Model-based Testing @ Telekom.Lessons learned from a R&D transfer project.MBTUC Keynote, Berlin, October 2011.

Introduction – IT Deutschland & T-Labs.

Operating Segment Germany.Operating Segment GermanyFacts6 189Integrated marketapproach withfixed line andmobile2 299Employees Q1 2010: 80 729Q1 2010Revenue in million Adjusted EBITDA in million Customers / Partners OverOver 26M26M fixedfixed lineline connectionsconnectionsOverOver 11M11M broadbandbroadband connectionsconnectionsMarket leaderleader inin mobile:mobile: OverOver 39M39M cellMarketcell phonephone customerscustomersMarketMarket shareshare inin thethe DSLDSL newnew customercustomer businessbusiness inin Germany:Germany: 45%45%OverOver 11 millionmillion EntertainEntertain PackagesPackages marketedmarketedRevenuefrommobiledata:Near 1BRevenue from mobile data: Near 1BHighlights IPTVIPTV offeringoffering withwith overover 120120 channels,channels, 10.00010.000 itemsitems inin TVTV archivearchive yonline video store – a thousand of them in HD qualityLIGALIGA total!total! –– allall gamesgames ofof GermanGerman BundesligaBundesliga inin HDHDMobileTVMobile TVExclusiveExclusive partnerpartner ofof AppleApple iPhoneiPhoneMarketMarket launchlaunch ofof 1st1st Android-PhoneAndroid-Phone T-MobileT-Mobile chland LAN: comprehensive communication solutionsolution forforconnectworkedintheofficeandontheroadconnect worked in the office and on the roadStand: 31.12.20093

IT Deutschland in Numbers.2851Employees533IT Applications500 ProjectsEffective August, 28th 20104


T-Labs – The best of three worlds as a long-term success factor forDeutsche Telekom.Network of international partnerships with prestigious research institutes, universities, industrial partners and start-ups.Applied scienceInnovation development6 professorships 180 high-profile researchers and students from aroundthe globeLeading edge competence: 1 publication per day 1 award per month, e.g. Leibniz-Award 2011, ScientificAward of Deutscher Marketing-Verband 2008, Award forOutstanding Publications of ITG im VDI 1 patent per week Focus on 7 key topics 180 Telekom expertsImpact orientation: Results of R&I projects are base of numerouscurrent and upcoming product and services ofTelekom, e.g. Mobile wallet, IPTV features, IVR,FTTH/traffic modelling, etc. Creation of an innovative IPRportfolio leading to e.g. 8%terminal license cost for LTE ascompared to 30 % for UMTS. T-Labs with early launch capabilityStart-up network in Berlin , Silicon Valley and IsraelTrack record of 7 new ventures – QiSec, Spree, Zimory,YOUCHOOSE, wahwah, SchaltzeitJoint innovation with SAP, Bell Labs, Ericsson, BMW, etc.Start-ups & industry partnersTelekom Innovation Laboratories.

Core T-Labs process and tools.Diverse methods support value generation from R&I.Idea generationSelectionExecutionTransferStandard innovation toolsStage-Gate ProcessTechnology ForesightRoadmapping Functional modulesapproachPortfolio ManagementValue en innovation toolsHarnessing theR&D communityIdea competitionI-UScientific advisory boardPartnering networks1AwardsUser driven innovation toolsIdeation workshopsCreation CenterUser clinicsTest marketsTelekom Innovation Laboratories.7

Agenda.What will we talk about.IT Process andUML-basedmodellingat T-DeutschlandInterest in MBTand R&D projectwith T-LabsResults, Insights andFuture Plansregarding MBTat T-Deutschland8

IT Process and UML-based modeling at T-Deutschland.

Overview of T-UML Method.Re-useArchitectural StandardsBased on the Enterprise model, fedfrom projects.Support for Service-OrientedArchitecture (SOA)and Business ObjectT-UMLModels (BOM)MethodEnd-to-end modeling from processes toimplementation.Structured Approach10

Overview IT Process Disciplines.Process map.11

The T-UML method in the context of the IT process.TextboxHeadlinePMTprocessund IT processPMT processInitial-Evaluation/ConsultingGate 1Gate 2Gate 1,5Feasibility StudyDetailed DesignRealizationIT processBPM 3BSD 1BSD 2BSD 3SDD 1RequirementsRequirements SpecificationApproval by business partnerSolution SpecificationApproval by business partner andinvolved IT systemsApproval by business partner andacceptance by representative of ITsystem and solutionFunctional IT SystemSpecificationTechnical SpecificationUse of UML notation to describe processes, interactions, systems and data12

Modeling scope in solution design.ProcessDocumentT-UML MethodBusiness Cases Requirements regarding logical architecture Requirements regarding business architecture BSD 3Functional IT rise ArchitectureBSD 2SolutionSpecificationBusiness RequirementsSystem modelBSD 1RequirementsSpecificationBusiness Architecture(Processes)System LandscapeArchitectureBusiness Use Cases Project-specific BusinessObjectModel (PBOM) Functional Service Portfolio Req. for functional and business architecture System landscape architecture- Involved IT systems and interfacesSys Requirement Logical Architecture(Enterprise-widebusiness model)System AnalysisSystem Components System use cases and system processes Interfaces (M-M and M-H) Data model and system dataSystem DataSystem Design System Design13

Interest in MBT and R&D project with T-Labs.

