Volume 8, Issue 2Collin County Connection“YOUR SOURCE FOR EMPLOYEE INFORMATION”March/April 2011Honor & DutyMarine Lance Corporal Danny RANSPOT, the son of Deputy Constable Rick and DebbieRANSPOT, presented the Precinct 3 Collin County Constable’s Office an American flag thatwas flown over one of his duty stations in Afghanistan, plus a photo of the Marines whoserved in his unit. Danny had just returned from combat duty in Afghanistan. Picturedabove: (front row, l-r) Debbie RANSPOT, Constable Chuck PRESLEY, Danny RANSPOT,Kay YODER, Jeannie GREENWAY; (back row, l-r) Rick RANSPOT, Darla BARTLETT,Chief Lonnie SIMMONS, Richard HARRIS, Sammy KNAPP, and Mark SHOOK.TCDAA AwardDA’s Scribner namedInvestigator of YearThere are many qualities that agood investigator must possess.Good investigators need to behard working, reliable and diligent in theirefforts. But this year’s winner of theTexas County & District Attorneys Association’s Chuck Dennis Investigator of theYear Award is not a good investigator. Sheis a great investigator. She is known forbeing tough but compassionate. Her ethicsare uncompromising and her commitmentis unwavering.Marletta SCRIBNER started her law enforcement career at the Fannin CountySheriff’s Office in 1977. She graduated assalutatorian of her class at the TexomaRegional Police Academy and then movedto the Warrants Division of the CollinCounty Sheriff’s Office.Marletta began her employment with theDistrict Attorney’s Office as a legal secretary, but was soon selected by Judge CurtHENDERSON to serve as his bailiff inCounty Court at Law and later the 219thJudicial District Court.In 1998, she returned to the DA’s Office asa criminal investigator and was nameddeputy chief in January 2003. As a criminal investigator, Marletta has been assigned to the Family Justice Division and(Continued on page 3)

NewsWinning TeamMembers of CollinCounty’s Teen Courtpose for a picture after taking 2nd place ina regional Teen Courtcompetition at TexasWesleyan School ofLaw in Fort Worth.Teen CourtCounty’s youth program places 2nd in competitionCsessions that included techniques and cases from speeding tickets to alcoholpossession to shoplifting by minors.strategies to be successful in thecourtroom.— Yolanda SAUCEDALegal professionals pitched in to helpget these bright young prosecutorsand defense “attorneys” ready toGreat Gavel Awardcompete, including Justice of theThe competition is an annual eventwhere Teen Court teens from this re- Peace John E. PAYTON, and localOlivia KAMRA received the Greatgion compete against each other in a attorneys Bob DAVIS and HannahGavel Award for Collin County Teencourtroom setting, trying and defend- STROUD.Court. Olivia, a lawyer who moved toing cases as they do on a weekly baMcKinney from Peru a few years ago,Wesleyan Law School also assignedsis in county and municipal courtlaw students to help coach the teens. has volunteered as a Teen Courtrooms.Judge for two years. She is marriedThe county’s teen court program taps and has two beautiful toddlers. OliviaTwelve local teens were handmore than 100 teens and adults who believes Teen Court is an excellentselected to represent Collin County:volunteer their evenings in Frisco,representation of true justice, and sheGaurav BHASKAR, KatiePlano and McKinney to serve aswrites, “It’s so heartening to seeBLODGETT, Matthew FEY, Mayaprosecutors, defenders, judges andyoungsters aspire to take responsibilFLIPPEN, Cathy HU, Laurenjurors in a legal setting.ity and make their own destinies.”MICHLITSCH, Hope OSBORN,The award is for volunteer service byBlake OWENS, Bahar SAHAMI,The teens participate in deciding thean active member of Collin CountyMarcus STROUD, Felix WANGMAN punishment of youth offenders reTeen Court who has shown tremenand Lindsey ZARA (daughter offerred to the court by municipal anddous effort in being involved in countyRhonda ZARA in the DA’s office).county judges.government and in making a strongThe competition took several weeksTeen Court helps dispose of aboutimpact on the community.of preparation and involved traininghundreds of cases a year involvingollin County’s Teen Court volunteers placed second overallat the North Texas TeenCourt Competition in Fort Worth earlier this month at the Texas WesleyanSchool of Law.Page 2C O L L I N C O UN T Y C O N N EC T I O N

