What are you looking for ?An Advanced Education inShip Design?WELCOME to the EMSHIPErasmus Mundus Master CourseWWW.EMSHIP.EU

With EMSHIP, enhance your Future WWW.EMSHIP.EU18 months education in six of the mostAdvanced European Universities( Lectures in English)EU scholarships are available

MASTERERASMUS MUNDUSEMSHIPMaster in “Advanced Ship Design”Coordinated by ULG-ANAST (Belgium)Partners: ECN (Fr), UNIGE(Italy), UGAL(Ro), URO(D),ZUT(Pol)

imeUni. VietnamUni.AmazonUni.N.S. WaleWWW.EMSHIP.EU

WWW.EMSHIP.EUree ULG: Master ComplémentaireaConjoint en Construction NavaleDu ECN: Master of Sciences in Applied Mechanics,specialization in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and PropulsioneglD10 CP25 CP25 CPAdvanced Ship StructuresWest PomeranianUniversity of Technology – ZUT(Poland)CAD, Ship ProductionUniversity of Rostock – URO(Germany)Sailing and Motor YachtsManoeuvrability and PropulsionUniversity of Galati – UGAL(Romania)10 CPUniversity of Genova – UNIGE(Italy)Internship and Master Thesis20 CPSemester 301. Sep. – 28. Feb.Semester 201. Feb. – 30. Jun.ECN and ULG: Initiation to Research MethodologyEcole Centrale de Nantes – ECN (France):Advanced Ship HydrodynamicsUniversity of Liege – ULG (Belgium)Fundamentals in Ship Design, Theory, Structures and ProductionTravel to Europe, Orientation Phase, Induction ProgrammeEMSHIP EMMC: Integrated Advanced Ship DesignMaster in Engineering DisciplineSemester 1 16. Sep. – 31. Jan.1. Sep. – 15. Sep.


MASTERERASMUS MUNDUSEMSHIP- NAVAL ARCHITECTURE -Master in “Advanced Ship Design”Coordinated by ULG-ANAST (Belgium)Partners: ECN (Fr), UNIGE(Italy), UGAL(Ro), URO(D),ZUT(Pol)


List of Partners (1) University of Liège (ULG), Belgium Coordinator Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN), France University of Galati (UGAL), Romania University of Genoa (UNIGE), Italy University of Rostock (URO), Germany West Pomeranian University of Technology(ZUT), Poland (former Szczecin Univ.)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

List of Partners (2)University of Michigan (NA&ME, USA),University of Osaka (NAOE, Japan),Federal University of Amazon (UFAM, Brazil),Vietnam Maritime University (VIMARU, Vietnam).University of New South Wales (UNSW, Australia)University of Sciences and Technology of OranMohamed Boudiaf (USTO-MB, Algeria)and WEGEMT - European Association of Universitiesin Marine Technology and Related Sciences (UK) WWW.EMSHIP.EU

imeUni. VietnamUni.AmazonUni.N.S. WaleWWW.EMSHIP.EU

Industrial MembersAdvisory Board ARCELOR MITTAL (R&D department of a Steel company) - BelgiumBECKER MARINE SYSTEMS (Manufacturer) - GermanyBENETTI (Shipyard for large motor yachts) - ItalyBUREAU VERITAS - DNI - Inland Navigation (Classification Society) – BelgiumBUREAU VERITAS Headquarter (Classification Society) - FranceBUREAU VERITAS Romania (Classification Society) - RomaniaCOMITÉ DES ARMATEURS FLUVIAUX (Ship owners organisation) - FranceDAMEN SHIPYARDS GALATI (Shipyard) - RomaniaDET NORSKSE VERITAS POLAND (Classification Society) - PolandEXMAR (Ship owner) - BelgiumGERMANISCHER LLOYD (Classification society) - GermanyGERMANISCHER LLOYD (Classification Society) - PolandINTERMARINE (Shipyard for innovative GRP vessels, military and pleasure yachts) - ItalyLLOYD’S REGISTER (Classification society) - UKNAPA (Software company for ship design) - RomaniaNASDIS (Ship Design company) -RomaniaPRERINI NAVI (Shipyard - large steel sailing yachts) - ItalySHIP DESIGN GROUP (Ship Design company) - RomaniaSTOCZNIA SZCZECINSKA NOWA (Shipyard) - PolandSTOCZNIA GDANSK - PolandSTX Europe (Shipyard) - FranceTHYSSEN KRUPP MARINE SYSTEM (Shipyard) - GermanyWADAN YARDS (Shipyard) - GermanyWWW.EMSHIP.EU

