Wordlist Speakout Pre-intermediate 2nd Edition (chronological)WordPart ofPage ionExamplevacancesvakantiea time of rest from work, school etcthe activity of going to shops andbuying thingsa journey that you make on foot,especially for exercise or enjoymentI'm going on holiday on Thursday.Unit 1 - Lifeholiday8nˈhɒlədi, -deɪUrlaubvacanza, ferie, giornofestivoshopping8vˈʃɒpɪŋEinkaufen, Shoppenfare asseggiatapromenade, baladewandelingtime alone8n phrˌtaɪm əˈləʊnZeit alleintemps seultijd voor jezelftake time off8n phrˌtaɪm ˈɒffrei nehmentempo da soloprendere del tempoliberoprendre des congésvrij nementime with8n phrˈtaɪm wɪð, wɪθZeit mittempo contemps avectijd metmoney8nˈmʌniGeldsoldiargentgeldeat out8advaʊtessen gehenmangiare fuorisortir dîneruit eten gaanbarbecuemusicalinstrument8nGrillengriglia, �zɪkəlˈɪnstrəməntMusikinstrumentstrumento musicaleinstrument de musique muziekinstrumentsport8nspɔːtSport, Sportartsportsportsportgame8nɡeɪmSpielgioco, partitajeuspelparty8nˈpɑːtiPartyfesta, partyfêtefeestje Pearson 2016I love going shopping with friends.He took the dog out for a walk in theforest.I think you should spend some timetime by yourself without other peopletime when you do not have to be atwork or schoolalone and think about what you did.I'd like to have some time off thisweek.I spend time with my parents at thetime not alone but with someone else weekend.the coins and paper notes that you use Billy spent lots of money in townto buy thingstoday.if you eat out, you go to a restaurantinstead of staying at homean occasion when you cook and eathot food outdoors, on a fire or aspecial piece of equipment, or theequipment you use for thissomething that you use for playingmusic, like a piano or guitara game or competition such as footballor tennis, in which you use your bodyto playan activity or sport in which peoplecompete with each other according toagreed rulesa social event when a lot of peoplemeet together to enjoy themselves byeating, drinking, dancing etcShe eats out at least once a month.We had a barbecue on the beach.Each child in the class was given amusical instrument.I like playing most sports, butbasketball is my favourite.My dad loves playing card games.We're having a party on Saturday.

WordPart ofPage SpeechPronunciationspend8vspendpropose10vget on wellget marriedget nExampleto use your money to pay for goods orservices or to use time doing aparticular thing or pass time in aparticular placeShe only wants to spend 20.spenderefare una proposta dimatrimoniodépenseruitgeven, bestedenprəˈpəʊzausgebeneinen Heiratsantragmachenfaire sa demandeten huwelijk vragenmet iemand overwegto ask someone to marry youTom proposed to me.phr vv phrv phrˌɡet ɒn ˈwelɡet ˈmæridɡet ɪnˈɡeɪdʒdgut zurechtkommenheiratensich verlobenandare d'accordosposarsifidanzarsibien s'entendrese marierse fiancerkunnentrouwenzich verlovenShe doesn't get on well with my mum.We're getting married next month.Viv and Tony got engaged last year.10vmiːtkennen lernenincontrare, conoscere(se) tareaccepteraccepteren, aannemento have a friendly relationshipto become husband and wifeto agree to get marriedto see and talk to someone, often forthe first timeto say 'yes' when someone gives oroffers you somethingto say you are in a relationship with ahave a girlfriend10v phrhəv, hæveine Freundin habenavere una ragazzaavoir une copineeen vriendin hebbengirlfall in love10phr vˌfɔːl ɪn ˈlʌvsich verliebeninnamorarsitomber amoureuxverliefd wordento start to love someoneHave you met my girlfriend, Sophie?Mark fell in love with Amy and nowthey're informal talk in which peopleI had an interesting conversation withexchange news, feelings, and thoughts Alice say things to someone as part of a English people love to talk about , Gespräch conversazioneconversationconversatie, gesprektalk about12phr vˈtɔːk əˌbaʊtsprechen überparlare diparler dpraten brekenconversationto express an idea, feeling, thought etcusing wordsto say something at the same time assomeone else is speakingHave you ever met her husband?Are you going to accept the job?weather.Don't believe anything she says.I tried to explain, but people keptinterrupting me.things