PeopleImmunization ClinicA bumpy but rewarding ‘ride’ for this nurseCollin County’s ImmunizationClinic doles out about 25,000vaccines a year for area kidsand adults at their McDonald Streetoffices in southwest McKinney. Thatdoesn’t include shots for about 5,000children from low-income familiesacross the county.So with that many injections, there arebound to be good days and bad whenit comes to cooperative patients. Immunizing children is not always aneasy or pleasant task, and it takessomeone special to keep up with thepace – and the challenges -- everyday.“Imagine yourself with a 6-year-oldwho looks like the sweetest child in theworld until you lay them down on theexam table,” says Nurse ChristieLittle Texan” program, which focusedHIX, the clinic’s manager.heavily on a schedule that outlined“The parents are helping by holdingwhich vaccines a child needs up to 18their hands while you have their legsmonths of age, when vaccines are thesecured between your legs, the nextmost crucial. The program zeroed inthing you know it’s like you are comon protecting children against vaccinepeting in a national bronco ridingpreventable diseases such as influevent and your trying to hold on for 8 enza, Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, and Perseconds – or long enough to administussis, for starters.ter seven vaccinations because theirThe clinic’s back- to-school sessionsparents haven’t kept up with thebring the heaviest traffic into the smallchild’s immunization schedule,”lobby, some days reminding Hix ofBeyond giving shots to bucking kiddos, waiting in line for a popular rolChristie says another challenging task lercoaster ride at a theme park.of her job is educating parents on theimportance of staying on schedule for But she and the other three staffmembers, backed by four clerks, maketheir children’s vaccinations.sure everyone gets their “ride.”child’s immunization schedule at first glance looks like The workaday world of a public healtha road map to disaster but it nurse is definitely challenging and rewarding, Hix says, “especially whentakes someone with knowledge and ayou can hold a smiling infant and knowpassion for immunizations to put thisyou just gave them a chance at liferoad map into action,” Christie says.because you were able to give themChristie thinks back on her first daysprotection against life-altering disas an immunization nurse thinking, never going to memorize thisschedule. How can I possibly expect a “Being an immunization nurse givesme a chance to make a difference inparent to understand this schedule?our county and that is the biggest reAfter a little brainstorming, she creward of all,” Hix says.ated Collin County’s “Immunize Your“AVOLUME 8, ISSUE 2Scribner cont’d.(Continued from page 1)as a felony investigator ineach of the district courts inCollin County. She is also actively involved in her community, an annual volunteer atNational Adoption Day andKids in Court -- and has evenstarted a coat drive for theneedy children in this area.Marletta’s current assignmentis as an investigator for theCrimes Against ChildrenUnit. In the last three yearsalone, the sex offenders inMarletta’s caseload have received over 2,500 years inprison. Marletta shares herstrength with children whoare afraid.She provides safety for themwhen they must face theirworst fears. She dries theirtears when it seems that theirpain will never end, and sheputs smiles back on their anxious faces when it seems likethey will never be able tosmile again.Marletta also ensures that,when each child leaves ourcourthouse, their hearts remain open even after theyhave already been broken.The Chuck Dennis Award isgiven annually to the investigator who exemplifies commitment to the law enforcement community, servingothers, and serving his or heroffice.Marletta received this prestigious award at the Texas District and County AttorneysAssociation Annual Investigator School held in San Antonioin February.-- Crystal LEVONIUSPage 3

