected January 2012o Work Areas 2 and 3 awards expected May 2012o Work Area 4 award expected January 2012BW11 FOIA CBP 00690012

Tower Maintenance Repair Program (TMRP) Maintenance and repair work for current projects includes:- BP Hill Remote Video Surveillance Systems (RVSS) tower- Flood remediation efforts in Laredo (b) (7)(E) and Del Rio(b) (7)(E) work in progress(b) (7)(E)(b) (7)(E) Recently completed projects:- El Cenizo RVSS Tower New Tower erected on Sunday,December 4, 2011- Final FM&E inspection to take place the week of December 12,2011 OTIA RVSS/IFT Project- RVSS Phase I and II- C2- Integrated Fixed Tower (IFT) TMRP Preventative Maintenance- Preventative Maintenance started as of October 3, 2011 withfocus ArizonaBW11 FOIA CBP 00690113

FY12 TI Project CompletionsFY12 Anticipated Project Completions (b) (5) BW11 FOIA CBP 00690214

FY13 and Beyond TI Projected CompletionsFY13 and Beyond Completions (b) (5)BW11 FOIA CBP 00690315

Fence Segments O-1 through O-3 Primary pedestrian fence segments O-1, O-2 and O-3 (which are located in Roma, RioGrande City, and Los Ebanos, Texas respectively) are located at the western end of theRio Grande Valley (RGV) Sector Unlike the other RGV pedestrian fence segments (O-4 through O-21), there is no U.S.International Boundary and Water Commission (USIBWC) levee along these threesegments, therefore approximately half of the proposed fence will be located within the100-year floodplain of the Rio Grande River These segments account for approximately (b) (7)(E) of primary pedestrian fence andwere identified by Border Patrol as a requirement during the Pedestrian Fence 225(PF225) project, but de-scoped from the original project due to stakeholder challenges Since 2007, CBP has been working closely with the USIBWC to develop fencealignments that meet Border Patrol’s operational requirements and comply with theTreaty requirementsBW11 FOIA CBP 00690416

Fence Segments O-1 through O-3 (cont.) In September 2011, CBP presented updated hydraulic modeling analysis of the currentproposed fence alignments that demonstrates that the O-1, O-2 and O-3 fence segmentswill have a negligible impact to floodplain In October 2011, USIBWC notified CBP that they concurred with the hydraulic analysisand results (i.e. negligible impacts). USIBWC is now seeking Mexico’s concurrence ofthe modeling results and for proceeding with the construction of the O-1 through O-3fencing projects. (b) (5)(b) (5) It is estimated that this project will cost approximatelyto construct andat this time, there is no funding available - land acquisition is currently on hold; estimatea year to clear real estate for construction once funding is approved and acquisition effortis formally reinitiatedBW11 FOIA CBP 00690517

Total Estimated Contingency UpdateTotal Estimated Contingency M(b) (5)JuneAugustSeptemberOctoberBW11 FOIA CBP 00690618

Project Contingency Estimates & RisksProject TitleSegment K-1B PF225Bunker Hill All Weather Road & LightingRGV Gates Phase 1Access Roadway, Zone (b) (7)(E)Border Field State Park Surf FenceA-1 Site Stabilization and Road Safety ImprovementsSegment M-2C PF225*Doubles CrossoverWalcott CrossoverPompas CrossoverHerring CrossoverJess Harris EPT CrossoverHenderson EPT CrossoverSilverman EPT CrossoverGillis EPT CrossoverLaredo River Boat RampSegment O-20 PF225Riverbend Roads Phase IIIBC All Weather Road and GatesYsleta Fabens Fence Gap Closure (K-2C)(b) (7)(E)D-5B/D-6, ZoneDouglas International Ditch PH III19 Canyon RoadA-1 W. Access RoadGrand/Morely Tunnel GatesDouglas Primary Fence ReplacementNogales Primary Fence ReplacementSegment O-21A PF225B.I.S. Revegetation**K-5A Gap Closure and IBWC Gates*A-1 Revegetation**Nogales Roadways and Stabilization (D-5A)North Levee Road PavingConstructionAward ( M)TotalEstimatedImpact ( M)ContingencyEstimate %Realized Risk(M )Realized Risk %Project %Complete(b) (5)Total19Notes: Data as of 11/1/11. K-5A added to analysis 09/11.Riverbend Rd Flood Repairs has been moved to O&M.FOIA NorthCBP 006907M-2C did not have a risk matrixBW11in June.Levee RoadPaving and Nogales Roadways and Stabilization (D-5A)completed in October.