that people say about othergossip12vˈɡɒsəppeople's behaviour or private lives,especially things that may not be trueI heard some gossip about Mary, but Idon't believe it.Tratschchiacchiera, gossipragotsgeklets, geroddelraconter une blagueeen grap/mop vertellen to repeat a funny storyan organization that makes or sellsGrandpa is good at telling jokes.My aunt runs her own company.Unit 2 - Worktell a joke12v phrˌtel ə ˈdʒəʊkeinen Witz erzählenraccontare unabarzellettacompany18nˈkʌmpəniUnternehmen, Firmasocietàentreprise, sociétéonderneming, ɪəArbeitgeberArbeitnehmer,datore di lavoroemployeurwerkgeverwerknemer,thingsthe person who tells you what work todosomeone who buys things from a shopor companya person, company, or organizationthat employs peoplesomeone who is paid to work foremployee18nɪmˈplɔɪ-iː, ˌemplɔɪˈiː Mitarbeiterdipendenteemployémedewerkersomeone elsecompany only.kantoora room where someone works at adesk, or where people work togetherThe manager's office is on the Pearson 201618nˈɒfəsBüroufficiobureauI get on well with my boss.We try to keep our customers happy.The shoe factory is the largestemployer in this area.The canteen is for employees of the

WordsalaryPart ofPage the pay you receive from theorganization you work forShe gets a salary of at least 30,000 added to someone’s wages,especially as a reward for good workthe people who work for anorganizationa piece of work that someone has todoEach worker receives an annual bonus.If you need help, ask a member of ourstaff.I decided to begin the task of paintingmy bedroom.bonus18nˈbəʊnəsBonusincentivo, gratificaprime, nnelpersoneeltask18ntɑːskArbeit, dewerkerstilistacréateur de modemodeontwerpersales rep20nˈseɪlz repVertreter,Vertriebsmitarbeiterfashion designer20nˈfæʃən dɪˌzaɪnəModedesignerIT consultant20nˌaɪ ˈtiː kənˌsʌltəntIT-Beraterconsulente informatico consultant informatique IT-adviseurcorrispondenteAuslandskorrespondent dall'esterocorrespondant �ˈspɒndəntpersonal trainer20nˌpɜːsənəl ˈtreɪnəpersönlicher Trainertrainer personaleentraîneur privérescue worker20nˈreskjuː ycle courier 20nˌməʊtəsaɪkəl ˈkʊriəMotorradkuriercorriere in motocicletta coursier motosomeone who travels around an areaselling their company's productssomeone whose job is to design newstyles of clothessomeone whose job is to give adviceabout the use of computersI worked as a sales rep for a while.Calvin Klein is a famous fashiondesigner.Our computer is not working. Do youhave a phone number to an ITconsultant?buitenlandcorrespondenta reporter for news from abroadsomeone whose job is to give advicepersoonlijke coachhow to exercise and be fitsomeone whose job is to save peoplereddingswerkerfrom dangersomeone whose job is to take anddeliver letters and packages on afietskoeriermotorcycleif you deal with a problem, you dosomething to make sure that itHe worked as a foreign correspondentfor a big radio station.I'm going to the gym next week tomeet my personal trainer.Rescue workers do not earn enoughmoney.reduces or no longer existsif you risk something, you face thepossibility that you may lose itto receive something that someonegives you or sends youa group of people who have beenchosen to work together to do amore!I don't think you should risk yourhealth by smoking.We work well together as a sales team.I don't want to risk your life by drivingtoo fast.He doesn't work well under pressure.Don't risk your health by eating toomany fatty foods.She's had to deal with a lot of personalproblems recently.We can ask for a motorcycle courier sothe letter will be here much faster.I can't deal with his problems anydeal with20phr vˈdiːl wɪð, wɪθsich kümmern umoccuparsi dis'occuper deomgaan t20vɡetbekommen, habenricevere, avereobtenir, avoirontvangen, krijgenteam20ntiːmTeam, venparticular jobthe period of time when someone isaliveunder pressure20v phrˌʌndə ˈpreʃəunter Drucksotto pressionesous pressiononder drukto be in a difficult lantyour health is how well or ill you aresomething bad or difficult that youhave to deal withsomeone who buys things from a shopor companyDo you like dealing with customers? Pearson 2016As a teacher, I get long holidays.

