Page 1De Lacy Motor ClubTarga RallyFinal InstructionsDe Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021

De Lacy Motor Club –Targa RallyFinal InstructionsMSAUK Permit Number: 120843Thank you for your support by entering this the inaugural De Lacy Targa Rally.Acknowledgments:The organisers would like to thank the following people and organisations without whose help thisevent would not be happening: The MOD and LandmarcJohn Richardson the RLO for North YorkshireMSUK Rally Authorisation DepartmentNorth Yorkshire County Council Rights of Way OfficeNorth Yorkshire County Council Road Authorisation DepartmentNorth Yorkshire PoliceClifford Lax GroupAll householders along the routeAll the Test Commanders and MarshalsYour start number is shown on the official entry list attached.Rally Headquarters: Is located at MR (OS99) 120996.jump.proofread.editIt will be open from 07:15hrs on the 25th.Arriving at the location: Please note the map here. The road shown is closed for the duration of therally, so you will need to find an alternative route to the venue.Please drive slowly and quietly through the village ofDownholme at all times.This will be a designated quiet zone and may beobserved.Details of the Judges of fact will be on display on theofficial notice board.Petrol: There is no petrol available on the route of the rally. But there are petrol stations available at,Tesco Superstore Catterick Garrison MR 180977, this is open 24hours.Page 2Trailer Parking: If you are bringing your car on a trailer, please refer to the attached diagrams,which show the locations of trailer parking, noise check and rally headquarters (incorporatingscrutineering). The trailer park should be entered via MR 123997.De Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021

Noise and ScrutineeringNoise Check: Can be found at MR 99/117987. It will open from 07:15 (car zero). You should attendat this plus your start number in minutes. It will close at 08:30. You are also reminded of the need tocarry a spill kit.Scrutineering: Is located adjacent to Rally Headquarters. Please report to scrutineering directly afterattending noise check. This will open at 07:15 and will close at 08:45. The Scrutineer on duty on theday will decide which vehicles will be checked.Documentation: Documentation will open along with rally headquarters at 07:15 and will close at08:50. Please remember to bring proof of a current MOT and V5 document. If you have chosen totake De Lacy Motor Club membership, then your membership cards will be in your rally pack whichyou will be given at signing on. Additionally, here you will be able to collect your road book, testdiagrams, rally plates, side numbers, breakfast tickets and any amendments.Breakfast: Breakfast will be available at the Bolton Arms in Downholme village from 07:30. PLEASEBE QUIET WHEN DRIVING INTO THE VILLAGE AND PARKING YOUR CAR. Cars will be able toget their breakfasts after they have completed noise, scrutineering and documentation. We have hada request from the publica, that once you have your breakfast can you leave the premisesand if possible the Village in order to reduce noise.Drivers Briefing: A virtual briefing will be held on Friday 23rd July at 2000hrs. This meeting will beby means of a “Zoom” call. It is imperative that we have an up-to-date email address so that everyonecan be invited to the briefing. If this wasn’t supplied on the entry form, please email the Clerk of theCourse at [email protected] Every driver should ensure that they are available to be part of themeeting.Start Time: The Zero car will leave MTC 1 at 09:15. All other cars will leave from there at 1-minuteintervals. A running order will be on display at HQ.Additional Information:Page 3The use of on-board cameras is strictly prohibited. Any competitors found using these will beimmediately disqualified from the event.The lunch halt will be taken at rally headquarters.Due to all the tests taking place on private roads spectators are not allowed. If you haveanyone who has travelled with you who are willing to marshal should contact the event ChiefMarshal, Paul Williamson at [email protected] though all restrictions will have been lifted by the time of the event, we are still operatingunder the rules in force prior to 19th, as all our planning has been based on that. In view ofthis, we are suggesting that those attending carry out at least one lateral flow test prior toattending. This is in addition to the new style declaration which should have been completed.De Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021

