SS. Peter and Paul Creche, Nursery & Primary SchoolSt. John Nursery & Primary School2018YEARBOOK

01Dear Families,As the school year comes to aclose, our minds and hearts arefilled to the brim. It’s been a greatyear! What a school!Together we’ve learned muchand shared experiences that willlong remain with us in the yearsto come. The strength of ourcommunity and wholeheartedpassion to make our school awonderful place of learning forour children primarily but for allof us makes SS Peter & Paul truly aspecial place.Special thanks to all of you whohave contributed in ways small,large and unimaginable! Thanksfor getting your kids to schoolon time each day, for kind notesof encouragement that mean somuch, for making sure homeworkgets done. and turned in.Thank you for providing richand engaging, well-roundedexperiences for your children andknowing that education is about joy,wonder and fostering curiosity, alongwith the development of social skillsso needed to succeed. For these, anda million other things, we are trulygrateful.To those of you who are leaving us fornew places and adventures, we wishyou all the best. Congratulations to ourvery capable 6th graders who areonto a new stage in their academiccareer! Until then, enjoy a restfuland replenishing summer withyour families!Most sincerely,Barbara PepoliLoving GazeGeneral Manager

02TOGETHERWE GROW!Our schools SS Peter andPaul and St John Nursery and PrimarySchools are known for their uniquemethod of Education. Our approach isto educate every child to total reality.Our method of education encouragesour pupils to the profound meaning ofthings and the relationship that existbetween things.03The need to collaborate with theparents cannot be over emphasizedsince the task of educating the child isnot one sided. Our  children’s familiesare active participants in this task ofbuilding the future and we value eachother’s contribution.Our school also considers the individualtalents and capabilities, we help each childto attain this through different activities:Football, Catechism, Volleyball, Music,Creative Writing, Art &Craft and Drama.Our schools are always keen to bring thebest out of our children. In the Yearbook2018 we bring back some best memoriesof the annual inter-house sports,Health Talk (Oral health Investigation),Excursions, Clean Environment campaignand Hygiene.Adeyanju DayoHead TeacherSS Peter & Paul SchoolSalami AyobamiHead TeacherSt John SchoolWITH OURWORDSWE CREATETHE WORLDor an opinion to others, or respondingto the ideas, opinions or informationof others. This interactive context andfunction of language is of immensesignificance both in learning and inlanguage learning, and particularly soin the early years.Language has a basic function ofcommunication, whether with oneselfor, perhaps more importantly, withothers. The use of language is a socialact, whether that involves listeningand communicating with oneself,communicating information, an idea,Language teaching has a numberof dimensions, which include thedevelopment of oral expression, writtenskills, literature, and creativity. All arepart of the language curriculum in ourschools. Our aim in primary schools isto encourage and assist pupils to uselanguage fluently and freely and toexpress their ideas clearly. We teachchildren to read both for informationand for pleasure. Teaching English weare also providing our children with auniversal human language in the sense ofa system for making and communicatingmeaning in art, music, literature anddrama. This is why we have introducedthe reading classes and we have promoteda multidisciplinary approach to thedevelopment of our children’s literacy.Josephine OyamhielenEnglish Teacher

04A WORLD OFSTORIES TO READAND ENJOY!Children enjoy listening to stories.Story Reading creates an atmospherethat allows pupils to have a freeexpression of their minds and sharetheir experiences to one another.In this academic year (2017/2018), PrimaryOne (1) worked on the story titled “ThePalace “. While Primary Two (2) workedon “The Daisy “- The story of a beautifulflower. The pupils were able to develop thesense of what it means to have freedomof movement and to appreciate beauty.And also, Primary Three (3) class workedon “The Nightingale “– The story of alittle song bird. The story of Nightingalehelped the pupils to realise that there issomething great that is so unique in themwhich nobody else has. More so, PrimaryFour (4) pupils worked on “The WildSwans “. The story of Princess Eliza andher eleven brothers. This story made thepupils to develop a deep sense of love.Consequently, Primary Five (5) pupilsworked on “The Emperor’s New Clothes“. In addition, Primary Six pupils workedon “The Wizard of Oz “. The pupils were05able to discover that working togetheris the best way to achieve purpose ora dream. And also, they realised thatbelieving in themselves will help them todiscover, solve problems and achieve theirdesired goals in life.Mr. Godwin Azubule.