WordPart ofPage antPB152 antarchitectbusinessman/womanPB152 nArchitektPB152 häftsmann / -frauarchitettouomo d'affari /imprenditricearchitectehomme / efPB152 nʃefChefkoch, Küchenchefchef, cuocochef, cuisinierelectricianPB152 nɪˌlekˈtrɪʃən, ˌelɪk-elettricistaélectricien /neestate agentPB152 nɪˈsteɪt kokelektricien,elektromonteuragente immobiliareagent immobiliermakelaarDefinitionsomeone whose job is to keep recordsof how much money a business hasreceived and spentsomeone whose job is to designbuildingsa man or woman who works inbusinessthe most important cook in arestaurantsomeone whose job is to repairelectrical equipmentsomeone whose job is to buy and sellhouses and land for peoplea woman who works at home doingExampleI made an appointment to see myaccountant.Her mum is an architect.He's a sucessful businessman.Why are all the top chefs men?All wiring in any house must be doneby a qualified electrician.The estate agent showed us the rentalproperty.She's quite content being a housewifehousewifePB152 nˈhaʊs-waɪfHausfraucasalingafemme au foyerhuisvrouwlawyerPB152 nˈlɔːjəavvocatoavocat / eadvocaat(PA) personalassistantPB152 nˌpiː ˈeɪ, �r(in),persönliche(r)Assistent(in)assistente personaleassistant de direction,assistant de gestionplumberPB152 nˈplʌməKlempner, InstallateuridraulicoplombierI'm not a secretary, I'm a personalassistant!The plumber fixed the leak in thetoilet.receptionistréceptionnistesomeone who works for one personpersoonlijke assistent(e) and helps them do their jobsomeone whose job is to repair waterloodgieterpipes, toilets etcsomeone who works at a desk near theentrance of a hotel or otherorganization, and helps people whenreceptionist(e)they arrivecommessovendeur / vendeuseverkoper/verkoopstersomeone who sells things in a shopGreta is training to be a sales assistant.someone who works or is trained insciencea member of the army of a country,especially someone who is not anofficerMarie Curie was the first womanscientist to be awarded a Nobel Prize.someone who introduces the differentparts of a television programmesomeone who is trained to givemedical treatment to sick animalsthe process of teaching or learning,usually in a school or college, or theThat TV presenter was extremelypopular with the public.experience of going through thisthings such as television, films, andshows that people like to watch orlisten tothe style of clothes, hair etc that ispopular at a particular timeimportant.receptionistPB152 zthelfer(in)sales assistantPB152 nˈseɪlz əˌsɪstəntVerkäufer(in)scientistPB152 fiquewetenschapper/-stersoldierPB152 ntateur / iredierenartsTV presenterPB152 nˌtiː ˈviː atorevetPB152 nvetTierarzt/-ärztinveterinario / -aUnterricht, �teɪnməntUnterhaltungspettacolo, divertimento divertissementamusement, vermaakfashion22nˈfæʃənModemodamode Pearson 2016modethe cooking, cleaning etc for her family and mother.someone whose job is to advise peopleabout the law and speak for them inYou'll need a lawyer to represent youcourtin court.The receptionist asked me whichdoctor I had an appointment with.The soldier came home on leave.We had to take our cat to the vet.The education of small children is veryI've worked in the entertainmentindustry for years.The fashion industry employsthousands of people.