RecognitionDeputy Constable Richard HARRISDistrict Attorney Greg WILLIS presented senior legal(right), withsecretary Rae Ann THORNHILL with her 30-years serConstablevice pin during a March Commissioners Court meeting,Chuckcrediting her for having a vast knowledge of the workings PRESLEY,of the DA’s office.has been avalued employee ofCollin Countyfor 25 yearsand has beenwith the Constable Pct. 3Office formore than 22 years. Richard is a very capable employeeand has worked every aspect of the office. Richard wasassigned to the Writ Division for over 10 years and hascollected millions of dollars in court orders. Richard is avaluable asset to our office and to Collin County, alwayswilling to assist in all areas of our operations.30 years service20 years serviceLaura HIGGINBOTHAM (below, left) and SherryWILLIS (below, right) both celebrated 20 years of service with Collin County recently with County Clerk StaceyKEMP. Laura is a Clerk II Vital Statistics; Sherry is theChief Deputy County Clerk.25 years serviceConstablePaul ELKINS ofPrecinct 1presentsJanTURLEYwith her 25year servicepin. Jan began her career at theCollinCounty District Clerk’soffice, andthen 10years withPrecinct 3 in Plano before coming to Precinct 1. We wouldlike to thank Jan for her hard work and dedication.Page 4C O L L I N C O UN T Y C O N N EC T I O N

Recognition15 years serviceKelly CRAWFORD (left)receives her15-year service pin fromDirector JoeSCOTT. Kellyserves as coordinator forthe JuvenileJustice Alternative Education Program,a division ofthe CollinCounty Juvenile Probation Department.Kim QUILLEN (right) celebrated 15 yrs of service forthe county. She works in theCounty Clerk's Office (CountyCourt at Law), where she is alead clerk -- and an asset tothe office.CSCD Anniversaries Leigh RILEY, Supervision Officer, BCH, 25 years William PFEIFFER, Supervision Officer, UDCF,20 years Jennifer BROOKS, Supervision Officer, Plano, 10years Kimberly PALMER, Supervisor, Community Correction Facility, 10 yearsCounty Judge Keith SELF hands County Auditor JeffMAY his award.County Auditor receives2nd Open Govt. awardThe Comptroller of Public Accounts lauded Collin Countyfor the second year in a row, based on the CountyAuditor’s efforts in “setting the bar for financial transparency and opening up the books to the public.”In late March, County Judge Keith SELF passed on recognition to County Auditor Jeff MAY and his staff fortheir work to provide easy access to how and where thecounty spends public dollars.In 2008, we were the first county in the nation to postour “checkbook” online for public viewing, and last yearthe Texas Comptroller’s office recognized county effortswith a Gold Leadership Circle award in setting a highstandard for financial transparency online.For 2010, the Comptroller added some new criteria tooffer more options and reward those local governmentsthat go beyond the basics of posting three recommended documents — the Budget, the Annual FinancialReport (or Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) andthe Check Register — in a user-friendly manner. Johnniena MEANS, Caseworker, UDCF, 10 yearsAgain, Collin County was ahead of the game. Andrea GALLARDO, Caseworker, UDCF, 5 yearsJeff thanked his first assistant Randall RICE for spearheading his office’s efforts. Olevia SIMMS, Clerk, UDCF, 5 yearsVOLUME 8, ISSUE 2Page 5

Sheriff’s Office News20 yearsOf serviceCCSO Honor Guard Presents Colors atNCAA Division I Football ChampionshipThe Collin County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard presented colors at the NCAA Division I Football Championship in January at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. Vice PresidentJoe BIDEN was among those in attendance to cheer for his home team of Delaware who lost to Eastern Washington, 20 -19. (photo courtesy Lt. Amy RUSHING)Congratulations to DeputyHugh McCARLEY (above)who recently celebrated 20years of dedicated servicewith the Collin County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy McCarleyis the Pre-Trial Release Officerin the Detention Facility.Recent Promotions .Sgt. Melissa POLLARD received her Sergeant’s badgeduring a recent ceremony.Page 6New Court Deputy RoyCARTER, sworn in recentpromotion from DetentionOfficer.Detention Officer BrentSMITH was honored with areception in February, celebrating his 20 years of dedicated service with the CollinCounty Sheriff’s Office.C O L L I N C O UN T Y C O N N EC T I O N