0809SCIENCE:LET’S DISCOVERTHE WORLDWHY ISMATHEMATICSIMPORTANT?Science is an integral part of oureveryday life. But why is science soimportant to us and to the way in whichwe live?Mathematics is the language ofquantification. It was invented to solveproblems and without mathematics,we would ultimately have no nice wayof understanding or analysing therelationships between quantities weobserve and measure.Without science, we would be missingout on a multitude of different inventionsand knowledge that have helped us toprogress in life and learn about ourworld. You have probably questionedmany things, by asking “why” or “how” or“what”. Asking why things happen, howthey work, what makes them behave in acertain way is all part of science. Scienceis about asking questions and findingout the answers through study, testingand trial and error.The methodologyused by our teachers is to teach scientificconcepts and help pupils understandcommon topics in the scientific world ispupils centered approach. This approachhas made teachers and pupils play anequal active role in the learning process.The pupils centered approach includeswatching videos which trigger the pupilsto ask various kinds of questions.The first step in learning mathematicsin our schools is for every child to have agood understanding of numbers (abilityto recognize, count, write, colour andassociate numbers) and the methods usedin achieving these are the use of flashcards, showing lessons on audio-visualplatforms, use of objects like stones, cupsand balls and more. Verbalized thinkingis another approach; this is the processof having individual pupils showingstep-by-step on how they got answers toquestions. This approach is helping pupilsto recognize the strategies they are usingand potentially apply them to other areasof learning. Learning the multiplicationtables is highly encouraged in the lowerprimary classes.Ogunderu Sunday O.Mathematics & Science Teacher

10LET’S CREATEA WORLD OFBEAUTYArt is the study and creation of things informs, texture, lines and colours whichgives pleasure to the mind and satisfiesour sense of beauty.It is seen as a way to develop skillsin the use of art materials throughexperimentation, manipulation andpractice. A good art research willencourage child’s individual growth andallow for free development of each pupil’spower of observation and imagination.We live in a world that is full of art. In fact,art touches our lives everyday: the houseswe live in, the utensils we use, the clotheswe wear are objects of art.Mr. John SunCreative Art Teacher11

12ON STAGEWE ROCK!Music is the heart beat of the world.Music enables our children to expresstheir emotions freely, either throughsinging or drama. Also, it is a mediumfor harnessing the cognitive, affectiveand psychomotor domains of learning ofa child. This year our students broughton stage “The Wizard of Oz”, butrepresenting this story they also had thechance to bring their own talents, passionand joy to the stage in front of their fellowfriends and families.Mr Jolly OdiboMusic Teacher13

14SPORTFOR ALL!When pupils are physically fit, they willachieve more academically.Sports develop a sense of friendlinessamong the pupils and develop their teamspirit. It helps pupils to develop mentaland physical fitness. In our schools ourstudents practice volleyball, football,javelin, shot put, tug of war and long jump.We take sports to be all-inclusive. Nopupil is in anyway excluded and weencourage all of them build team spiritand compete fairly.Mr Badmus OlumideSport Teacher15

16LET’SDISCOVERDIGITALTECHNOLOGIESPrimary 4 students of SS Peter & PaulSchool enjoyed a full day at VodacomNigeria offices in Lagos.A day full of excitement, learning andexperience first hand what how digitaltechnologies and the internet of thefuture are going to change their dailylife. They saw how small robots can beprogrammed and controlled remotelyto automate and simply manufacturing,security and transport tasks.They had the chance to “pilot”a smalldrone and understand how they arealready employed. We are grateful toVodacom team who dedicated a few hoursto our pupils, allowing them to experiencefirst hand how the digital world isunfolding and changing our lives.17We did things like flyinga drone and controllingrobots which was calledEdison robot. They showedus a satellite dish calledVSAT which means “VerySmall Aperture Terminal”and a television satellitedish. It was fun becausewe were allowed to playwith the materials.They taught us aboutrobots and quad copter(drone). I never knew thatrobots can also think andact on their own. I learnthow to control a robotand a drone. I also learntother uses of a dronesuch as taking pictures,entertainment, securityand games.David ChidiPrimary 4AEbubu ChifePrimary 4BWhat surprised me most was that robots can respond toactions like clapping, talking and robots can also avoidobstacles. I also learnt that robots can help in doinghouse chores.Joseph MercyPrimary 4A