WordPart ofPage �teɪlEinzelhandelcommercio al dettagliovente au détaildetailhandelThe food industry has responded tovoedselsuch as vegetables or meatconsumer concerns about health.a group of musicians who play popularmusic togetherLet's go see a band tonight.a building where you go to see filmsShall we go to the cinema tonight?a place where you go to drink andWe went for a meal and then on to ekeningNahrung,fuːdNahrungsmittelcibonourritureHe got a job in sales.The tourists were busy taking photosof each other.things that people and animals eat,nnStella works in marketing.I'd really like to get a job in retail.2222the job of deciding how to advertiseand sell a productthe part of a company that deals withselling productssomeone who visits a place forpleasurethe business or activity of selling thingsExampleto people in shopsbusinesses that produce a particulartype of thing or provide a particularservicea record of the money that a businesshas received and spentindustryfoodDefinitionMost of these men work in the touristindustry.Their annual accounts showed a lossof 4 million.Unit 3 - Time outbandcinema2828nnbændˈsɪnəməBandKinogruppo musicale, bandcinemagroupe (de musique)cinémamuziekgroep, bandbioscoopclub28nklʌbClubdiscoteca, clubclubclubcomedy28nˈkɒmədiComedy, ʃənAusstellungespositione, gImbiss, Snackgiro turisticospuntino, snackcircuit théâtreart galleryshow Pearson 20162828nnˈɑːt ˌɡæləriʃəʊKunstgalerieShow, Vorstellunggalleria d'artespettacologalérie d'artspectaclelisten to music at nightentertainment that is intended tomake people laughclub.I enjoyed the comedy showimmensely.when people dance togethera group of objects, paintings,photographs etc that are put in aWe went dancing on New Year's Eve.public place so that people can enjoytentoonstellinglooking at theman area where people bring food andmarktother things to sella building where people can go andsee objects connected with art, history,museumscience etcvisiting famous or interesting places,bezichtiging, sightseeing especially as a touristtussendoortje, snacka small quick meala building with a stage where plays aretheaterperformedkunstgalerieshow, voorstellinga building where paintings are shownto the publica performance for the public,especially one that includes singing,dancing, or jokesWe went to an exhibition of modernpaintings at the art gallery.I usually go to the market to buy myfruit and vegetablesThe class went to the museum to learnabout the Ancient Greeks.In the afternoon, we all wentsightseeing round the town.Can I get you a snack?Would you like to go to the theatre?I went to an art gallery showing anexhibition of contemporary paintings.I saw a comedy show last night. It washilarious.

WordPart ofPage ionExamplebigliettobilletkaartje, ticket,toegangsbewijsa piece of paper that you buy in orderto travel somewhere or go to an eventa time when you eat food, or the foodthat you eat thensomething that is free does not costany moneya performance given by musicians orsingersa place where you can buy and drinkalcoholthe early part of the night when aperson chooses to go out instead ofstaying at homea live performance is one in which theI got a really cheap bus ticket toLondon yesterday.I have meals with my friends at leastonce a month.ticket28nˈtɪkətTicket, Eintrittskarte,Fahrkartemeal28nmiːlMahlzeit, Essenpastorepasmaaltijd, 28nbɑːBarpub, barbarbar, caféevening out28n phrˌiːvnɪŋ ˈaʊtAusgehen am Abenduscire la serasortir le soiravondje uitlive28adjlaɪvlivedal vivoen livelivedrink28ndrɪŋkGetränk, etwas trinkenbibita, drinkboissondrank, iets drinkenboard gamePB153 nˈbɔːd ɡeɪmBrettspielgioco da tavolojeu de sociétébordspelcardPB153 nkɑːdKartecartacartekaartchesscoincyclePB153 nPB153 nPB153 vtʃeskɔɪnˈsaɪkəlSchachMünzeRad fahrenscacchimonetaandare in biciclettaéchecsmonnaiefaire du véloschakenmuntfietsenhang outPB153 phr vˌhæŋ ˈaʊtsich aufhaltenpassare il tempotijd doorbrengenjoinPB153 vdʒɔɪnbeitreteniscriversitraînerjoindre, devenirmembreparkPB153 npɑːkParkparcoparcparkskatePB153 vskeɪtSchlittschuh laufenpattinarepatinerschaatsenstampPB153 PB153 ensurf the netPB153 v phrˌsɜːf ðə ˈnetim Internet surfenfare surfing trasurfer (sur internet)internetten Pearson 2016lid wordenentertainer performs for people whoare watching, rather than for a film,record etcan amount of liquid that you drink, orthe act of drinking somethingan indoor game that you play bymoving small pieces around on aspecial boarda small piece of thick paper with adesign on it, used for playing gamesa board game for two players in whichyou must catch your opponent's kingin order to wina piece of money made of metalto travel on a bicycleto spend a lot of time at a particularplace or with particular peopleto become a member of anorganization or groupan area with grass and trees, wherepeople can walk, play games etcI love a free meal!We went to a concert last night.Steve prefers going to a bar than aclub.I often have an evening out, especiallyat the weekend.I saw some great live music at themusic festival.Let's have a drink together for yourbirthday.The children were busy playing aboard game.We often play cards after dinner.She loves playing chess.He collects rare coins.I've cycled all over Europe.Where does he usually hang out?Helen has joined a running club to tryand get fit.I took the dog for a walk in the move on skatesThe children skated on the frozen lake.a small piece of paper that you stick ona letter before you post it to show thatyou have paid to send itHave you ever collected stamps?to get and keep objects of the sametype, because you think they areattractive or interestingAbdel collects teddy look quickly through information onthe Internet for anything that interests Mia spends most evenings surfing theyounet.