Examining Model-based Testing at Telekom Deutschland.Reasons and Goals.Interest of ProjectsOpportunityRollout of new ITProcess and UMLguidelines provided ananchor for Model-basedapproaches.How can MBT beintegrated intoexisting IT practice?Individual projects wereinterested in earlier andmore formalizedinvolvment of testing.Earlier involvment oftesting disciplineFeedback for systemspecificationConsistent derivation oftest cases15

Project Challenge.Transfering academic MBT knowledge into industry setting.MBT "by the book"FunctionalSpecificationIntegration into real-life settingFunctionalData Model Support by Fraunhofer FOKUS' Motion team The have extensive knowledge about Model-TestDesignPatternsTest DesignTest ModelTestArchitecture ModelAutomatedTest Code GenerationExecutableTest casesbased testing But: the approach is generic and needs toadapted to specific setting Existing models, tools and practices need tobe understood and consideredTest Data ModelTestBehavior ModelOrganizing transfer between academiaand industry (i.e. operational units ofDTAG) is one aspect of T-Labs' mission.16

Scope: Test Case Specification.Other projects work on test case usage and execution.Business DemandsRequirementSpecificationCluster integration testCluster testTest casespecificationSolution SystemDesignDesign /DevelopmentTest caseusageSystem test (Buyer)System test (Supplier)17

Part of systemspec is doneAdjustmentsReview / CheckAutomated Generationof Testing ModelTest ModelingSolution ModelingInteraction between system and test specification.Triggered for each milestone of the system specification.Manual Completion18

Deliverables of the R&D project.Method and tool-support for MBT.Method Manual &ToolPart of systemspec is doneProcessChangesAdjustmentsReview / CheckAutomated Generationof Testing ModelModelCheckerM2MTransform.Manual Completion19

Process Analysis and Adaption.MBT method needs to be integrated into IT process and UMLmodelling guideline.Where are testrelevant activitiesand roles?Do they need tobe adapted?One IT processMUT methodWhich modelelements of thesolution modelling arerelevant for testing?T-UML method20

Modeling Method.Milestones in system modeling trigger test modeling activities.IT ProcessBPM 3Requirements1BSD 1Requirements SpecBSD 2Solution Spec2STA 3BSD 3SDD 1Functional IT SystemSpecificationTechnical Spec3Test ModelMUT method1Requirementsspecified (end of BSD1)Input Review and ModelTransformationModel TestRequiremensSolution specificationdone (end of BSD2)Model Test components and contextModel Test Data2Model technical usecases of solutionSystem Modeling (not part of the approach)3Test Modeling done(end of STA2 & 3)Test model toIMBUS-ProfileGeneration of TestScripts (IMBUS)Test Execution(Test bench)21

Screenshots.Test modeling in MID Innovator, using DT-specific testing profile.22

Results & Insights.

Get R&D results to product grade.What is there and what needs to be done for productive use ofmethod and tools?MethodComprehensive method formodeling test specificationComplete systemmodel as referenceTrainingPilotsModelcheckingBasic syntax check oftest input modelsSyntactic check ofsystem modelsSemantic check ofsystem modelsCheck of testmodels beforecode generationImproveUsabilityTransformationsAll transformations for methodare specified and as far aspossible implementedImplementremaining M2MtransformationsImplement ionsIntegrationwithother projectsUML Test meta model reflectsneeds of related test projectsJoint testing profilefor all testingactivitiesIntegratedmodelingapproachMapping of testresults to models24

Outlook.Implementation is not guaranteed.Model-based Testing needs to show Return on Investment.Finalizing development of a MBT approach for Telekom-Deutschland has to compete with all theother activities undertaken to improve testing."Best" Case: Company wide roll-out."Worst" Case: No MBT in the near future.Integration of solution specification But also: Possibility to work independentlyfrom solution specifications. Automation in all steps of the process. (Automated) quality gates for test modelinputs and outputs. Involvement of Test-Manager in approval ofearly specification models can lead to valuefeedback regardless of MBT. Model-checking routines can be easilyimplemented to check general qualityattritubes of solution and test-models.25

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