Amendments to Supplementary RegulationsAll references to ‘exclusion’ should be replaced by ‘disqualification’SR 4: VehiclesTyres: Just to clarify from the regulations. All cars must comply with the MOTORSPORT UK TechnicalRegulations R18 (Road Rally) or R19 (Historic Road Rally) and additionally use tyres conforming to thefollowing; AGI Sarek Winter, Avon WT7, Continental Winter Contact TS‐850, Challenger Snow, DunlopWinter Response 2, Dunlop SP Wintersport, Falken Eurowinter HS01, Falken Linam R5, 1 FirestoneF580C, Firestone Winterhawk 3, General Altimax A/S, Hankook Winter Icept, Inga Profil, KingpinWeatherspeed or Weatherspeed 2, Kleber Quadraxer, Kumho KW23, Marshal 857, Maxsport Alaska 1,Alaska 2, Alaska 3, Alaska 5, Maxxis All Season, Michelin Alpin, Michelin X‐Ice 3, Nankang Snow SV‐2,Nankang Snow SW‐7, Sarek Ecoline, Sarek Miva Alaska, Sportway R1/R1 , Sunny Snowmaster,Technic Weatherspeed or Weatherspeed 2, Uniroyal Rain tyre, Vincenti Accelera, Vredestein Quatrac,Vredestein Snowtrac, Westlake Sport RS/SA57/SA07/SA37, Yokohama W DriveRoad tyres with a winter pattern will also be allowed. Those with a specific knobbly type mud andsnow pattern will not be allowed. We understand that some winter tyres may have the letters M S insmall print on the sidewall but will not have a knobbly tread. These will be allowed. Tyres appearingon MOTORSPORT UK Tyre Lists 5 & 6 will not be allowed.SR 7: Route: Direction arrows may be used to define the correct route if the organisers deem itnecessary.The Village of Downholme will be a Quiet and Slow Zone at all times and may be observed, for thepurposes of enforcing this.SR 9: Awards: Awards will be issued on the day but will not be handed to the winners, they will bedirected to take the correct award from those on display. All awards will be cleaned prior to be beingdisplayed.SR 11: OfficialsThe Chief Scrutineer will be Mark CaseyThe Environmental Scrutineer will be Pete Rowntree and assistant, Rose RaynerSR 13: Identification: Each crew will be supplied with an identification plate and dayglo numbers. DiagramPage 4shows correct display.De Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021

SR14: Timing: All Special Tests will start at 1-minute intervals. These will be timed to the nearestsecond by means of “Wharton” Timing Clocks or similar. Additionally, where a car is required to stop ina stop box for a period of time, then this will be timed by the same type of equipment. To comply withMSUK advice, stopwatches may also be used on some tests.The time schedule shown in the road book still stands, however the regroup/refreshment control willnow be MTC2, which is shown as Re-Group out on the schedule in your road books. The time allowedfrom the end of Test 6 to MTC2, refreshment break, remains the same at 32 minutes. All competitorswill be required to reduce lateness at this control. This means that all subsequent MTC will berenumbered as follows: Halfway in – MTC3Restart – MTC4Finish – MTC5SR15: General:Use of Electronic Devices:Competitors may download the test information to a tablet type reader prior to the event, but this willbe confirmed in the Final Instructions. This passage has now been deleted. The organisers will beusing printed booklets, together with a list of amendments.Judges of FactAll event marshals will be considered Asa Judges of factToilets: Are available within the HQ complex, adjacent to scrutineering and also at MTC2. There areothers around the route, which also be unlocked for the duration of the event.Rubbish: We will not be supplying a skip for any rubbish but insist that all competitors take theirrubbish away with them. This to ensure that we preserve the site for future use.Photography: The Organisers have secured the services of James Ward as the official photographer.He can be contacted on [email protected]:Thank you for choosing our event and we look forward to seeing you on the 25th JulyMalcolm HigginsPage 5Clerk of the Course on behalf of the OrganisersDe Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021

Rally Headquarters – Including Trailer Parking MR 99/120995Not to ScaleMTC 1 & 4Please use thisentrance for trailersusing this park!! Caution and Slow at all timesplease!!Two-way trafficMTC 3 & 5* When trailer park 1 is full, please take trailerto trailer park 2 shown here.De Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021Page 6Cattle Grid

Noise Check MR 99 117987!! Caution and Slow at all times please!!Narrow Road - Two - Way trafficPage 7Noise Check in Viewpoint Car ParkDe Lacy Motor Club Targa Rally 2021 – Final Instructions V5 12th July 2021

F580C, Firestone Winterhawk 3, General Altimax A/S, Hankook Winter Icept, Inga Profil, Kingpin Weatherspeed or Weatherspeed 2, Kleber Quadraxer, Kumho KW23, Marshal 857, Maxsport Alaska 1, Alaska 2, Alaska 3, Alaska 5, Maxxis All Season, Michelin Alp