WordPart ofPage achtclubgymPB153 ndʒɪmFitnessstudiopalestracentre de remise enformenightclubPB153 nˈnaɪtklʌbNachtclubdiscobarboîte de nuitDutchDefinitiona large room or a building containingequipment for doing physical exercisea place where people go late in theevening to drink and dancea group of shops that are builttogether in one area, often inside oneExampleI go to the gym twice a week.I went to some great nightclubs in NewYork.Let's go to the shopping mall to buyshopping mall30nˈʃɒpɪŋ mɔːlEinkaufszentrumcentro commercialecentre commercialwinkelcentrumnature trail30nˈneɪtʃə ˌtreɪlsentiero naturaleparcours ehrpfadStadtteil am Wasser,Uferriva, costabord de merwaterkant, oever, kustsports field30nˈspɔːts fiːldSportfeld, Sportplatzcampo sportivoterrain de sportsportterreinlarge buildingsome food for tomorrow.a path through a forest, hill etc, whichgives people an opportunity to observe My daughter went on a nature trailthe naturewith her school yesterday.Most of the hotels are down on thean area beside a lake, river, or the sea area of land on which people doThe team is looking for a new sportssportsfield.countryside30nˈkʌntrisaɪdauf dem Landcampagnacampagneplattelandland that is not near towns or citiesconcert hall30n phrˈkɒnsət hɔːlKonzertsaalsala concertisalle de advstriːtˌɪnˈdɔːzStraßeim Haus, drinstradain internirueà zall'apertodehors, à l'extérieurbuitenbook32vbʊkim Freien, reserveren, hieratacauserie, chatpraatjecancel32vˈkænsəlabsagen, ioncheckbusinesschange3232323232Unit 4 - Great minds Pearson renotazionenachsehen, überprüfen verificareGeschäftcommercio, economiaverändernmodificare, alterareorganiserréservationvérifiercommerce, affaireschanger, modifierorganiserenreserveringcontrolerenzaken doenwijzigenWe went for a walk in the countryside.We went to the Barbican concert halla building where music concerts take to see the London SymphonyplaceOrchestra.a road in a town or city with houses or On Saturday there's a street market inshops on itmy town.into or inside a buildingI prefer spending time indoors.It's warm enough to eat outdoorsoutside, not in a arrange to have or do something at He booked a table at the restaurant fora particular timeeight o' arrangement to use a hotel room,travel by train etc, at a particular time Can I make a booking for nextin the futurea friendly and informal way ofspeakingif you cancel an event, meeting etc, yousay that it will not happento organize or make plans forsomething such as a meeting, party, orSaturday?tripan arrangement you make so that aplace in a hotel, on a plane etc is keptfor you to useto do something in order to make surethat everything is safe, correct, orworking properlymaking, buying or selling thingsif someone or something changes, or ifyou change them, they becomedifferentSunday afternoons.Have you ever had a chat with Miriam?We had to cancel the reservationbecause I was ill.I always arrange to meet my friends onHave you made reservations at therestaurant yet?Let's check the train times before weleave.My dad loves talking business.I couldn't travel on Monday so I had tochange my ticket.