18GIVE KIDSA SMILEThe importance of dentalhygiene and oral health routing isunderestimated; too often we seeour schools’ children suffering becauseof lack of dental care.The sooner we can inspire kids to takecare of their mouths —and make itengaging and fun—the better their oralhealth will be in the long-term. The key isto teach good oral care habits in a fun andengaging way so that the lessons becomeunforgettable.Dr Alessandra Del Governatore, ItalianDentist with over 20 years of experience,visited our schools as a volunteer. Shevisited all our children and gave some tipsand advice to keep our teeth healthy.19‘The dentist said it isgood to drink milk so asto make our teeth strong.I checked my toothpastebecause the dentist saidthat we should checkour toothpaste if it hadfluoride in it. I like thedental talk.Chika EwulumPrimary 3BMy name is EJEMBIVERONICA. I want to tell youabout my teeth. On the 5th ofMarch was our dental healthcare day in my school. Theycame to check our teeth I wasafraid that they were going toremove my teeth but they didnot. They told us some thingson how to brush our teeththe kind of brush we are touse to brush our teeth. Theytaught us to brush our teethtwice daily and also not toeat sugary things like sweet,chocolate and chew gum andthey also examine our teeth.The dentist said my teeth arefine I should keep brushing itthe right way.Ejembi VeronicaPrimary 3

20SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLCRECHECARE TAKER:MISS ESTHER EZEKIELSitting left to right:Ogunwa Kanyikenechukwu,Ogangwu Helena, Odibo Joy.21SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLKINDERGARTEN TEACHERS:MRS OKAFOR CHIOMAAND MISS. DIVINE EJIKESitting left to right roll 1:Nwafor-Williams Emilia, Orji Michael,Taiwo Oluwafunmilayo,Omoni Oluwabamise,Iwegbu Emmanuella, Balogun Joel,Ezeonyejiaku Chidera,Omotoyinbo Jude, Azubule Daniella,Egbuji Ojorane, Ugonwa Golibe,Daniels David.Sitting left to right roll 2:Amavu Jeremy, Onuko Munachi,Johnson Zainab, Osawemen Anthony,Ogunwa Obuchinemerem, UkozorSomkenechukwu, Ukome Daniel.

22SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOL23SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLNURSERY ONE TEACHERS:MISS PATIENCE O. BASSEY ANDMISS VERA UDOMANURSERY TWO TEACHERS:MRS. AGNES ODIBOAND MISS REBECCA NYONGSitting left to right roll 1:Chinwendu Chekwubechukwu,Aghaizu Ekene, Okorodudu Chibuchi,Yinka Joseph Sunday, Ijebu Tamaraebi,Tolulope Israel, Oluwanishola Muminat,Ogangwu Clare, Akinniyi Victoria,Nwankwo Chisom, Okafor Promise,Williams Gregory, Williams Gerard.Sitting left to right roll 1:Ebewele Donatella, Egbuji Pearl,Akhilomen Darin, Ezeume Bryan,Adedoyin Adetomiwa,Nurudeen Wasilat,Shode Adesewa, Akra Regina.Sitting left to right roll 2: Hanwa Musa,Osawemen Judith, Efosa Momoh,Onyegbula Ebubedike, Amavu Elvis,Ewulum Godswill, Nwaokozor Chinedu,Eke Destiny, Onyema Emmanuel,Okolie Divine, Agbontaen Noah,Osawemen Helen, Fayemi Timilehin.Sitting left to right roll 2:Adamu Sean, Daniels Blossom,Oguntolu Adedayo, Joseph Kimberly,Iwuh Chiasokam, Osawemen David,Biodun Emmanuel, Ekere Daniella,Ubajekwe Maxwell, Madu Chikamso,Onwumere Tochukwu,Onyebuchi Chisom.

24SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 1 TEACHER:MRS. ODUTAYO COMFORTVOLUNTEER:MISS CHIDINMA DIKESitting left to right: Ayodele Denuola,Ukozor Kelvin, Adeniyi Ayotomiwa,Akiniyi Gerard, EmmanuelOgochukwu, Onuko Blessing,Orji Kamsirochukwu, Eze Chimdalu,Joseph Ebube, Anyanwu Victor,Adeosun Joshua, Joseph Philip.Standing left to right: Diaz Joseph,Ezeobiora Akaraka, Orji Johnpaul,Akhilomen Diva, Ogunwa Chinazam,Ewulum Uchechukwu,Iwegbu Ojofemili, Akhilomen Diza,Emmanuel Ziva, Clement Henrieta,Ijebu Marcus, Amadi Onyekachi.25SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 2A TEACHER:MRS. JUDITH ONYEMASitting left to right: Lokossu Casper,Iwuh Onyedikachim, UbajekweChinenye , Fayemi Fehintoluwa, UkozorAnnette, Chukwujekwu Chimbusonma,Ezeonyejiaku Chinonyelum, ErhaborOsasuri, Itabor Patrick Daniel,Chinwendu Soromtochukwu .Standing left to right:Amosu Toluwalase, Nwokoye Chinedu, Elumah Osadebe, Benjamin Fortune ,Ezeume Jerahmeel.

26SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 2B TEACHER:MRS. ABIOLA AKINTUNDESitting left to right:Nwankwo Chidinma, OkaforPrecious, Adeoye Deborah, TaiwoOluwadamilare, Onyebuchi EmmanuelChibueze, Akra Damian, Peter Andrew,Okereke Mandy, Adeniyi Ayomiposi,Effiong Victoria.Standing left to right:Raphael Derrick, Ebewele Treasure,Oluwanishola Mistura, Nwafor Chisom,Osale Joshua.27SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 3A TEACHER:MRS. OYAMHIELENJOSEPHINESitting left to right:Obinna Wisdom, AnonyaiChekwubechukwu, Akinosi Daniel,Elegushi Amudalat, Okolie Victory,Attah Ogweye, Odukwe Chidinma,Oglekwu Grace, Ekene Mishael,Eze Chimkwesiri, Mulbah Ishmael.Standing left to right:Ebewele Honon, Onuko Ezekiel,Onyegbula Obioha, Emmanuel Gift,Uzu Damian, Emmanuel Netochukwu,Omoware Bashiru.

28SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 3B TEACHER:MR. ODIBO JOLLY29SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 4A TEACHER:MR. GODWIN AZUBULESitting left to right:Enow – tabe Michael, AnonyaiOziomachukwu, Ewulum Chika, AdamuOlivia, Owolabi kemi, Johnson Dorcas,Luke Louise, Chukwuka Elizabeth,Adedoyin Oluwatumininu, IheanyiObinna, Dossu Anselm.Sitting left to right:Orji Kenneth, Ugonwa Ifeanyi, JosephMercy, Ogundepo Cecillia, AdekunleAdesewa, Ama – Oji Jane, AmajiAmarachi, Iwegbu Bertha, Famous –Cole Oluwafiresola, Adebolu david,Itabor Emmanuel Patrick.Standing left to right:Nwafor Chinaza, Rasaaq Folashade,Nwabuaka – Olu Sandra, Agu Daniel,Chukwumeze Destiny, Ukome Michael,Nzebunachi Emmanuel, ChinwenduMmesomachukwu,Aluko Doris, Ailemen Sarah.Standing left to right:Chidi David, Ewuzie Akachukwu,Adedoyin Omotoyosi, OkwuokenyenEmmanuella, Elegushi Adiza,Ayodele Dolapo, Ovbiagele Renata,Ejewe Joy, Udekwe Lotanna.

30SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 4B TEACHER:MISS OLUWAKEMI IWALEHINSitting left to right:Ikpe Daniel, Emmanuel Victor,Nwabuaka – Olu Theresa, SamsudeenFamidat, Emmanuel Chikaima,Ihedioha Rosa – rito, SaheedFaisat, Oluebubechukwu Chife,Chukwumeze Divine, Ezeana Obinna.Standing left to right:Uche Sarah, Amako Grace,Balogun Adura, Michael Francisca,Okolie Daniel.31SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 5A TEACHER:MR. BAYO OLAORESitting left to right:Lawal Faruk, Oglekwu Timothy,Omoware Alimat, Ezeonyejiaku Chioma,Orji Sochukwukaima, Omotoyinbo Julia,Okereke Gabriella,Emmanuel Chizaram,Williams Oshiokeme,Akpan Elisha.Standing left to right:Umarekhe Ohiovimbe, OlagunjuMoyinoluwa, Oluwanishola Mariam,Elegushi Assisat, Ezeobiora Okwukwe,Eyoma Victoria, Agharese Olive,Osawemen Sarah, Emanson Itoho – owo.

32SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 5B TEACHER:MR. SUNDAY OGUNDERUSitting left to right:Onwumere Chukwunonso, EkeneUgochukwu, Ukome Onyinyechi,Lokossu Dafinis, Benjamin Doose,Amosu Sonate, Anyanwu Chiamaka,Ewulum Chioma, Omolade Joshua,Lawal Arafat.Standing left to right:Umarekhe Egbefumere, ElegushiNogeem, Amako Augustine, AdeniyiAyomide, Otutu Saviour, NwekeEmmanuel, Elumah Frederick, DanielsWilliam.33SS PETER & PAUL SCHOOLPRIMARY 6 TEACHERS:MR. CLEMENT OKOYE ANDMR. JUDE EHIEMERESitting left to right roll 1:Famous – Cole Oluwanifemi,Akaeze Edward, Jinadu Nofisat,Chukwujekwu Anita, AmeduPatience, ChukwujekwuBenita, Ologundudu Amirat,Ohanjunwa Daberechi, OgbuanyaChiagozie, Anonyai Nicholas.Sitting left to right roll 2:Houenoude Odil, Muritala Joshua,Okelezo Odafe, Eze Chiamaka,Amaji Ositadinma, Kayode Bidemi,Onyegbula Alozie.Standing left to right:Anyanwu Adaeze, Ewulum Goodluck,Adikwu Damian, Elegushi Abass,Akalefu Peter, Michael Philip,Egbon Catherine.

34ST JOHN SCHOOLKINDERGARTEN TEACHER:MRS. UDEH CHINWEASSISTANT TEACHER:MS. OYEWOLE DEBORAHStanding left to right:Adeboye Samson, Ibeh JosephNdame, Assadaten Roland Mawanu,Shenkomaiya Israel Akerede, OyewoleAliyat Arike, Olasunkanmi Kehinde,Zosu Grace Mayowa, Kuhode Joy,Avlessi Gaelle Peace, Ismail RamadanAbdulkareem, Olanrewaju Pemisire,Jossou Blessing Moses, AdeyemiSamuel and Adeleke Jesutofunmi PraisSitting left to right 2nd row:Zosu Hosea, Agege Mathias, AgegeGodwin Ayaje, Zannou-Zoki Believe,Olasukanmi Taye, Kasali Joshua,Fawehinmi Michael Oluwaseun, VictorEghenayaiorae Anthonia, Dali Fuad,Lateef Oyinkonsola Faidat and HuntonjiAkorede.Sitting left to right front row:Agosu Augustine, Iyiola Quadri,Jimoh Oluwatimilehin Teslim, YeyeMorenikeji, Zosu Victor Anuoluwapo,Zosu Ifeoluwa Patience and OduahaDavid Brume.35ST JOHN SCHOOLNURSERY 1 TEACHER:MRS. ABASS OKORO STELLAASSISTANT TEACHER:FELIX GRACEStanding left to right:Wusa Bazil Roland, Olayinka SultanDaniel, Salami Aliyyat Folashewa,Hunnu Wilfred, Ayodele Enoch,Osamudiame Makeze, Akpu DavidChidaru, Abraham Babatunde Fred,Fasasi Rodiat Kikelomo, OkwudubaEmmanuel Ikechukwu, Zosu Andrewand Whefunde Kpelumi Juten.Sitting left to right:Olayinka David Opeyemi, DosuPascaline, Offor Timothy, OgunlowoDiekololami God’s-delight, AtimiseCanaan, Joseph Precious Jemimah,Aniyikaye Joshua, Assadaten Romaine,Nwodo Nnaji-Divine Modestus andDahuntor Titilayo.

