CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom2Frontrunner of telecom market liberalization in Republic of Croatia 3Nationally distributed telecommunication network 4Service for all 5Desirable employer 5Presence on capital market 5Vision 6Mission 6Values 6Optima portfolio 9Business users 10Business reports 10Corporative governance 11Basic information 11Shareholders 12Contacts 13

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom3Korporativni profilFrontrunner of telecom market liberalization in Republic of CroatiaOptima Telekom, one of the leading telecommunications operator on Croatian market,provides service of fixed telephony, internet access and digital television (IPTV) on territoryof the entire Republic of Croatia. From its foundation in 2004 and providing first commercialcall in 2005, Optima Telekom has used the possibilities of liberal telecommunicationsmarket and in short term became forerunner of change. It entered history as telecom thatbrought to citizens and organizations in Croatia the choice of operator and communicationsolutions under favourable terms.

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom4Nationally distributed telecommunication networkIn fifteenth year of commercial work, telecommunication network of Optima, based onIP technology, is present with full spectrum of telecommunication services in more than100 Croatian cities. Current market potential of over half a million connections is linked bymore than 3.000 km of own optical network.

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom5Service for allCitizens are offered a possibility to choose integrated voice services, broadband internet,IP television and video content. Full and unique business technical solutions are built forcompanies in order to lower telecommunication costs with benefit of introducing newservices to business.Optima Telekom is a proud owner of international certificate of information security quality management, ISO/IEC norm 27001:2013, quality management certificate, ISO norm9001:2015 and environmental management certificate ISO norm 14001:2015, which confirm alignment of security management system and telecommunication services qualitymanagement system in accordance with highest global ecological standards. Strong orientation of the company towards users is confirmed by certificate ISO 18295:2017 in possession of Optima Telekom contact centre.Desirable employerPower of Optima is in highly motivated employees, half of which has a higher education.Total number of employees on the group level is around 350.Presence on capital marketAfter inaugurated issue of corporate bonds at beginning of 2007, there was also a secondstep via initial public stock offering. So, from January 2008, stocks of Optima Telekom areofficially listed on Zagreb stock exchange.

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom6VisionOptima Telekom wants to give to each Croatian family a possibility to choose integratedtelecommunication voice, data, internet and video content services, while offering to Croatian companies quality communications services, improved by new possibilities that willenhance their competitiveness and efficacy.MissionIntroducing effective and modern telecommunication solutions under favourable terms, weenable faster, more efficient and pleasant communication. We want to be close to our customers, understand their wishes and needs and respect their suggestion and complaints.ValuesIn stride with global thinking and technologies, Optima creates added values on fixed telephony market in Republic of Croatia and corporative culture. Thanks to its market position,business approach, behaviour and technological possibilities, Optima earns the trust ofnumerous users, suppliers and partners.Key values of Optima are: HEARTILY - encouraging people to acknowledge what is really important and to fight for it LOCAL - knowing and investing into local community FIXED - nourishing fixed and firm connections in life and communication FOR THE FUTURE - investing into technology, environment and people CHALLENGING - challenging people to question what is really important to them

CompanyProfil e7OptimaTelekomIn more than 100 Croatian cities, with morethan 3.000 km of optical network, towards April 2004June 2005June 2008Optima Telekom is foundedOptima Telekom signed thefirst contract with privateuser and has performedfirst alternative commercialtelephone callAchieved number of 175 active colocations and the number of potentiallyavailable connections passed half amillion (557.356) which representsmore than 30% of availableconnections in Republicof CroatiaSeptember 2009February 2014November 2014Optima digital television servicelaunched - OptiTVContact centre of OptimaTelekom, first in the region,received certificate EN 15838Optima Telekom became owner ofinternational certificate for information security quality management. ISO/IEC norm 27001:2013and quality management certificate, ISO norm 9001:2008

CompanyProfil e8OptimaTelekom achieved market share and still numbertwo operator of fixed telephony in Croatia.September 2015October 2015June 2016New image of Optima TelekomAward for best call centre employeeICT solutions and services launcheddue to 10 years market presencein Croatia from Contact CentreAcademyAugust 2017May 2019Merger of H1 Telekom to OptimaTelekomPackage on optical networklaunched

CompanyProfil e9OptimaTelekomOptima portfolio—— Business usersWi-FisolutionsRent e lineConstantinternetaccessDataservicesOptimaLAN colocationHalo SurfpackageVideosurveillanceWebhostingBroadbandto officeBusinessTrunkingTV ssWi.Fi Video store—— Private users

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom10Business usersIn today’s world, there is no part of industry in which Optima Telekom has not found itsusers. Optima Telekom can find its users in following activities:—— City and state government—— Transport—— Financial services—— Sales—— Hotels—— Tourism—— Intellectual services—— Associations—— Media on national and regional level—— Catering—— Production, agriculture and develop-—— Embassies and foreign representativesment—— Sport—— Health care—— Science—— Telecommunication and ITBusiness reports—— Business financial markets are available on web address:—— in Croatian and English language.