WordPart ofPage iona talk, especially a formal one about aparticular subject, given to a group ofpeoplespeech38nspiːtʃRedediscorsodiscours, ʒektProjektprogettoprojetprojecta choice that you makea piece of planned work that is doneover a period of timeanother38detəˈnʌðəandere / raltroun/e autreander(e)an additional thing or personExampleThe chairman made a speech on theenvironment.Ben knew he'd made the rightdecision.I remember I once did a project on theKings and Queens at school.Have you ever done business inanother language?exam38nɪɡˈzæmExamenesameexamenexamen, toetsphone call38nˈfəʊn kɔːlTelefongesprächtelefonatacoup de téléphonetelefoongespreka spoken or written test of knowledge,especially an important oneI think I've done well in my exam.when you speak to someone on theHave you ever made a phone call intelephoneanother t done in the correct or a good wayI think I did badly in my last tistranierodevoirsétrangerhuiswerkvreemd, buitenlandsin a good or successful wayschool work that a student is given todo at homenot from your own countrythe words that are used by people whoI hope you do well in your next exam.I did my homework on the way toschool today.He speaks three foreign languages.She speaks three languages, nguetaalmake38vmeɪkzubereitenfare, prepararefaire, ahistoiregeschiedenisliteraturemathsscienceartIT (informationtechnology)biologychemistry Pearson 201640404040nnnn40nPB154 nPB154 nˈlɪtərətʃəmæθsˈsaɪənsɑːtˌaɪ ˈtiː, eməstriLiteraturMathematik, nschaplive in a particular produce something, for example byputting the different parts of ittogetherI made a meal for ten people last night.all the things that happened in thepastShe's studying history at university.books, poems, and plays that are wellwritten and considered to be good andimportantmathematicsthe study of natural things, especiallyby doing tests, and the knowledge weget from thisthings that you can look at such asI'm interested in French literature.Ali is very good at maths.We've been learning about electricityin our science lessons.kunstdrawings or paintings, that arebeautiful or express ideasShe went to college to study art.informatietechnologie,ITbiologiethe study or use of electronicprocesses and equipment for storinginformation and making it availablethe scientific study of living thingsMy favourite subject is IT.Biology is my favourite subject.scheikundethe scientific study of chemicals andwhat happens to them when theychange or combine with each otherMy daughter is studying Chemistry atthe University of Nottingham.

WordPart ofPage ionExamplethe study of the countries of the world,including their land, rivers, and citiesthe study of things that happennaturally in the world, such as heat,light, and movementacting – used when talking about it asGeography is his weakest subject.They're all struggling with physicsbecause the teacher left and hasn'tbeen replaced.geographyPB154 ndʒiˈɒɡrəfi, ˈdʒɒɡ-Geographie, dephysicsPB154 54 nˈdrɑːməSchauspieldrametoneela subject to study or teachdesign technology PB154 nPE (PhysicalEducation)PB154 ndɪˌzaɪn tekˈnɒlədʒiˌpiː ˈiː, rotecnologia diprogettazionetechnologie de e fisicasportsportthe study of design and technologysport and physical activity taught as aschool subjectRE (ReligiousEducation)PB154 nˌɑːr ˈiː, uziekonline40adjˈɒnlaɪnonline, auf dem Internet onlineen ligneonlinemistakeschool uniform4040nnmɪˈsteɪkˌskuːl ˈjuːnəfɔːmFehlerSchuluniformsbagliouniforme scolasticafauteuniforme scolairefoutschooluniformtest40ntestTest, Prüfungesame, testinterro, testtest, eprésentationvoorstellingcercare, guardarechercher, recherchernakijkenperformance40nlook up42phr vˌlʊk auswendig lernenmemorizzaremémoriseruit het hoofd lerenre-read42vˌriː ˈriːdnochmal lesenrileggerelire de nouveaunog een keer lezensubtitle42nˈsʌbˌtaɪtlzchat42vtʃæt Pearson 2016Untertitelsich unterhalten,plaudernOur drama teacher loves Shakespeare.Design technology is a popular subjectat secondary school.I'd like to be a PE teacher.I wanted to learn about the differentreligions across the world so I choseRE.the study of different religions; theirbeliefs, history, ritualsa series of sounds made byinstruments or voices in a way that ispleasant or excitingThey studied music at university.connected to other computers throughthe Internet, or available through the I study languages online as there areInternetso many resources available.if you make a mistake, you do, say, orwrite something that is not correctthe clothes that all students have towear at some schools in Britain, tomake them all look the samea set of questions or activities that youdo to show how much you know orhow well you can do something. Youtake or sit a testif you wear clothes, shoes, glasses etc,you have them on your bodyan event when one person or a groupentertains people, for example byacting or singingif you look something up, you try tofind out information about it in a book,in a library, or on a websiteto learn and remember words, music,or other informationsottotitolosous-titreondertitelsto read something againwords on a film or television screenthat translate what the actors aresayingchiacchierarebavarderpratento talk in a friendly and informal wayYou made two mistakes in the spellingtest.All the children at my school have towear school uniform.I took a maths test to get into college.Do you wear a school uniform?He gave an amazing performance ofRomeo in Romeo and Juliet.I look new words up online.She memoriz

a social event when a lot of people meet together to enjoy themselves by . The manager's office is on the second floor. Unit 2 - Work . Part of Speech Pronunciation German Italian French Dutch Definition Example salary 18 n ˈsæləri Gehalt salario salaire salaris the pay you receive fr