Sheriff’s Office NewsReception honors Sheriff Box for 30 Years’ service,retirements of Sergeant Yeager & Officer MansellAjoint reception was heldin February to honorSheriff Terry BOX, Sgt.Robert YEAGER and DetentionOfficer Mary MANSELL. SheriffBox was recognized for 30 yearsof service with the Collin CountySheriff’s Office.ment for the past three decades.Chief Deputy Rick ALLEN reviewed the highlights of SheriffBox’s career, presented him witha plaque, and commended himMary MANSELLfor his dedication to law enforce-Officer Mansell retired with over18 years of service with theCollin County Sheriff’s Office.Sheriff Box then congratulatedSgt. Yeager and Officer Mansellfor their dedicated service andgave them retirement plaques.Sgt. Yeager retired with 20 yearsof service.Congratulations to all three.Robert YEAGERA successful OdysseySheriff Box hosted a reception honoring the employees responsible for the successful implementation of the new Odyssey System for the Collin County Sheriff’s Office & Detention Facility. The employees honored spent severalmonths of training in preparation for the “go-live” switchover in early December 2010. Sheriff Box thanked each employee individually for their dedication during the 18-month-long project and presented each one a certificate of appreciation. IT Director Caren SKIPWORTH was present during the ceremony and expressed her appreciation.VOLUME 8, ISSUE 2Page 7

Retirements / ClassifiedSheila Nelson retires after 28 years serviceFOR SALE/WANTED2 “Duty Belts” with holstersfor a 9MM Glock, clip holder,handcuff case and radioholder on each belt. The sizeon each is 34”. One is leather“basketweave” and the otheris nylon. See at Constable,Pct. 1 office or call me at 214310-3333.After 28 years withthe county, SheilaNELSON (right)retired on March31. Sheila started in thePublic Works Departmentin December 1982, andended her county careerwith the Texas AgriLifeExtension Service.Sheila was the first administrative secretary forPublic Works Road andBridge, and helped establish the HTE system forthat department.Sheila found that working in the Extension Office is never dull. Her most unusualrequest was from an older man who came into the office with a five-gallon bucket –containing a live snake.The man said that the snake had bitten him and he wanted to know if it was poisonous. His hand was swollen and was getting larger as he talked. Sheila wentonline, found out that it was poisonous and encouraged him to go to the Emergency Room immediately. She made sure that he took his bucket with the snakewith him.Sheila plans to travel, play plenty of golf, stay at her lake house and fish, and relax. The first priority on her agenda is to visit her son and granddaughters in NorthCarolina next month. Congratulations on your retirement, Sheila.-- Carrie BRAZEALJerry Bunch retires from Facilities’ Control RoomJerry BUNCH, Control Room Operator, retired from the county earlier this month.Jerry worked for the County for 13 years in the control room, which is the centralhub of the County and manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The control room iswhere we maintain the energy management of each building, monitor cameras,security and fire systems, the elevators and the UPS systems.And Jerry has been an essential part of the Facilities team.Jerry has three sons: Garry, Matthew, and Bobby, plus three grandchildren, twoboys and one girl. They live in San Antonio. Jerry has two brothers that both workfor the County as well. Dennis and Billy BUNCH work in Road Maintenance.Jerry loves to travel, and makes frequent trips to San Antonio. He has traveled allover the world, through his service in the U.S. Air Force and personal traveling experiences. From all of us in Facilities Maintenance we would like to say “Thank you,Jerry,” for your service at Collin County and for your service to our Country. GodBless and we wish you well.Scentsy Wickless Candles:Great gift ideas or start a newbusiness. This great productis also good for your officesince there are no openflames. Go to my website and check out the Latest/Greatest thing. Orderonline or call me with an order. I will be happy to helpyou out. 469-323-4681.Need to rent a MargaritaMachine or Tables/Chairs fora party? Call Lorrie, 903-2672500.We Buy Junk Cars, runningor NOT. Call John, 214-5853023.Wanted: Running or nonrunning riding mowers. Call214-726-5780.Ultimate Sport Nutrition inMcKinney is offering a 10%discount with your CollinCounty ID (not to be combined with discountcard). Come here all monthand get assistance and knowledge on the latest fat-burningand muscle-building supplements. Store is located at3190 S Central Expresswayby Café Brazil and is movingto new location at 2851 CraigDrive in McKinney in April(across the street). Any questions, call 214-544-3800 andask for manager JimmyHatcher.— Patty HARRISONPage 8C O L L I N C O UN T Y C O N N EC T I O N

forcement career at the Fannin County Sheriff’s Office in 1977. She graduated as salutatorian of her class at the Texoma Regional Police Academy and then moved to the Warrants Division of the Collin County Sheriff’s Office. Marletta began her employm