EMSHIPEducation ProgramSEMESTERS S1 and S2 (60 Credits)a) General Education in “Ship Technology, Ship Structure, Ship Hydrodynamics andShip Design” (50 Credits)in two following Universities (ULG and ECN)University of Liege-Belgium (25 Credits)Ship Design and Ship StructureEcole Centrale de Nantes- France (25 Credits)Advanced Ship Hydrodynamicsb) “Initiation to Research Activities - Methodology” (10 Credits)Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN)SEMESTER S3 (30 credits)Specialization in “Advanced Ship Design” in one of the four Universities :a) Advanced lectures (10 Credits)Univ. of GalatiUniv. of GenoaUniv. of Rostock(UGAL, Romania)(UNIGE – Italy)(URO, Germany)Manoeuvrability andPropulsionSailing Yacht andMotor Yacht.Ship Production,CAD, InformationTechnology.West PomeranianUniv. of Technology(ZUT, Poland)Advanced ShipStructures.b) Master Thesis and Internship (20 Credits)Master thesis in relation with industry, coordinated by one consortium university

Delivered DegreeThe students that fully succeed the EMSHIP educationprogram will got the double master degree composed of :- “Joint Advanced Master in Naval Architecture - MCC”degree delivered by University of Liege (ULG), Belgium,- “Master of Sciences in Applied Mechanics, specializationin Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Propulsion” degreedelivered by Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN), France,and the- Supplement diploma for the third semester done in theThird University (see Education Program)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 1- ULG)Semester 1 (September – January) :University of Liege - ANAST –Belgium in :“Ship Design, Ship Theory,Ship Structure and ShipProduction”WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 1-ULG) Semester 1 : Univ. of Liege – ANASTShip Design, Ship Theory, Ship Structureand Ship Production (25 Credits)1. SHIP THEORY (static, dynamic and propulsion)(Credit: 6)2. SHIP STRUCTURES & SHIP PRODUCTION(Credit: 8)3. SHIP PROJECT & SHIP DESIGN (Credit: 6)4. ELECTRICITY, SHIP EQUIPMENTS & DIESELENGINES (Credit: 2)5. DESIGN OF HIGH SPEED VESSELS (Credit: 3)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 2-ECN)SEMESTER 2 (Feb – June) :Ecole Centrale de Nantes - ECN –France Lectures in :"Ship hydrodynamics”WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 2-ECN) Semester 2 : Ecole Centrale de Nantes - ECNShip hydrodynamics (25 Credits)1. Water Wave and Sea State Models for ShipDesign (5 Credits)2. Seakeeping: Theory & Numerical Modelling (5Credits)3. CFD for Ship Hydrodynamics (6 Credits)4. Multi-Objective Optimisation for Ship Design (4Credits)5. Experimental Ship Hydrodynamics (5 Credits)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 2-ECN) Semester 2 (continuation) : at NantesBy ECN and ULGInitiation to Research & Development,Preparation to the Final Project andTechnical Visits(10 Credits)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-UGAL)Semester 3 (September – February) :University of Galati - UGAL –Romania Lectures in :“Manoeuvring and Propulsion”WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-UGAL) Semester 3 : Univ. of GALATI – UGALManoeuvring and Propulsion (10 Credits)1. SHIP MANOEUVRABILITY (Credit: 5)2. SHIP PROPULSION (Credit: 5)INTERSHIPandMASTER THESIS(20 Credits)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-UNIGE)Semester 3 (September – February) :University of Genoa - UNIGE –ITALYhttp://www.unige.itAdvanced Lectures in :“Sailing Yacht and Motor Yacht”WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-UNIGE) Semester 3 : Univ. of GENOA – UNIGESailing Yacht and Motor Yacht (10 Credits)1. THEORY and DESIGN of MOTOR YACHTS (Credit: 5)2. THEORY and DESIGN of SAILING YACHTS (Credit: 5)INTERSHIPandMASTER THESIS(20 Credits)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-URO)Semester 3 (September – February) :University of Rostock - URO –Germanywww.schiffbauforschung.deAdvanced Lectures in :“Ship Production, CAD,Information Technology”WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-URO) Semester 3 : Univ. of ROSTOCK – UROShip Production, CAD, Information Technology(10 Credits)1. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY in SHIP DESIGN andPRODUCTION (Credit: 5)2. SHIP PRODUCTION (Credit: 5)INTERSHIPandMASTER THESIS(20 Credits)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Lectures Content(Semester 3-ZUT)Semester 3 (September – February) :West Pomeranian University ofTechnology - ZUT – Poland Lectures in :“Advanced Ship Structures”WWW.EMSHIP.EU