Risk Category AnalysisRisk CategoryLatent Conditions/UndergroundWater/Utilities/Sub-surface RockRegulatory EngineeringScope ChangesResource ShortageHazardous WasteReal Estate% ContingencyEstimateTotal Estimated Impact ( ) Realized Risk ( )% Realized Risk ofEstimated(b) (5)Data as of 11/1/11-Approximately (b) (5) in risk related change is uncategorized. Efforts are underway to improve usage ofrisk categories.BW11 FOIA CBP 00690820

Back-up SlidesBW11 FOIA CBP 00690921

(b) (7)(E)TCA Project – NogalesAccess Roadway (Zone(b) (7)(E) Project is for (b) (7)(E)of All Weather Road (AWR) and low-water crossings– Estimated cost - (b) (5) (funded with FY10 D&D)(b) (7)(E)– Additional approx. (b) (7)(E) of North-South access roads will be constructed Schedule:– Phase I Construction complete– 100% Design Phase II– 100% Design Phase IIIA– 100% Design Phase IIIB– 100% Design Phase IIIC & IIID– All phases of construction complete06/20/1108/09/1110/21/1102/1206/1212/14 JTF-N Deployment Schedule: Phase II Deployment 1Phase II Deployment 2Phase II Deployment 3Phase IIIA Deployment 1Phase IIIA Deployment 2Phase IIIA Deployment 301/12 – 02/1202/12 – 03/1204/12 – 05/1202/12 – 03/1203/12 – 05/1205/12 – 06/12 Issues: There are no issues at this timeBW11 FOIA CBP 00691022

TCA Project – Nogales All Weather Roadway (b) (7)(E) Project is for (b) (7)(E) of AWR and fence stabilization to complete roadways that remainincomplete from Operation Jumpstart– Estimated cost (b) (5) funded with prior year funds, (b) (5)funded with FY10O&M) Schedule:– Contract award– Construction start– Construction complete04/12/1105/04/1111/14/11Issues: This project has been completedBW11 FOIA CBP 00691123

TCA Project – Nogales Roadway Stabilization and LowWater Crossing (Zone (b) (7)(E)(b) (7)(E) This project consists of the stabilization of approximately (b) (7)(E) of roadway and a lowwater crossing along the international boundary in proximity to the (b) (7)(E) primaryfence segments (Zone(b) (7)(E) in Nogales, Arizona east of the DeConcini Port of Entry (POE)– Estimated cost - (b) (5) (FY11 O&M funding) Schedule:– Environmental waiver applied– Real estate– 100% Design complete– JTF-N Construction start– Construction completeCompleteComplete02/1204/1205/12 Issues: There are no issues at this timeBW11 FOIA CBP 00691224

TCA Project – Nogales Grand/Morley Tunnel Gates Project is for drainage tunnel gate replacement, stairwell access and safety improvements– Estimated cost - (b) (5)(funded with FY10 D&D)– Morley Tunnel Stairwell (USIBWC) completed and approved by CBP on 05/25/11 andmod to the Morley door completed 9/20/11 Schedule:– Final Request for Proposal (RFP) Issued– Contract award– Construction start– Construction completion11/28/1101/1201/1206/12 Issues: There are no issues at this time(b) (7)(E)(b) (6), (b) (7)(C)BW11 FOIA CBP 00691325

TCA Project – Douglas International Ditch Phase III This project is for Phase III which is completion of ditch to A Ave. to include safety fencealong north side of ditch– Cost (b) (5)(funded with prior year funds)– Replacement of 120 ft. slope wall adjacent to POE de-scoped and moved to DouglasFence Replacement RFP– Phase III length (b) (7)(E) Schedule:– RFP release– Contract award– Construction start– Construction complete05/26/1108/18/1112/1103/12(b) (6), (b) (7)(C) Issues: Delayed to complete legacy fence replacement first, but there are no issues at thistimeBW11 FOIA CBP 00691426

TCA Project – Douglas Primary Fence ReplacementPhases I & II Project is to remove and replace approximately (b) (7)(E) of landing mat with new PV-1fence (Phase I & II)– Estimated cost - (b) (5) Phases I & II)– Base RFP includes Phase I ((b) (7)(E) ) plus (b) (7)(E) of Phase II (includes Douglas POE)– Remaining (b) (7)(E) of Phase II was awarded at same time as base RFP mileage– Fence replacement expected to be complete 12/31/11– POE work and remaining work expected to be complete 1/31/12 Schedule: (Phases I & II)– NEPA complete– Contract award– Construction start– Construction complete05/31/1108/28/1109/22/1103/12 Issues: No issues at this timeBW11 FOIA CBP 00691527

Facilities Management and Engineering December 13, 2011 . PMO Dashboard Funds Available for Obligation - FY 2012 FY2012 Obligation and Award POAM Contract Award POAM for Prior Year Obligated Funds FY2012 Spend Plan Capital Investment Planning . (PF225) project, but de-sco