36ST JOHN SCHOOLNURSERY 2A TEACHER:MRS. OLASUPO MUJIDATASSISTANT TEACHER:MS. EZEKIEL NIFEMIStanding left to right:Esehyi Success, Jacob Oluwakemi Ruth,Are Aminat Adedoyin, Ismail Awuwu,Zosu Gladys Oluwabunmi, AbdulwasiuAbdulsalam, Agege Ireti, AdenijiOluwaferanmi David, Dali Rashidatand Ezekwenna Chinecherem.Sitting left to right:Zosu Anita, Olowojoyin AliaminOlatunji, Nurudeen Aihsat Motunrayo,Adeyemi Christian, Salami Tiwalola,Jimoh Oluwatobi, Oyinloye Joana, OkeTheophilus Odunayo, OnyebuchiOzioma De-light and Saka Quam.37ST JOHN SCHOOLNURSERY 2B TEACHER:MS. JOSEPH MERCYASSISTANT TEACHER:MS. KUHODE ANGELAStanding left to right:Johnson Stephen Oghenevo,Ayinde Funmilayo, Huntonji TimileynPhebe, Zosu Elizabeth, Ajele OyekanmiDavid and Mustapha Wasilatu.Sitting left to right:Okarutu Imisioluwa Wonder, OgunadeOluwatimilehin Michael, Tayo EuniceOluwanife, Agbabiaka SamsonOpeyemi, Assadeten OluwaseunUben, Vechenu Samuel Ayomide,Victor Agbonmanwenwaen Ruth,Olateju Abdullateef Omawunmi,Ayidabla Peter Yauvi andAgosu Francisca Kikelomo.

38ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 1A TEACHER:MRS. OSAMEDE JOAStanding left to right:Jimoh Sesinu Samson, Esheyi Sunday,Avlessi Benadit, Olanrewaju Joshua,Agagi Prosper Paul, Omaka VictorUtuma, Akpu Favour Roseline,Ayidabla Victor, Nasu Temitopeand Johnson Israel.Sitting left to right:Tayo Inioluwa Enoch, HoyetonClement, Adeboye Samuel, KunnuBenadit, Ligali Joshua Timilehin,Inyanya Pius Gift, Akintola Quoyum,Adeoye Emmanuella, ShenkomaiyaOluwadamilare and Wussa Flavien.39ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 1B TEACHER:MRS. OGUNDAIRO SIDIKATStanding left to right:Adebayo Goodluck, Iyiola Abdullateef,Adekunle Derrick, Victor OghoghosaSuccess, Esinsu Samuel Elijah, WhesuFriday Ayator, Tossinhoun AbigailOmawunmi, Ayoade Joana, OladipoGoodluck O, Kilani OluwadarasimiEmmanuel, Avlessi Fostina andOgunade Oluwanifemi Emmanuel.

40ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 2A TEACHER:ALIRI STANLEYStanding left to right:Whesu Laya Ayator, Lansu Daniel,Idowu Michael, Assadaten Rodolph,Sikirullahi Taofiq Oluwabukola,Adeogun Friday Nestor and AvlessiVivian Senami.Sitting left to right:Ligali Ramotu Tobiloba, AdeyemiStephen, Onah Rhoda, Dosu Francis,Okelola Ayomide Mary, Ejike ChisomMary, Udeh Chiuba, Ayodele Irebamiand Afade Layon.41ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 2B TEACHER:MRS. AYODELE OLUWABUNMIStanding left to right:Tossinhoun Gloria Suzane, GodwinGrace, Jimoh Opeyemi Yusuf,Falade Olanrewaju James, ZannuStaisia, Adenuga Morizugoh,Ozue Chukwudumebi, AdesanwoOluwadamilola Oluwatoyin, HoyetonBiodun Teles and Joseph Cecilia.Sitting left to right:Afade Leyontin, Emmanuel ErioluwaElijah, Hunnu Biodun, AdeyemiSolomon Wisdom, Olutayo Esther,Oyewole Ibrahim, Afade Ella, AgegeFriday, Joseph Favour and AdeniyiTemitope Al-ameen.

42ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 3A TEACHER:AROWOLO ZAINABStanding left to right:Afade Jeremi, Ayinde Wajudu, AwugoEniola Dorcas, Dosu Simeon, JossouGloria, Shenkomaiya OyinkosolaYetunde, Ajimoh Kehinde, DennisKehinde, Alade Angela, UgwuChidimma Emmanuel, AkanbiFiyinfuoluwa Samuel, EzekwennaMiracle Chisimdi, Bashiru Abdulmuiz,Adedapo Lawal Samod, EzekwennaChibuike Samuel, AgbabiakaGaniu, Atuku Saturday andAdekunle Oluwagbenga.Sitting left to right:Ogunsanya Quayum, Lateef Islamia,Ayaje Dosa Manace, Isaac AyomideJoy, Osundeyi Michael, Afosi Damilola,Godwin Gabriel, Onyebuchi ChinoyeSilver and Olowojoyin Ramon Aboyomi.43ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 3B TEACHER:OZUE JUDITHStanding left to right:Adogun Mawklo Tobi, Bayode James,Zosu Joofery, Ode Precious, HunnuTobiloba, Saka Jibola, Ajimoh Taye,Esheyi Angel, Durotoluwa Peter,Olumo Dominion Ayomiposi, AfadeAgath, Ejembi Veronica, Akpu DanielChidebu, Olutayo Mathew Temitayo,Godonu Mautin Adebayo, OyinloyeJoshua, Oke David, Ayoade John Dareand Dennis Taiwo.Sitting left to right:Esheyi Femi John-Mary, HoyetonClement, Ayinde Bukola, Anjorin AzeezOlamide, Dali Mariam, Fawole Samuel,Lali Bisuola Whefunde, Akano Jesulojuand Vechenu Folake.

44ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 4A TEACHER:MRS. ODUOCHA GLORIAStanding left to right:Abudu Daniel Olabode, HoyetonMagret, Avlessi Idowu Lucien,Akinbolaji Maichael, Ojikutu Mubarak,Alade Silivis, Awele Tosin Olalekan,Aniyikaye Faith, Anjorin MunotuAyomide, Akpu Tochukwu, AgajiAngela, Adeboye Imole, Whesu NicolaNicholas, Abdulwasiu Aliyat andEmmanuel Inioluwa Dorcas.Sitting left to right:Olusegun Deborah, OlanrewajuDaniel, Akintola Barakat, OkwudubaChukwuemeka Divine, AwosunuPatricia Adenike, Oyewole BabatundeKamorudeen, Olusola Peace, KasaliGabriel, Idowu Iremide Lola andOke Sadayon.45ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 4B TEACHER:MRS. ISIBOR CHRISTIANA O.Standing left to right:Ejike Chibueze Samuel, OladipuopoSamuel, Agoro Opeyemi, SanusiAbdulmuiz Olasukanmi, OduniyiMotunrayo Victoria, Kunnu Dominic,Vechenu Opeoluwalomo, Ismail FatiuOmolade, Udeh Chisom Williams,Ayidabla Prosper, Menagbo Oliva,Shabiolehbe Ayodeji Raji, OkeleyeHassan, Ojikutu Rianat Idowu andChinonye Chibuzo Emmanuel.Sitting left to right:Ismail Rashidat, Durotoluwa AyomideDaniel, Ligali Ismail Jelilat, OdunmbakuEzekiel Ayomikun, Onaolapo OluwatobiMary, Olayinka Emmanuel Oluwaseyi,Oke Funmilayo, Oladosu Samod AfosiOyinkansayo Anuolawapo.

46ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 5A TEACHER:MR. AKINOLA AHMEDStanding left to right:Hunnu Ando Zamendu, Oke Ifeoma,Ishola Mutiu Adebola, Afade Victoria,Godwin Israel, Zosu Jerome and JimohOmteniola Taofikat.Sitting left to right:Akano Jesudiran, Ojo Abigail Seyi,Zannu Elizeh Andrea, Garuba EstherOreoluwa, Ajayi Ose-ejemhen Samuel,Abdulkareem Amidat Arike, Ibeh DavidNdame and Aniowo Joy Chinwendu.47ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 5B TEACHER:MRS. ADEBAMBO ROSELINEStanding left to right:Bamgbelu Harmony Oluwagbenga,Balogun Temiloluwa Daniel, EsheyiMartha, Hoyeton Serge Godonu,Adebayo Semilore, Onafujabi Seyi andAdenuga Fathia.Sitting left to right:Odugbemi Benjamin Oluwamayowa,Joseph Goodness Omotere, OkarutuJoseph Uyi, Agege Gloria Morlik,Oladosu Usman, Ogundairo Eniola,Adebayo Quadri Ayomide and OdunayoQuanitat Eyinjuoluwa.

48ST JOHN SCHOOLPRIMARY 6 TEACHER:MRS. AJAYI RUTHStanding left to right:Olawoyin Michael Ayola, OnahSamuel, Ovaha Oreva-Dghene Micah,Sadaten Charles, Saka Lanre, IdowuAjimoh, Idowu Esther, Oseni Lateef,Ayodele Emmanuel Oluwaferanmi,Whefunde Lali Sina, MeshorFrancisca, Adeboye Elizabeth, OdukoyaEmmanuel, Adedapo Lawal, OdunlamiAyomiposi Daniel, Iyiola AminatDamola, Ayiforji Rogatin, HamzatUtman, Afade Johnbosco and AdeniyiAdekunle Abdsamon.Sitting left to right:Joseph Sylvester, Esheyi Justina,Agege Ezra Idowu, Zannu Jane,Hoyeton Emmanuel, Sadaten Mercy,Peter Emmanuel and OladipupoFatimah Aduni.49SS. PETER &PAUL CRECHE,NURSERY &PRIMARYSCHOOLSCHOOL FEES 2018/20191st childSessionfeesFor newintakeClassAmountTuition for NurserySection (per term)60,000.00Creche Class perterm from 7.30 amto 3.30 pm65,000.00Tuition for PrimarySection (per term)65,000.00Creche Class perterm from 7.30 amto 5.30 pm90,000.00Summer Holiday(August) - from7.30 am to 5.30 pm30,000.00Registration (firstTerm Only)3,500.00Lagos StateCommon Entrance(Only Pry 6)-10,000.00Registration (firstTerm Only)3,500.00Parties and events-10,000.00Development fee2,500.00School Uniform(one pair)-4,500.00Each Extra hourSport Uniform-3,000.00Age: from 3 to30 monthSchool Magazine(Third Term Only)-1,000.00Development fee-2,500.00Each subsequent child will have a reduction of2,000 Naira on Tuition FeesSchool Hours: 07:45 am to 03:30pmSchool Meal15,000.00A33SchoolBus (Lekki Phase I)55,000.00School Bus (Ajah)65,000.00500.00For newintake

234 706 337 8417 or 234 814 276 7919 g Gaze #lovingaze

Dr Alessandra Del Governatore, Italian Dentist with over 20 years of experience, visited our schools as a volunteer. She visited all our children and gave some tips and advice to keep our teeth healthy. ‘The dentist said it is good to drink milk so as to make our teeth strong. I checked my toothpaste becau