Student activities andStudent supportsSupports : International Office , Erasmus student Office,Central information system, Social Office.Activities: EMSHIP Forum, each student will have an EMSHIPemail, Free internet access, wireless,. Computer room, Video conference system Welcome student parties, Buddy program, socialevents, Orientation week (first week before lectures start) Language courses Etc.WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Languages (1) All the lectures will be in EnglishBUTFrench, Italian, German, Romanian and Polishlanguage courses will be available EMSHIP promotes student’s integration inthe local communautyWWW.EMSHIP.EU

Languages (2)A four weeks compact course of English willbe available at ULG (ULG’s LanguageInstitute – ISLV at to thestudents before the start of the first semester.In addition students can follow Englishteaching during the first semester.WWW.EMSHIP.EU

1. 16. September, year 1ECN – Nantes1. FebruaryJuly August1. September1. CohortULG – LiegeDiploma CeremonySeminarNew Year VacationTransfer toUniversity for3. SemesterSpring VacationSummer VacationUGAL – GalatiUNIGE – GenovaURO – RostockZUT – SzczecinEMSHIP EMMC WeekULG – LiegeTransfer toECNTravel to EuropeOrientation PhaseInduction Prog.New Year VacationPlanning & Milestones (1)28. FebruaryECN – NantesWWW.EMSHIP.EU1. 16. September, year 22. Cohort1. February

Planning & Milestones (2) EMSHIP WEEKThe «EMSHIP WEEK»; with all the partners and industrialpartners (advisory board): 20-28 February (each year) in Nantes - ECN With the students after Semester 1 (last cohort) Presentation of the 4 universities for the 3rd semester (Italy,Germany, Romania or Poland) Presentation of Master Thesis list and internship list (forselection by the students) Seminar and workshop with the industrial partners Get the feedback of the former students about their experience, With the students after Semester 3 (previous cohort) Master thesis defense Graduation CeremonyWWW.EMSHIP.EU

Planning & Milestones (2) EMSHIP WEEKFebruary : MASTER THESIS PRESENTATION and MASTERDEGREE CEREMONY Each year: presentation of the master thesis (prepared in the 4universities) will be done at the same location, with the attendance ofthe students of the next cycle. 16-19 Feb. : Transfer to Nantes (ECN) 20-28 Feb. : Seminar- Annual Meeting- Thesis presentation –Diploma Ceremony– Industrial partners present activities and potential job opportunities– Best 3 master thesis receive award from Industrial Board (SAB)– Master Management Committee: Annual meeting and EMMCAssessment. Associate partners and Advisory Board are invited.– Closing ceremony with deliverance of EMSHIP DOUBLEMASTER DEGREE DIPLOMA (formal ceremony chaired by theDean of the local university that organises the event).

Student selection for the3rd SemesterFor the 3rd semester (Italy, Germany, Romania andPoland) the students will be equally distributedbetween the four universities (4 or 5 places each)-Each student selects his 2 preferred locations (1stand 2nd choices). Each choice has to include an«Internship» and a «Master Thesis Subject»proposed by this local university.-The final choice will done based on the studentacademic records (first student selects first, .etc)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Admission procedure (1) Application has to be done ON-LINE,Using WWW.EMSHIP.EU- Student has first to register on line to get ID & password (PW),- Download application form (requite PW),- He/she sends application form and annexes (upload or email)Annexes : CV, Motivation letter, 2 support letters (from formerprofessors and/or employer). In addition, copies of birthcertificate, nationality certificate, passport or ID, diploma of allthe studies (secondary school (Baccalaureat) and for entireuniversity studies (or equivalent) – at least for 5 years studies or300 credits. The original documents have to be shown at thearrival in Belgium to proceed at the formal admission.!! Only applications which all the required documents are considered

Admission procedure (2) Application of students (Cat A & B)1) 1st September to 31th December (each year)2) Selection in January,3) Validation by EU in February,4) 1st April, students are informed about decision (positiveor negative)5) April: EMSHIP coordinator sends Admission letter andletter of acceptance for VISA application6) Arrival of the students in Belgium (ULG) between 1530 AugustWWW.EMSHIP.EU

PLANNING at ARRIVAL inBELGIUM Arrival of the students in Belgium (ULG) between 15-30 August.- Installation of the students after arrival at ULG- ULG’s provides support to students for university registration,administrative paperwork to be registered as student in Belgium(legal aspects at Liege city office), housing, healthcare, Bankaccount opening, - Start of English and French lectures at ULG’s ISLV Institute- Welcome day and visit of the university and the towns 15 Sept 2010: Start of the academic yearAcademic Opening Ceremony chaired by the Coordinator of theEMSHIP master degree and ULG’s Academic AuthoritiesWWW.EMSHIP.EU

