ABOUT THE PROGRAMOVERVIEWWeCloudData’s Data Science Bootcamp is a one-stopservice program for you to acquire the essential datascience skills, gain professional experience through realclient projects and prepare for data careers.The program is intensive, rigorous, and practical by design. Led by experiencedinstructors, you will learn the cutting-edge technologies including Python,machine learning, deep learning, big data, and cloud computing through aunique hands-on pedagogy. The program is not just about learning, it helps youbreak into data industry with our extensive career services – portfolio building,resume revision, mock interviews, networking events, and 1-on-1 careercoaching throughout the program that leads to your success.WHO IS IT FOR?University/College Graduatewho are looking for the first jobYour college degree does notgive you enough experiencesand skills to get a data jobJob Seekerswho want a systematic approachto polish DS skills and projectportfoliosTaken many courses but stillstruggling to get an interview? Let ushelp you focus on the most importantskills to buildCareer Switcherswho are looking for a smoothtransitionWe have proven success in helpingprofessionals with unrelatedbackground transition into datascience careersMasters/PhDswho lack industry experienceLet us help you gain real-worldexperience through our traineeprogram and teach you the necessarybusiness/ communicationsskills to succeed in career transition

PROGRAM DETAILS24-26 WEEKSFLEXIBLE OFFERINGPRE-BOOTCAMP SERVICESTOP-NOTCH INSTRUCTORS10 INDUSTRY SPEAKERS4 CAPSTONE PROJECTS300 hoursget you ready for the programnetwork with industry professionalsLEARNING SCHEDULELECTURESWednesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm ESTSaturday 9:00am - 12:00pm ESTTA-LED LABSSaturday 1:00pm - 5:00pm ESTOFFICE HOURSMonday, Tuesday, Thursday:7:00pm - 8:00pm ESTFriday: 7:00pm - 8:00pm EST(Leetcode)Online Live or On Campuslearn from the expertsgain hands-on experiences“I attended WecloudData's Data ScienceDiploma program starting in May 2020. It wasan extremely uncertain period due to COVIDand I wanted to be absolutely certain that Ichose the right training option in order totransition towards a DS career.The curriculum was super intense andprovided me exposure to all the differentaspects of a data science life-cycle through avariety of in-demand tools such as SQL,Python, Tableau, and AWS. The faculty andteaching assistants were supportive andalways available to answer any doubtsaround the clock. They helped arrangesessions with industry experts and WeCloudalumni who provided us with important careertips. I definitely recommend the program foranyone trying to break into this field.- Karan Singh -

RETHINK EDUCATION INVESTMENTMaster of DS or Masterof Managment AnalyticsWeCloudDataBootcamp (Full-time)WeCloudDataBootcamp (Part-time)12 months3-6 months6 monthsTuition 41,000 15,400 10,000Avg Base Salary 75,000 83,000 83,000 48K - 110K 55K - 110K 55K - 110KProgram DurationSalary RangeShorter time to job offer1/4 of the tuitionHigher base salaryPROGRAM TIMELINE1 WEEKOrientation4 WEEKSML Advanced3 WEEKSSQL2 WEEKSCaptone Project #33 WEEKSPython for Data Science5 WEEKSBig Data2 WEEKSCaptone Project #13 WEEKSCaptone Project #45 WEEKSMachine Learning (ML)2 WEEKSCareer Workshops2 WEEKSCaptone Project #2

PROGRAM SERVICESPRE-BOOTCAMP SERVICESOne-on-one meeting withinstructors to design apersonalized learning path thatfits your goal and backgroundOver 30 hours of learningmaterials, labs, and exercisesto get you familiar with fundamental dataknowledge and skills including SQL and Pythonprogram, applied math for machine learning,and machine learning theories.Self-paced learning guided and powered byour unique learning management systemwhere you can watch lectures, work on your codes, test yourprogress with live quizzes, track your learning journey, andcommunicate with instructors and TA’s.

Portfolio BuildingLeetcode PracticeGroup Interview WorkshopAssign MentorGoal SettingMentor KickoffGoal SettingGoal AdjustmentMentor Check-inInterview SupportOFFERSalary NegotiationCAREER SERVICESYou will receive dedicated support fromcareer serves throughout the program: One-on-one counseling to set yourcareer goal, assist your job search, andtrack your progress Building a resume and professional dataportfolio to demonstrate your skills androbust professional experience (Portfoliosamples) Professional communication coaching toprepare for your behavioral interviews(Mark Caven) One-on-one mock interviews on takehome assignments, whiteboarding andtechnical challenges to set you apart intechnical interviews. Building up your industry networkthrough guest seminars, hiring paneldiscussions, hiring partner demo workshop(CIBC, Tim Hortons, Loyalty One, BellCanada) One-on-one mentorship to help younavigate through job searching andprovide guidance Alumni referral network, data sciencecommunity