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekomCorporate governanceSUPERVISORY BOARDIgor Vavro — chairmanAriana Bazala-Mišetić — deputy chairmanAna Hanžeković — memberRozana Grgorinić — memberJelena Noveljić — memberBlaženka Klobas — memberSilvija Tadić — memberIgor Radojković — memberSuzana Čepl — member employee representativeBOARD OF DIRECTORSBoris Batelić — chairmanTomislav Grmek — memberTomislav Tadić — memberBasic informationOT – Optima Telekom Inc. is part of HT groupIBAN broj HR3023600001101848050 openedat Zagrebačka banka Inc. Zagreb, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića 10EUID HRSR.040035070Commercial Court in ZagrebMBS 040035070OIB: 36004425025Share capital amounts to: HRK 694.432.640,00 and has been paid in fullNumber of Shares is 69.443.264 nominal value of HRK 10,00 each11

CompanyProfil eOptimaTelekom12ShareholdersMajority owner of Optima Telekom is Zagrebačka banka Inc. with 36,90% of shares. HTHolding ltd. owns 17,41% while remaining 45,69% is in the hands of private and institutionalinvestors.Share capital amounts to: HRK 694.432.640,00. Number of Shares is 69.443.264 nominalvalue of HRK 10,00 each.Shareholder structureon 21 October 2019Zagrebačka banka Inc. 36,90%HT Holding ltd. 17,41%PPrivate and institutional investors 45,69%Movement of value of securities can be tracked on internet pages of Zagreb Stock Exchangeunder mark OPTE. Based on recommendations of Codex for corporate governance byCroatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA) and Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE),Optima Telekom provides equal treatment to all shareholders regardless of the size of theirshares, runs transparent business and publishes information on company business publicly.

CompanyProfil e13OptimaTelekomContactsHEADQUARTERS – COMPANYMANAGEMENT BOARDOT- Optima Telekom incBani 75a, Buzin, ZagrebT 385 1 54 92 699F 385 1 54 92 019REGION NORTHCity of Zagreb, Zagrebačka,Međimurska, Varaždinska, Bjelovarskobilogorska, Sisačko moslavačka,Karlovačka, Koprivničko križevačka,Krapinsko zagorskaOT - Optima Telekom incBani 75a, Buzin, ZagrebT 385 1 54 92 699F 385 1 54 92 019Optima Centre ZAGREBImportanne Galleria, Trg Drage Iblera 10Tel. 01 601 1116REGION WESTPrimorsko goranska county, Istriancounty, Ličko senjska countyOT- Optima Telekom incAndrije Kačića Miošića 13, RijekaT 385 51 492 799T 385 51 554 651F 385 51 492 709Optima Centre RIJEKAJelačićev trg 1 bTel. 051 555 061REGION EASTOsječko-baranjska county,Vukovarsko-srijemska county,Požeška county, Virovitičko-podravskacounty, Brodsko-posavska countyOT- Optima Telekom incVinkovačka 2, OsijekT 385 31 492 999F 385 31 554 620Optima Centre OSIJEKVijenac Jakova Gotovca 1Tel. 031 555 113REGION SOUTHZadarska county, Šibensko-kninskacounty, Splitsko-dalmatinska county,Dubrobačko-neretvanska countyOT- Optima Telekom incVinkovačka 19, SplitT 385 21 492 899F 385 21 492 829Optima Centre SPLITCity Center One, Vukovarska 207Tel. 021 599 940Optima Centre ZADARZrinsko-Frankopanska 3Tel. 023 492 860Tel. 023 494 634

Telekom Company In more than 100 Croatian cities, with more Profil e than 3.000 km of optical network, towards April 2004 Optima Telekom is founded June 2005 Optima Telekom signed the first contract with private user and has performed first alternative commercial telephone call