1. 16. September, year 1ECN – Nantes1. FebruaryJuly August1. September1. CohortULG – LiegeDiploma CeremonySeminarNew Year VacationTransfer toUniversity for3. SemesterSpring VacationSummer VacationUGAL – GalatiUNIGE – GenovaURO – RostockZUT – SzczecinEMSHIP EMMC WeekULG – LiegeTransfer toECNTravel to EuropeOrientation PhaseInduction Prog.New Year Vacation18th Months LecturePLANNING28. FebruaryECN – NantesWWW.EMSHIP.EU1. 16. September, year 22. Cohort1. February

Admission Requirements (1)MINIMUM REQUIREMENTSAt least a Master's degree (5 years study or 300credits), or equivalent,in Naval, Marine, Offshore, Ocean Engineering orrelated fields (Civil Eng., Mechanical Eng.,Material Eng., Physics, ),is required.Graduated students (5 years study or 300credits) from Naval School (or similar) are alsowelcome.WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Admission Requirements (2)In principle, scan copies of the 5 years study (or300 credits) have to be included beforeapplication deadline (before 15th December).But if a student is performing his 5th year at thetime of application, he/she has :- to provide a formal letter from his institutioncertifying that he/she will be graduated beforeEMShip master starts.- to provide certificates for the 4 previous years.WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Admission Requirements (3)In special circumstances, students withoutstanding records or high education level, canalso apply with only Master’s Degree in 4 yearsstudy (or 240 credits).This situation is an exceptional case. This specialrule provides extra flexibility to educate studentswith specific CVs and high motivation.The acceptance of such students is analysed by theadmission department of ULG (as equivalencestudies can be accepted).WWW.EMSHIP.EU

Admission Requirements (4)English level: A fair level of English is requiredto attend EMship lectures, which are all given inEnglish!! Admission Requirement:Student has to demonstrate, by any means, their Englishknowledge. The best would be a language certificate likee.g. TOEFL or IELTS. As indicative value, a level of 550 and 213 pointsare expected for the TOEFL and Computerized TOEFL, respectively. Marks of atleast 6 (on a total of 9) are required for the IELTS).A control of the student English Knowledge can beperformed before selection through a phone call discussion(, ) and/or MSN.WWW.EMSHIP.EU

SELECTION CRITERIA Selection CriteriaEven there is no formal minimum requirementas a minimum GPA (grade point average),students are selected first on basis ofExcellence. Then, GPA is considered as amajor criteria.Student motivation is another key criteria(based on the student motivation letters)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

STUDENT PROFILESTypical EMship candidate profiles include: Candidates having a research profile who wantcomplete their education with an advancedbackground in Ship Design before to start PhD, . Engineers already involved in a professionalcareer, as ship officer, shipowner staff, shipyardstaff, . and who want to upgrade their knowledge, Graduated students who want to re-orientethemselves to Naval Architecture and ShipBuilding,to finally find a rewarding job.

EMSHIPJob OpportunitiesTarget of EMSHIP is also to give jobopportunities to their graduated students.

Teaching StaffGentaz and P Ferrant (France), D Boote (Italy), P Rigo and C. Dassis (Belgium), R Bronsart(Germany), F. Pacuraru – substitute of A. Lungu (Romania), Z. Sekulski and M. Taczala (Poland)WWW.EMSHIP.EU

WWW.EMSHIP.EUAgencyFigure 5.b presents theManagement Task allocation between the six Consortium Universities.Master CoordinatorProf. Philippe RIGO ULGULGProgramme Development,Contact to Strategic Advisory Board,and associated universitiesECNInternal networking management,EMSHIP EMMC weekDiploma CeremonyUGALManagement of internal and externalQuality DevelopmentUNIGE Internship and job placementmanagementUROInformation Management SystemCommunication InfrastructuresWeb ServicesZUTStudent services on EMSHIP level,Alumni managementAssociated UniversitiesMaster Management CommitteeStrategic Advisory BoardadministrativeCoordinator

Erasmus Mundus Master Course WWW.EMSHIP.EU. With EMSHIP, enhance your Future WWW.EMSHIP.EU 18 months education in six of the most . Uni. Szczecin Uni. Rostock EC Uni. Liege WEGEMT Uni. Oran Uni. Osaka Uni. Genova Uni. Galati Nantes Uni. Michigan Uni. Amazon Maritime Uni