WEEK 0WEEK 1 Introduction to database systems Introduction to SQL Functions and AggregationsSemester 1 - 14 weeksCURRICULUMOrientationOrientation WeekIntroduction to Data ScienceIntroduction to Linux CommandCustomer Journey MappingSQL & DatabasesWEEK 2WEEK 3 Subqueries & Joins Analytic Functions SQL Project Complex SQL Queries Project Presentations SQL Leetcode QuizWEEK 4WEEK 5SQL & DatabasesPython Programming Introduction to Programming Python Programming Logic Python Data TypesSQL & DatabasesPython Programming Python Functions & ModulesClass & OOPWorking with PyCharmVersion control with GithubWEEK 6WEEK 7 Introduction to Pandas DataFrame Advanced Pandas Operations Python Leetcode Quiz Data Visualizations with Python Capstone Project #1: Data ScienceWEEK 8WEEK 9Python for Data SciencePython for Data SciencePython for Data ScienceMachine Learning Capstone Project #1: Data Science Capstone Project #1 Presentation SQL Leetcode Quiz Math for ML: Statistics Math for ML: Linear Algebra Math Interview PracticeWEEK 10WEEK 11 Introduction to Machine Learning Exploratory Analysis (EDA) Regression Analysis Classification - Logistics Classification - Decision Trees Feature SelectionWEEK 12WEEK 13 Model Evaluation Classification - Ensemble Models (RandomForest) Classification - Boosting Trees Classification - Feature Engineering &Pipelines Classification - Model InterpretationWEEK 14STUDY BREAK Capstone Project #2: Machine Learning Capstone Project #2: PresentationMachine LearningMachine LearningCapstone Project #2Machine LearningMachine LearningCapstone Project #2

WEEK 15WEEK 16 Unsupervised Learning: K-MeansClustering Dimension Reduction NLP Introduction: Text Processing Text EmbeddingWEEK 17WEEK 18 Deep Learning: Neural Networks Computer Vision: CNN NLP: Recurrent NN, LSTM NLP: BERTSTUDY BREAKWEEK 19CURRICULUMSemester 2 - 16 weeksAdvaced Machine LearningAdvaced Machine LearningCapstone Project #3 Capstone #3 - Machine Learning and DataVisualization Challenge (Tableau/PowerBI)Advaced Machine LearningAdvaced Machine LearningCapstone Project #3 Capstone #3 - Machine Learning and DataVisualization Challenge (Tableau/PowerBI) Capstone #3 - PresentationWEEK 20WEEK 21 Cloud: AWS EC2 Cloud: AWS S3/Redshift Big Data: Introduction to Data Lake Big Data: Hadoop/Hive/EMRWEEK 22WEEK 23 Big Data: Apache Spark Intro Big Data: Spark DataFrame Big Data: Distributed Machine LearningAlgorithms Big Data: Spark ML LibraryWEEK 24STUDY BREAK ML Pipelines with Amazon SageMaker Real-time Prediction with Kinesis andSpark Streaming Agile Project Management(Jira/Confluence/Scrum) Capstone #4 - Building End-to-endBig Data PipelineSTUDY BREAKSTUDY BREAK Capstone #4 - Building End-to-end BigData Pipeline Capstone #4 Building End-to-end BigData PipelineWEEK 25WEEK 26 Final Capstone Presentation Career Workshop #1 Job search strategies Resume building Real Interview Practice Career Workshop #2 Behavioral interview tips Career Workshop #3 Technical interview tips Real Interview PracticeBig DataBig DataBig DataCapstone Project #4Career WorkshopBig DataBig DataCapstone Project #4Capstone Project #4Career Workshop

ADMISSION PROCESSBook aCounselingMeetingPass theChallengeReserve theSpot & Signthe ContractStart yourPre-bootcampLearningOur program advisor willhave a 1-on-1 meetingwith you to see if theprogram is a good fit foryou. There is noapplication fee. It takesabout 30 minutesThere will be a technicaltest and an interview.Applicants spend up to 2hours on the challenge.Our admission officer willwork with you directly tohelp you fill out acontract, pay 500deposit and assist you toapply any kind of grantand finance options.Starting ahead will gainyou more experience andcompetence. Researchshows that preview andpreparation account for73.7% success inacademic achievement ofuniversity students.TUITION, GRANTS AND FINANCE OPTIONS 10,000CADAs an Ontario registered private career college, you canapply for student line of credit from BMO with lowerinterest rate.EARLY BIRD: 12% off if register before April 30, 2022 8% off if register before May 31, 2022 5% off if register before June 14, 2022Bootcamp will start on June 15th, 2022SCHOLARSHIPGRANTCONTACT USWeCloudData isoffering studentscholarships. Pleasecontact our advisorfor more information.With Ontario SecondCareer grant you maybe eligible for up to 28,000 for costsincluding: tuition, books,manuals, transportation,basic living allowance,child care.Contact ourprogram advisor,Amir, for [email protected]

Higher base salary PROGRAM TIMELINE 1 WEEK Orientation SQL Python for Data Science Captone Project #1 Machine Learning (ML) ML Advanced Captone Project #3 Big Data Captone Project #4 Career Workshops Captone Project #2 3 WEEKS 3 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 5 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 4 WEEKS 2 WEEKS